tagErotic PoetryFantasm Flogging

Fantasm Flogging

byWillow Rain©

My hand curls around the cool metal brace
of the swaying leather play table.
I don’t look to see what you reach for.
My fingers extend and then curl around the bar.
The braces shift a little,
but as I lean forward and explore it holds solid.

The fall of the flogger is like
the cool breath of God
washing over my back,
barely touching.

A giant bending
to breathe across me
before he speaks.

The touch,
when it comes,
falls like the solid
clasp of a warm firm hand against me
rocking my body.

There is no pain
and the thump is sure
dull and reassuring.
I find odd comfort in it.
The timbre and tone changes
and my body learns new languages
Bite, sting, and heat
learn to use my name.
My fingers speak back
flexing and jerking open.

You slide your hand up my sensitive neck
and I drop my head forward
shoulders dancing.
The gentleness is so loud and intense
it is hard to hear your voice.
You ask me if I like sting or thud more
and I don’t know.
I have no true answer.
Unable to pull apart the newness of all the sensations.
The question rolls into me
a little golden ball,
left to be considered later.

I am open
to all of it.
I trust you.

Bites come so sharp
my hands flare open
in a silent cry,
fingers jerk.
Hard nasty flicking
seers and burns
Strikes that makes me catch my breath.

Between my shoulder blades
a slim dragon bites.
The sensation is intense
and red fire lines
flare on my skin.
Your flogger darts and sings.

When your fingers come
to play against my back
I am alive with sensation.
The gentle pluck of your touch
causes riots across my skin

You startle me when you come around in front of me
and I realize it is my husband’s
gentle hand playing flesh
to make me gasp.
I anchor into him
and ground through him
the room moves around me and tilts.

I feel too open,
and suddenly the room is too full.
I don’t know if I even thank you
before I ask to go somewhere quieter.
The world has a soft golden halo
and I move in it open
and too tender
for so many strangers.

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