tagRomanceFalling Water Dance

Falling Water Dance


I arrive at the glade looking for something undefined. Stillness, singularity, enervation - but something more, something I can't carry away from the glade. I scale a large rock at the edge of the waterfall- fed pool and sit, expectantly. The music of the waterfall fills me, and my yearning slowly melts away. I rise to leave, accepting that oneness with the waterfall will be all that I achieve today. As I turn to step down, I realize you have arrived, gliding through the glade, moving to your own private music.

I have seen you here before, but the dance was not with you then. Without consideration, I sit again on the rock, now facing into the silent, sun-speckled glade. There is something true about your dance and when I can stand apart no longer, I rise and move toward the center, intent on discovering if our truths match.

Without a glance at me, you intercept my path. I raise a hand to get your attention, but you glide past me, then around behind. I stand there, awaiting your return, when suddenly my hand is netted by yours in flight.

You move me.

I follow your lead, then catch up, our bodies locking together for a moment as you pause, then separating again when you continue. I am enraptured by the scent of your shoulder-length hair. Our dance continues until we have learned to anticipate one another.

Once we are moving in tandem, you lead us to the water's edge, then deftly slip the sundress from your body, and insert it in a canvas bag you had left there in the soft grass. As I struggle to remove my more abundant clothing, you give me a kiss of invitation, then dive into the water. The water chuckles in delight at its good fortune, then is silent.

I enter the water and swim toward you, only to see you disappear beneath the surface on my approach. I follow underwater, your lithe shape flowing ahead of me toward the chaos beneath the waterfall. You slip under, then I. The pounding water massages the length of our bodies, jarring muscles into releasing their tension.

We emerge in a small cave, immersed in the tinny hissing of the curtain of water separating us from the outside world. You slide effortlessly up to a mossy ledge and I slide up alongside you, facing one another on our sides, our bodies carving a dual groove into the downy moss. I start to ask your name, but choose not to break the silence. I will learn what you offer now, then learn more later … after. Without discussion, our lips meet and hands come to rest lightly on each others’ sides, caressing gently as our lips meet, parted, exploring tentatively, then eagerly. Lips brush against each other, part, embrace, then move again. Our mouths open; our tongues dance together between our parted lips. My hand moves to your back and draws you in closer to me, our bodies beginning to merge together, soft parts and hard. I can feel you undulating alongside of me, the slow tremors of new passion rippling through both of us. Your hand slips down and the thumb grazes my nipple – and I gasp. Our eyes open simultaneously, look deeply at one another, then with a tiny squint of playful intent, I feel your thumb return and begin drawing slow circles on my hardened nipple.

My hand extends down to cup your cheek, your soft flesh still flecked with water from our swim, responds, and I can feel the growing heat between your legs closer to my own flesh. After caressing you for a moment, my hand moves up to your exposed breast and nipple. For every circle you draw on me, I return two; for every flick of the nipple I receive, I give two. We continue like this for a time – neither of us to be outdone by the other, giving and receiving, swirling and flicking, until you pause and roll onto your back. As your lips fall back, mine trace a path from your mouth, along your chin, across your neck, and down along your collarbone, forming a line from mouth to nipple. At the same time, the hand that had been caressing your other nipple glides down to your shaven cleft. As though it knows the area well, it slides directly between your lips, dipping into the warm pool of your gathering juices, drawing them out and spreading them across your labia and clit. The water from our swim gives way to a more aromatic and inviting liquid.

You roll toward me and I follow your lead, slipping my thigh between yours, and pressing it upward against your warm, succulent flesh. As we kiss, our hips rock slowly but firmly against one another. My cock paints your upper thigh with my precum, as I feel your vaginal juices seeping into my own thirsty flesh.

Our free arms surround one another, weaving us tightly together, one coiled, undulating passion. I trace up and down along your spine, drawing gentle circles around each vertebrae slowly and absent-mindedly. I feel your breasts - chilled by the water - now warming easily as they press tight against my chest.

I roll against you now and you roll backward, drawing your free thigh outward from the line of your body. I move to center myself over you and your other thigh draws itself outward - welcoming and inviting me to sample your warm, moist depths. As I hover over you, drinking in your glistening curves, and sparkling eyes, you reach down and place the head of my cock at the entrance to your pussy. Your eyes narrow, and I know you are waiting for me. The head slips through the mouth of your pussy and is engulfed in your rippling heat. Slowly, the shaft slips through into the depths, until my pubic hair kisses and teases your shaved flesh. Smiles spread and close the remaining distance between us as I begin stroking in and out. Your hands reach up and your thumbs rub gently against my nipples, drawing them back to erectness – causing a tingle to run from nipples to cock and back again. We move our hips against each other and back again, a slow rhythm – familiar, but never shared by us before.

Strokes slow and even blend us together and draw us apart. With your hands caressing and flicking, I lean down and fold us in together. Your lips parted, soft breath whispering past my face, I take your lower lip in mine, tugging and sucking softly, then release it. Soft, playful laughter passes between us, and you draw your legs up further, heels and calves urging me deeper.

With our hot, panting cheeks now resting on one another, our hips now move in one tight, fervent rhythm. I feel your breath moisten my ear, and our soft moans make their own simple music - my long, deeper moans accented by your shorter, gasping ones.

Our rhythm builds, and we grind our pelvic bones together on the in strokes, inflamed hips driving in spirals toward one another, and kissing intimately when they meet.

"Are you going to come for me?" you whisper in my ear.

"Yes, soon," I reply between breaths. "… but not too soon."

With a slow lingering kiss below your ear, I begin thrusting more insistently, and feel your pussy fluttering and clutching against my cock. I rise up to throw myself hard against you, and you lean forward to take a nipple between your lips and suck on it.

I can tell your orgasm is fast approaching - your sucking is erratic and distracted, and your growing whimpers vibrate through my chest.

Your thighs start clutching and releasing, your hands fasten tight upon the flat of my back, then your roiling orgasm cascades from your body. Your pussy squeezes me tightly, trying to draw my orgasm over the edge with yours. I continue my steady thrusts as your body dances beneath mine in release. Your orgasm fades, only to be replaced by a second, and a trace of a third.

Awash in your juices, I speed my thrusts again, just as my tightly coiled testicles and throbbing cock lurch, and my own orgasm ripples through me and into you. My body trembles hard against you, my cock thrust deep and secure within your folds as my semen flows into you. A few more short thrusts, until the sensation is too much to stand, and then I rest, my body full upon you, supported by my upper arms, your legs relaxing around me. Our slow, whispered breaths are the only sound we are aware of, as you gently rake your fingernails up and down my back.

After a few moments, I roll back and the heat trapped between us is released, the cool air inside the cave now refreshing us, chilling our mingled sweat; our bodies are a-tingle from the sudden cool rush. We rest and drift into sleep, surrounded by the echoes of the waterfall, once again filling our ears – having been driven out by our narrowed, focused passions.

From a quiet dream, I feel you take my hand, then reach for my cock, slowly stroking my whole body into a wakened state. My eyes flicker and I look at you questioningly. With a soft shake of your head and a gentle kiss, you reply, “No – no more for now …. but it is time for us to go.”

We rise together and you lead me back into the water, back under the massage of the waterfall, and to the shore on the other side, where we silently dress. With a kiss, you say, “Tomorrow.” And then you dance off.

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