tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersFifi La Femme: A Pansy at Last Ch. 02

Fifi La Femme: A Pansy at Last Ch. 02


Chapter 2- Missing Big Frank

Coming Out

Telling our wives wasn't easy especially for me who had seduced Shirley's gorgeous hetero husband by dressing up in my wife Doreen's lingerie and make-up and offering him full homo sex as a limp wristed effeminate lady-man. It was my first experience as a queer and when Frank asked me to marry him; to be his gay wife I said "Yes my darling; oh I love you so!" and sobbed with happiness.

For any wife discovering that her hubby was a queer cock-sucker and took it "up the arse" would have been shocking enough but for Doreen it was doubly hard to take. Frank had confessed to me that he had been bonking Doreen for months; which is how he surmised that I was an effeminate closet-faggot and probably ripe for plucking. In a way knowing that Doreen had also had Frank's deliciously monstrous 10-inch phallus rammed up her cock starved fanny after years of being denied even my pathetic limp 3-inch winkle made feel closer to her as "another woman."

How could I condemn her for wanting to open her legs for him when Frank had 10-inches of throbbing pulsating man-cock ready to slide into her neglected hungry vagina? But I did worry how she must have felt when she discovered that her own hubby had dressed up as a woman for her well-hung boyfriend; sucked him off and had homosexual intercourse with him. For any woman who had finally known the pleasure of feeling a massive rampant boner thrusting in and out of her cunt the knowledge that her well-endowed lover preferred to bugger her pansy husband must have been devastating.

It wasn't easy either for Frank to tell his family that he'd left Shirley and shacked up with a queer but at least they knew that he was still "the man" in bed. It was more embarrassing for me to come out as a mincing "bender" and a "gender-bender" to boot with all my family; friends and work colleagues knowing that I liked to dress up as a girlie for a big butch hairy man and "take it up the bum." But I put up with the disapproving looks and innuendos because it was all worth it for even one night of homosexual ecstasy between the sheets with "my man."

As for Shirley well according to Frank she'd never liked having sex with him because of the size of his huge prong. Most women; not to mention cream=puffs like me; would give their right arm for a husband with a cock as big as Frank's but not Shirley.

On their wedding night when Frank unbuttoned his flies and pulled out his massive rigid pussy-rammer expecting to fuck her up; his silly bride said; "You're not sticking that thing in me!" He had to hold her down; prise her legs apart and force his wedding tackle inside her tight virgin cunt to give her a good bonking. She squealed and struggled and shrieked beneath him as he raped her; plunging his hot throbbing sex weapon in and out of her gaping quim until he spunked her up and she had; albeit unwillingly; fulfilled her sexual duty as a wife.

That was when Frank began to go with queers who appreciated a "big one" and were deliriously happy when they saw his magnificent "meat and two veg" dangling down between his legs and realised that here was a man who had the equipment to bugger them senseless. Most faggots spend their whole life searching for the "cock of their dreams" and I was so lucky to be de-flowered by a man with a penis to die for.

I firmly believe that a wife has an absolute duty to satisfy her hubby whenever he gets a hard-on. For me serving Frank's massive trouser snake was both a duty and a divine pleasure and I was determined to be an obedient and submissive perfect gay wife for him. How Shirley could resist his succulent meaty man-cock and big dangly balls I'll never know.

My new life also meant a change of career as I could hardly continue to work as a plasterer on a building site wearing a sequinned lurex evening dress and it would absolutely ruin my nails and complexion. I still hope to become a ladies hairdresser and beautician but for now work part-time as a bar maid in a gay club.

Saturday Night Man-Hunt

Well my Frank had been away in Scotland helping his brother Stan with his large extension and I hadn't had his cock up me for a month with little prospect of being reunited with my hubby's sex weapon for weeks. Oh when you're used to having a big butch hairy man in your bed every night with 10-inches of "you know what" girls to satisfy your gay desires you really miss it I can tell you.

Frank and I had been living together for fifteen months of homosexual bliss and our sex-life was simply divine. I'd decorated our boudoir in pastel shades of pink and lilac with satin sheets on the four poster bed lots of fluffy cushions and a mirror on the ceiling so that I could see Frank's powerful manly buttocks rising and falling as he poked my pansy pussy with his "Big Gun."

We had a wonderful gay wedding in Florida after our divorces came through; (I wore a gorgeous white lace and taffeta wedding gown train and veil) and then we went on a gay "honeymoon" cruise through the Caribbean. Ooooo there was plenty of "cruising" I can tell you but we only had eyes for each other.

