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Fancy Dress Suprise


This story is a little different because it is told from both of our perspective.

We thought that it might add a little something ...especially as this time things go a little further than normal. The story is a long one so take your time and enjoy.


Sorting through the post on a dreary Tuesday morning I was surprised to receive an invite to a fancy dress party from our friend Mick and his wife Andrea.

I knew her through work (and reputation) enough to say hello and chat but not enough to call her a friend even though I had known Mick for years.

She had a track record of office liaisons, often working away, a living breathing caricature of the 'sexy secretary.' I once teased Mick about the rumours and stories going around the office but got nothing out of him, I came to the conclusion that was either really stupid, ignoring it or getting off on it.

Besides, Mick had his own little secret.

I doubt very much that he had told his wife about the time he joined in with one of my adventures, masturbating over my semi naked body with three other guys until they had all covered my breasts, ass and pussy in cum. (see the story, sleeping)

Wanting to meet Andrea in a more social setting and perhaps swap some stories I phoned Mick and accepted the invitation without even asking Steve.

In fact this was a break in routine that we needed, the past few weeks it seemed that we had been doing a little too much work and too little lovemaking. A tingle of excitement started in my belly and ran all the way down to my toes as I realised that it might be an ideal opportunity to play out a fantasy that we had been sharing.

Selecting a costume for the party was surprisingly easy; I wanted one that would encourage admiring glances, something that would make every guy at the party ache to see more. The first online store that I visited stocked exactly what I had imagined myself in, placing my order I chose a Highway man outfit for Steve, white ruffle shirt with billowy sleeves, black leggings and high boots with an embroidered jacket, large hat and a sexy black mask and chose same day delivery.

When Steve got home I told him of the invite and the costume I had ordered for him but not what I would be wearing myself wanting to keep it a secret until the party, he was as delighted as I was at the chance of a night out and couldn't wait to try on his out fit, although he was suspicious that I wouldn't say what I would be wearing.

Pressing up against him I lightly brushed my lips across his cheek and whispered in his ear. "I was feeling kind of horney when I picked it out so you might like it."

Cupping his crotch I found him standing at full attention, I could feel my pussy moisten and a little tingle of anticipation ran though my belly as I worked my fingers over his bulge, teasing him a little.

"You shower and dress down here and I will get ready upstairs, you will see what I will be wearing soon enough."

Reluctantly I let go of his cock and made my way to our bedroom.

That Afternoon I had booked in at the salon for a wash and trim, my legs and pussy had been waxed so all I needed to do was shower, moisturise and apply make up.

My outfit was laid out on the bed, butterflies danced in my stomach as I thought of the effect it would have on both Steve and the other guys at the party.

I had chosen a harem costume that consisted of billowy snow white pants, a pale green sheer blouse with a plunging neck line and matching waist coat.

Delicate silver shoes with curled toes completed the outfit.

I quickly dressed, stood in front of the mirror and let out a little squeak of excitement.

The light flowed through the trousers making them almost see- through, but not so sheer that they would show I was naked beneath them, (I had tried on a thong with the trousers but it just didn't look right). My tanned skin showed through, highlighting the shape of my legs and buttocks and at the right angle the material would ride up and cling to my mound, the shape of it clearly visible.

The pale colour and shape of my nipples could be seen through the blouse but the thin waistcoat would keep them covered up, although it wasn't a problem for me because I am not exactly conservative in my dress when I am going to a party.

Making a last few adjustments to my make-up I walked down stairs to Steve.

"What do you think?" I asked doing a little twirl, Steve didn't say anything but I could tell by the way he choked on his drink that the costume would have the desired effect.

"Wow you look incredible" Steve managed to splutter as he brought his coughing under control.

He wrapped his arms around me reaching down and cupping the cheeks of my ass, his fingers explored, kneading my buttocks through materiel as thin as a sheet of tissue. "You know, it feels an awful lot like some naughty girl has forgotten to wear panties and in the right light those trousers won't leave much to the imagination," he whispered nibbling my ear.

