Farm Hands


It was just one of those nights when I couldn't sleep. The hot summer air clung to my body in a sheet of moisture. Not even sleeping without the constraints of clothing or top covers could ease the clutch of the summers heat. I think I may have laid there for hours (or that's what it seemed) until I decided to take a shower to cool off.

It was 2 o'clock and the water was cool against my tanned skin, my nipples becoming hard and erect in its flow. I began thinking of you. I poured the liquid soap into my hand and began washing my body.

My skin felt slippery and soft under my fingers. As I was washing myself I kept thinking of you, my soapy hands explored my body as I imagined that you would. They caressed my arms and massaged my shoulders. The cupped my breasts and tickled my nipples. They stroked my belly and the insides of my thighs and found their way to my awaiting nether region.

As I reached my treasured area I felt the hair that grew there. My fingers massaged my clit and probed inside, yet it didn't seem to be enough. So I grabbed my razor and put the shaving lotion over my now tingling pussy. Feeling the razor glide over that tender skin excited me even more, and in a matter of minutes I was clean. The skin felt so smooth and more sensitive then ever. I couldn't help but bring myself to orgasm, imagining at every moment that it was you.

When I stepped out of the shower I still needed more..... I needed you. So I put on my beige sun dress over my wet body, got into my car and drove to you.

I drove to your house, but I found that you were still at work. So I drove to the farm. I knew that you wouldn't be long, so I got out of my car and sat on the hood where I could feel the midsummer night breeze. I should've known something special was going to happen that night. There was an electricity in the air.

It had to have been 10 minutes before you appeared. My arousal, still high from my shower, skyrocketed when I saw you come out of the door in your jeans and T-shirt hugging your muscular body. I saw your dark eyes dance and a smile cross your lips when you saw me.

You came over to where I was and kissed me. I could tell by the way that you kissed me and looked at me that you felt the same way I did. I slid your hand up my thigh, but you stopped me short and told me to get into your truck.

As I was doing so, a coworker of yours, Michael, ran to the truck and asked for a ride home. Hesitantly you said yes and he jumped into the seat next to me.

On our short ride to be rid of your coworker, I noticed out of the corner of my eye that he was staring at me. Apparently I hadn't notice while getting into the truck that the hem of my dress had come almost all the way up. From the look on your face, you had noticed too and didn't seem to mind the attention that I was getting.

I pulled the hem down to about mid-thigh, leaving just enough to keep you two looking. I must admit, the attention was getting me even more excited.

When we reached his house, he invited us in to see the new hot tub that he had installed. We both declined, but before we could get away he grabbed my hand and was pulling me toward his house. At this point, I noticed a look of mischief in his eyes.

You followed close as he brought me around his house into the backyard. I could see the impatience growing in your eyes.

His backyard consisted of a good sized swimming pool and a hot tub to its right just outside the patio door. It was nothing special, but I had a feeling that something special was going to happen.

He invited us in to test it out. Again we declined and said that we needed to be on our way, my desire for you was almost unmanageable. However, his persistence paid off as he led us into his home.

His home was decorated with a decor that screamed playboy. Everything from the maroon color of the walls to the plushness of the couch seemed to emit sex. He had many candles and I could see that most of them had been lit often (probably with his many liaisons).

He led us to the kitchen which was decorated in a sort of country style. It was decorated with oak and the appliances were a beige that softened the room. The centerpiece of the room was a large oak table with a large vase of wildflowers in the middle. He excused himself and left us in the kitchen. Finally alone, I pulled you into me and kissed you. The feel of your mouth on mine and the heat of your body almost made me lose control. I pulled you toward the counter where I could sit and wrap my legs around you, well I would have had you then and there if he hadn't come back into the room.

It was the first time that I had noticed him. He was about the same build as you with blonde eyes and piercing blue eyes. I must admit, that the need for you had just been accompanied by the lust for him. He wore blue swim trunks and was holding out a similar pair for you. He apologized and said that he could not find anything for me to wear. I told him that it was fine. Again you said that we had to go, but this time I said that we could take a short time in the hot tub. So you took the trunks and went to change.

When I was alone with him, he asked me what I had planned to wear into the hot tub. I told him that panties and a bra were just like a bikini, so that was what I would be wearing into the hot tub. He smiled devilishly as he moved in closer to me. His hand reached up behind my head, I could feel his heat as he moved against me, and he pulled down 3 wine glasses from the cupboard behind me.