I was a practising homosexual at last with a wardrobe full of dresses and feminine lingerie; girdles and brassieres; suspender belts; basques and waspies; knickers and nylons; high heels; wigs and make up and a very well-hung hubby who encouraged me to be outrageously camp and effeminate for him. I was living full time as a gay transvestite wife; I was in love and sexually satisfied sometimes three or four times a night by my virile hubby.

However without a regular buggering my gay cherry had gone into hibernation and needed the urgent attention of a man; any man so long as he could "get it up" for me. Oh I tried to resist my effeminate carnal urges but finally succumbed and drove to "Wanky" Woods where all the local homos went for a bit of "hanky-panky-wanky" in the bushes.

Dressed in a black leather mini-skirt a pink lycra top; thigh boots; fishnets; tarty make up and a big blond wig I literally swished my way though the car park wiggling my bum and showing off my DD's to all the men wanking off in their cars in search of a bit of gay crumpet.

"Hello dearie. Looking for a good time?" I enquired as the window of his car wound down. "Yes get in darling." He replied. I eased myself into the front passenger seat showing lots of leg; reeking of cheap perfume and gave him a cursory look. Late 50's; bald; far from handsome but I was more interested in what was poking out of his y-fronts; a big fat hairy cock! Oooooo I was feeling so queer.

"Suck my dick!" he whispered. Well I licked my lips provocatively grasped hold of his manly erection and sighed; "Oooooo I don't mind if I do dear!" in a high pitched effeminate voice as I opened a fresh bottle of poppers and went into fairy mode.

I felt such a slut as I went down on him and wrapped my wet pink pansy lips around his hot meaty cock-stand and squeezed his low-hung hairy balls. Oooooo to have my head between a man's legs again was such a treat; slurping and gobbling his stiff hot swollen prick; licking his bollocks; flicking my wet tongue all around his wet purple mushroom head and tasting his pre-cum. My head was bobbing up and down as I fellated his man-meat like a sissy whore; gagging on it as he held my head and fucked it right down my throat his balls pressed against my chin and my face buried in a thick bush of pubic hair.

Years of girlie frustration were released in a frenzy of fellatio. My hot tongue explored every inch of his massive succulent prick. I sucked his swollen balls into my sissy mouth kissed and licked his meaty shaft rolled my tongue around his flange rubbed my pouting lips against his wet purple mushroom head and licked up the river of pre-cum oozing from his slit. Oh to feel his hot meat against my cheek as I buried my face in his copious bush of pubic hair and squeezed his manly gonads was homo heaven. It was time to open my pretty mouth again and receive his thick hot throbbing prick deep inside my mouth. I fluttered my eyelashes and looked up at my man. "Fuck my sissy mouth and don't pull out until you've filled your mincing lady-man's mouth with spunk. I want your sperm!"

The horny bastard then held my head and ejaculated copiously into my cock-stuffed queer mouth and I just surrendered willingly to his spunking prick and rolled his warm salty-sweet sperm-juice around my mouth until the last wads of semen slipped down my throat.

I felt a little guilty that I'd been unfaithful to Frank but he'd introduced me to the pleasure of being a cock-sucker and I was in dire need of a mouthful of MAN! Then as I rose from his lap intending to touch up my lippy and powder my nose I was horrified to see a man staring through the windows. He'd been watching me performing fellatio on my big-cocked companion and assumed that I was hungry for some more prick after seeing me with a man's thick meaty penis down my gay throat.

Sir Roger de Bonker

Well it all happened so fast. As I climbed out of the car intending to drive home to satisfy my anal needs with a black penis shaped dildo I was approached by the distinguished looking gentleman dressed in a cashmere overcoat and trilby hat. "Hello dear. Are you free this evening?" he asked in a very posh voice. "Oh I don't know dearie; what do you have in mind?" I answered effeminately as I straightened my suspenders and applied some lippy.

"Well I'm having a little party at my house darling and wondered if you would like to come along?" "There will be 11 or 12 men there plus you and Audrey; a gay friend of mine." Well my mind was in a complete tizzy. "Oooooo I don't know if I should dear?" I replied. "I'm sure you'll have a good time sweetie and your friend can come too!" My big-cocked companion's eyes lit up at the prospect of a gay orgy. "I'm up for it! I'll fuck the arse off her!"

I hesitated for a moment but the then the thought of having homo sex with a dozen men and camping it up with another pansy quite overcame me. I really needed to bend very badly. "Well alright then dear but treat me like a lady." "Oh we will; we will; we certainly will!"

