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Family Fuck


It was 1 A.M. and I was about to go to sleep but first I decided I was going to jack-off. I was home from college for summer break and it seemed in the only time I had to myself was in the middle of the night. My 19 year old sister and my parents seemed to constantly be knocking on my door asking various things. I pulled off my pants and boxers and sat at my computer. I turned on some porn and started stroking my cock as it stiffened to its 8 inch length. Normally, I close and lock my door while I'm masturbating, but tonight I had forgotten. I had left my door wide open and worst of all, I didn't even notice until it was too late.

I was quickly stroking the shaft of my cock as I watched the couple fucking on my monitor. My hands pumped up and down from the base of my dick to the top of my head. I sped up even faster as I came closer to cumming. I let out a groan and blew my load onto the hardwood floor. That's when I heard a noise from the doorway. I quickly turned to see my sister Kathy staring at me. I froze, still gripping my cock as it immediately became softer. We sat in silence for what seemed like forever until my sister took a step into my room.

"Hi." Kathy said as she took a few more steps into my room.

That's when I noticed she wasn't looking at me, but staring at my cock. "H-hi..." I was feeling uncomfortable, yet couldn't get myself to move, not even to cover myself up.

Kathy stopped right in front of me. Her eyes finally moved away from my cock as she glanced at my face and smiled at me. She kneeled down between my legs and moved my hand away from my cock. Our eyes were locked as she stuck out her tongue and began licking the tip of my cock, making it harder. She licked it a few more times before sticking it in her mouth, massaging the shaft with her tongue as it grew larger and harder. Kathy began to slowly bob her head back and forth, pulling on my cock with just her mouth until I was fully hard. She steadily began picking up pace, her lips tightly locked around my 8 inch pole. Her nose pushed against my body. My entire cock was in her mouth, a good portion was even buried in her throat. I expected her to gag but she didn't even blink. She kept her eyes locked onto mine as she moved her throat side to side with my cock buried inside it. Kathy pulled back, taking in a large breathe of air before shoving my cock right back into her throat again. I placed my hand on the back of her head and pushed her head harder into my cock, only letting go so she could get a breath of air. After getting settled into the groove of the skull fucking I was giving her, she began to massage my balls with her two free hands. My head continuously hit and grinded against the back of my sister's throat as I pushed her head faster and harder onto me. I felt myself about to cum, so I let her get one last good breath and then pushed my cock into her throat as hard and as far as I could and then released my load directly down her throat. My cum blasted the walls of her throat and she tried to keep up and swallow it all. I slouched in my chair as my sister coughs up a bit of cum. A stream of my cum dripped down the corner of her mouth, but she quickly licked it up.

My sister swallowed the last of my cum, looked up at me and smiled. "I'm so glad you left the door open this time. I was always disappointed when you locked the door and kept me out of the fun."

"Well, I'll be sure to leave the door unlocked more often."

"Oh, the fun's far from over." Kathy stands up and begins to rhythmically move from side to side as she slowly takes off her shirt, leaving her only wearing a black lace bra and a pair of boxers on. She continued her striptease and removed her bra, revealing her perfectly beautiful 38C tits. My cock quickly came back to life again as she caressed her tits then moved her hands down her stomach and began to remove her pink boxer shorts. Kathy turned away from me as she pulled her shorts down, giving me a perfect view of her ass. She kept her ass high in the air as she pulled her shorts down around her ankles. Still bending down, she began to tease her clit, smiling at me from between her legs. She began to moan as she inserted one of her fingers into her pussy while still teasing her clit.

"Are you going to keep me waiting?" She says.

"Of course not." I stood up and walked over to Kathy. She removed her finger from her pussy and I inserted two of my fingers. I slowly pushed them deep inside her then pulled them out, repeating this action several times. I dragged my tongue along her ass cheeks, slowly getting closer to her asshole until I finally drive my whole tongue into her ass. Kathy moans as I twirled my tongue all around inside of her ass while still fingering her pussy. I stood up and placed the tip of my cock on her pussy, teasing her before plunging all 8 inches of my cock into her cunt. She let out a sharp gasp. I took my entire cock out of her pussy before shoving it all back in again. Our bodies smack together as I completely remove and reinsert my cock into and out of her cunt several times, making her gasp each time. Kathy's gasps become moans and her moans get louder and louder as I continue to pound into her as hard as I can. Just when I think she couldn't handle it anymore, she raises her ass up even higher by grabbing onto her ankles. I ferociously fuck her cunt some more, but I begin to feel myself about to cum.

