tagGay MaleFantasies Do Cum True

Fantasies Do Cum True


I had met Tip through a chat room on the inner-net. After we had 'talked' back and forth about blowjobs I confided in him I had never received one from a man. He wanted to know if I wanted to. To this I replied I did. As we talked some more I also confided in him I had often fantasized about sucking a cock myself but really all I wanted now was a blow-job. The next step we took was meeting in person at a local restaurant on his lunch hour to see if we wanted to go farther.

Tip turned out to be very handsome and 28 years old. He was about 160 lbs., 5'10 with a soft voice and he was extremely likeable. I am 32, 5'6" and 150 lbs.. We hit it off pretty good and after just a little while I agreed to meet him at his apartment later in the afternoon when he got off work.

I arrived at Tip's house and rang the doorbell. He was dressed in a bathrobe and explained he had just got in a few minutes ago and was in the process of changing clothes. He led me into a spacious living room and seated me on a large armless couch.

"Believe you told me you like hot porno movies with a lot of cock sucking?" Tip asked as walked over to the large TV.

"er...yes," I nervously agreed.

Smiling at my nervousness, Tip assured me, "Don't be nervous, we don't have to do anything you don't feel comfortable with."

He then slipped a movie into the VCR. "I think you will really like this one. While you are watching I will get us a cold drink."

Tip retreated to the kitchen and I started watching the movie. Boy it was one hot show. Two well-built and naked young men were going at it. They were kissing each other and caressing each other's bodies and big cocks. Their cocks must have been 8 or 9 inches long. Soon the bigger of the two men kissed his way down his partner’s body and started kissing and licking the big cock in front of him. Then to my amazement he took the whole cock in his mouth.

Boy, I had to rearrange my aching cock as I watched the cock sucking going on, on the movie screen.

Speaking from the kitchen door, Tip asked, "I was right about this movie huh? Damn hot."

"Yes, for sure," I replied my eyes glued to the action in front of me.

Tearing my eyes away from the cock sucking, cum slurping, action before me, I looked around at Tip and got another surprise. Tip was completely naked and his large cock was sticking straight out. His body, except for the hair on his head and a small tuff above his 7+inch cock, was completely void of hair. His whole body including his legs was tan and smooth.

Smiling, Tip started walking towards me. His beautiful cock swayed back and forth as he not walked, but glided towards me.

I had never seen a naked man in person before, much less one with a large hard cock sticking straight out at me. I was amazed at my own ecstatic feelings. I was more aroused by Tip's cock than I was at the movie behind me. I could not take my eyes off his swaying beautiful piece of man meat. So engaged was I in watching his cock, I was not even aware that I had stood up when he approached me.

I never even replied when Tip asked, "Over dressed aren’t we?"

While Tip was unbuttoning my clothes I just stared at his protruding cock. His cock head was all shiny from the pre-cum leaking out of it. With out realizing how it happened, I was as naked as Tip.

When he stepped closer and reached out and put hand on my shoulder his cock touched mine. This caused a shiver of desire to run through my whole body.

Tip must have thought I was nervous and I was. He again cautioned me not to be nervous and to just relax. He then put his arms around me. Because he was taller than me his cock poked me just above my cock. I could feel his hard cock leave a wet trail as it slid up my stomach. My own cock was wedged against Tip's ball sac and his leg. As he pressed against me and rubbed my back and ass cheeks all I could do was whisper, "Ohhhhh, fuckkk!"

"Like that huh?" Tip whispered.

I answered with another groan of lust. My nervousness now gone, my arms which had been hanging by my side now went into action. I reached around him and taking hold his ass cheeks ground his cock into my stomach. I loved the feel of his hard, pre-cum wet cock pressing against my naked skin. Tip took this as a signal for his next move.

My head had been pressed into his shoulder. Tip put his hands on each side of my head and tilted it up. My eyes were still shut tight visualizing our cocks pressed between us. All of a sudden I felt something else I had never felt before - a man's lips on mine. I didn't know what to do so I just stood still as he traced my lips with his tongue and lightly kissed each lip. When his tongue pried my lips apart and slipped into my mouth my cock jumped with lust. Without even thinking I returned his kiss.

Damn could he kiss - no rough stuff, just tenderly kissing me and mouth fucking me with his tongue. He would push his tongue deeply into my mouth and then suck on my tongue that was responding to his lovemaking. All the while our cocks were pressed tightly together and bathing each other in pre-cum. My first time being held close my a naked man with his hot hard cock pressed against me was even more thrilling that I had fantasized; but even greater sexual awakenings were just moments from coming true.

Tip then began licking and kissing his way down my body. When he took one of my nipples into his mouth and sucked on it I just sagged against him as my cock all most shot off then.

"I like my nipples sucked too," Tip whispered as he sat down on the couch and kissed his way down my stomach to my cock; then for the first time I felt a man's mouth on my man hood. I had never felt anything that could even come close to the erotic feeling I was now experiencing from Tip's mouth.