I soon recognised the gentleman in the cashmere overcoat as Sir Roger de Bonker; the "de-frocked" leader of the Royalty Party. Oooooo there was a big scandal when a rent-boy; Daphne; sold his; or rather her storey to the "Sunday Scandal" and exposed Sir Roger as a practising homosexual dominant "top" with a liking for gay men dressed as women. Headlines like "Princess Daphne and Sir Roger's Night-Hood!" ; "Bonking Bonker and his Fairy Queen!" and even "What a Man!-What a C**k!-Sir Roger's Gay Panty-Boy tells all!"

Well Sir Roger was married and renowned for his manliness but although Daphne made it clear that he was extremely "butch and manly" in the bedroom his predilection for buggering panty-boys with his 9-inch boner spelt the end of his political career and his marriage. Times had changed but since he was very popular as a ladies man;; discovering that he preferred to stick his manly member up a sissy boy's bum-hole was too much for his female admirers.

In a way it was a relief for Sir Roger who went into business with a shady Middle-Eastern Sheikh. In private he was a rampant active homosexual who had frequent orgies at his house in Queen's Gardens with pansies and his live-in gay house-boy; Audrey; whose domestic duties included receiving a regular "poking" from her randy Master.

Audrey the House-Boy

I was taken into the house via the tradesman's entrance and literally pushed up the servant's stairs by Sir Roger who goosed me as I swung my hips and wiggled my bottom like a fag. "Oh Sir Roger; you horny man you!" I shrieked as he squeezed my ballettes and I suddenly began to feel a little nervous and yet excited too about my homo fate. My mouth longed for some more "man-meat;" to suck off rampant lengths of hot stiff veiny cock and feel men squirt their potent creamy sperm into my willing gay mouth. I was so sexed up but also apprehensive about being gang-banged by a dozen men.

I confess that I was dying to feel Sir Roger's legendary arse-rammer slide into my slippery bum tunnel and get fucked; buggered; sodomised by this big butch hairy homosexual; whimpering like a pansy in my frillies as he rams his fuck-pole in and out of my clenching cunt and floods my insides with great globs of semen! Oh how I wanted to surrender my bum-pussy to Sir Roger; an experienced mature notorious sodomite; a man with a huge cock and balls; a brute of a man hairy and muscly and virile who would force me to succumb to the lust of his hot meaty arse-poker.

But although I would have willingly performed the full repertoire of kinky homosexual acts with Sir Roger and my big-cocked companion and let them spit-roast too the thought of being ravished by a dozen men sent shivers down my spine.

Sir Roger led me up to a first floor bedroom where Audrey was reclining on the heart shaped water-bed painting her nails. "Audrey I've found you a little cream-puff to help you out tonight." "Put her at ease while I attend to our guests." With that Sir Roger and "Big Cock" left to meet the others in the drawing room.

"Oh hello what's your name dear?" she lisped. Audrey was in her late 30's and very much an old-fashioned queer with outrageously effeminate mannerisms and a high pitched lisping voice. "Fifi; my name is Fifi La Femme." I replied. "Oooooo; how lovely Fifi; so very gay!"

Audrey was wearing an off the shoulder pink satin negligee with black lace appliqué around the bust and hem and a divine black feather boa over a simply gorgeous matching black satin and spandex waist-clinching corselet that perfectly complimented her feathers and lace trimmings; pansy pink French knickers; sheer fully fashioned black nylons and fur trimmed 5-inch boudoir mules. Her 38DD-28-36 figure was simply stunning. She was literally dripping in diamante and rhinestone and with her blond wig; painted nails; long false eyelashes; perfume and heavy make up she looked and acted every inch the complete Gay Queen.

"He likes me dressed like this dear." "Oh Sir Roger adores girlie-men so don't be shy about mincing petal or having a limp wrist." "You simply can't be too gay for HIM and his friends so let yourself go dear and camp it up to your heart's content." "Oooooo I don't know about you dear but I'm dying for some cock!"

We hit it off immediately and it was lovely to be able to mince with another flaming homosexual who was as effeminate as me. Audrey had been bending for men since her teens and like me went for the butch and manly dominant type.

"Do you have a man dear?" she asked.

"Oh yes; Big Frank" I replied as I told her about myself. "I'd always dreamed of living with a Butch Homosexual and I've been with my Frank for over a year now dear." "He's "All Man" darling; 6'3" heavy build hairy chest and hung like a donkey but oh is he jealous?" "One night he spotted love bites on the back of my neck and accused me of bending for another man." "Well I tried to get out of it but it was obvious that I'd been buggered from behind and that night oh did he give me a seeing to."

"Oooooo Fifi you naughty girl!" she said.

"He won't let me mince in public now or dress as a woman outside in-case I attract another man."

