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Family Practice


I always figured that I had a normal family. I mean, parents still together, three kids, the dog, two cars, white picket fence, suburbia, SUV. Pretty standard Americana. But what happened this past Christmas vacation made me reconsider all of that.

I'm Ariel, 24 years old, medical student, third year. If you saw me in the library at my school, studying for my next exam, I don't know if you'd pay much attention to me. I'm usually dressed pretty conservatively, and I have to wear thick glasses to read. But on the weekends after exams, I do know how to let my hair down, literally. I'm 5'6", with straight strawberry blonde hair that falls down below my shoulder-blades. My eyes are blue and I've got a spate of freckles across my nose. I wouldn't mind losing a few pounds, but I'm well within healthy weight range for my height.

I had just finished my medicine rotation, three months long, a huge workload, tons of stuff to memorize. The exam went pretty well, and a bunch of us went out to drown our memories in floods of cheap beer. I don't remember much of that night, but I do remember the next morning, waking up to drag myself to the airport. The flight back home to NYC was misery, stumbling onto the subway to get to the train to get me back to Westchester county. I got to my parents' house at 10:30 that night. Thank God, Mom was still awake and took care of me, giving me some food and then bundling me off to bed.

I woke up the next morning at 6:30 out of habit and went to take a shower. I lost myself under the hot spray of the water. Goddamn it felt good to unwind: no pressure, no resident watching your every move, no attending putting you on the spot with questions on trivia. All of a sudden I heard a noise.

"Jesus, Cal!" I gasped, as I realized that my younger brother had come into the bathroom. "You scared the living daylights out of me!"

"Whoops! Sorry, Ari! I'll wait outside," he said, averting his eyes, and stepping out of the door. My heart was still pounding. I took a moment to collect myself, then turned off the water and wrapped a towel around me. I opened the door, and Cal was standing there in his pj bottoms.

"Hey, Ari, I gotta take a leak, but can I come ask you a question in a minute?"

"Sure, Cal. I'll be in my room."

After drying off, I put on a silk kimono and wrapped my hair in the towel. A second later, I heard a knock on the door, and Cal came in. He's 18 years old, just finishing high school. 6'1", with dark blonde hair, green eyes, and a workout-tough body, he's the point guard for his school's basketball team. I couldn't help but admire his pecs and flat stomach, his strong biceps. My younger brother had turned into quite the man while I was at school. Cal turned around and shut the door.

"Um... Ari, this is a bit embarrassing, but seeing as how you're in medical school, I figured I could come talk to you. It's about my, um... my penis."

I put on my best professional demeanor, and nodded encouragingly. It's a tried and true fact that when you go to medical school, your friends and family start asking your opinions about all sorts of things. It's great practice for schooling your emotions and facial expressions, 'cause you learn about lots of stuff you never expected or maybe even wanted to hear.

"See, recently, it's been getting sore and kinda red, and it's really embarrassing. I don't want Susie, my girlfriend, to think I've got some disease or something."

"Allright, Cal. Let's take a look, shall we?" He pulled his pants down, unselfconsciously, and stepped out of them, standing in front of me in his birthday suit. The sight of his penis, even flaccid, caused my throat to parch. It had been too long since I'd been with a man. I knelt in front of him, and gently grasped the shaft of his penis just below the glans to lift it up.

It was a pretty penis, pale and smooth with a few veins outlined clearly along the length. The head was startlingly red and slightly inflamed-looking. I suspected immediately that Cal was simply in need of lubrication, but I wanted to play with him a bit first.

"Does it hurt more when you're soft or when you have an erection?" I asked, innocently, lightly stroking his length with my fingertips.

"Uh, geez, I guess when I'm hard." Which is what he was starting to get, now. Slowly, the organ began to become firm under my touch. I could feel the blood rushing in. I licked my lips as the head rose into the air with a mind of its own. I pretended to be unconcerned.

"Let's see. Any tenderness down here?" I cupped his testicles in my other hand, and let my fingers feel behind them, between his legs.

"N-no..." he stammered. He was now just about fully erect, the deep red glans with its single eye only an inch or two away from my face.

"I've got the perfect solution for you," I stated, standing up and turning to my bag. I pulled out a bottle of lotion and squirted some onto my hand. I turned back to my poor brother, his manhood sticking out in front of him. I reached down between us and smoothed the cool lotion over his entire shaft with my hand. I stroked up and down, looking up into his eyes.

