tagIncest/TabooFamily Yard Sale

Family Yard Sale


Note from Slickman: Been to a good yard sale lately? Have you found things that were very private that the people didn't know were out there? All rights reserved.


"HUGE FAMILY YARD SALE, Saturday, October 1, 2005. Multi-family. Lots of stuff. 102 Belmar Drive. No early birds. 8:00AM to Noon."

Annie Flanagan read the ad one more time before sending it to the local newspaper. They only had one week to get everything out of storage and priced. She picked up the phone and called her brother Bill's house. Her niece Barbie answered.

"Barbie, this is Aunt Annie, is your family ready for the yard sale next weekend?

"Jake and I have our stuff ready but Mom and Dad are not even close," the young 18 year old high school senior replied. Jake is her identical twin.

"I'm sending in the ad right now so tell them to get their stuff ready," Annie said. She hung up the phone and yelled down at her husband Tim. "Do you have everything priced yet?"

"No, but we have all week," Tim yelled back. His wife was getting on his nerves.

"I don't want to wait until the last minute," she yelled back. "How about your parents? Do they have their stuff ready?"

"I doubt it," Tim said. He knew his parents always waited until the last minute.

"Well I'm finished with ours so I'm going to offer them some help."

"Good," Tim said smiling. Now maybe she would get out of his hair.

Annie called and her mother-in-law Betty answered. "Hi Betty I was wondering if you need my help with your yard sale stuff?"

"Sure, come on over, Jack just brought a bunch of boxes down from the attic. I can use your help."


"Have you checked all of those boxes?" Betty asked her husband as he walked from the garage. "I don't want anybody to see any of our pre-kids stuff."

"I threw that stuff away," Jack said.

"Are you sure?"


It was an hour later when Annie pulled up in her new SUV. The garage door was open and she saw her mother-in-law looking in some boxes. "Wow, you've got a lot of old stuff."

"I just want to make sure there's nothing valuable in here," Betty said looking in the last box. "I don't see anything."

"Good, so why don't you take a break and let me sort all of this stuff out on the floor. You can come back later and take out the stuff you don't want to sell."

"Thank you," Betty said, dirty and sweating. "I need a break."

Ann put on her gloves and opened the first box. It contained a lot of old books that some things collectors might want. She piled them up in the corner and tossed the empty box aside. The next two boxes had some old clothing that looked worthless so she put them in another pile. What is worthless to one person might be someone else's treasure. She looked at the ten other boxes and shook her head.

After two more boxes with old picture frames and dishes she found a box that had been pushed under one of the shelves in the garage. It didn't look as if Betty had looked inside. She blew off the dust on top and used her razor knife to cut the thick packaging tape. She sat on a box nearby and pulled it open.

"Oh my God," Betty whispered when she saw some silky clothing. She picked up a sheer nightgown and saw two holes where a woman's breasts would stick outward. Beneath the top was a pair of crotchless panties. She put them down and pulled open a small box. Her mouth opened wide from shock as her eyes looked at a huge black dildo. "Can this stuff be my conservative in-laws?" She asked herself.

Betty touched the dildo and was amazed that it felt like a real penis except it was cold. It had a slot for batteries and a small on and off switch. She glanced at the door to the house to make sure no one was coming out as she lifted the small box and saw a large manila envelope. She opened it and stopped when she saw photographs inside.


An hour later Betty walked back out and saw everything on the floor and all the empty boxes in the corner.

"I've........uh...got them....opened," Annie said nervously. She was having trouble looking at the woman she had admired for so long.

"Thank you so much Annie," Betty said. "You do more for us than our own kids."

"No problem. Why don't I leave you alone with this stuff and then you can take your time going through it. I'll come back tomorrow and help you price whatever you want." Before Betty could answer Annie grabbed her purse and almost ran to her car. On the way home she glanced at the small cardboard box sitting on the floor in front of the passenger seat.


Jake was listening to his headphones when his bedroom door flew open. He saw his twin sister glaring at him. He pulled off his headphones. "Shit, Barbie, when are you going to start knocking?" He pulled the sheet over his boxers.