"Does it bother you that some of the guys might check me out?" I asked.

He playfully brushed his hand over my breasts.

"I think you know full well that I kind of like it." He said.

We kissed his tongue snaking into my mouth, I was so turned on by the thought that I would be nearly naked in a room full of people that it was all I could do to pull away.

He looked disappointed as I broke free but I said.

"We need to leave soon, if you got me all messy it would only make us late."

By the time we got to the party was well under way, I recognised some of the couples and there were a few single girls and guys from the office there, probably a total of twenty people or so but Mick's house was huge so it wasn't at all crowded.

Andrea headed right over to us and as we made our way through the room I caught a couple guys checking me out, it was chilly outside and starting to rain so the short dash from the Taxi had left my nipples standing out against the thin fabric of my blouse and waist coat, perhaps it would not provide the cover I thought it would.

"Are you okay?" Andrea asked, daydreaming I had missed something she had said.

"Fine thanks," I reassured her. "Just seeing how many people I know.

Suddenly there was a squeal from the crowd dancing in the lounge as we were spotted by my two friends Katie and Rachel; they came bounding over hugging and a kissing both Steve and myself.

"Nice outfit." Said Katie, both she and Rachel were dressed as St Trinian school girls. "How about a dance later," she said, leering at Steve resting her palm over his crotch. "See if we can make your little highwayman stand and deliver."

"Of course I will but I think Jules wants the goods later so I might have to disappoint you there"

With a cheeky grin she said. "We will see." then flounced off, back to the dance floor.

Steve went into the kitchen to fetch some drinks leaving me with Andrea and Rachel.

"Sorry about that, you know what she's like when she's had a drink." Rachel said.

"Its fine, in fact I'm up for all the fun we can have after the few week's we've had."

"I hear you there," said Rachel and joined her friend.

Steve came back with two bottles of Bud and I took a long pull of the cool drink, it immediately went to my head, the start of a pleasant buzz.

Mick's wife, Andrea, had not spoken during or after the exchange between Steve and Katie and I suspected she might have been a little embarrassed. She was a little shorter than I remembered although she usually wore heels at work and was now almost barefoot in the little cork sandals that complimented her Hawaiian outfit.

She had a nice body and dark hair that fell across her plump breasts, a few years younger than Mick she had high cheek bones and the sort of striking features that turn heads. In fact if the rumours were true she had turned most of the upper management's heads enough to promote and bed her, although Mick, the poor fool, seemed to be ignorant of the fact his wife liked to play away.

Most of the office girls were more than a little jealous of her, but I say good luck.

Steve refreshed my drink while Andrea engaged me in a little girl talk and office gossip then surprised me by leaning in close and whispering,

"I know what you got up to with my Mick."

A little taken back I sipped my drink, she smiled and said, "Don't worry though, despite the rumours around the office we share everything, Mick loves to hear about my adventures, it was nice to hear that he had some fun for a change."

She was close by my side her hand rested on the small of my back, the fingers rubbing back and forth she said, "He loves to masturbate over me while I tell him who I've been fucking, it's kind of a thing with him, so you made one of his fantasies come true when you let him come over you."

I turned to face her, "Glad to be of service, are there any other little fantasies that he has that I might be able to help with?" I asked.

She placed her hand on my hip and moved close so that her ample breasts pushed against me, she licked her lips and glanced down at my cleavage, "There may be one or two but what I would really like is to see you fuck him." She rocked her shoulders back and forth so that her breasts rubbed against mine, my nipples were already standing out and the little bit of friction caused a tingle in my belly.

"We'll see." I said.

"I hope so" she replied, "Because when everyone is good and tipsy we will get some party games going." She squeezed my hip and turned to go just as one of the girls from my office bounded over.

"Hey, we're you going to avoid me all night?" Maria asked, giving me a peck on the cheek. "You know I always look forward to seeing you." I said.

"But only because you know all the gossip about whose doing who."

"Well screw you" she said with a laugh.

"What did our host want with you? It looked quite a cosy chat you were having."

"Oh just the usual thing," I said, "She asked me to screw her husband."

