tagIllustratedFamily are Friends Forever

Family are Friends Forever


My name is Paul Drake; my wife of twenty four years is Nancy. We've come upon hard times faster than we'd ever have thought. I lost my job six months ago. Nancy had worked at the local saving and loan for nine years and we thought that plus our saving would carry us through the hard times until I could find a job or times would get better. No so.

Nancy lost her job two months ago and we burned through our saving quickly. Debbie our daughter had to drop out of college as we could not pay the Tuition. Debbie age twenty two came home with the understanding we would send her back as soon as we could. Rickie our son had just turned eighteen and just got out of school he found a job at a local construction company doing manual labor. Much to our surprise Debbie got a part time job cleaning office building after hours. I picked up a few hours a week as a janitor at city hall and to all together we've managed to stay afloat. But just barely.

The forth of July came up and we all had a few days off. Nancy came up with an idea so we could all enjoy the day together. It had been years since we went on a picnic. The old swimming hole where I went as a kid was still there and with in walking distance.

It was a really nice warm day with a bright blue sky and I hoped maybe we could forget the problems we shared and just go and have a good time. Nancy packed two baskets and off we went.

Walking down the old rail road tracks that were not used may more we seemed to all be having a good time. Rick and I carried the baskets and the girls carried the blanket and two bottles of wine. I had noticed Nancy had been drinking more than normal lately but she was under a lot of pressure.

So I did not say anything. I did not notice that Nancy had started drinking this morning even before we left the house at nine AM.

We came to a path that lead off down a slop near the small creek where I had played as a kid. The trees had grown up a lot and the once nicely kept farm fields were over grown and were nearly head high with scrub and tall grass.

We found a nice little space under a wide old Oak tree and spread out the blanket. The creek was still pretty much as I remember it. Debbie headed off to change into her bikini and Rick had already put his swim suit on at home.

Together brother and sister ran off to enjoy the water before we made lunch. Nancy poured us a glass of wine and that is when I noticed she was well on her way to being shell we say happy. I know my wife pretty well and even at our ages we still get it on regularly. Even more often when ever Nancy gets a few drinks under her belt which here lately has been nearly every day.

Today was no different. She slipped close and grabbed my nearly hard dick and squeezed playfully. I looked around to make sure the kids were not in sight. I liked the way my darling wife loved to play with me and so I let her have her fun.

I was soon pushed back and my cut off jeans were open with my cock standing straight up like a flag pole. I lost all control of the time as I watched Nancy lower her mouth down over my cock. I had my hand up her shorts with a finger in her wet pussy urging her on. I was so hot and excited I did not see Debbie come up the path from the creek.

Nancy was in rare form this morning milking my cock, caressing my balls and taking all I have as deep in her mouth as she could. It was not deep throat but very close to it.

I mumbled that I was so close but Nancy paid me no mind. She wanted to suck me off and swallow my load. I do love my wife's way of sucking me off. I had now pushed a finger up her sweet tight little ass hole and she was on fire as was I. We knew nothing of our surrounding we were in our own little world and did not care about anything else.

I busted a nut all the while telling Nancy to "Suck it baby, suck my fucking cock. Swallow my load you cocksucker. I'm coming."

I really was hot and I told Nancy I wanted to fuck her. But she was content to suck me off, swallow my load and would wait to get fucked later. So I let her have the whole load and watched as she sucked, swallowed and licked the last drop from my still half hard cock.

Nancy lifted her mouth off my cock and looked at me with half closed eyes. She was nearly bombed.

I was jolted back to the real world as Debbie came crashing down next to us. Slamming her knees into the blanket next to her mother

Debbie said almost screaming "Wow Mom; that was the sexiest thing I've ever seen. None of the girls I know can suck a cock like that. Mom; you've got to teach me now to suck cock like that. Gees. Christ what a fucking cocksucker you are. God you're so sexy Mom. You're really beautiful no wonder Dad loves you so much."

I was still in shock as I watched my daughter hug her mother and kiss her on the lips licking her face. I think my daughter was licking my cum off my wife's face.

Just then Rick came up standing at the edge of the blanket. He was milking a sizable cock and saying he thought Mom was so sexy too. Nancy seemed oblivious to her surrounding for a few minutes and then she sat up a little straighter and smiled.