"I'm gonna cum!" I said.

"Do it in my ass! Fuck me as hard as you can and cum in my ass!"

I took my cock out of her pussy and placed the tip on the rim of her ass, giving myself a little time so I wouldn't instantly cum in her. I slowly push the head of my cock into her ass and leave it there for just a moment before thrusting my cock deep into her ass. I tightly grabbed onto her tits and groped them furiously as I pummeled her ass. She lets out a howl as my cock drives deep into and out of her anus. Our bodies slammed against each other with each and every thrust, my balls loudly slap against her cunt. Kathy managed to get a few of her fingers into her pussy and began to fingerfuck herself as I kept violently fucking her ass. Her legs started to shake. Her knees began to buckle. I knew she was about to cum, which was good because I knew I wasn't going to last much longer myself.

"I- I- I- I'm going to cum!" Kathy barely manages to get the words out between her heavy gasping and moaning.

About to climax and tired to the point of exhaustion, I nestled my cock deep inside her ass. Cum explodes out of my cock and drains deep into her anal cavity. Kathy orgasmed as well. Her legs gave out and she collapsed onto the floor, which causes me to fall on top of her. We both climbed up onto my nearby bed and just laid on it, exhausted, sweaty, and out of breathe. We were both so exhausted, we fell asleep as we were, forgetting our parents were asleep upstairs. Thankfully, however, I woke up two hours later.

I got out of bed and put my boxers back on. I was about to wake my sister up but I became captivated by her naked body. I found my cock getting hard again. It was even harder than before. I wanted to wake her up so we could fuck again, so I ripped off my boxers and climbed to the foot of the bed and began to lick around my sister's pussy. I flicked her clit with my tongue before I started sucking on it. Kathy began to stir around, but she didn't wake up. I slipped my tongue into her pussy and began to slowly eat her out. I sped up my tongue fucking and her moans got louder but she still didn't wake up.

"I must have really tired you out..." I drove as much tongue as I could into her cunt and ate her out as fast as I possibly could. I reached up to her breasts and began teasing her nipples. Her pussy was getting wetter and wetter. Her moans became more vocal. She writhed more and more in pleasure all while staying asleep. I tongue fucked her for so long my tongue and jaw was getting tired. That's when I felt her cum. She came in her sleep... Well hell, if she gets to have another orgasm, I'll have another as well I thought.

I climbed up on top of her and lined my cock up to her pussy. I gently slid my cock in and begin to pump it in and out of her wet cunt as she slept. I slowly and rhythmically pushed in and out of her, getting as much pleasure as I could with each passing. I sucked and nibbled on my sister's nipples while fucking her in her sleep. Suddenly I noticed she had both of her hands on my ass, squeezing tight.

"About time you woke up. I had to start without you." I said.

"As long as you don't finish without me."

Kathy pushes my ass down onto her, forcing my cock deep into her pussy. I picked up speed and my thrusts got harder and harder as I keep sucking on her tits. I grinded into her cunt, each time completely impaling her with my cock. I picked up my pace even more. Kathy's panting and groaning becomes louder the more I drove my cock inside her. I felt myself about to cum, so I pull out of her and aimed for her face. A burst of cum hits her in the eye. It drips down her cheek and onto her lips. She used her tongue to lick up the cum around her mouth. I continued to stroke my cock as I empty my balls. The next two bursts of cum splashed onto her tits and stomach. The last string of cum hits her right on the chin.

"That looks like fun." A voice comes from the doorway.

I look over to see who's there. "Mom? Dad?" I jolted off of my sister after seeing Mom and Dad standing in the doorway.

"Oh my God!" Kathy exclaims. "It's not what it looks like!"

"I hope it is. 'Cause it looks like a lot of fun." Mom says.

I stare at Mom as she quickly rips off her pajama shirt, revealing her DD breasts. Mom walks over to Kathy who's still lying on the bed. She leans down and begins to lick her daughter's stomach. She starts at her belly button, dragging her tongue along Kathy's flat stomach. Mom drags her tongue to the pools of cum and begins to lap it up. Her tongue makes it to Kathy's tits. Mom licks up all the cum on her tits as well, making sure to run her tongue along my sister's nipples and flicking the tips of them. Mom brings her face closer to Kathy's and they share a deep passionate kiss. Strands of cum dribble down off their lips. Mom moves her head back down my sister's glistening body, right to her pussy. She kisses and licks my sister's thighs before driving her tongue in her cunt. Kathy moans and begins to fondle her own breasts. Kathy moans louder as our Mom played with her clit, running her tongue up and down it, sucking it into her mouth and rolling her tongue all around it.

