tagIncest/TabooFighting Sisters

Fighting Sisters


From the time that Karen and Virginia were 10 and 15, they had fought. In fact, there were times when I would look at them and wonder if they were really sisters. Most times I would quickly break it up and tell them that sisters didn't act that way. They would look at me and roll their eyes.

"Awe Uncle Fred, she started it," one would say. "No I didn't! She hit me first," the other one would say. Back and forth it would go, until I would threaten to spank the both of them. And that was the way it remained, throughout their growing years. At times, it seemed that the older they got, the worst they would bicker and fight.

The girls have grown into two beautiful women. With Karen at 22 years old, and Virginia at 27, they still would go at each other at every chance. When I got the call that both of them would be coming to visit for two weeks during Mardi Gras, I groaned inwardly. A whole two weeks of fussing and bickering between two grown women! Well, I had had enough of that! If they started fighting this time, I would let them kill each other if they wanted to.

Virginia arrived at 10am. And since I had not seen them both in a few years, I couldn't believe how much she had grown. She was beautiful! She stood 5'8" and must have weighed around 175. Looking her up and down, as she stood in her skirt and blouse, she had nice tits and a round ass. And her long legs only added to the picture of a very desirable woman.

Virginia walked up to me and gave me a big hug and kiss on the cheek. While holding me, she whispered, "Careful Uncle Fred. People will think that I am your lover if you keep looking at me like that." We laughed and walked arm in arm as we went to get her luggage. Karen's flight was scheduled to come in half hour later, so we just collected Virginia's stuff and waited.

When Karen walked out the jet way gate, I heard Virginia groan. I turned to look and swallowed hard. With high heels, and a skirt that came almost up to her crotch, Karen sauntered along. She knew every man was watching her and she loved the attention. She wore a blouse that looked to be a size to small to hold in her large tits. And her round ass made the back of her skirt rise up, so that you almost got a glimpse of panty.

Karen couldn't have been any taller than 5 feet. For her size, her tits and ass seemed out of proportion. But she still had a figure that had many a man's head turning to watch her. She walked up to me and practically jumped in my arm.

"Uncle Fred! Damn, but it's good to see you. It's been what, about 4 years? And you still look like a stud!" She looked over at her sister. "You still look like a spinster school teacher! Jeeze Virginia! You'll never get a man if you don't advertise the merchandise."

Virginia sniffed loudly. "Well the kind of men you attract looking like a common street whore are not the kind of men I would want. Why didn't you just put a sign on your back that said, "Free slut here?" You certainly look the part!"

Before they could start right there in the airport, I put a stop to it. We collected Karen's bags and headed to my house. They started out arguing about which room they would have. I grabbed them both by the arm and pulled them into the den. Pushing them into separate chairs, I looked down at them.

"Look! For over 10 years, you two have argued and bickered. I'm tired of breaking it up. This week, if the two of you start any fights, I'm gonna sit back and let you two kill each other. Then I will take my belt off and whip both your asses. Do I make myself clear?"

The girls stared at each other. Then slowly nodded. But I knew that before the week was over, they would be at each other again. They wanted to go to a parade first thing. So they changed and we went out the door. The parade was nice and they both acted like two kids. They shouted and yelled, grabbing beads and such out the air, trying to outdo each other. And I smiled at the thought of how they were as kids.

We stopped for something to eat, and they joked about who had the most stuff. We were headed home, when Virginia took a good look at Karen. Then she put a tight-lipped smile on her face and didn't say another word until we got home.

We had no sooner walked in the door than Virginia grabbed Karen by her jacket. "Is that my blouse you have on? I haven't been able to find it ever since you visited me over six months ago." Virginia pulled the blouse from Karen's shoulders.

"Yea! It's yours! I saw it and wanted to wear it. I knew you would say no, so I just stuffed it in my bag. You have so many you don't miss it! You just pissed cause I look better in it than you do."

Virginia grabbed Karen by the arm. "Go take it off! You wear so much cheap perfume it's probably ruined! But it's mine and I want it back."

I groaned! Here we go! The first day here, and they're starting already. Karen laughed and turned to walk away. Virginia grabbed at her and I heard a loud ripping as the sleeve of the blouse tore.

"You bitch! Who the fuck do you think you are! You tore my blouse! You had no right taking it from my apartment without my permission." Virginia was yelling at Karen.

Karen looked at her sister in shock. Then she grabbed the front of the blouse and yanked. The rest of the flimsy material ripped apart and she threw it into Virginia's face. "You want your blouse you stuck up cunt? Here! You can have it back."