"Oh, God, Ari..." he gasped, and suddenly, cum spurted up from the end of his penis. A drop landed right on my cheek.

As if this happened every day in the office, I let go of his cock and wiped the sperm off of my face with my finger.

"Cal, I recommend that you use some lubrication from now on. I bet Susie could help you out. Now, scoot!" And I sucked the drop off of my finger.

That night, Miranda came home from college. She's 21 years old, and she's always been the brat of the family. Never without a catty remark, a snide comment, whining demands. She's the apple of Dad's eye, and it's not hard to see why. She's the captain of the varsity cheerleading squad at her school, and is fit in the way I can only dream of being. It doesn't help that she's an inch taller than me. She has platinum blonde hair and that tight cheerleader body that America adores. Bitch.

All night we were at each other's throats. Stupid arguments: she can get my goat so easily. She just drops a word about my being "full-bodied," or that my glasses make me look like a "geek," and I can't help but rise to the bait. Mom and Dad tried to get us to stop, but they always take her side. It's all so childish, but I can't stop myself from protesting the injustice.

That night, after getting ready for bed, I was reading a medical journal in my room. I heard a knock on my door, and before I could respond, Miranda burst into the room, and flopped onto my bed.

"So, Ari, as always, the nerd, huh?"

"Jesus Christ, Miranda, give it a break for once, OK?" I snarled at her. I turned and saw her stretched out on the bed, on her stomach. The worst part about Miranda is that she is completely gorgeous. I mean her green eyes are feline in their intensity, and her little upturned nose, red lips and graceful neck are my envy. Now I saw that she was only wearing a little see-through negligee with wispy panties on her precisely curved ass. She had her little feet up in the air, and was propped up on her arms, looking at me. I realized that I could see the tops of her breasts, those perfect little tits that seem to stick directly out of anything she wears, proclaiming their pert firmness.

"OK, OK. I'm sorry, Ari. I don't mean to be abrasive."

"Come off it, Miranda. What do you want?"

"Oh, God. Look, sis, I need to get a physical for cheerleading, and I don't want to go to the school doc. He's an old goat who only wants to get a chance to peer at pretty girls' pussies and paw their boobs. I figured you could just sign the sheet and I'd be out of his clutches."

"Can't do it, Miss Thing. First off, I'm not a full doc yet. It wouldn't be ethical for me to sign a sheet stating I am one. And, second, I couldn't sign the sheet without actually doing the physical."

Miranda sighed theatrically. "You're such a fucking do-gooder. I'll do whatever you want to get this sheet signed without seeing Dr. Geezer. If you need to give me a physical, then OK, whatever."

By now I was seeing a chance to exact some revenge on the little bitch, so I agreed to complete the form. I had her sit on the edge of the bed while I got my stethoscope, blood pressure cuff, ophthalmoscope, and reflex hammer. When I turned back to her, I saw her looking defiantly at me. But I could also detect a bit of nervousness in her eyes. Looking down, I could make out her breasts through the diaphanous material of her negligee. Her nipples shone through, and I could tell that they were erect. She was so hot! I felt a little dowdy in my cotton nightgown.

I started my examination by taking her blood pressure: 105/75. I quickly ran through her cranial nerves, and looked at her fundi. I felt her carotid pulse on the side of her neck, and her radial and ulnars. I put on my stethoscope and reached up under her negligee to listen to her breathing sounds through her back. Her skin was so warm and soft. My own nipples became erect at the contact.

Then I came back to her front to listen to her breathing again. It sounded a little ragged, now, but I pretended not to notice. Now I had to listen to her heart. First I put my hand under her breast and felt for the point of maximal impact. I had to lift her breast out of the way to find it. I very carefully ensured that I was touching her nipple while I was doing so. It was so hard and hot! I listened to her heart which seemed to be beating a bit fast. I let my hand wander over her breast as I moved the stethoscope to the standard places to listen.

I tested her reflexes and then had her lie back to listen to her abdomen and feel for tenderness. Her stomach was so taut and trim, so muscular. It was like pushing through a piece of wood. I quickly tested her legs for range of motion (she had plenty), and for pulses down to her feet. Now came the part that tested my nerves...

"OK, Miranda, you'll need to take those panties off."


"I can't do a complete physical without examining your vagina. Hurry up!"

