tagIncest/TabooFamily Road Trip Ch. 01

Family Road Trip Ch. 01


A few years ago my parents decided to take all their children on a cross country road trip to visit all our relatives. I was 19 and a freshman in college at the time so I had been away for the past year. My older sister Karen was 23 and was also attending school. This left only my younger sister Sarah at home. Sarah was 18 and was a senior in high school. She had two weeks off for spring break which was when the trip was going to be. I didn't have any classes that semester but had elected to stay at school anyway. Since I wasn't really doing anything anyway I decided to fly home a week early. My Mom picked me up at the airport and after a lot of hugs and kisses she drove us back to the house where I went to unpack in my old room. After I finished unpacking I went to the living room where I lay down on the sofa and watched cartoons. It didn't take long for me to fall asleep.

I woke up about three thirty in the afternoon to the sound of the front door being closed rather loudly. A few seconds later my little sister Sarah walked in only looking at her I realized that she wasn't so little anymore. In the year that I had been away she had developed very nicely. As I looked her over I saw that she had grown a few inches taller she must have been 5'6 or so and, she had long sexy legs which I followed all the way up to her short black miniskirt past her curvy swaying hips and up to her flat sexy stomach which was clearly visible since she had tied her shirt up in a knot just above her belly button. Then I saw the shirt itself it was a small white t-shirt that she had been pulled very tightly across her chest when she tied it up. It was tight enough for me to see her firm perky nipples protruding out so that it seemed they would burst through her top any second. I would have loved to stare at her all day but just then she saw me laying there and her face broke out into a huge smile. She ran over and swung her leg over me putting a knee on each side of me so that she was kneeling on the couch as well as straddling my chest. Then she leaned forward hugging me as I sat up to meet her embrace. I smiled as we hugged and her shoulder length blonde hair fell around my face.

"I didn't know you were coming so soon!" she said happily.

"Well I would have come a lot sooner if I had known I was gonna get a greeting like this." I told her smiling up at her beautiful face.

She looked down and to my dismay she climbed off me. I sat up making room for her on the couch. She plopped down next to me and gave me another long hug. Smiling I hugged her back smelling her smooth straight hair as I did. I could feel her tits pushing against my chest and it was starting to turn me on. When she finally did let go I had to shift my position a bit to hide my growing hard on from her. We sat on the couch catching up and talking about the coming trip for a few minutes and then she had to go do some homework. As soon as she had gone to her room I hurried to the bathroom put the lid down on the toilet sat down and dropped my pants. By now I was rock hard and in serious need of release but before I had a chance to do anything else there was a knock on the bathroom door. I quickly stood up flushed the toilet and pulled my pants back on. I flipped the sink on for a second and then opened the door. Sarah was standing there bouncing up and down. I had barely opened the door before she rushed in pushed me out and slammed the door closed. As I walked away I heard her sigh loudly as she started to pee. I quickly went to my room and closed the door behind me. I dropped my pants and lay down on my bed. I wrapped my hand around my throbbing hard on shuddering a bit as a wave of pleasure swept through me. I started to pump my hand up and down as my breathing became heavier. I held in a moan as I shot my load into the air. I kept pumping as streams of cum landed all over my shirt. After taking off my cum soaked shirt I lay back down and went to sleep. The rest of the week passed uneventfully.

The day before the trip my older sister Karen flew in and I volunteered to pick her up at the airport. I was waiting at the gate as the passengers started to file out. After about five minutes Karen walked out. She was wearing a loose blue button up blouse and a pair of baggy jeans which I assumed was so she would be comfortable on the flight. She quickly spotted me and her face burst into a huge smile which was framed perfectly by her wavy brown hair. She came running over and gave me a big hug pressing her tits firmly against my chest as she wrapped both arms around me. The hug lasted only a minute or so but it felt like much longer to me.

"How are you?" She asked enthusiastically.

"Fine I can't complain." I told her.

"How is everyone else?" She asked.

"Well Mom and Dad have been busy with work and preparations for this trip and Sarah ...well she is good I guess." I answer laughing a bit.

"Good. Well shall we go and get my bags little bro?" she asked putting her arm around my waist.

I put my arm across her shoulders and we went to pick up her luggage. After getting all her luggage and loading it into the car we decided to stop for lunch before heading home. Since we didn't feel like stopping for too long we decided to drive through a burger place. Karen volunteered to drive and since I had driven to the airport I happily agreed to let her drive home. We headed out and quickly found a place to drive through. We placed our order and drove around to the window to pick up our food. First the guy at the window handed us a bag with our food then he proceeded to hand over the drinks but, his hand slipped and he accidentally spilled a coke all over Karen. I tried not to laugh to much as the manager came to the window and after getting us a new drink and apologizing several times let us have our food free of charge.

"You think this is pretty funny don't you Jeremy?" Karen asked me as she smiled.

"Just a bit." I say smiling back at her.

"Well I am freezing now." She said "Would you mind helping me out here?"

"What am I supposed to do?" I asked laughing a bit as I said it.

"Take this wet shirt off me for starters" She answered as she pulled onto the highway.

"What!" I said incredulously.

"Oh don't be silly Jeremy we are siblings and besides I'm sure you've seen a girl without a shirt before." She said confidently

"Are you sure you don't just want to stop someplace and change?" I asked.

"It would take to long and I am eager to get home. So stop being shy and take my shirt off my nipples are freezing." She replied.

"Ok fine." I said reluctantly.