I stepped in between them. "I told you girls, I won't break it up this time. But you will both get an ass-whippin no matter who started it or who wins."

I turned and walked into the den, leaving them both shouting in the kitchen. I had poured me a drink, and was just sitting down in my armchair when they came in the den. They were still at it. I just sipped my drink and looked at them.

"You're nothing but a frustrated old bitch! You had better get out my face!" I couldn't help looking at Karen's tits. Encased in her bra, they seemed to be straining to get free.

Virginia grabbed Karen by her shoulders. "Frustrated old bitch, huh! I'll show you a bitch!" Virginia drew back her hand to slap Karen. But before she could deliver, Karen grabbed her by the blouse and yanked. Both Virginia's blouse and bra ripped loose. And she stood there with her tits hanging out.

Both girls stripped off earrings and rings, and began to wrestle. I heard skirts being ripped and laughed. This was better than watching the fights on TV. They were pulling each other's hair and slapping at each other. I could see that this was no play fight. They were actually going at each other with a vengeance.

Soon both girls were on the floor. Karen's bra had been pulled off and her tits were flopping around as they tussled with each other. For a smaller girl, Karen could hold her own against Virginia. She had Virginia pinned with her knees trapping Virginia's arms to the rug.

"I told you I could beat your ass you big gangly cunt! Now! I had to take your shit all those years growing up. You don't like the way I dress? You don't like my lifestyle? You think I'm a slut? I'll show you a slut!"

Karen reached down and grabbed Virginia's nipples. She twisted viciously and Virginia screamed in pain. With her arms pinned she was helpless. And with the way that Karen was astride her, her crotch was dangerously close to Virginia's face.

"So I'm a slut huh? Well cunt, you're gonna lick this slut's panty. This is probably the only sex you can get! Lick it you stuck up bitch! Lick it!"

Virginia looked over at me. I shook my head. "I told you! I'm tired of having to listen to you two fight. You're on your own. I won't interfere."

Virginia cried out, as Karen twisted her nipples again. "I said lick it! Who's your Mommy? Say it cunt! Whose your Mommy?" Karen twisted again, and Virginia screamed.

"Karen stop! This is not funny! You're hurting me! Stop! Let me up!"

Karen let go of one nipple. She slapped Virginia across the face hard. "I've taken about all the shit from you I'm gonna take. You called me a slut and a whore. Well Ms. prim and proper, I'm gonna show you what a whore and slut does. Lick my pussy thru my panty!" Karen slapped Virginia again.

Virginia, tears streaming down her face, bent her head and licked her smaller sister's panty. Karen grabbed the crotch of her panty and pulled it aside. "Now lick me! Remember how you called me a pussy licking lezzie? Well you're gonna find out what it feels like to lick a pussy."

Virginia struggled, trying to throw Karen off her. But the smaller girl had her pinned good. And she was rubbing her naked pussy into her sister's face. I should have gotten up and stopped it, but I was getting turned on by the turn of events.

Virginia screamed again, as Karen twisted her nipple. Then Karen sighed. "That's it! Just like that! See! It's not so bad, is it? Oh yea! Lick my slit! Let Uncle Fred see what a cunt licker you are! Whose your Mommy?"

Virginia mumbled something that I couldn't hear. Karen shifted back. "Say it out loud! I want Uncle Fred to hear you. Whose your Mommy bitch?"

Virginia cried out in pain. "You are! Karen stop it! You're hurting me! Please stop! I'm sorry!"

"You're damn right you're sorry! You're a sorry excuse for a woman. Look at you! 27, and you ain't got a steady man. Maybe what you need is a woman to make you into a woman. And I'm just the woman that will do it! Keep licking! And when I cum, you had better lick all the juice from my pussy."

Karen was getting more and more turned on. She started moaning and humping her pussy against Virginia's mouth. But that was her undoing. She lifted up, pressing her cunt down hard on Virginia's face. And in that short moment of inattention, Virginia attacked.

With a yell, Virginia flipped Karen off her. And before the girl could react, it was Virginia who had Karen pinned to the rug. She drew her hand back and gave Karen a vicious slap across the face. Then she slapped her again.

"You nasty slimy slut! Did you think that you could beat me? I've been kicking your ass, since we were kids. What made you think you could beat me now?"

Virginia slapped her again, and Karen was crying openly. "Help me Uncle Fred! Make her stop! I give up! I give!"

The way that Virginia had her pinned, Karen's tits were free. Virginia aimed a slap right on the soft tit meat. Karen screamed, but Virginia kept slapping her tits. First one, and then the other one. Again and again she slapped them.