"Get real, you have nothing I haven't already seen," she laughed. Although it had been about twelve years ago. "Are you going to help me with the yard sale stuff? Mom said we get to keep the money we make."

"How would you like it if I barged into your room at any time?"

"I wouldn't care. I am your sister," she giggled. "Well are you going to help?"

"Yes," he grinned as he pushed off the sheet and stood proudly showing the large tent in his boxers. Suddenly Barbie's eyes got big and she turned and ran from the room.

Twenty minutes later he moved into the tight attic space and saw her sitting on the flooring reading a small book. She heard his footsteps and quickly pushed the book down behind her leg. "JAKE!"

"What where you reading?" he asked as he moved over next to her.

"Nothing," she said as she pushed the book under her ass and sat on it.

"If it's nothing then you won't mind me doing this," he said as he grabbed her arm and jerked her upward. Before she could respond he had the book in his hand. "A diary?"

"Yes, it was Mom's," Annie said. "I know I shouldn't have read some of it but I did. You better not read it."

"Shit, I have to read it now," Jake laughed as he held her an arms length away. He read the second page twice:


"November 14th.

"He stopped by again today but I wouldn't let him in. I told him it was a mistake and that we couldn't do it again. I wanted so much for him to come inside but I knew if he did I could never face my husband again. If Annie or Bill found out our families would be destroyed."


Jake lifted his eyes from the book. "Who is she talking about?"

"Uncle Tim stupid. They did it."

"Mom and Uncle Tim?"

"Yes. Keep reading."

Jake opened the book and turned to the next page.


"November 27th.

We all went to Bill's mothers for Thanksgiving. It was the first time I had been with Tim since our affair. He kept looking at me and I told him to stop or someone would know. He asked me to drive with him back to his house to pick up some cranberry sauce they had forgotten. I knew I shouldn't have gone but I did."


Jake quickly turned the page.


"During the trip he kept touching my leg and I moved away but then he put his hand up under my dress and touched by panties. I was so wet that he knew I wanted him as much as he wanted me. As soon as we got into his house he pulled me to the sofa and pulled off my panties."


Jake started to turn the page but Annie stopped him. "Don't say I didn't warn you." Jake pushed her hand away and turned the page and began reading. ************************************

"I've never been so hot and turned on. As soon as he touched my pussy I climaxed and then he used his mouth on me. He made me climax again and then pulled my head down to his giant penis. I've never given a blowjob before but I wanted to please him so I did. His cum filled my mouth and I swallowed it. He wanted to do more but I told him we had to get back to his parent's house."


"Jesus," Jake said putting down the book. "Our mother gave Uncle Tim a blowjob." He picked up the book and started to read the next page but Barbie moved next to him.

"That was as far as I got. I want to read it too," she whispered as she leaned against him and looked down at her mother's handwriting and at the large hard-on under her brother's cotton shorts.


"December 12th.

I was home alone today and he came to visit me. I tried to make him leave but he wouldn't. While I was standing against the kitchen cabinet he pushed up against me and reached down to pull off my panties under my housecoat. I was more than ready for his penis when he pushed it in. We did it standing up. He didn't leave until I got him hard again with my mouth and then we did it in my bed. I felt so guilty doing it with another man in a bed where my husband sleeps. I climaxed twice in a row for the first time."


Jake's hands were trembling as he held the book open for his sister to finish reading the page. Not only was the book making him excited so was his sister's breast pushing into his bicep making him hot.

Barbie too was turned on. The muscular presence of him next to her was causing her to breathe more rapidly. "Jake, have you done it yet?"

"Yes," he whispered as he turned his head towards hers and looked into her blue eyes. "Have you?"

"No," she whispered. "I haven't met anyone I wanted to do it with."

"Do you think they are still doing it?" He asked.

"Maybe," she whispered. She moved her breast slightly until her hard nipple touched his arm. "We should read some more."

"This is very uncomfortable," Jake said closing the book. "Maybe we should read it in my room?" He didn't move his arm from her rigid tip.