As Mom eats out her daughter's pussy, Dad walks over next to Kathy with his fully erect, very large, and very hard, 10 inch cock. He waves his massive cock in front of Kathy's face until she opens up her mouth wide to take in her own father's cock. Kathy moans as she closes her lips around Dad's shaft, grabbing hold of his balls as Mom continues to eat out her cunt. I stand in awe as I stare at my Mom's ass waggle back and forth as she keeps tongue fucking my sister. My Mom's cunt occasionally makes an appearance. Her pussy glistens as she gets wetter and my sister moans louder and louder, though her moans are muffled because Dad has begun to drive his cock down my sister's throat. My cock feels as hard as it ever had before. I was so hard it started to hurt. I had to fuck something, and Mom's pussy was just taunting me too much.

I walk right up behind Mom as she continues to ravage my sister's pussy with her tongue and I glide my cock into her pussy. I was right, she was already very wet. I ease my cock into her. She was nowhere near as tight as Kathy, most likely thanks to my Dad's monstrous cock. I begin to grope Mom's tits hard as I fuck her. Mom lets out a groan as I grind into her cunt. Dad can no longer hold his load. He pulls out of her mouth and Kathy opens her mouth wide as Dad strokes his cock a few times. He grunts and fills his daughter's mouth with cum. Without swallowing, Kathy goes back to sucking on her dad's cock. She glides her mouth up and down his dick. Cum oozes off of his cock and starts to drip down before Kathy's lips makes another round and sucks it up again. Strings of cum dribble down her mouth and her chin.

I pick up my pace, furiously driving my cock into Mom's cunt, but Dad has been fucking her with his giant cock for years and her pussy wasn't a tight fit for me so I take my cock out of her pussy. I rest the head of my cock at the entrance to Mom's asshole for a moment before pushing the head right in. Mom lets out a sharp cry.

"Oh, you just couldn't wait to fuck your own Mom in the ass could you?" Mom said.

"Sorry, Mom, I just couldn't help it."

Her ass grips my cock tight. I thrust hard into her and her ass swallows my entire cock. I began sliding my dick in and out of her pussy with a steady pace. Mom grunts and bucks her hips to sync with my rhythm. I begin to pick up speed, thrusting harder and harder into her ass. My balls slap against her pussy. Mom moans louder into Kathy's pussy as she continues to tonguefuck her. I keep fucking my mom hard in the ass as my attention is divided between my mom eating out my sister and my mom's large tits bouncing and swinging wildly in the air.

Kathy moves her hands to the top of mom's head as her breathing gets heavier and her panting gets louder. Kathy's body begins to shake and she lets out a few screams as she orgasms. Kathy crawls out from under Mom and walks over to a nearby chair and sits down to catch her breath. Kathy and dad watch as I continue to fuck mom. Kathy begins to finger herself and Dad starts to jack himself off.

"Come on Dad, Don't let them have all the fun. I'd much rather get fucked by your cock than my fingers." Kathy says.

"Are you sure you can handle is?" Dad smirks.

"Only one way to find out."

Dad walks over to Kathy as she spreads her legs wide, giving a clear view of her pussy. I can't help but stare at my sister as she fondles her tits with one hand and her clit with the other. Dad strokes his cock a few times then slaps it against her pussy lips. He buries the head of his cock in her. Kathy moans as Dad slowly pushes his cock into her daughter. He slowly and rhythmically drives his cock deep into Kathy's cunt. I slow down my own thrusts to match theirs. Kathy and Mom's moans begin to synchronize. Our speeds pick up. Their tits jiggle and bounce around as their bodies devour our entire cocks. I try not to cum before Dad does, but I can no longer hold it. I break away from Dad's rhythm and pound my mom's ass as hard and fast as I can.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck! Fuck me harder! Keep fucking your mom in the ass!" Mom's words and her screams take away the rest of my stamina and I cum in her ass. I pull my cock out and cum seeps out of her asshole and runs down toward her pussy.

"Mmmm, that was real good." Mom turns and kneels down and sucks my cock clean. I hear my sister screaming louder so I turn to watch the rest of the fucking my Dad was giving his daughter as Mom continues to lick my dick clean.

Dad grips both of Kathy's ankles and has her legs spread apart as far as possible. Dad pumps his massive cock in and out of his daughter's pussy. With one hand he plays with her tits, and with the other, he toys with her clit. After pounding his daughter's cunt some more, he pulls his cock out and cums all over her stomach and tits.

