tagNonHumanFated Hearts Ch. 04

Fated Hearts Ch. 04


First of all, I would like to thank all the people reading this. I honestly didn't think it would be this good, but your comments and suggestions are helping me become a better writer. So thanks! And thanks to LaRascasse for editing for me!


Your kisses ring,
Round and round and round my head.
Touching the very part of me.
It's making my soul sing.
Tearing the very heart of me.
I'm crying out for more.


"Let's have a picnic he says. 'Ha ha ha' jokes on you." Thessa mumbled as she rummaged through her clothes.

Nyoko sat on her bed laughing hysterically. She had never seen her best friend and sister so worked up over a guy before. After Eric left the two girls almost immediately launched into argument.

"Don't ever make a choice for me again. He didn't ask you." She'd growled hotly.

"He did, as if you were going to do refuse? I did you a favor." Nyoko had growled right back.

Well...maybe Thessa wasn't going to say no, but it felt like a set up and not an actual...date. She blushed. A date? Were those even an option for her? Weres and Shifters were just mated, only the humans were known for having lengthy courtship. What was Eric playing at? He was so intense, too intense for even normal werewolves. The majority of the wolves in her pack were impulsive and no less than beasts. Half of the time, that's what they were. Heaven help the other animals in the woods once the full moon rose. The energy charging the air once that week started was enough to cause huge fights among the wolves. The night of the full moon was a giant orgy of wolves and shifters in their human, hybrid or fully shifted forms. People were high on life and nature, cruel mistress that it was, allowed that one reprieve for the wolves to worship her.

Most unmated couples mated on the full moon although the festivities usually started with an Alpha mating. For an Alpha like Eric, it would be the final step of acceptance into the pack. He would flip her onto all fours and shift. They would mark each other and that would spur the...festivities so to speak. From then to the moment the sun slipped over the horizon in the morning, they would celebrate. Thessa wasn't worried about her mother: Jolena was the minority. As long as most of the pack accepted that she would mate with the Alpha, it would be considered a legitimate mating.

"Earth to Thessa..." Nyoko called, jolting her out of her reverie. "I don't mean to wake you from such a pleasant looking daydream, but your knight in shining armor is sort of wearing holes in the floor outside of your door." She laughed.

Thessa laughed too at the cartoon image of the huge Alpha pacing like a caged animal as he waited for her appeared in her head. She shook her head to concentrate as she heard a low growl.

"Oh relax wolf-boy." Nyoko yelled at the door, sliding off the bed fluidly as she prepared to give Thessa some privacy.

"Okay, Nyo, can you stall for me I'll be out really soon." Thessa begged; she grabbed the first thing she saw: a pink sundress.

She made a face. How did she even have a sundress? She wasn't that girly...was she? A loud rapping on her door brought her back and she hurriedly pulled on her bra and the sundress before sliding her feet into a pair of flip flops. She opened the door as Eric lifted his hand to rap on her door again. She saw his eyes turn gold as he took in her appearance and blushed as he raked his eyes over her body. It was like he actually touched her.

She took the chance to study him also. He was dressed just as casually as she was in a pair of jeans riding low on his hips and a T-shirt. It was so different than seeing Sorenan who paraded around in expensive suits. He almost looked normal except for a few scars on his muscular arms. His eyes were so intensely trained on her that she took a step back and he followed, hands reaching out to hold her in place as he walked them both backward until her legs hit the narrow bed behind her. She felt time slow down even as her heart skipped a beat then took off at an erratic pace. His warm palm covered her breast right over her heart and she jumped, a shiver of excitement tearing through her as he thread his fingers through the hair at the nape of her neck to hold her head still.

He's going to kiss me. He's going to kiss me. She chanted in her head her eyes closing to slits as the gap between their faces grew smaller and smaller.

"Look at me Thess. Don't close those gorgeous eyes on me." He whispered to her, tugging lightly on her hair.

She gasped as the delicious tension on her scalp increased. Thessa opened her eyes and met the lust-filled stare of her mate. It felt like the night he chased her through the woods again, when he had her pinned on the grass after pushing her into the pond. The thought of the water clinging to his skin again made her lick her lips involuntarily. She was jolted out of the memory again when his tongue traced the same path on her lips that she just made. It was unbelievably sensual.