"OH FUCK!! OH FUCK!!" I cried over and over. "It's so fucking wonderful...OH YES!! SUCK THAT COCK!" I shouted over and over.

Wave after wave of passion swept me into erotic water where I had never been before. My cock was harder than it had ever been. I could feel my cum wanting to be emptied from my body into Tip's hot mouth.

As Tip sucked my cock I could feel his fingers playing with my ass bud. His fingers were wet and slick(I found out later he had reached beside the couch and got some lube from a jar setting there).

All of a sudden he pushed one slick finger into my ass. "OH!" was all I could manage to say. I had never had this happen before, but after the surprise wore off, I found I liked the feel of his finger fucking in and out of my ass. I moved my feet father apart so as to give him better access to my virgin hole.

"Oh yes..do my cock...do my ass...." I begged. Then as I felt his finger touch my prostate gland I shouted, "OH FUCK I'M GOING TO CUMMMMM!!! Ahh, oh shit! ohhhhhhhh."

I could feel my cum rushing out of my balls and into Tip's cum slurping mouth. Boy I had never cum as hard or as much as I did then. Tip gulped and slurped my spewing cock till the last drop was gone. He then let my cock slip from his mouth. Man I felt like I would never cum again, never had I been drained like that. I knew then that from now on it was only man blowjobs I wanted.

My knees were so weak that Tip had to help me set down beside him. "Like that?" He asked as he put his arms around me.

"OH! Fuck yes! I have never felt any thing as wonderful!" I managed to gasp.

In answer to my praise Tip pulled me close to him and gave me another long lingering kiss. I responded to his kiss like there was no tomorrow. When I kissed him I tasted something different about his lips. It was then I realized It must be a trace of my cum. The taste was sort of salty/sweet.

Tip's kiss and hard cock pressed against my leg caused my on cock to grow hard again. This caused Tip to remark, "You are sure one hot dude."

As good as he had made me feel I wanted to make him cum too so I started kissing my way down his smooth chest to his enlarged nipples. I started tweaking one with my fingers as I sucked hard on his other nipple.

"OH yessss...suck it, pinch it bite them HARD!" he begged.

The though that I was turning him on spurred me on. As I sucked his growing nipples I slid my hand down his body and grasped the first cock besides mine I had ever touched or held. When I touched his cock erotic fire shot all through me. It was hot, hard, and velvety soft all at the same time. Now I not only wanted to touch his cock, but I wanted to see it up close too.

I slipped to the floor and came "face to face" with his lovely cock. I think at first I was planning on just jerking him off. But, as I rubbed his cock and felt his flowing pre-cum, I knew this was not fantasy but a real cock I held in my hand. The old “I wonder what a cock tastes like?” became a burning erotic desire that carried me to sexual heights I had never known. I knew I wanted to see what his cock felt like in my mouth.

I leaned forward and kissed my first cock. I kissed and licked Tip’s cock-head and shaft till Tip was moaning with desire. Then without even giving it another thought I slipped my first cock ever into my virgin mouth. At last my fantasy was a reality and reality was a hard cock in my mouth. The feel of his cock as my tongue licked its head sent shivers of electric exotic fire coursing through me and opened a whole new world to me – the world of cocksucking. I quickly learned how to breath through my nose as my mouth sucked more and more of his cock in. When his cock hit the back of my mouth I bent my head way back till Tip’s lovely cock sled into my virgin throat. Each in stroke pushed deeper and deeper into my throat until my nose was buried in Tip’s little tuff of pubic hair. At last I knew what it felt like to be impaled on a hard cock – it felt wonderful.

“Ohhhh Fuckkkk,” moaned Tip. “What a cock sucker – ohhh fuck you got it all – suck it – suck it!!! OH MAN WHAT A COCKSUCKER!!!”

Turned on my new found love – a hard cock – and by Tip’s erotic talk I grabbed Tip’s ass and begin to fuck my mouth hard and fast with his lovely cock. In just a short time I could feel his cock starting to swell in my mouth. I knew this meant he was about to cum – I wanted to taste his cum; I wanted his cock to fill my mouth with its love juice.

“OH FUCK! I’m going to cum...do you want me to pull out?” Tip asked.

My answer was to hold on tighter and suck even harder. In moments my mouth was filled with its first load of man nectar. The force of his first shot hit the back of my mouth and almost choked me there was so much of it. I quickly swallowed it and pulled his throbbing cock into my throat and took his next shots deep in my mouth’s fuck tunnel.

The feel of his hard cock filling me with cum exceeded any fantasy I ever had. No fantasy could ever be as good as the real thing, a real cock fucking my real mouth and feeding me its real cum. When his cock stopped spewing I slowly pulled my mouth off and then kissed and licked his cock clean. As I lovingly kissed it I rubbed it all over my face and lips. I was in love – I was in love with cock. I was a cock lover and cocksucker.

Even as fulfilled as I was from sucking my first cock, my erotic world of cock was just beginning....

I hope you liked my story. If you have any comments please email me. I love feedback as well as feed “in;-0” .

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