tagSci-Fi & FantasyFelinoids: Senona Ch. 01

Felinoids: Senona Ch. 01


Chapter 1: Damn Master

Senona stood in the tiny cramped space that passed for a bathroom and studied her reflection. Her fur was dull and lacked the luster of good health. She wasn't sick, exactly, but rather underfed and stressed. But then again, her life had been one big stress test since the moment her parents had been killed and she was captured and sold into a life of slavery.

She had lost count of the number of masters and mistresses who had held her leash but this latest master was the worst. He was a slave trader and his current cargo of women and little children was grating on her already frayed nerves. She had tried to harden her heart to their cries for help but despite that fact, one little girl, Sinde wouldn't leave her alone. The little girl was constantly finding ways to escape her holding cell and come and talk to Senona.

Like right now, the little girl was staring up at Senona with adoring eyes.

"Ya need to go back," Senona stated for the fifth time.

Sinde's smile dropped off her face like Senona had slapped her, "You don't like me."

Senona sighed. This conversation was getting old and very familiar.

"I do like ya, Sinde. But you really need ta go back before he finds out you've escaped. He'll hurt you if he sees ya out." Senona didn't want the little girl killed but that's what would happen if her master knew even one of the slaves could get out.

Sinde turned to leave, "Ok," a sniffle was heard.

This time Senona didn't sigh. She simply hunkered down on the little girl's level and gently touched her shoulder. "How about I walk ya back to ya cell? That way if Master is out and about I will get in trouble not ya?"

"Ok," Sinde replied as she took Senona's hand in her small one.

Senona's tail swished back and forth behind her as she led the trusting five-year-old back to her holding cell. The only reason the child was free was the fact that the chained wall collars her Master used to keep the prisoners in the cells, were too big for the petite Sinde. She lifted the collar over her head and then would climb up the shoulders of the women nearest the air duct to reach it. From there she went into the ducts and vents of the large ship and then out into the corridors where she would inevitably track down Senona and ask her to play.

Senona didn't have the heart or the stomach to report Sinde and she had a gut feeling that she was going to pay dearly for keeping this secret but she didn't care. She was not letting anyone hurt the curious Sinde.

Senona tapped in the correct sequence and the cell doors slid open. She heard the frightened cries of the women and her heart wrenched. She looked down at Sinde. "Well, this is your stop."

Sinde looked around, "It smells funny, can I stay with you?" Then shuffled her feet while looking with adoring eyes at Senona

Senona always hated this part. Why couldn't children just do as they were told? She got down on her knees so that she was eye level with Sinde. "I know it smells funny and no, ya cannot stay with me. I'm sorry. You must go in. Please, Sinde." Senona's tone became urgent as her sensitive ears picked up the heavy footfalls of her Master approaching.

Sinde hearing his steps darted in grabbed her collar and put it on. Then she sat on the floor with real tears in her eyes.

Senona felt her own eyes welling up in response but she quickly dashed them away as she stood and turned, head bowed as her Master rounded the corner.

"What are you doing down here, bitch, at this hour?" he asked his hand going to the collar controller. He pressed a button and the prisoners began to scream, even Sinde.

Senona flinched and wished she could shut out their cries but her ears made the sound ten times louder than what it was. "Master! Please! If anyone is ta be punished, it should be me!" Senona cried, her head coming up and her eyes flashing her hate of him before she could mask it.

He let loose of the button and the screams ceased. "Why have ya done something? I just wanted to make them howl is all," he asked his voice dark.

Senona's eyes widened and she realized her error. She backed up a step, her wary eyes on his body. She would run if he came at her.

He leered at her, "It has been awhile hasn't it? Maybe a punish fuck would be just the thing."

Senona hissed at him and reached out with her hand to hit the button that would close the cell doors.

He grabbed her hand, "Not this time they gonna get to watch," his other hand waving at the women. "Except her," he indicated Sinde, "I hate when kids watch." He chained Senona to a cell ring and then took Sinde to a small cell across the hall and locked her in. He walked back and yanked his penis out; it was average length but thick. "Well you ready?"

Senona snarled her anger and twisted frantically, trying to get free of the collar. "Stay away from me!" she hissed.

"Frisky today," He snarled at her while his eyes turned yellow. He licked his lips, then grabbed her and bent her over quickly. He jammed her shoulder to the doorframe holding her with one hand as he yanked her skirt up. He gazed admiringly at her butt. "Nice tight ass, funny how it never loosens up."

Senona was snarling in earnest and she felt her claws sliding free. Not that she could use them on him. He was behind her and she couldn't reach him. "No, no, no!" she cried and tried to bend her knees so that she would hit the floor and maybe have a chance to hurt him or at least get free.