She let out a faint whimper of need that seemed to do him in. His lips captured hers and something within her ignited. Thessa grabbed the front of his shirt and pulled him closer to her. They bumped noses in their haste and he tilted his head, devouring her lips and snaking his tongue into her mouth when she let out a soft cry. The sweet pressure of the aggressive kiss brought her wolf to life. With his free hand, he yanked the top of her dress down with a rip before roughly squeezing her soft, warm breast. It felt almost too good to be true that their chemistry was instantaneous. Almost.

"Eric!" She cried out, breaking the kiss to let her head tilt back. Her fingers clutched his silky locks as he trailed kisses down her neck to her lace covered breasts. The moan that gurgled in her throat turned into a loud gasp when his elongated teeth grazed her taut nipples, his tongue flicked over it before he sucked as much of her bra clad tit into his mouth, soaking the fabric with his saliva.

"Wait." She managed between moans, jumping when he slammed the door shut with his foot and walked her backward towards the bed.

"Eric, wait."
"What?" He asked as the back of her knees hit the bed and she sat.

Her complaint was momentarily forgotten as he sat down beside her and unclasped her bra. She groaned, clinging to the last bit of her sanity for dear life as a moan of pleasure slipped from his lips when her large breasts spilled free from their confines.

"Fucking beautiful, Thessa. You. Are. Perfect." He murmured into her neck, pressing kisses over her shoulder before he started tugging at the strings of the shoulders at her dress.

"Damnit Eric, we can't. Stop." She gasped.

"Damn right I'm not going to stop." He said enthusiastically.

"NO. You don't understand. We have to stop." She pushed at his chest until he sat back to look at her, confusion clouding his eyes.

"What the FUCK, Thessa. What do you want?" He growled.

"I can't do this. We have to wait for the full moon."

"I leave you alone for a month and then I come back to you now that I've stabilized myself here trying to ignore the need to jump that beautiful ass of yours every time I see you. I'm trying to be civil, Thessa. I don't know if I can take this torture for much longer. I love you." He pressed the heels of his hands to his eyes to calm down.

"You love me? Eric, you know nothing about me. And I know nothing about you. How are we supposed to make this work if all you want to do is fuck? That doesn't reassure me. Even that witch Sorenan mated with knew everything about him beforehand; I refuse to go into this mating ceremony blind." She explained, pulling her clothes on properly.

"You'll be the death of me woman." Eric sighed finally calm. "You act like a human. If you want courtship, then you'll get it. Are you still up for that picnic?" He stood up slowly. If it was her intention to make him work for her, he would bring her the moon.


"Well, leave! You can't be in here while I change." Thessa said.

Eric looked down at the ripped front of her dress and smiled. He was still amazed at how all his experienced seemed to jump out the window so to speak when he tried to advance their relationship. All the women in his past had thrown themselves at him, young and old. There were even women in this pack that barely concealed their attraction to him. Eric wondered if there would be a time in his life when women wouldn't pursue him, and was resigned to the fact that as long as he held position of Alpha, he wouldn't want for female attention.

The problem with that however, was that he didn't want the attention of every female with whom he came in contact. The female he wanted was on the other side of the simple wooden door in front of him. He'd been so close to having what he wanted when she pushed him away. He'd admit it to anyone; the look she gave him when she opened that door could have made a Eunuch melt. The innocence shining in her eyes combined with the body of a real woman nearly made him drop to his knees. Then he'd yelled at her like if it was her fault. It would be easy to blame the proximity of the full moon, or the stress of the oncoming harvest season and all the preparations for the farm land that his new pack controlled, but Eric knew he was just acting like a newborn cub who'd gotten a taste of life outside of the den.

"Okay, I'm ready." Thessa emerged from her room.

The crew neck of her t-shirt wasn't high enough to hide the barely noticeable hickey. Her skin was such a deep shade of brown that he had to really look to see where it was. The realization nevertheless, was enough to make him smile. Once they left the artificially lit building, it would be clear to everyone they walked past that she was his.