Maria coughed as she choked on her drink.

"Well if you are going to screw timid Mick then I'd best take care of your man."

Thrusting her drink into my hand she grabbed a puzzled Steve as he walked over to join us and dragged him towards the conservatory which had become the dance floor.

The area left to dance was pretty small so all the couple were squashed in close, Maria took advantage of the situation, grinding her sexy curves against him, one arm draped around his neck, her one leg thrust forward between his legs as a sexy Latin beat played, Steve got right into it, swaying his hips and grinding right back at her. She closed her eyes and let her head droop back; her tongue played over her bottom lip as Steve's left hand drifted to her buttock and pulled her closer still, with a smile I knew that he would have a hard-on and that she would be feeling it, pressing into her mound. Watching them move like that was so sexy, Steve has always loved dance, (it's not just woman and gays who love musicals) and took Latin American classes when he was still at senior school, a lot of his 'friends' made fun not realising that he was one of only two guys in a class full of girls. The way they were moving was almost like they were having sex fully clothed, other dancers had stopped to watch and there was a little round of applause as the music ended, Steve and Marie walked back over to me, she was grinning like a Cheshire cat and seemed to be a little wobbly, Steve held her hips, walking close behind her to hide his bulge.

Maria retrieved her drink and took a large gulp, "Oh my you never told me he could move like that, I need to lie down for a while, I've never sober up so fast"

I winked at Steve,

"What do you think; could you use a little nap with Maria after that?"

"I could use a lie down with her but I don't think we would be napping." He laughed.

Maria's face flushed red as I said, "Only if I can watch."

She slapped me lightly on the arm, "Not fair teasing like that," She waved her empty glass, "I need a refill, see you two later."

She walked off hips swaying, her tight little buttocks shown off nicely in her tiny shorts, (she had come as Lara Croft) Steve watched appreciatively and I nudged him in the ribs. "There might be an opportunity to see her out of those later," I said.

"Our hostess wants to get a few party games started soon...and she's kind of asked me a favour." I filled Steve in on what she had said to me.

"Would you want to?" He asked.

"Depends," I said. "Not if it was just to go off and do it, but if the occasion and atmosphere were right then I might be tempted."

In all the time we had played games I had only ever let guys touch my pussy while they masturbated over me, on the very rare occasion I had been swept along with the excitement of the moment and teased both the guys and myself by rubbing the outside of my pussy with their cocks. Only once had I got so lost in the moment that I had gone all the way and mainly because Steve had encouraged me, (it was with a long time acquaintance and in a bar of all places, see our favourite bar) and even then I was in total control of the situation, riding his lap, pulling away before he could cum in me.

"The nights young so let's just see where things go." He said.

In truth the drinks along with Steve and Maria's little display had made me more than a little horny.

Someone had changed the music had to an 80's CD, which both Katie and Rachel love, and they came bounding over and pulling me toward the dance floor, there were fewer people dancing now and Katie, clearly drunk, was throwing herself around dancing in-between Rachel and me singing along to the track.

She worked her away around the back of Rachel, winked at me and placed her hands on Rachel's waist, hugging her close and swaying in time with her.

Suddenly in one smooth movement she slipped her hands up over Rachel's ribs pushing up the small top of her costume and her bra, exposing her breasts.

Rachel pulled away from the giggling Katie smoothing down her top.

"You think that's funny, how about this." She hooked her finger into the hem of Katie's skirt and flipped it up, thinking she would flash her knickers to the room.

Instead we were met with the sight of Katie's pretty little pink pussy, all the hair was shaved off, leaving just a little tight trimmed strip above it.

Rachel quickly let go but Katie just giggled some more.

"Where the hell are your panties you little tart?" Rachel said.

Katie looked around the room until she spotted a young guy over by the bar.

Pointing to him she said, "I think I left them with him."

Both Rachel and I burst out laughing, "So you have been a bad girl already." I said.

"Not that bad, I only let him touch it for a bit." She said. "But I might let him do more than touch it later." She grinned and gave him a little wave; he waved back then almost choked on his drink when she flipped her skirt up and flashed him.