I said "You kids were supposed to be down swimming." My words fell on deaf ears all around. I felt as if I were here to just fill space. Both daughter and son were more interested in their Mother's talent as a cocksucker than the fact that we; their parents were naked and I still had an enormous hard on. Why I was so hard I had no idea but something was keeping me aroused.

Rick said "Mom; look at my cock. Would you like to suck my cock too?" He sat there next to his mother and pointing his cock in her direction. Nancy looked through bleary eyes at her son.

Nancy smiled and said "Oh my Rick you do have a lovely cock. Why don't you let your sister suck your cock?"

What in the fuck was I hearing Nancy encouraging her children to have sex together. What the fuck was going on?

I watched as Nancy took Rick's cock in her tiny hand squeezing it to feel the hardness, milking it to feel the length. I was seeing a whole new side to my sexy wife and I was so excited my cock was throbbing.

I had had only two glasses of wine and most of the time that would have not been enough wine to have any effect on me. However at the time I did not know Nancy had ground up a few pills from her medications and dissolved them in the wine. The one that pacifically stated on the container "Do not mix with alcohol."

I was feeling a strange buzz and I was also feeling the effects of my own lustful nature.

Debbie said "Mom; look at Daddy. See how his cock is all hard and stiff again. Mommy if you suck Rick's cock I'll suck Daddy's and we can have a contest to see which of them cums first. Would you like that?"

Nancy had other ideas. She was as hot and turned on as I was. Nancy said "No. No contest not now any way. I want your Daddy to fuck me with his beautiful cock. I really need a good fuck."

Debbie was puling off her little bikini and Rick was now naked as well. It was not graceful but I some how got Nancy on her back and rammed my cock to the hilt in her very wet pussy. I was looking sideways at my daughter's fuzzy little cunt as she watched me fuck her mother while she fingered her self. Debbie had a long clitoris almost like a little dick. Rick was now standing next to his sister offering her his cock. Debbie looked at me licker her lips and swallowed most of her brother's cock.

I thought "Debbie you don't need any lessons on how to suck a cock. I think you've sucked a few already in your short life. But I guess being twenty two I could not expect her to be a virgin.

I turned my attention to Nancy and saw she was looking at her children going at it. Nancy looked up at me and said "Paul darling I think we're about to have sex with out children. I want you to fuck Debbie and I want Rick to fuck me. I want us all to watch each other and have a really good family picnic.

My head was filled with thoughts of my daughter sucking my cock. But what was really turning me on was the idea of Rick fucking his mother. That somehow got me so hot I nearly exploded in my lovely wife's cunt right then.

Nancy wigged out from under me and moved to Debbie's side. Nancy grabbed Rick's cock away from Debbie who seemed to give up easily. The two girls looked at one another. Something passed between then as Nancy opened her mouth swallowing Rick's cock. Debbie kissed her mother on the cheek and turned toward me.

Debbie said "Wow; Daddy I've always wanted you to fuck me. Even when I was away at school and was getting fucked or if I was blowing some guy I was thinking of you."

I was seeing my daughter in a different light and I liked this strange and different way of life for us as a family.

So there on a blanket by a stream I watched my son fuck his mother while I pushed my cock up my daughter's tight little pussy doggie style.

I took a second to look down at my daughters' little ass hole and I guessed it was not virgin either.

Nancy screamed "Oh, God. Fuck me I'm coming. Rick oh, Rick fuck mommy. Come in me. Fill me up. Fuck me hard."

Nancy doesn't normally yell profanity while we made love. But this was different I guess. I mean Rick was fucking his mother but he was not making love to her. It was all pure lust and the taboo of incest and all that drove us all wild. We all four of us were caught up in this lustful moment and I for one did not want to stop until I had filled Debbie's tight pussy with cum.

Rick hunched over his mother screaming and grunting like a pig. He was pounding into her like a jack hammer. Nancy was screaming she was coming, Rick was coming and I was coming. What a great forth of July.

We all laid out on the blanket. Nancy said "Paul; what have we done?"