"So, is this like...a date?" Thessa broke their companionable silence.

"Sort of...I didn't intend to lose control like that back there. You make me do that sometimes." He smiled down at her, shaking his head.

"Anyway, the whole point of the picnic was for me to get to know you better. I know you're young, and this may seem a little much for you—"

"I'm young, not stupid or a coward, Eric. And we didn't meet under ideal situations. I can handle that." Thessa interrupted, her expressive face revealing her annoyance. Eric had the feeling that she wanted him to see it. She acted too maturely to reveal her emotions unless she wanted to.

"Okay, well, that's good." Eric threaded his fingers through hers as they passed a group of people.

"And what kind of picnic is this anyway? You didn't bring a basket." He looked down at her. Her brilliant smile made his heart wobble in his chest.

"It's in my truck. We're going somewhere else." He smiled back but offered no further hints about their destination.

Eric knew she would love the spot he found the other day when he went for a run. It was the perfect view: a cliff overlooking the city. It was already late afternoon; by the time they reached it, the sun would be starting to set. He opened her door for her before closing it and walking around to the driver's side. As they drove neither made no move to speak, but it was alright, just knowing that his mate was near was good enough for Eric.

"Where are you from anyway? You act like one of those knights I read about in my romance novels, but you aren't that old." Thessa asked after a while. He could feel her looking at him.

"Something like that. My parents were very old...not Medieval, but something like that." He laughed and looked over at her.

"Are we playing 20Q?" He asked sparing a glance at her once they stopped at a light.

"If you want to, we can." She smiled over at him and he felt himself get hard.

Really, human? You didn't even get her naked yet. Eric's wolf laughed at him.

"My turn...What's your favorite color?" He asked, turning his focus back to the road ahead.

"Purple. Yours?"



Eric laughed.


"Nothing. I'm just thinking about how you make me feel like I don't have any sort of know-how when it comes to women. I mean, I know women well, but I can't treat you the way I treated them, you know? You're different." He mused aloud.

"I always thought that I'd be able to win my mate over in no time because I have so much experience. But what's the point in being mysterious when the one person who you want to tell all your secrets too is right next to you?" He reached over and held her hand.

"I don't have a lot of experience with anything. If you haven't been able to notice, I've been living under a rock for most of my life..." Thessa paused, idly rubbing circles on the back of his hand with her thumb, "look at me; I'm pouring my heart out to you. I don't even tell Nyoko all of this. She's like my twin." She squeezed his hand and he looked at her.

"I don't even know if I deserve you." Eric lifted her hand to press a kiss on her knuckles and let go of her hand.

As they drove longer, scenery changed from bustling cityscape to the quiet rolling countryside.

When they reached the cliff, Eric got out first and came around to open Thessa's door. He heard her gasp of surprise as she got out. "Oh my god, Eric this is beautiful." She turned in a circle.

"I'm glad you like it." He smiled as he pulled a blanket and the picnic basket out of the cab.

"Here, spread this out somewhere." He handed her the blanket and reached into the bed of the truck for the picnic basket.

They ate in silence, holding hands. They shared the apple tarts that Severin made. It was perfect. When they finished eating, the sun had set. He'd tucked her under his arm and they watched the haze rising from the city blend with the hues of purple, orange and gold and he swore that they both held their breaths when the darkness chased the incredible show of light that was the sunset to the edge of the horizon. Once the sun set, they stayed there, cuddling as the moon rose.

"This is beautiful. Thank you." Thessa whispered looking up at him.

The wind whipped her hair around and he remembered the way her eyes brightened when she originally saw the view from this spot.

"Thessa?" Eric whispered hoarsely, his face coming closer to hers.

"Mhm?" She licked her lips and he followed the movement with his eyes, entranced by the whispers of her breath as she exhaled.

