tagIncest/TabooFather/Daughter Bonding

Father/Daughter Bonding


Bill had been living with just his daughter and step-daughter ever since his wife had left him for a younger man. He didn't have a lot of money so Candy (his daughter) and Staci (his step-daughter) had to share a bedroom. They were both eighteen and seniors in high school.

Candy was tall with long blonde hair that went all the way down to her firm ass. Her tits were a full C cup and she had perky nipples that were often peeking through her tight tops.

Staci was medium height with dark black hair shoulder-length hair. She had rather large D cup boobs as well as a tight little ass- probably from being a cheerleader.

He often wondered if they shaved their pussies and would imagine their wet hairless cunts when he masturbated at night.

Staci and Candy were rather playful and liked to tease him. At first he thought it was just a coincidence but then he realized that they did it on purpose.

They always seemed to want to do their aerobic excercises when he was in the living room. He would watch them in their tight sports bras and short shorts bouncing up and down while they ran in place. Occasionally he would get an upclose view of an ass crack if they did toe touches in his face and when he would see their pussies pushing against their gym shorts he couldn't help but get excited.

This day started out like any other:

Bill was downstairs making breakfast when he heard the girls coming down the stairs.

"Hi Daddy" they both called. Staci had gotten into the habit of calling him Daddy and he couldn't help but enjoy it.

He turned around and saw Staci standing there in a towel that barely covered her ass, with her hair dripping wet. Candy had on a very short black skirt and he could see her thong sticking up in the back. She had on a tight white t-shirt with no bra and her nipples were at attention. She was also wearing thigh high boots.

"What's for breakfast?" Candy asked as she leaned over and kissed her father on the cheek. She also rubbed her breasts against his arm in the process.

Bill felt his dick already started to stiffen as he answered "eggs and bacon and toast- your favorite."

"Mmmmm...yummy." Candy sat down at the table and her father brought her over a plate.

Staci braced herself against the counter and jumped up to sit on it. "Dad I can't eat all of that fattening stuff! I have to stay in shape for cheerleading"

Bill turned to look at her and saw that she was sitting with her legs spread wide open. Well, now he knew at least one of his daughters had a clean-shaven pussy! He tried to casually glimpse another peek between her legs but he saw Staci meet his eye and he knew that she had seen what he was doing. Instead of yelling at him she leaned back and spread her legs further and licked her lips. Bill's dick jumped in his pants.

How could they keep doing this to him?

Candy looked up from breakfast and half shouted at Staci, "Staci, you slut, close your legs! Daddy shouldn't be looking at his dirty little daughters like that."

Staci pouted and jumped off the counter. "I'm going upstairs to get dressed." She stomped up the stairs while Candy rolled her eyes. "She's such a drama queen! I'm going upstairs too to finish doing my hair and makeup."

Once the girls were gone, Bill started thinking about seeing Staci's sweet pussy. He wondered if she'd ever been fucked. "Of course she has", he thought to himself, "look at her!" He slowly started to stroke his dick through his pants, while imagining his step-daughter riding the dick of some faceless guy, bouncing up and down on his hard shaft while she squeezed her own nipples and moaned. Bill closed his eyes while he kept this fantasy going. He unzipped his pants and started to stroke his dick faster as he imagined her moans getting louder and louder...

Suddenly, Bill opened his eyes wide. Either his fantasy was getting really intense or he was hearing moaning coming from upstairs!

He zipped his still hard dick back in his pants and went quietly up the stairs. When he got to his daughters' room he couldn't believe what he was seeing. The door to their room was half-open and Staci was laying naked on her bed with her legs spread wide open. That would have been hot enough on its own, but there was more. Candy was on her knees at the foot of the bed with her face buried in Staci's pussy! Staci was moaning and writhing as Candy ate her after breakfast dessert. She was pinching her own nipples.

"Oh Candy, I love the way your tongue feels in my pussy. Eat my pussy Candy, eat me!"

Candy was only too happy to comply as she lapped up Staci's cunt juice with her eager tongue.

Bill had started to stroke his dick again. This was his greatest fantasy come true! Now if only he could join in...

Staci's moans started to get louder and Bill knew she was getting ready to orgasm. "Oh Candy, fuck me faster, faster...Ohhhh..." Staci exploded on Candy's tongue and kept thrusting her pussy in Candy's face until her orgasm was over.

"That was a good one," Staci moaned.

Candy climbed on top of her naked sister and kissed her on the lips, thrusting her pussy-flavored tongue into her waiting sister's mouth. "I love the way my juices taste on your tongue," Staci sighed.

Bill had his dick out fully exposed and was still stroking away when both of his daughters looked up and saw him in the doorway.