Rick said "Dad I want to tell you feeling my cock in Mom was the greatest feeling I've ever had. God-all-mighty was that a strange feeling knowing I was coming in my mother. Mom you're fantastic. I mean that.

I've been fucking Mrs. Stark Every time I mow her grass we take an hour and fuck our brains out and she is good. She loves to suck cock too. But mom you're the best ass I've ever had."

I laughed and said "Son: I bet that old broad is a fine fuck. I've always thought she was a cock sucker. She has a wide generous mouth just made for sucking cock."

Debbie said "I felt it too. I mean when Daddy pushed his cock in my cunt and I watched Rick fucking Mommy I was totally devastated. I was on a new high I had never reached before. I was so happy I wanted to explode."

Nancy said "I felt it too. The closeness of family all together enjoying one another like lovers can only do. To enjoy and share ones love in this way is so much more than just being in love with each other. It kind of a bonus for us all together on a deeper more loving level. It felt pretty darn good too Rick. Mommy loves her little boy." We all laughed and I watched Debbie reach for Rick and gracefully squeeze his cock back to life.

I said "For me it was seeing my son push his cock into my wife. Not his mother so much but my wife. It was like a whole different part of my wife was blooming and I saw her as a sexy toy that was being played with right in front of me. I guess I'm a bit of a voyeur and never knew it. But I liked watching Rick's cock going into my wife's' pussy. Some how that is different then Rick just fucking his mother. For me anyway."

Nancy said "I hate to point this out but it looks like the clouds are getting dark. It may rain. Why don't we go home and enjoy this feeling of togetherness in the confines of our home."

I said "I think that is a fine idea. There is something I have been thinking about too. When we get home Rick I would love to watch you fuck your mother in the ass.

I know she likes that and I've not screwed her ass for a while. I just think that would so fucking sexy."

Rick said "God that sounds like a great idea. Mom would you like to feel me come up your ass. Feel my cock fucking you're fine tight ass hole. What do you say Mom; feel like a fuck in the ass?"

Nancy looked at Rick and said "Rick darling you're having the time of your life right now. But I want you to think about what we're getting into and how this might affect you in the years to come. I need for you to grow up quickly and start acting like the man you've become. Think about this for me. Now as to your question I want to please each of you in any way I can. That's a mother roll in the family. Your Father seems to enjoy watching me have sex with you and I do enjoy sex of any kind. I not only want to please you but I want to enjoy it myself too. Anal sex can be very erotic and arousing. When your father first wanted to have anal sex with me he took his time and brought me along easily until I learned to enjoy it. I do enjoy the feel the sensation of the often spoken taboo of anal sex. So if that is what you want and you'll be very careful and start out slow then yes, I'd like that."

We all were in a whole new mood by the time we talked the two miles home. I suggested we all take a shower and have lunch them we'd talk about what else we want to do this very special forth of July.

Nancy had sobered up a lot on the walk home. We went to our room and got into the shower together. I hugged her to me and we stood there in each other arms for the longest time.

Nancy said. "Paul we've started something that may be hard to stop. I know it was all my doing with the pills and booze and all. But God wasn't it exciting. I did not want to admit it but like you I got turned on watching Debbie sucking your cock.

Then when you fucker her doggie style while Rick screwed me I really off on that scene. I think I'm into this voyeur stuff as much as you are. Are we bad parents?"

I kissed my wife of more than twenty years as if we were on our first date. I did love this lady and yes I felt like we needed to keep doing what we had started. I was being very selfish now because I wanted to watch Rick push his cock up his mother's fine tight ass. The thought of watching his cock slowly disappear into this ladies ass was so exciting I almost come right there in the shower. I told her so and she squeezed my hard cock.

Nancy said "Let it rest a minute while I fix something for us to eat and I'm not talking about each other.

We laughed and them I said "That's not a bad idea. I wonder if Debbie would like to lick your cunt. I think I'd like to watch that too."

We all assembled in the kitchen and soon we each had a bowl of Tomato soup and a ham sandwich left over from our outing.

Debbie told us that she had an offer to work in the office of the cleaning company rather than just clean offices. She said there would be more money too. Rick said he could get more hours too if he would lean a trade.