He grabbed her hair and yanked, "Be still feline bitch." Then he placed the head of his penis at her rectum, "I wonder if we should go here first."

The women in the cell began crying and begging him to not hurt her.

Senona forget to breathe, her fear so great of the impending violation of her person. He had forced her to mate with him on several occasions. Each had disgusted her. And each time she hated him more.

The Captain grinned at the women, "WANT TO BE NEXT!! I could use a few rounds." He drove into her vagina feeling her tear he laughed, "Dayumn your tight."

Senona gasped in pain. Then hissed and squeezed her eyes shut and fought to not scream her anger and humiliation.

He began thrusting into her harder and harder driving her into the metal frame pounding her shoulder into it.

The women in the cell grew eerily quite as they watched him assault the feline female. They wanted to help her but they did not want their captor rutting away atop them either.

Senona's shoulder went numb and she was grateful for the pain was getting intense with each thrust that slammed her bruised shoulder harder into the metal frame. She hated him! Hated the bastard. She couldn't take it anymore! She tried once more to twist and she flung out a hand, claws extended.

He grabbed the skin and fur on her back and twisted it savagely, "Two can play that," he said as he released his seed into her. Then he pulled out and shoved her to the floor, "NEXT!" he bellowed.

She lay there on the floor for a moment, breathing hard. She felt nasty, soiled. But when he cried next she staggered to her feet and lunged at him, this time he didn't see her coming and one of her claws managed to score his arm.

"Bitch," He screamed as he grabbed her throat and slammed her to the wall. He proceeded to kick her in the side actually lifting her up and slamming her to the wall.

Senona yowled in pain and struggled, flailing wildly about. She couldn't breathe!

"One to the medicbay," he said to thin air and Senona disappeared. He waited and watched the women in the cell. Then Senona reappeared with her ribs bandaged. The collar was back on her neck. He strode over and found the skinniest female and also one just out of her teens and shackled her to he door.

Senona was wheezing and then she snarled when she saw what he was about to do. "LEAVE THEM ALONE!!" she screamed and with a hard jerk the chain came a little free of the wall and she leaped across the room right at her Master with her fangs and claws bared. He was not going to hurt them!

The chain came up short and Senona flipped backwards. He laughed as he stripped the clothes from the girl who just made woman by age.

Senona screamed her rage and glared her hatred at him. The two women he had singled out were crying hysterically. Senona knew it was going to be bad, very bad.

He eyed their skinny butts, "Well I am going to hit a lot of bone, but who cares." He tied the first one to the doorframe and looked at Senona, "I bet you will mind after this."

"FUCKING BASTARD! YA THINK YA SOME MALE! YA NOTHING BUT A SHITTY PATHETIC EXCUSE OF A MASTER WHO CAN'T EVEN FIND HIS OWN ASS IN THE DARK!" Senona roared at him, hoping to piss him off enough that he would leave the others alone.

He grinned at Senona then bent the first 18-year-old over. "I just like pussy." then he drove into the young girl. The girl screamed and then began crying as he moved in and out of her. His thrusts became maniacal. He drove her till she passed out then held her up while he finished. Then spun and looked at the other skinny one.

The second girl cowered in fear, her eyes begging him not to touch her. He reached and grabbed the skinny redhead's hair. Slamming her to the wall he grabbed her on the rebound and bent her over. Then looked at Senona, "Well?"

Senona's heart was full of malice toward her Master. He was a bastard and she hoped he died a horrible death. "Don't," she said and then dropped her head in defeat. "Please.... don't."

He grinned at Senona, "You ready to go up to our cabin?"

"Yes, Master. I am ready," she whispered, her head still lowered.

He grinned as he rammed his penis into the redhead, "Good, I always did like obedient pussy." He drove into the redhead again and again.

The redhead sobbed hysterically and Senona felt tears sliding down her own face. She knew she shouldn't have hoped he would actually not do it but she knew better. She felt another piece of her die as she listened to the girl's sobs. "Fucking bastard," she mumbled.

His right foot shot out and hit Senona in the chin. He continued driving into the redhead until his release.

Senona's head snapped back and she bit her tongue in the process. She tasted the blood.

The redhead passed out and hit the floor. The Captain turned and grabbed Senona by the neck and held her to his face, "If you ever defy me again I will kill all these women."

Senona's golden eyes looked at him. "Yes, Master," she replied her gaze moving away from his face.

He led Senona from the cage, "Never fear ladies, there are substitutes." A crowd of males was waiting outside the door to enter the women's' cell.

The women all gave fearful cries but Senona made her heart go cold. She had to worry about her own self at the moment.

The Captain drug Senona down the hall toward his cabin. When they were halfway there the automated alarm went off. He dropped her and ran to the bridge.

Senona lay on the floor and wondered what was going to happen next. And at that moment, she really didn't care.

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