We made our way back to Steve who was grinning like a loon. "Well that certainly got the attention of every guy in the room." He said.

Katie gave him a little curtsy. "It's nice to be appreciated."

It was getting late and the party crowd had started to thin out a little, our host Andrea turned down the music and tapped a fork against her glass to get everyone's attention.

"Those of you who have been to our parties before will know that we like to end the evening with a few fun adult games, no one has to stay or do anything that they don't feel comfortable with, if things get a little bit too 'raunchy' for your taste then simply say good night and leave, we will be starting the fun in half an hour"

She turned the music up and the room buzzed with anticipation, most of the couples drifted off and to our surprise Katie came over to say good night.

"We thought you would be first to say yes to some fun." Steve said.

"I have said Katie," and gestured toward the young man she had left her panties with earlier. "To be honest I wanted to stay but he wants me to himself."

"I hope he is worth it." Rachel said, "You're leaving me at the mercy of this lot."

"Oh he's worth it." Katie said holding her hands about 9 inches apart.

"Slut." Said Rachel and they both burst out laughing.

We said our good nights the made our way to the living room. Maria came over and joined Steve, Rachel and I, Mick was fixing drinks on the other side of the room with Andrea, there were several guys talking to Cindy, (a secretary from Mick's department) and several couples milling about

"Ok time to start the game". Andrea said. She had placed chairs in a circle in the centre of the room, spaced out so that there was just over a chairs width between each one. "For anyone who has not played before the rules are simple." She said, "First the guys take a seat, the music starts and the women walk around the back of the chairs. When the music changes the woman must sit on the lap of the guy who is in the chair she is behind, but before she sits down, she must take off one piece of her clothing."

The atmosphere was electric, my heart jumped as I remembered that Jules was not wearing any underwear and I quickly calculated it would only take four gaps in the music until she was naked on some guy's lap.

"As host I will sit the game out because someone needs to be in charge of the music." Andrea continued, "Although that doesn't mean that I will not be joining in the fun because each time the music stops I will remove an item of clothing."

She walked to the centre of the circle, "To keep things interesting the rules are that the ladies are to remove all outer clothing before they remove any underwear, keeping things under wraps, as it were, for as long as possible."

I smiled to myself; this would not be something that affected Jules.

Andrea smiled, "Gentlemen you are not getting off lightly because you will be sitting here waiting for the ladies attention in your underwear, whatever happens your hands must remain clasped behind the chair while the lady is sitting in your lap, there must be no touching from the men...ladies...it's up to you to tease as much as you like, the game is over when all of the ladies are naked, or have dropped out"

We all took our positions; some of the guys were looking a little uncomfortable already as they stripped down, looking round the room at the various body shapes I was glad that I put so much time in at the gym. Andrea left the room for a moment then came back with a pile of hand towels and wet wipes and placed them on a small coffee table. She smiled, "Just in case things get a little 'sticky'." She said, causing a ripple of nervous laughter around the room.

She then dimmed the lights leaving just a few lamps on in the far corners of the room.

Jules was across the room from me on the opposite side of the circle standing next to Cindy and a busty woman who I didn't know, she was subconsciously licking her bottom lip, the light was behind her so that the shape of her legs were outlined as it shone through the thin material but casting a dark shadow between her legs, anyone else would take it for granted the dark shade was her panties, I knew better.

She looked so hot, that my stomach fluttered, I was so proud she was my wife.

Before I knew it the music started and the girls started to circle, Jules tickled my ear as she passed behind me, the music stopped and the girls came round in front of us, reached down and pulled off their shoes, Cindy was in front of me and I had a wonderful view down her top, her ample breasts were spilling out over the top of her lacy bra and her outfit, (sexy nurse) did nothing to keep them hidden.

Looking over her shoulder I could see that Jules was bending over from the waist in front of one of the guy's from Andrea's office. From the look on his face and the way she was bending I suspected that the material of the harem trousers had pulled tight and was doing nothing to hide her charms.

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