"Daddy!" they both cried. "We didn't see you there! If we had" Candy said slyly, "we would have included you in our fun."

"It's never too late though," Staci said. She pushed Candy off of her and got off the bed. She led an astonished Bill by the hand (his rock hard dick still sticking out) over to the bed and sat him down.

"We've been fucking each other for months," Candy said. "We've just been waiting for the right time to include you in our fun."

"Girls, this is wrong," Bill protested weakly.

"How is it wrong if we all love each other?" Staci answered sincerely.

"We just want to make you feel good Daddy."

Staci got down on her knees and pulled Bill's pants the rest of the way off. She spread his legs and swallowed as much of his dick in her mouth as she could. She went to work sucking and stroking it like a pro.

Candy sat on the bed kneeling and took off her shirt. She bent over her father with her breasts dangling in his face. "Suck my tits, Daddy" she pleaded softly. She didn't really give him much choice and shoved a breast in his mouth. He immediately started sucking her tit, drawing circles around her nipple with his tongue. He loved the feel of her hard nub in his mouth. He gently bit her nipple and she groaned with pleasure. "Bite me harder Daddy." He did as she asked clamping down on her nipple with full force. She shrieked in pleasurable pain.

"I like it when you hurt me Daddy" she whispered.

He took his hand and started rubbing her other nipple inbetween his fingers, pinching hard.

Staci was still giving him the blowjob of his life and he was getting closer and closer to cumming. She felt his balls tightening and abruptly pulled away. Before he could wonder what had happened, Staci was whispering in his ear, "Daddy, I want you to cum in my pussy."

Candy got up off the bed and wriggled out her tight skirt. Bill was pleased to see that both of his daughters had hairless pussies. He reached out and softly stroked her damp slit through her panties. She reached down to unzip her boots when he stopped her.

"No, my little sexy girl, leave them on."

Staci got up off the bed and started kissing Candy. She put her hands on Candy's waist and slid her thong panties down around her ankles. She pulled away from Candy and led her back over to the bed.

"Daddy, I want you to eat Candy's pussy while you fuck me," Staci ordered.

Candy straddled Bill's face looking away from him and facing Staci as she straddled him between the legs and got ready to fuck him.

Bill thrust his tongue inside his daughter's warm wet pussy. He couldn't believe this was happening. He'd never tasted anything so sweet.

Staci took Bill's dick in her hand and guided it to her own dripping pussy, she lifted herself up and then sat down on him hard, impaling herself with his hard cock. She moaned loudly as her father's dick filled her tight pussy.

Bill continued eating Candy's pussy, lapping up her sweet juices, flicking her clit with his tongue. Remembering how she liked having her nippled bitten, he bit down hard on her clit and was rewarded with a loud moan.

"Daddy, that feels sooooo good."

Bill couldn't believe that he was inside both of his daughters' pussies. Staci was riding his dick, setting her own pace to maximize her pleasure. Staci leaned over and started to kiss Candy. For a few minutes, the only noises were moans and the wet sloshing noises of Staci's pussy against her father's dick, Bill's tongue lapping up Candy's pussy juice, and Staci and Candy's tongue wrestling match.

Candy moved her mouth down to Staci's nipples and bit down on one of them hard.

"You bitch!" Staci cried.

Candy released her nipple only to do the same thing to her other one.

This time Staci just moaned with pleasure.

She started to increase her stride, bucking faster and faster. Bill wasn't sure how much longer he could hold his load.

He licked at Candy's cunt furiously to be rewarded with her loud screaming as she came all over his face. He didn't stop though. He went back to chewing on her hard clit and Staci was still increasing her speed on Bill's dick.

"Ohhh baby girl, I don't think I can wait much longer..."

Before either girl could respond, Bill came hard and fast shooting his sperm deep inside Staci's dripping wet twat.

"Ohhh Daddy, I'm cumming too" she cried as her orgasm washed over her.

He continued to thrust until every last drop of his cum was inside her.

Staci got off of him and laid down next to him,

her head on his chest. "I love you Daddy," she sighed.

"I love you too Daddy," Candy said, not to be outdone.

Candy got off his face and crawled down to where his now limp dick was. She gently lapped up the combination of Staci's pussy juice with her father's cum off of his soft member. When she was done she laid her head down on her father's chest on his other side. He kissed both girls softly on their heads.

"I love you both. You made Daddy very happy today."

"Don't worry Daddy, this is only the beginning..."

Bill wasn't sure which of his beautiful daughters said this, but he smiled silently and closed his eyes to rest up before their next round of pleasure.

This is my first story, so please be gentle with your comments. :-)

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very good... my story is true me and my sister both have been taking very good care of our dad for many years and he us....keep up the good work

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