She knew he was going to kiss her. She had to know. He saw her steel herself for it like she was bracing herself for a crash. Eric lifted her chin with one finger and lightly brushed her lips with his, feeling the tremor that ran up her spine. He nearly lost it again, but checked himself and continued to brush her lips with his, tenderly stroking her arm until she relaxed against him. It was only then that he allowed himself to let go a little and deepened the kiss, threading his fingers through her soft hair to cradle her head lovingly as he nipped at her lip playfully. Eric pulled back from the tender kiss to take in the vision of beauty next to him. Her already full lips were swollen from the kiss. He smoothed the hair sticking out from where he disturbed it. Her lashes rested against her cheeks.

He kissed her again deeply tasting what she had to offer. When she pushed at his shoulder, he pulled away ready to apologize thinking he'd gone too far. To his surprise, she took the chance to push him gently to his back and straddled his lap. His wolf excitedly pushed itself to the front of his consciousness. He growled playfully.

"You don't even know what you're doing." Eric smiled up at her.

"I'm a virgin. Not ignorant." She laughed, and he felt himself harden.

"So, I'm supposed to let you explore to your heart's content while I suffer quietly down here?" He joked, resting a hand on her hip. "You sure you want to do this?" He smiled harder.

"You're my mate Eric. I've been waiting for you my entire life, and now couldn't be a more perfect time." She frowned down at him.

"Let me get you ready." He sat up in one fluid motion and wrapped an arm around her as he kissed her again, pouring the need he couldn't express with words into the kiss. Thessa groaned against Eric's lips as he took control of the kiss, allowing her to throw her arms around his neck when she lost the last bit of control she mastered so well and moved against him. She arched her back to press her heat against the front of his jeans. Maybe there was something in the pie, but she didn't think she could stop him even if her mother was to appear at that moment. With a moan, she slid her hands down the front of his shirt and felt his heart racing under the taut muscles of his chest. She broke the kiss to pull his shirt over his head to examine him with the light of the waxing gibbous moon and exhaled a shivery breath. Mine, her wolf howled inside of her, and she traced the pale scars crossing his chest. His hands were cool against her feverishly warm skin as she lifted her arms for him. Even the second that the white material blocked him from her view was too long, and she allowed him to slide the straps of her bra down when he unhooked it. Even though it was the first time, it felt like she was coming home to someone she didn't know she was missing.

When he took the hardened bud of her nipple between his lips and suckled hard on the firm, pliant nub, she sighed contentedly and stroked his hair. At that point, she barely noticed how well they fit together, like two halves of a whole that were split and thrown to opposite ends of the earth.

"Eric. Make love to me." She pleaded.

He stopped playing with her nipples and reached for the button on her jeans. She stood, and he peeled them off her solid legs, kissing all the way to her knees before kneeling in front of her and sliding down her panties. Eric pressed his face against her soft vulva, then lifted one of her legs over his shoulder and kissed the slick lips of her pussy. He took his time, kissing her clit and flicking the sensitive spot with the tip of her tongue. He held her hands as she started to wobble. He knew she was about to orgasm when she squeezed his fingers tightly. Thessa stared blankly over the city lights that weren't as bright as the lights flashing behind her head when she came hard, shuddering against Eric's tongue.

She smiled against his chest when he let her fall into his arms muttering nonsense words. Ordinarily he would have launched into singing his own praises and the I-told-you-so's that he joked with the other women. He just stroked her back and smiled down at her when she lifted her head to look at him.

"Don't worry, I'm not finished." She said in that husky-sweet voice of hers.

She knelt between his legs and unbuttoned his jeans. The rasp of the metal zip was loud in their silence. But then again...they didn't have to say any words. Eric let her pull his jeans down and clenched the blanket in his fist when her hot mouth enveloped his manhood. It's been too long, his wolf sighed and Eric closed his eyes. She was a mystery, his Thessa. She was innocence and temptation and sin tied into one package.

He marveled as she swirled her tongue over his shaft and lightly caressed his balls. He was close too soon and nearly blew his load when she looked up with a question in those innocent, big eyes of hers.

Why did you stop? They asked.


He pulled her down on top of him and rolled over so she was on the bottom. The kiss he gave her was purely to distract her. He nibbled her lips and their tongues dueled against each other as he aligned himself with the hot wetness that was his mate.

"I'm sorry." He whispered before slamming himself into her and stopping as her cry disturbed the peace of their spot on the cliff.

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