Finding Grandma


The other ladies joined in, telling Barbara to take a break. She finally agreed and threw down her cards. She stood and once again I felt my cock grow another inch as her full body came into my view. She was my grandmother, but somehow my cock wouldn't obey that fact.

"Come, Paul," Barbara said, taking my hand. "We'll go to my room to have our little talk."

How different but similar this was. Only a couple of weeks before she had led me to her room by the hand. But then we were bursting to fuck each other. Now, we were grandmother and grandson, primly and politely departing for a family chat.

"How have you been, Barbara," I asked her as we headed into the hotel.

"Miserable," she answered. "How do you think I've been?"

I held the door open for her and found my eyes fastened on her plump ass, stretching the nylon of her suit's bottom taut. She caught me looking and paused for a moment. I couldn't tell what was coming, a slap or a rebuke. Instead, she motioned me ahead of her.

"Let's go," she said softly.

We got to her room and she unlocked the door. I entered ahead of her and sat on a chair while she closed the door behind us. Barbara stood a few feet in front of me.

"Well," she said, crossing her arms over her ample chest.

I grasped the arms of the chair and began.

"Barbara, I feel so bad."

She interrupted me.

"Call me grandma," she said firmly.

"Okay. Okay." I said. "Grandma, I feel so bad. I know we did a horrible thing. But we couldn't know that. We were innocent."

I could see Barbara getting agitated, shifting from one foot to the other and sighing.

"Listen to me," I continued. "We can't fuck each other anymore. I know. But we're still family. Aren't we?"

Barbara's whole body stiffened when I used the word "fuck." But by the time I'd finished, I could see her mouth trembling and her eyes growing moist.

"Oh Paul," she half-sobbed. "Yes, we're still family. Yes, yes. I'm your grandmother and you're my grandson. I'm so sorry . . .so sorry."

Her shoulders began to heave and her eyes were shining with tears. Slowly, she unwrapped her arms and held them out to me. I stood and entered her embrace, feeling the curves of her body press against me. She laid her arms gently around my neck and buried her head in my chest.

"Don't be sorry, grandma," I whispered. "Don't be sorry."

She pulled me tighter against her.

"My poor grandson," she sobbed. "My poor Paul."

The feel of her soft half-naked body against mine was so good I pulled her closer to me. We were hugging each other tightly.

"Paul," she whispered. "Give me a kiss. Please, honey."

She pulled her head off my chest and raised her lips. I leaned my head down and our lips met. It was a chaste kiss. Our lips touched and then parted. But then, I felt Barbara pulling my head back down to her mouth.

This time, our lips met and lingered together. My cock had started to crawl down my trunks and I could feel Barbara's hips begin to press more urgently against my erection. I ran my hands down over her ass, and as I did, her lips parted and her tongue pushed its way into my mouth. With a groan, I reciprocated, sliding my tongue into her hot wet mouth. Her arms tightened around my neck, and suddenly we were sucking each others' tongues. Barbara pulled me forward, and soon she was on her back on the bed and I was standing over her. She raised her knees up, and I slipped my shorts down off my hips. She gasped as my cock sprang into sight.

"Oh Paul," she moaned. "Oh baby."

I grinned and grabbed my cock.

"Do you like it grandma," I asked with a leer, shaking my dick slowly over her reclining body.

She let out a loud groan and began to pull her swimsuit bottom over her hips.

"Oh Paul," she moaned as she pulled her suit bottom over her feet and raised her arms. "Come on and fuck me."

I dropped down on top of her and she quickly guided my hard cock into her cunt. Groaning together, we began humping almost as soon as our crotches met. I gnawed frantically at her huge tits and she equally frantically pulled the cups of her suit top down to allow me access to her stiff nipples. I braced my feet on the floor and began pounding away at her cunt while she raised her legs and wrapped them around my waist. Soon we were bouncing up and down on the bed and grunting in pleasure. Barbara began moaning in my ear as I wolfed down her tits, and then, as her moans turned into high-pitchted, desperate sighs, she pulled my mouth from her breasts and we crammed our tongues into each others' mouths. My cock burst inside her as her sighs mounted. I kept pounding away, beyond my orgasm and she reached down to pull my ass tight against her crotch so that we began to writhe and buck together. As we came together, I felt like I had never fucked a woman before. My mind exploded with pure pleasure and I buried my head in her neck, grunting out a few extra jerks of my cock inito her cunt. She wrapped her arms around my head as our bodies shuddered into stillness, my cock still encased in her seasoned cunt.

We laid there, stunned, awash in post-coital pleasure, arms hugging each others' bodies close. Barbara stroked my hair while I ran my hands over her waist and ass.

"Oh Paul," she finally whispered. "Oh my god. I've never been fucked like that."

"Not Paul," I mumbled into her hair. "Grandson."

Barbara gasped. I could feel her body tremble.

"Yes," she moaned in a small voice. "Grandson. I've never been fucked like that before, grandson."

She began pressing my head down, into her tits, and her hips slowly began to twist against my cock.

"Hmmmm, grandma," I murmured through a mouthful of sweaty tit. "I'm getting hard again."

Barbara gasped again and reached down between my legs, taking my cock in her hand and slowly stroking it.

"Oh honey," she whispered. "Do you want to fuck your grandmother again? Do you want to fuck grandma again, like you did before?"

With a jolt of pleasure, I realized how much all this talk was turning us both on, and my cock began to swell to hardness. I pushed Barbara over, onto her side, her hand still grasping my cock. Taking one of her tits into my hand, I put my other hand over hers on my cock and pushed my dick down along the crack of her luscious, full ass.

"It's all yours grandma," I whispered in her ear as the tip of my cock entered her cunt.

Barbara moaned and turned her head for a long passionate kiss as I slipped the full length of my dick all the way inside her. We fucked again, grandmother and I, and this time it was better because the sight of my cock pumping in and out of her ass drove me wild.

Grandma never made it back to her card game. We ordered room service in and kept fucking each other - - on the bed, standing up, in the tub - - for a day and a half. Grandma decided to spend another week in Bermuda before flying back to New York, and together, we reestablished the family love that had been missing from our lives for so long.

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