Feel Me


"Feel Me"

Feel me, steal your breath.
As I walk upon your skin.
With teeth, lips and braided whip.
With hands that flay your heart.
And leaves you feeling bare.
Vulnerable to the changing air.
To sensitive to my touch.
But to wet to care.

Feel me, pull on your love,
Every time I sing to your soul.
My prose, a balm to your fear.
My hands, the strength that you know.
That tie the course knots.
That holds the crop.
That lifts you up,
To the pedestal you own.

Feel me, as I enter you.
Filling you with my love.
So full you feel its pain.
So deep it breaks the chains,
That bound you,
To an un-fullfilling love.
That helped you find the road.
That brought you to my realm.

Feel me, as I kiss you.
With tender open mouth.
That gives you back your breath.
And holds you close to me.
Helps to set you free.
To soar, unfettered by the past.
To finally find at last.
What you have found in me.

Poem by: Robert Bo Golden AKA MythicPrince/ LovngStrength/ SongPrince/ HerHeartsMastr ect ect LOL

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