tagExhibitionist & VoyeurFirst Assignment

First Assignment


I want to thank everyone for their great reviews and critiques. I had one person request something that sounded very exciting to me and was well thought out. I didn't get to do everything he hoped but it was pretty close and I think everyone will enjoy it.

It was Tuesday morning and I was excited to try out my assignment from an online friend. I did the usual morning routine and put on a fully button down dress that was a short sleeve and ended a little above mid thigh. It was a v-cut but wasn't very low so I had the 2 top buttons undone to show a little extra cleavage. It had a flower print that was all sorts of light yellows, oranges and pinks and was quite thin. I was to wear nothing else so that's how I set out.

I went to the mall and into Starbucks first for a coffee where the first part of my assignment started. I was to show of a little and maybe find a friend to help me pick out a dress. I got my coffee and sat at a two person table facing a few people. I made sure to keep my legs spread just a little to make it not obvious that I was flashing but enough that someone would maybe be able to see if they tried to.

As I sipped my drink, I noticed a man waiting in line leaning against the counter. He was a little less than 6 feet tall with short spiked brown hair and I guessed he was in his mid twenties. He was looking my way and I smiled at him and took another sip. He got his drink and headed strait toward me. He asked if he could join me and I said "yes," pointing to the chair across from me. He sat down and introduced himself as Dan. I told him my name was Carol and he asked "what a beautiful young girl was doing by herself this morning." I told him I was shopping for a cocktail dress for an upcoming party. Then I asked if he wasn't too busy, if he would mind helping me. He obviously said "yes." We continued small chat and when he said something funny I giggled and crossed my legs allowing one to rub and rest against his. He looked down smiling. We finished our coffees and decided to start shopping. As I got up I leaned over showing him my cleavage down my dress.

Doing this turned me on and made my nipples hard and visibly poke through the thin material. They stayed hard as we walked threw the mall trying to find a store with a nice dress. I noticed several people staring and liked the attention but was also a little embarrassed.

We went into a store and started looking threw the racks at different styled dresses. A young woman about my age named Michelle came up and asked if she could help us find anything. I told her that I was looking for something sexy yet classy for a cocktail party.

She helped pick out a few dresses as did Dan, and I picked out one I liked. I brought them all into the dressing room which only hid me behind a curtain. I tried on the first one and thought that it was too conservative and didn't bother showing Dan and Michelle.

The next I tried on was a little too slutty being very low cut and showing a whole lot of cleavage. On top of that it was also quite short and maybe a size too small. Part of my assignment was to show off so I decided to model this outfit for Dan and Michelle. Dan's smiled as I pushed the curtain out of the way. Then his mouth dropped as I did a twirl for him, making the dress flair up and I'm guessing gave a glimpse of my ass and pussy. Michelle smiled at this as I suppose she had couples come in and do things similar. She didn't however ask me to leave. She just mentioned the dress being a little small but looked nice. I thanked her and went back into the dressing room. I slid the dress off and tried on the next one.

It was a black dress that had an open back and the front was basically a ribbon that did an X over my breasts and wrapped around the back of my neck. It fit me pretty well and I really liked it but thought it might be a little too sexy for the party I was going to. I still wanted to show it off. Especially after showing the last one off had got my nipples hard again and were now pointing through the thin ribbon material. I opened the curtain doing a little sachet. They both said that it looked great on me but I already made my mind that I didn't want it as it was too sexy. I did like the attention I was getting though and thought that it might be a good dress to hit the clubs in.

As I went back in to change I left the curtain open a crack hoping that Dan might try to sneak a peak. I had my back to the curtain as I bent slowly pushing the dress down my legs giving a great view of my ass. Then I stood up slowly and stared at the other dresses for a few seconds still naked. I chose a tight turquoise dress. It wasn't anything special other than being a little high on my thighs. It was basically halter top with spaghetti straps to help hold it up. As I took a step I could feel the dress ride up my thighs and knew that it was too short and that I would have to push it down constantly. I came out and did a little twirl with my arms out asking how it looked. It was tight formed to my ass and was riding up in the front more.

Dan didn't say anything so I walked over to him and sat sideways on his lap facing Michelle. I could feel a little bulge on my ass and smiled at Michelle asking what she thought since Dan was at a loss for words. She said that it appeared to be a little to short looking down at my pussy. I glanced down and noticed the way I was sitting was giving her a perfect view of my shaven pussy. I went to get up and Dan put his arm around me and rest in on my thigh and pulled me back into his lap. This made me lose my balance a little falling backward and I spread my legs to save myself. This gave a wide open view of my pussy to Michelle and she blushed a little. I looked at Dan and felt his hand slide up my thigh and as he was about to get to my pussy I grabbed his hand and pulled it away as I stood up and headed back into the dressing room.

I left the curtain open the same amount. This time I didn't take my time. I just took the dress off and put the next one on. It was white with ruffles all over it and I didn't like it at all. I decided not to show it off and went to the next one. I noticed it had a full zipper up the back so I asked if Michelle could come in and give me some assistance.

She opened the curtain to me standing naked giving Dan a perfect view of my entire body. She apologized and quickly stepped inside closing the curtain. I held the dress out for her to hold so I could step into it. She stared at my breasts as I stepped into the dress and pulled the top up covering my chest. She zipped me up in the back and I looked down at the dress. It was black with shear black material on the hips. It was to show that the woman wasn't wearing any panties. I did like that effect but the top covered my entire chest up to my neck and wasn't the most comfortable.

I bent and twisted creating wrinkles. Then I asked if she would mind smoothing them out. She started with the top of my back and slid her hands down my back. Then she slid each hand over my butt cheeks and down onto my thighs just a bit. I purred a little as she let go. Then she started again under my arms and worked her way down from the sides of my breast to my thighs again. I purred once again and felt my nipples poking through the dress.