"So you was gonna make me your bitch? Well you no good slut, I'll show you who's the bitch! You made me lick your nasty pussy, you stank hoe! Well, I'm gonna show you what licking pussy is all about!" Virginia slapped Karen across the face again. This was turning vicious, and I was about to get up and stop it. Virginia turned to look at me.

"Don't you dare stop this Uncle Fred! You didn't stop it when she had me pinned and made me lick her stinking cunt! Now it's my turn. Just sit there and watch. I'm gonna show you just how much of a nasty slut your niece really is."

Virginia looked down at her sister. "Now little slut! You're gonna lick my pussy. And we won't start with you licking my panty either." Virginia reached down, and the sound of her ripping her panty off was loud in the room. She shifted up, and placed her pussy close to Karen's face.

"Start licking slut! And you had better do a good job!"

Karen struggled. "Fuck you, you prune!"

Virginia laughed. Then she turned slightly. SLAP! She delivered a hard slap directly to Karen's pussy. When Karen closed her thighs tight, Virginia twisted her nipples. Even I winced at how hard she twisted them. Karen screamed.

"Open your legs slut! I bet you open them to so many men and women closing them must seem odd to you. Open them or I'll twist this nipple clean off!" She delivered a stinging slap to Karen's face. The girl opened her thighs even as she cried out in pain.

"What are you? Say it! Say it out loud so Uncle Fred can hear you. Tell him what you are! Tell me who you belong to!" Virginia delivered another hard slap to Karen's cunt. I winced as she cried out.

"I'm a slut! I'm your slut! Oh please stop! It hurts so much! Virginia I'm sorry! Stop I beg you!"

Virginia laughed out loud. "I'll stop! Just as soon as you begin to show Uncle Fred what a slut you really are. Start licking bitch!"

Virginia slipped her hand along Karen's stomach, and began to rub the girl's pussy thru her panty. Karen whimpered, but lifted her head up and began to lick her sister. I could see that both women had wet cunts. Whether from the fight, or from getting turned on by the incest of it all, I didn't know. I wasn't about to stop them now. I could feel my dick swell and throb.

Whimpering, Karen began to slowly lick Virginia's cunt. And from the way she did it, I could tell that she had done it many times before. Virginia moaned, and grounded her pussy down onto her sister's face.

"That's it slut! Work that tongue up into my cunt. Oh fuck! You are a good little pussy licker! Look at this slut Uncle Fred! She loves it! She loves being a little slut! Don't you little slut! Tell Uncle Fred how much you love licking my pussy."

Virginia lifted up slightly. She was not going to make the same mistake that Karen had made and give her any type of opening. So she kept her knees hard against Karen's arms. When Karen didn't speak, Virginia slapped her pussy hard.

Karen cried out! "I'm your slut! I love licking your pussy Virginia! I'll do whatever you tell me to. Oh Virginia, I can't feel my arms. Please get up! I promise! I'll do whatever you tell me to do."

Instead of letting her up, Virginia slipped her hand deeper into Karen's panty. Karen jerked and was soon working her hips as her sister stroked her pussy. "Tell Uncle Fred what I'm doing. Tell him how it feels slut!"

Karen moaned. "Oh Uncle Fred! Virginia is fingering my pussy. She's rubbing my clit! Oh fuck! It feels so fuckin good! I'm gonna cum if she keeps doing it!"

Virginia didn't stop. "And when I let you up, what are you gonna do? Will you continue to be my slut? Will you continue to obey me, slut? Are you ready to become my wiling slut, you nasty bitch? And don't think that you can get up and try anything. I promise you, I'll give you pain like nothing you ever felt before if you try to go back on your word."

Karen looked up at her sister. Her face was covered with the juice from her sister's cunt. She licked her lips, and smiled up at Virginia. "I'll be your slut! I'll do whatever you tell me to do. You won't have to force me. I swear!"

Virginia looked over at me. There was no mistaking the lump in my pants, and Virginia was looking directly at it. She smiled as she looked at me. "Look at how hard you have Uncle Fred's dick! You'll have to become his slut too! Will you obey Uncle Fred? Will you become his willing slut?

Karen moaned and lifted her head. She looked at me, and then looked at the lump in my pants. Her eyes met mine. "Yes Virginia! I'll be Uncle Fred's slut! I'll suck his dick and do whatever he tells me to do."

I licked my lips in anticipation. I had never in my wildest fantasy thought that something like this would happen. Yes! Looking at my two nieces I did think about how it would feel to fuck them. But I never imagined it would ever happen.