"OK," she whispered. "Mom and Dad won't be back for a while." They were visiting some of their friends.

Barbie stood up first and smiled when he stood up next to her. "I see the book got you excited."

"You too," he laughed as he smacked her little rear in the tight cotton shorts. They moved down the attic stairs and into his room. He closed the door behind them and locked it. "We don't want them catching us reading the book do we?"

"No," she giggled as she moved over and sat on his bed. He moved next to her and opened the book again.


"December 24th.

We were all together at Tim's house celebrating Christmas Eve and drinking eggnog and wine. We were both feeling pretty high so Bill and I decided to sleep over. As Tim and I were in the kitchen he whispered for me to meet him in the basement at 1:00AM. I knew we were taking a chance but my body wouldn't say no. I stayed awake and slipped down the stairs at 1:00AM. He was waiting for me and we did it on the large rug. He pushed it into my anus until I told him I didn't like it. Then he fucked me doggie style. On Christmas Day he gave me a small stuffed Dog that made me laugh. No one else got the joke."


"She still has that stuffed dog," Annie said. She smiled at her brother. "It would be better if we lay down." She moved onto her back with his pillow behind her head and looked down at him glaring up her tanned legs at her white panties peeking out from under her shorts.

Jake held the book in one hand and crawled next to her with the other one. "Care if I share the pillow?"

"No," she giggled as her head moved over to allow his next to hers. She turned her body slightly until her breast and thigh pushed against his hard body. He turned the page.


"December 31st.

We went with Annie and Tim to the cabin to celebrate New Years Eve. As soon as Tim and I were alone he started kissing me and touching me all over. Annie and Bill were down by the lake and we could see them from the window. As I watched them he kissed my pussy and then when he watched I gave him a blowjob. But, before he climaxed he fucked me under the window. We finished just before Annie and Bill returned."


"I can't believe our mother is such a slut," Jake whispered. He turned his body towards Barbie and put his hand on her stomach just above her shorts. He wondered if she would make him move it but she didn't say anything. He turned the page.

Barbie held her breath when he first touched her and wished he would put his hand under her shorts to relieve her needs. Her mother's diary was making her pussy drip and her brother's body was slowly removing any resistance she had involving sex with her brother.


"January 13th.

It's been two weeks since Tim and I have been together and I had to have him. His mother and father are out of town and I called him and asked him to meet me at their house. When he opened the door I was naked and waiting for him. We did it on the sofa, on the kitchen table and finally in his parent's bed. I was so sore I could barely walk when we left."


Neither said a word as they continued to read the page nor did they say anything about Jake's fingers playing with the elastic waistband of her shorts. "Who did you do it with?" Barbie asked.

"Ellie," he answered. His middle finger slipped under the elastic and moved down over the tiny blonde hairs leading below.

"Was it good?" she asked looking into his eyes.

"At the time I thought it was. But now I know it could be a lot better." He touched the top of her pubic mound and stopped.

Barbie took the book from his hand and dropped it on the bed behind him. "Show me how it could've been better." She closed her eyes and moved onto her back while opening her legs.

"Are you sure?" he whispered while his fingers twisted into her very fine pubic hairs.

"Yes," she whispered. If he didn't touch her pussy soon she was going to do it herself. After reading about her mother and uncle doing it she decided it would be alright to mess around with her brother.

Jake didn't waste any time and slid his fingertip into her moist slit until he found her clit that Ellie had taught him so much about.

"Oh God Jake," Barbie moaned. She looked at him and smiled. "That feels soooo good."

His fingers explored and discovered she was indeed a virgin and moved slowly back to rub her clitty. "Can I see your breasts?"

"Yes," Barbie giggled. As he diddled with her pleasure button she pulled her tee shirt up over her bra and quickly released the front clasp. When her fingers pulled the cups away he stopped rubbing her clit.

"Don't stop," she giggled. "Do you like them?"

"God yes," he replied. All the guys in the school would die to be in his place at that moment.

"Jake you can do what ever you want with me," she whispered. Her body was his.

Jake smiled and sat up to pull of her shorts and panties. He saw her blonde bush and pink slit and opened her legs enough for his lips to press into her swollen lips.