At this point you had come back into the room. And notice what had happened. You looked at me quizzically and I smiled to you in reassurance that everything was fine. He had not noticed the look that you had given me, he was too busy pouring the wine into the glasses.

He handed us each a glass and we went out onto the patio carrying the bottle. He set his glass on an end table and then went to light the torches that surrounded the patio. They gave off a sultry glow and illuminated our bodies with an orange light. The two of you slipped into the hot tub and watched as I slipped my sun dress from my body revealing the light blue bra and thong set that I had chosen to wear for you.

As I slipped into the water, I could feel my head swim with the heat from the water. I sat next to you and sipped on my wine, every now and again my hand would find your cock and massage it.

The two of you talked about work for a while and I finished about three glasses of wine. By this time, my head was fogged from wine and the heat of the hot tub. I didn't even notice when you lifted me onto your lap and began to massage my shoulders. However, I should have noticed when he had lifted my legs onto his lap and began to massage my legs.

Your hands moved along my shoulders and my back and they found the clasp to my bra. You removed my bra in a quick movement before I realized what was going on. You tossed it onto the patio and quickly brought your hands back to my awaiting breasts. Your hands massaged them and teased my nipples, sending pleasure all through my body. I could feel your cock growing against my back

I could see in Michael's' eyes that he was enjoying what he was seeing. With my head filled with lust, heat, and wine I took my legs from his hands and placed them between his legs. I could feel that he had grown quite excited through his swim suit and massaged his growing cock with my feet.

You could tell by the look on Michael's' face that he was enjoying what was going on. So you took things a step further and invited him to join you in pleasuring me. As he moved in I became a little nervous as to what was going to happen. Not being in control of myself was something that I rarely enjoyed doing. Normally I like to be completely aware of myself and in control of my body. Being intoxicated lessened my awareness and control.

He came closer to where we sat and when he reached me, you lifted me out of the water just enough to expose my breasts from the water. He lowered his face and began to kiss my breasts, sucking on my nipples and massaging them with his hands. His expert mouth tickled and teased my nipples until they were so sensitive that I had to pull his face from them.

By this point your hands had moved from my back and shoulders to my now aching pussy and were playfully teasing my clit through my panties. I'm sure Michael was aware of this and when I had pulled his mouth from my breasts he skillfully removed my thongs. He lifted my hips up to his face, the water and my drunkenness making it easy for him to manipulate my body. You helped by lifting your legs and supporting my back while your hands moved back to my breasts and massaged them. His tongue immediately found my clit and he began sucking upon it. Waves of pleasure spread through my body. I wriggled and writhed in his, and your, hands as I came again and again.

After what seemed to be an eternity of orgasms, Michael removed his mouth from my pussy and placed it upon my mouth. I sucked my cum and pussy juice from his mouth and luscious tongue.

It was at this point that I noticed that you had just sat there holding me, not really having any attention being brought to you. So I turned away from Michael to you and proceed to remove the swim trunks that held your cock in restraint. They came off easily and soon they were on the patio and your awaiting cock was free and in my hands.

The water made it easy to move my hands over your hard cock. You felt so smooth and hard, I wanted to taste you and feel you in my mouth. I moved you to stand up and lean against the side so that I could move you to my mouth without having to drown myself (also, this way I could get you off while exposing my perfect little ass to Michael).

I slipped your cock into my mouth and instantly a moan of pleasure escaped your lips. You felt so hot and hard in my mouth. My tongue moving along your shaft and along the head caused even more moans to escape your lips.

I could feel Michael's' hands moving across my ass and every now and again into my wet pussy. My body creating a rhythm between your cock and his fingers. It didn't take long before I noticed his swim trunks go flying by my head and onto the patio. I felt his cock enter my pussy and soon our bodies were in one sensual rhythm, my body moving from his cock to yours and back again. Moans escaped our bodies as we danced like that.

For several minutes I moved back and forth between the two of you, my head still swimming from the heat and the wine. You removed yourself from my pussy and pulled me away from you. Confused I tried to return to you, but was stopped by his hands. He pulled me to the edge of the hot tub and stated that we should get inside before our moans got any louder.

You agreed saying that I could get quite loud. I blushed with embarrassment, Michael smiled devilishly saying that he liked women who were vocal. I eased a little bit as I was led inside with Michael in front and you behind.

coming soon......"Farm Hands 2"

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