My commanding tone seemed to have its effect. She arched her back, and slid her panties off of that superb ass before pulling them down off of her legs. She spread her legs slightly, giving me a full view of her cunt. She kept it shaved (no surprise: have you seen cheerleader costumes?), and the lips were spread and wet with excitement. As I suspected. She had come in with the express purpose of demonstrating her superiority over me, physically and sexually. But I had reserves she couldn't know about from the pressures of medical school.

I pulled over two chairs and had her put her legs up as if in the stirrups in the doctor's office. I knelt between her legs and brought my face in for a close look at her perineal area. Once again, I had to hand it to Miranda. Just like the rest of her body, her pussy was an outstanding specimen. With no hair to block the view of the organ, I could absorb every detail with ease.

Her fleshy labia majora were wide-spread, deliciously moist-appearing. They symmetrically curved around the vestibule of her vagina, framing the depths with their perfectly apportioned length. Nestled at the top, winking out from beneath its hood, sat her incredibly feminine clit, pulsing slightly, engorged, but not protruding out so far as to make you think of it as a miniature phallus. No, it was entirely female, just like Miranda was all woman, Venus personified in front of my eyes. Below her clit an inch or so lay the introitus to her depths, looking as tight as a virgin's (and I'm certain that Miranda had known more than her share of lovers at college). If ever I had known an urge to penetrate something, that tiny opening intensified and invited me to submit to it. My fingers itched to know those warm, wet confines inside. Further down yet, her pink anus, rosy, not brown, smiled up at me, confident from its position between Miranda's curvilinear ass. Jesus, what a rush. Just the feminine aroma alone made me light-headed. But I kept my resolve.

"Let's see," I murmured, lightly trailing a finger up her thigh to her nether lips. A gasp escaped my recumbent sister as I made contact with her overheated genitalia. I ran my fingers over her labia, spreading them even further, while Miranda's breasts rose and fell rapidly above me.

"Everything looks normal so far. I'm going to perform a digital exam now."

I placed my right index finger over the opening to her velvety interior, and slowly, oh so slowly, began my invasion. The heat surrounding my digit was intense, as was the clinging nature of the walls of her vagina. Miranda was frankly moaning now, in delight from the sensations. I added my middle finger to the index already inside, and probed around gently, feeling Miranda's cunt sucking on them. I managed a subtle to-and-fro motion to build my sister's sexual heat gradually. I brought my left hand and rested it over her mons pubis, and allowed my thumb to rest on her clit for a second. Miranda jerked and let out a light shriek.

"Normal sexual response," I stated clinically, and removed my thumb. I then took my left index finger and inserted it next to my right fingers already in her vagina. It was a tight fit! With my index finger fully lubricated now, I removed it and placed the tip of it directly on her anus.

"I'm going to perform a dual manual examination to feel your ovaries now. Just try to relax." I said, and plunged my left index finger directly into my sister's rectum.

"GAAAHHHH," commented Miranda. Pretending to feel for her ovaries, I continued my inward and outward motions of my two hands, manipulating Miranda to ever higher plateaus of excitement. I very carefully managed to keep her from cresting into orgasm by slowing my maneuvers or speeding them as circumstances dictated.

"Without a speculum, I'm not going to be able to visualize your cervix unless we stretch you out a bit, Miranda. Fortunately I have just the tool to help out right here." I removed my fingers from her cunt and reached into my bag, removing my trusty dildo. About eight inches long and about as wide around as a banana, it has served me well through the long, lonely nights of medical school. Now it was about to do me a service I never would have expected of it...

I placed it right at the entrance to her pussy and, exerting an even pressure on it, I pushed it into my sister.

"OHHHHH!!! Jeeeeezus, Ariiiiii..." Miranda groaned. I had total power over my sister now. She was entirely at my sexual mercy. Who had the upper hand now? I plunged the dildo in and out, completely discarding the medical pretense in order to manipulate Miranda as I had been manipulated for so many years. I have no shame in the pleasure this gave me. With my finger still inserted in her asshole, I could feel the movement of the phallus through the thin wall separating cunt from rectum.

Miranda was now out of control, thrashing on the bed, as I pushed her right to the brink of orgasm. Suddenly, I removed both finger and dildo. Miranda collapsed in a pool of sexual frustration.

"All clear, Miranda. Looks like you pass the physical!"