I leaned over and started to unbutton her coke drenched blouse. As much as I tired not to I couldn't keep my hands from brushing up against her bra as I worked my way down. I could feel my cock starting to grow as I looked at my older sisters red lace bra covered in coke with her nipples hard and pointed from the cold liquid visibly standing out through the material. I tried to think of something else before I got to excited but I couldn't help but stare as I finished with the last button. Karen leaned forward so that I could slip the shirt off her shoulders. Then I helped her remove first one arm then the other. I wadded up the shirt and tossed it in the back.

"Can you get the bra too?" She asked. "Before my breasts get any stickier than they already are"

"Umm... sure I guess" I said while I tried to shift in my seat to hide my erection.

I noticed then that she was wearing a front clasp bra. My cock jumped a bit as I started to unclasp the bra my hands were rubbing against her breasts. She gave an involuntary shudder as I removed her bra and the stickiness of the coke peeled off her hardened nipples. Her tits were beautiful especially since her nipples were hard and red from me peeling her sticky bra off of her.

"Ohhh that is much better" she said blushing a bit at her reactions.

"Glad I could help" I told her as I tried not to stare at her bare breasts.

"Thanks" She says looking over at me and smiling.

When she looked over I noticed her eyes dart down to my crotch and then she quickly looked back at the road blushing a bit but, surprisingly she didn't say anything. At least she didn't say anything for a minute or two and, when she did say something it wasn't at all what I expected.

She said "My pants are soaked too and my ass is getting cold."

"Do you want me to take them off for you too?" I said trying not to sound too hopeful.

"If you don't mind." She said glancing over at me and smiling.

"Not at all" I said smiling back at her.

I reached over and undid the button on her jeans and then pulled the zipper down. Next I pulled her jeans open revealing dark red panties to match her bra. She lifted her ass up and I slid the jeans down revealing her gorgeous ass. I let my hands brush up against her ass as I continued to pull her pants down further. I carefully slid them first over one foot then the other. Now my sister was sitting next to me driving down the highway in nothing but her panties. I was making no attempt to hide my erection now and she was making no attempt to hide the fact that she was stealing glances at it as often as the road allowed.

"These panties are all sticky too" She said in an innocent little voice.

"Well we had better take them off too" I said as I gave my cock a quick rub.

Seeing me rubbing my cock she started blushing again. I stopped rubbing myself and leaned over to take off her panties. As I started to slip her panties down her legs my face was very close to her naked breasts. As I finished taking off her panties I couldn't resist any longer and I started to suck on her left tit flicking her hard nipple with my tongue and sucking on it hard. She started to moan and instead of stopping me like I'd thought she would she arched her back pushing her tit further into my mouth. As I continued to mouth my sister's nipple she started to swerve back and forth in her lane. Someone started to honk at her and I quickly released my vice grip on her nipple giving it on last bite. When I sat back up I noticed a large truck driving to our left with several teenage guys crowding the windows staring at my sister. I suddenly realized that it was them who had been honking and, not because we had been swerving all over the road but because they wanted to get our attention. Karen looked over at me blushing and, I started to blush too as the reality of what we had been doing started to sink in. I didn't exactly feel bad but, I did feel a little awkward. I suspect that Karen felt the same since she didn't ask for any clothes but she didn't try to draw me back to her body either. We drove the rest of the way home ignoring the few drivers that noticed Karen was naked. Luckily no one was home when we arrived. I unloaded Karen's bags while she went inside. After I had finished unloading the bags I went to the living room and sat on the couch to watch some television. A few minutes later Karen walked in and to my surprise she was still naked.

"Couldn't find any clothes?" I asked half jokingly.

She gave me a little smile and then paused for a few seconds as she seemed to consider something. Apparently she made up her mind because she walked over and sat on the couch with me.

"I was thinking." She said quietly. "Since you got to see me naked..."

She let it hang out in the open waiting for my response.

"You want to see me naked?" I asked curiously.

"Yeah why not I mean after all you have seen me." She answered.

"Ok I guess that is fair." I told her "But if I recall I had to undress you."

"You know your right." She said smiling at me seductively.

I sat up straight raising my arms as she reached over and lifted my shirt over my head. Next she unbuttoned my pants undid the zipper and pulled them off me. Now the only thing separating her from my huge hard on was my boxers. She looked at my dick poking up through my boxers for a while then she yanked them down revealing my hard cock standing straight up. She was positively beaming as she cuddled up next to me on the couch holding my arm and laying her head on my shoulder. We sat there cuddling and naked and watched TV for a while. Then she reached down and started stroking my dick up and down with her fingers but, she never took her eyes off the TV. Precum started to build up on the top of my dick as she traced intricate patterns on it with her fingernails. Finally after torturing me with anticipation she wrapped her hand around my shaft and started to jerk me off. I started to moan as she increased her speed. We were both still acting like we were watching the television as my breathing became heavier and her strokes became faster. She started to twist her hand around my cock as she pumped up and down while her free hand had found its way to my balls. I knew I wouldn't last much longer and, apparently so did she because she aimed my cock straight at her face and started to pump furiously. It didn't take long before I started shooting loads of cum onto my sexy sister's naked body. The first stream hit her neck the next hit her right in the mouth. She got hit several more times in the face covering her eyes and cheeks and , as my orgasm wound down I shot quite a few loads onto her hard stiff tits. She smiled at me squinting because of the cum all over her eyes and licked her lips getting a large taste of my cum. Right then I knew that I was really going to enjoy this family road trip...

To be continued...

Please email me and tell me what you think good or bad.

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