"Oh he should dear really." "Oh I know but it's different in the boudoir Audrey; Oooooo he doesn't mind me prancing around like fairy for him in 5-inch heels sheer nylons suspender belt and a pink feather boa saying "Oooooo what a Big One!" as he chases me around the house with his massive arse-rammer throbbing away between his legs!" We both giggled like girlies.

"Oh no dear; then it's "On your knees you queer faggot and suck me off!" "Oh and he likes me to be high on poppers too dear makes me feel even more of a sissy as I slurp and gobble his thick meaty cock; lick his hairy bollocks and chew his ball bag." "Sniff deeply" he'll say and as I go into a gay swoon and lisp "Ooooo Frank; fuck my pansy mouth you Big Butch Hairy Man you!"

"Oooooo Fifi!"

Audrey and I were giggling and camping it up something rotten and swapping stories about our gay experiences like a couple of girls who simply adored cock.

"So Audrey; what's Sir Roger like and who are the others? Audrey blushed. "Well he likes it kinky dear; BDSM; bondage; role-play; fisting; water-sports; group; rape scenarios; gang-bangs etc." "He's my Master and has a very big dick." "I'm his bitch!" "Oooooo Audrey!"

"The others are Arabs and clients of his; Sheikh Ali Bin-Shagh and his friends plus two black African servants." "The Sheikh is a kinky bastard and hung like a camel dear but a very good fucker! You'll like him dearie."

"Oooooo Audrey; how big is he? Down there I mean" Audrey smiled. "You'll soon find out dearie." She replied with a wink.

The Sheikh

"Are you ready girls?" Sir Roger called. By now I was down to my girdle; long-line bra; frilly knickers; fishnets and thigh boots. Audrey let me wear a gorgeous fox-fur wrap over my undies as we both lay there on her water bed awaiting our girly fate sniffing poppers like crazy; swooning; mincing; writhing and lisping together. Oooooo we were so sexed up and ready for it. "Are you feeling gay enough Fifi?" "Oh yes I am; I am dear!" "Oh I feel soooooooo GAY!" I replied.

"We're ready my Lord!" Audrey cried out breathily. The bedroom door opened and a dozen swarthy men entered our boudoir two of them black and the others big butch hairy Arabs followed by Sir Roger and my friend from the car park.

"On your backs girls; spread your legs and open your mouths!" "Yes my Lord!" Audrey sighed. Oh for me being well poppered; the sight of all those men gave me an instant stiffie at the prospect of having rampant cock stuffed into my mouth and aching yoni. I licked my wet pouting lips and formed a wide "O" with my sissy mouth as I opened my legs and surrendered my submissive feminised body to the promise of homosexual ecstasy. "Who wants it?" I cried as I spread my legs licked my lips and wobbled my tits for them like a nymphomaniac.

"Which would you prefer to violate first your Highness?" Sir Roger enquired of the Sheikh. "This one!" He was pointing at me. Sheikh Ali was a heavy corpulent man in his late 50's with a black beard and moustache and dressed in Arab robes. "What is your name?" he almost commanded. "Fifi Sir." I replied. "Ooooo you are a BIG BOY! Come to Fifi and I'll give you a good time dearie"

The Sheikh looked distainfully at me and turned away. "Don't speak to His Highness like that!" Sir Roger barked. "Ooooo sorry I'm sure! I thought he wanted to have a fuck?" "Be respectful Fifi while you're being sodomised by His Highess!"

"Prepare the catamite for me!" Sheikh Ali ordered and instantly one of his black servants started lubing my love tunnel. I gasped as his probing black fingers stimulated my yearning gay cunt. Being pleasured there was simply divine and I moaned with homosexual desire as he massaged my secret button that, once prodded, send such thrilling sensations throughout every nerve in my body. "Mmmm oh yes; mmmm Oooooo!" I whimpered as he massaged my slippery rectum.

The black then casually stroked my already stiff penis and gently eased the tip of a tapered latex dildo into my rosebud. It slid in easily and I only tensed as the wider base of the prong momentarily stretched my gay anus before it was lodged inside snugly with just the grip protruding between my soft bum-cheeks. "Aaaaaoooooowwww" I squealed as the prosthetic dong slid smoothly into me. "Oh yes darling you certainly know what a girlie likes! Aaaoooowww!"

I felt strange, the dildo was up inside my rectum and at times I could feel it probe my prostate. I wriggled a little and a soft sigh of satisfaction escaped from my wet pouting lips as I felt the delicious warm waves of sexual pleasure ripple through me. 'Oh yesssss!' I cooed as the Negro's large hands caressed my nyloned thighs and his thick black fingers toyed with my erect pink nipples.

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