That night I slept the sleep of revenge satisfied. It had definitely been one of the more peculiar days of my life. Little did I know what was in store for me the following day! Once again I woke up at 6:30. I hadn't been awake more than 15 minutes before I heard a knock on my door. Mom's face peeked in around the door.

"Hi, Honey. I heard you moving around up here. Do you mind if I come in?"

"Not at all, Mom. Come on in."

Mom slipped through the door and shut it behind her. In light of my recent adventures, I found myself looking at my mother in a different light. She was 42 years old, but in great shape for her age. She has the same color hair as I do, strawberry blonde, but she wears it a good deal shorter, cut so it frames her pretty face. She has grey eyes and a delicate nose, with very rosy cheeks. She has a few laugh lines around her mouth and eyes, but otherwise, her face is basically wrinkle free. She works out regularly with a personal trainer, so her body is toned without a bit of fat on it. You certainly couldn't tell at a glance that she'd had three kids. Of course, she had us pretty early on in her life, so her body had the resilience of the young. She's very trim all over: her boobs are much smaller than Miranda's or mine, and her hips are kind of narrow.

Right now, I noted, she was wearing a simple robe, knotted at the waist, which came to mid-thigh, showing off the slim lines of her legs. I also noted, with a mixture of surprise and resignation, that her nipples were poking at the fine material over her chest. She had a bit of an apprehensive look on her face that reminded me of Cal's expression the day before.

"All right, Mom," I sighed, "what can I do for you?"

"Oh, Ari, sweetie," she said, biting her lip prettily, "Gosh, I don't know how to ask you this, but I guess you get a lot of strange questions being a medical student and all. I really need to learn how to do a breast self-examination, and I'm afraid the pamphlet my doctor gave me isn't at all helpful. I've been too embarrassed to ask him for help, and besides, I don't know him that well. I know I should be doing it every month, but I've been putting off figuring it out for too long now. Can you help me?"

"OK, Mom," I said, "I'll demonstrate for you." Frankly, I'd been too much the bystander recently. It was time for me to get in on some of this action that had been passing through my room. I was sort of eager to get undressed in front of my own mother, and see where the strange energy that was infusing this household might lead the two of us.

I was still wearing my cotton nightgown, so it was merely a matter of undoing the buttons down the front, and shrugging the sleeves off so that it fell to the floor around my feet. Clad simply in pink cotton panties, I stepped out of the circle my discarded nightgown made on the floor towards my mother. One of my best features is my skin, which I take great care of with lotions and moisturizers. I pride myself on my smooth and pale nature. I have just a few freckles across my cleavage, mirroring the freckles across my nose. My boobs are certainly not the perky, outthrust pair my sister boasts, nor are they the understated elegant twosome on my mother's chest. However, they have a certain exuberance, often threatening to come out of a strapless bra or escape the confines of a sweeping neckline. Right now, my nipples pointed square at my mother, and I felt quite confident in my casual nudity.

My mother's eyes widened slightly, giving her the look of a deer caught in the headlights.

"My," she said, huskily, "you've grown a bit since the last time I saw you without your shirt!"

"Why don't you take your robe off, so you can copy my motions," I reasoned. Mom seemed a bit mesmerized, and after a second, she untied the sash of her robe so it fell open, and she slipped out of the sleeves. Underneath, I was surprised to see, my mother was completely nude! Where my sister was a paean to raw sexuality, my mother's body seemed more like a work of art. The sweeps of her curves from her small tits down to the slight outbowing of her ass seemed natural, like a classical marble sculpture. She kept her bush trimmed, but not shaved, so it was in perfect proportion to the vee of her legs. I was in awe.

"Mom, you are in such great shape!" I stated, staring at her in frank admiration. "You could model for painters!"

"Now, now, Ari! Flattery will get you everywhere," she murmured, with her eyes downcast. I'll be damned if my own mother wasn't coyly trying to seduce me. I had a feeling I was going to enjoy this.

"You know, Mom, it might be easier if I just showed you how to do it on your breasts, so that you can remember how it's supposed to feel," I claimed with a distinct lack of logic. Mom acquiesced with a slight nod of her head, so I took her by the shoulders and turned her around. I let her stand there for a few seconds while I gazed at her. She stood still, her head bowed, so submissive, ready to give herself into my control. My eyes were particularly drawn to her ass: so sweet, it seemed like a slender peach. I felt an urge to simply devour it, but I wanted to play out the scenario first.

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