"OH JAKE!" She moaned feeling a tongue licking her clit for the first time. She closed her eyes imagining her uncle doing the same to her mother. "Jake stop!"

Jake moved his dripping mouth up and looked at her.

"Take off your clothes. I have to see and touch you."

In a flash they were on the floor next to the bed and he was now on his back as her eyes and hands explored his naked body. "Danny's thing was a lot smaller than yours," she smiled. Danny was her last boyfriend who she dumped last week.

"Do you think Uncle Tim's is bigger?"

"Maybe, because mom said it was pretty big," he moaned at her fingertip tickled the pre-come on the spongy tip.

"Did you climax?"

"No, that's lubrication," he smiled.

"For fucking?" she asked with a giggle.

"Yes," he replied. His hands were now gently caressing her almost perfect breasts.

"I want you to be the first," she said seriously. She moved back onto the pillow again and opened her legs.

"God Barbie I'm your brother," he said with one last effort to stop this madness.

"My twin brother," she said. "It's our destiny."

"I'm not Luke Skywalker," Jake laughed.

It was enough to get Barbie laughing. "The force Luke.....use the force."

"So you want me to use the force do you?" He grinned. He moved between her thighs and aimed his damp tip into her dripping slit. "OK Princess Leah, here comes the force!"

Barbie felt her hymen give way and then felt the sharp pain of his hard-on sliding into her. She gripped the sheet tightly until his whole eight inches were inside of her. "Don't move it," she panted.

"Did I hurt you?" He whispered seeing her face and teeth forced together.

"Yes, but its feeling better," she moaned. He started to pull it out. "Don't move!"


Annie hurried back to her house and took the box up to the master bathroom before locking the door. Tim was not home so she sat the box on the sink and pulled out the envelope. She had to sit down on the closed toilet seat cover when she saw the first photo.

Standing naked while facing the camera were her mother-in-law and father-in-law. His penis was sticking outward in an excited state. Her pussy was shaven and her breasts were so large and pink. It was then she realized someone else had to be taking the photos. She quickly looked at the next picture and gasped.

Betty was on all fours and a man she did not recognized was behind her ass pushing his lower stomach into her. The man had a tattoo of a bulldog on his arm. Her mother-in-law was smiling for the camera. She quickly took the photo from the pile and froze while looking at the next one.

A naked woman was lying on her back on a bed. Between her legs was Betty with her mouth pressing against the woman's pussy. This couldn't be her conservative mother-in-law. The next photo gave her a better look at Jack's penis. She knew now where her husband Tim got this manhood from. She put the photos back into the envelope and sat still with her eyes closed. As much as she was shocked she was also turned on. Although the photos were old her in-laws had kept themselves into great shape and she had more than once admired her father-in-laws body. She quickly stripped off her damp clothes and moved under the warm shower spray. As she soaped her breasts and hairy pussy she imagined it was her on all fours and Jack was fucking her from behind. Two minutes later she climaxed.


"OK move a little," Barbie whispered. The pain had turned to pressure and the pressure was turning into pleasure.

Jake was doing his best not to cum inside her tight hole. "I don't want to get you pregnant."

"I'm on the pill," she giggled as she lowered her hips until about four inches slid out from her. She slowly lifted her hips until he was buried again. "Let's read some more."

"NOW?" He exclaimed.

"Yes," she giggled as she picked up the book. "I'll read and you just control yourself."

"Oh shit," he moaned.


"February 2nd.

"It's Groundhog Day and Tim stopped by this morning to make sure we had good weather the next month. I let him fuck me in my ass for the first time and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I think I shocked him when I told him I loved him as he was leaving. He looked me in my eyes and told me I can't feel that way about him. He said he loved Annie and could not hurt her. I cried for almost an hour until Bill came home."


"She loves him," Barbie whispered as her brother moved in and out of her violated hole. "OH god that feels good," She put the book down again and grabbed his neck to pull his lips down to hers. Their eyes locked together as their tongue twisted and tasted each other's mouths and throats.

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