"So..." Dad walks over to me. stroking his cock to get it hard again. "I see that you like to fuck people in the ass."

"Yeah, that's right." I say.

"Well then," Dad walks up right behind me and places one of his hands on my shoulders. "Let's see if you can take it as good as you can give it."

Dad moves against me and lines his up cock with my hole and slowly pushed his head into my ass. I had been fucked in my ass before during my times away in college, but nothing that prepared me for my Dad. I tried to loosen up as much as I could in preparation, but no amount of it could get me ready for the 10 inches of hard meat belonging to my own father. Dad continues to push his cock slowly into my asshole until he is half way inside. Suddenly he thrusts his hips forward and pushes the rest of his cock deep into me. I gasp sharply and my eyes tear up a little as Dad pushes forward until his whole cock was swallowed up by my ass. Dad starts to thrust in and out of my ass. The pain quickly becomes pleasure. I feel the walls of my rectum squeeze tight around his cock and every time he thrust fully into me, his balls slapped against me. I felt the first spurt of cum spray into my ass. He thrusts once more and some of his cum comes out with his cock and started running down my leg, slowly oozing towards the floor. He completely empties himself into me and then slowly pulled out with a slight pop, making me grunt as his cock leaves my ass.

He guides me up as he kneels down and sticks my cock into his mouth. He moves my cock around in his mouth a few times before going further down on my cock. His nose presses against my body as he deep throats my cock.

"Oh fuck!" I moan out in surprise. My sister was better at giving head, but this was a whole other experience. I bust my load into my Dad's throat. He sucked me dry and then licked my head, circling his tongue around it, prying into my slit, before taking the cock out of his mouth.

Dad lies down on the bed on his back. He spreads his legs wide open, giving me a perfect view of his cock, balls, and asshole. I go in between his legs and prop his legs over my shoulders. I slide my cock into his ass and begin to fuck him. At the same time, Mom sits on dad's face, facing me, and rubs her wet pussy across his lips. Dad's tongue sticks out and he begins to lick Mom's pussy. She throws her head back as she feels Dad's tongue and groans loudly, as I continue to fuck my Dad's ass.

Mom and I lean in closer and we give each other a deep, long kiss. I use a free hand to grab onto my dad's cock and begin to stroke it in rhythm of our ass fucking. At the same time, me and Mom continue to passionately kiss as I grab and tease her tits with my other free hand. Kathy comes up behind me and thrusts her tongue against my asshole. I stop fucking Dad as she flattens her tongue and runs it up and down my crack, circling my asshole. I start thrusting into Dad again as Kathy continues to eat my ass. We all begin to moan as we reach climax. Mom squirms more and more. I stop kissing her and focus more on my dad. I thrust into him harder and faster. I stroke his cock faster and faster. Kathy pushes her tongue deeper into my asshole. I don't last much longer than that. I'm the first to cum. All my warm cum floods down into my dad's asshole. Not soon after cuming in his ass, Dad lets himself cum in my hand. His cum shoots through the air and hits mom in her face. A second burst from Dad's cock hits her in the chin and drips down onto her tits. Mom lets out several loud cries and grunts as her whole body shakes as she cums on my dad's face.

Mom gets up. "Well that was some real fun but I think I'm going to go get cleaned up and go to sleep now. You three have fun now." And she walks out of the room.

Dad stays laying on his back on the bed and I exhaustedly sit down next to him.

"What? Done already? You all got off more than I did!" Kathy says as she kneels next to Dad and quickly gobbles up Dad's cock and sucks it until he gets hard again.

"Oh sweety, I'm not sure I could cum again even if I wanted to." Dad says.

Kathy quickly crawls on top of Dad in reverse cowgirl position and shoves his cock into her ass, impaling herself fully onto it. She energetically bounces up and down on his cock while she masturbates. "Well what do I have to do to get 2 cocks inside of me?"

My cock was already getting hard again as I watched my sister getting ass fucked. I walk up to them and straddle up against Kathy. They stop fucking just long enough for me to glide my cock into Kathy and then quickly pick back up. Me and Dad's ball sacks slap together as our cocks pound Kathy's two holes. She pants and moans as our cocks violently smash deep into her body. Kathy give out one last loud, long scream as she orgasms, followed by me cumming into her pussy and Dad cumming into her ass. We all collapse on the bed, exhausted and very satisfied.

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Teen shit

Obviously written by a teen ager, no idea what sex is really like! 1 star

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