I agreed things were looking up for the Drake family and so I offered to take us all out for one drink at the local bar later this evening. That was not too extravagant if we only had one drink each. Of course Rick was not old enough in this state to drink but maybe we could let him have a beer under the table.

We talked about walking down to the park to watch the fireworks after our drink and that would be nice way to bring our Forth of July to an end. Well maybe not to an end. Because I thought we might still have one last short burst of lust left in us all at bed time.

As we were finishing up our meal Rick said "Dad I'd like to call Mrs. Stark and ask her to join us for that drink and maybe the fire works show too. If you think that would be OK." I said "Rick are you thinking Mrs. Stark might like to join us later in a family frolic? Or are you setting up something for yourself later in the week. This is the week you mow her lawn isn't it?"

Rick said "I got a feeling about her and I think she would like to join us. She is very sexual and she loves about anything we can think up. She loves to suck her own pussy juice off my cock. I'm thinking she might like to go down on Mom or Debbie. But don't get me wrong its only an idea."

Nancy said "I like her and I think we should ask her to join us for the drink and after that we, all of us that is, think about letting her join us here. I think since Rick has already been fucking her she might be receptive to the idea of group sex even if it is a family swinging party."

I said "I think I'd like a shot at her. She has really big tits and I still think she would love to show off he talent for sucking cock."

Rick said "She is good at that and she loves to swallow too."

Debbie said "What if she talks and people find out we're engaged in incest and all. Then what?"

Nancy said "I really don't think we have to worry about that if you boys give her a royal fucking and me take a few pictures of her sucking you guy off."

I said "I think we're getting way ahead of ourselves lets just invite her to have the drink first and go from there."

Rick called Mrs. Stark "She said she would love to have a drink with us."

Rather than get all worked up again we decided to rest until time to get the drink.

Rick took his old truck and stopped by Mrs. Stark's house to pick her up while Debbie, Nancy and I headed down to the bar. We walked together talking and laughing as we joked about this morning encounters.

Ricks' truck pulled into the parking lot as we entered the front door. The old bar has been open down on South Street for as long as I can remember. We met Rick and Mrs. Stark just inside the side door and took a booth in the back. It is dark back here and we found this to our liking. We ordered and our guest said to put every thing on her bill. We accepted her generosity and were soon calling her Rowena. It was first names all around.

Rick sat on the end of a large round table in the corner I was in the back center between Rowena and Nancy with Debbie on the out side next to her mother and Rick next to Rowena. I don't know why but as we told a few slightly raw jokes I carefully place my hand on Rowena's soft thigh.

She looked up at me and smiled but did not say a word nor did she try to make me more it. I carefully whispered to Nancy where I had placed my hand she nodded with her approval.

Rowena had on a skirt while Debbie and Nancy had on jeans. I gave a toast to long life and good friends. As we raised our glasses I dug my fingers into Rowena's thigh and pushed a finger down between her chubby thighs. I found to my surprise that my son had already placed a hand there. I did not withdraw my hand but let my fingers intertwine with his as Rowena parted her legs as best she could.

Nancy leaned over and said to Rowena "Are these boys bothering you?"

Rowena said almost in a whisper "Not as much as I'd like them too."

Nancy said "We've got an hour or two before the fireworks are due to go off. Maybe if we go home we can get these boys to get us off and make our own fireworks."

Rick said "Rowena you're going to enjoy my family. We have so much fun together."

Nancy, Debbie and Rowena walked a few feet ahead of Rick and I. They were laughing and swinging there fine asses. I asked Rick "Son I want to fuck that big fat ass while I watch you fuck your Mom. That okay with you?"

He said "Sure Dad. But how are the two of us going to take care of three women and make all three get their rocks off?"

I said "One or more of the girls is going to have to join in where ever she feels like it. Or you can lick one while fucking another. Or we can do each one at a time with double penetration. One of us in a pussy or ass and the other in a wide cocksucking mouth."

I asked "Rick have you ever fucked Rowena in the ass? She had a nice fat ass looks to me like it was made for fucking."

Nancy found a bottle or wine and poured drinks all around. Rowena seemed right at home in this tight little group. I felt sure she knew what was about to happen and had maybe been there before. So I asked "Rowena my dear you look very comfortable with us. May I ask if you've ever had or been involved in group sex before?"

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