Virginia got up, but she held onto Karen's hair. She did not allow her younger sister to stand. "Crawl slut! Crawl to Uncle Fred and ask his permission to suck his dick. Tell him what a nasty little slut you are. Tell him how much you want to feel his dick in your mouth. And if you're a good little slut, I may even let him fuck you."

Virginia held onto Karen's hair, as the younger woman crawled over to me. "Look at this little slut, Uncle Fred. Do you think you could find a use for her? I'm sure that she can learn to use her holes to give you lots of pleasure. You want to give Uncle Fred pleasure, don't you slut?" Virginia yanked her sister's hair and the girl whimpered.

I looked down at Karen. Seeing her look so invitingly submissive had my dick throbbing. I reached for my zipper. "Well Karen, do you want to please me?"

Virginia stopped me. "No Uncle Fred! I only want her to be called "little slut." Let her show us just how eager she is to please us? You do want to please us, don't you little slut? Go ahead! Show Uncle Fred how much you wish to please him."

Virginia grabbed Karen by her hair and led her to me. She never let her younger sister's hair go. My dick was out my pants and throbbing. Karen's eyes were glued to it. Virginia yanked her sister's hair. "Beg for it slut! Tell Uncle Fred what a little slut you are. Ask him to let you suck his big dick."

Karen looked up at me. "Please Uncle Fred! I'm nothing but a little slut. I love having a big dick shoved into my mouth. Can I please suck your dick? Can I show you what a little slut I am?"

I nodded my head yes. Karen bent her head and I groaned, as her soft lips slipped over the head. Virginia sat down next to me. "Look at her Uncle Fred. She has your big fat dick in her mouth and she loves it. I bet you would love to feel your dick fucking this little slut, wouldn't you? You can fuck her pussy, her mouth or her ass."

Karen was moaning and whimpering as she worked her head up and down on my shaft. Damn! This girl could really give some great head. I turned to Virginia and grabbing her, kissed her hard.

Virginia slipped her hand down to my dick. Pushing Karen's mouth off, she climbed up on me. Lowering herself, she moaned as my dick slipped up into her wet pussy.

"Damn Uncle Fred! Your dick feels so good buried deep in my pussy. Don't move! Let me do all the work." She turned around and looked down at her sister. "Spread my cheeks little slut. Tongue fuck my asshole while I ride Uncle Fred's dick. After I cum, you can clean both of us. Maybe then, I'll let Uncle Fred fuck your nasty pussy."

Karen looked from her sister to me. "Yes Virginia! You're little slut will tongue your ass while you ride Uncle Fred's dick."

Virginia moaned as she leaned into me. Her lips kissed my ear. Then I felt her tongue softly licking it. "See what a good little slut she can be? Oh Uncle Fred! Her tongue feels so good licking my hot asshole. Later after you fuck my ass, she will clean it for me while you fuck her."

Virginia was slowly working her hips back and forth. She would drive herself down on my dick, then slowly lift up and push her ass out to Karen's tongue. "That's it little slut! Push that tongue deep in my ass. Tongue my ass! Oh yea! I'm gonna cum! I'm gonna cum all over Uncle Fred's dick! And you're gonna suck it clean! Won't you little slut?

Virginia grabbed me and started fucking me hard. "Oh Uncle Fred! Fuck me hard! Ram that big dick up my cunt! Oh fuck! I'm Cumming on your dick! I'm Cumming all over your dick and balls. Ahhh! Ahhh! Ahhh! Yes! Yes! Now! Now!"

I felt Virginia shudder. Then I felt her warm crème bath my dick and balls. She held me while she trembled a few more times. Then she slowly slipped off me and sat on the couch. She looked down at her sister.

"Clean his dick and balls little slut! Then you can suck the crème from my pussy."

Karen didn't say a word. She just bent her head and proceeded to suck my dick clean. She lifted the shaft and licked all over my balls. I hadn't cum yet, and my dick was hard and throbbing.

Karen moved over between Virginia's open thighs. Before she could bend her head to start on her sister's pussy, Virginia lifted her face up by her chin. Karen's face was covered with the crème from my dick and balls.

"Who do you belong to little slut? Who's YOUR Mommy?"

Karen looked over at me, then down into Virginia's open thighs. "You are! You're my Mommy! I'm your little slut."

Virginia laughed. Then she pushed Karen's head between her thighs as she lifted her legs high. "Oh yea little slut! That's it! Lick my pussy! I told you that you were a pussy licking lezzie! Lick it good! Yes little slut. I'm your Mommy. And Mommy has some hot crème for you to drink. You want it, don't you little slut? You want to drink from Mommy's hot pussy don't you?"

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