I thanked her and we opened the curtain to show Dan. He said that he liked the transparent hips and how it clung to my ass but didn't like the top of it. I agreed and asked Michelle to help me out. She held my waist with one hand as she pulled the zipper down my back. Then she put her hands on my back and pushed up and to the sides of my shoulders pushing the sleeves down my arms. I said that her hands felt good and she said that my skin felt nice too. She then stepped closer and slid her soft hands over my shoulders and down to my chest till she had a hand full of each breast. I could feel her chest against my bare back. I cooed as she rolled my nipples with her thumb and index finger. I turned around and let the top of the dress fall, bunching at my hips. She placed her hands back on my breasts and I leaned in and kissed her. She kissed back for only a second and then removed her hands and stepped back.

I figured I may have overstepped and pushed the dress down to the floor. I asked Michelle what one I should try next and she pointed to a navy blue dress that she had picked out. It was like a strapless dress but started below my breasts. The thick ribbon straps were made to form and cover the breasts but showed all the skin in between them. It formed to me perfectly and I loved it. My nipples were still hard from Michelle pinching them and I think that it added to the sexiness of the dress. We exited the dressing room, me with a large smile on my face. I did a slow turn about and asked what Dan thought. He said it looked great. Not too sexy and not too conservative. I said that I think this is the one but I wanted to try on the last dress still.

I left the curtain open a little more than I had before. As I stripped, I peaked out the crack and saw Dan and Michelle both staring in at me. I smiled at them and looked at the next dress. This was one of Dan's choices and was nothing like what I was looking for. This just oozed sex. It had one shoulder strap that came down like an L and covered my chest like a bra. And then on the same side as the shoulder strap was another strap came off the side and down like and L to cover my ass. The tiny skirt portion barely covered my ass and if I bent over at all it would show something. I loved how sexy I looked but I looked kind of like a stripper I thought. I opened the curtain to Dan's mouth almost drooling. Michelle also looked like she was in love. Dan got up and wrapped his arms around me from behind sliding them up and down my sides. Then he cupped my breasts. I could feel his hardon pushing into my ass. I bent over as to tie my shoe and wiggled my now naked ass against his crotch. He slid his hand down between us as ran his fingers across my wet pussy making me moan. Then I stood back up and said that I think it's just a tad too sexy and walked back into the dressing room and closed the curtain.

I changed back into my normal dress and came out with the blue one that I liked a lot and decided to get the black dress with the open back and X that covered my chest for when I go to the club. I paid Michelle at the counter and thanked her for all of her help and that I hoped I didn't embarrass her. She said that I was welcome back anytime and leaned over the counter to give me a kiss. I leaned over as well feeling my dress rise in the back. I gave her a peck on the lips and felt a hand slide up between my thighs. I came back down and closed my legs before Dan could get any further. I thanked him for his help as well and that I needed to go. He asked if he could call me. I thought about it for a minute and decided that he was fun and good looking enough to maybe give a second try. I also liked how straight forward he was about touching me. I gave him my number and left in the other direction from him taking the long way back to my car as to not let him see where I was going. It wasn't that I was actually leaving. I Just wanted to do some more flirting, but not with him.

I went to my car and dropped off my two new dresses into my back seat. Then I headed back into the mall to find some nice heels to go with them. This was the next part of my assignment.

It was still pretty early so the shoe store I went into was empty other than the male clerk at the counter who was probably in his 30's and a little on the heavy side. I went up to him and asked if he could help me find some heels. I fallowed him down the isle to the heel section and he asked what size I was. I told him my size and that I was looking for a cute but sexy pair of black heels. I pointed to a pair and he grabbed them for me. I sat down and took my sandals off, pointing my foot out towards him to he could put the heel on for me. He sat on a stool in front of me and rest my foot in his lap. I kept my legs together as to not give him a show too soon. I didn't want to be too forward about teasing him. He slid the heel onto my foot and buckled the straps for me. Then I switched feet and he did the other foot. This time I could feel a slight bulge in his pants with my foot. I smiled at him and stood up to see how they fit and felt. I told him that they were a little too tight on my toes and as I took them off he grabbed another pair for me.

These were almost 3 inch heals and had laces that went around most of my foot and part of my ankle. He had to wiggle my foot to get through the laces without tangling them. Doing this also wiggled my leg. He held on to my calf to help and I spread my leg a little to help him and also give him a glimpse up my dress. He got the first heel on with a few glimpses and as he applied the second he put pressure on my foot against his groin. I couldn't feel his bulge having the heel between us but I'm sure he was getting aroused from wiggling my foot against his crotch. This time he wiggled my leg around a little more and I could see him staring at my crotch doing so. He was giving himself glimpses up my dress. After I was all laced up, I stood up and walked around. They were a little higher than I intended but I liked how they made my legs look.

As I sat back down my legs were a little higher than before so he had a better view up my dress. Plus I decided to start flirting a little more and kept my legs a little more open then before. He stared at my pussy for a couple seconds before he started to unlace me. When he lifted my foot up to his crotch again, it gave him an even better view.

I took this opportunity to ask if he liked what he saw. He blushed and said yes and that I was very beautiful. I thanked him and as my heel slid off I rested my bare foot back on his crotch and moved it in slow circles. I could feel his semi hard cock grow to full length and see the outline through his pants. Then I switched feet so he could take off the other heal. It took him a minute to start as he was still staring at my pussy.

He slid the stool a little closer to me lifting my leg even higher and making me spread my legs even more. Then he slid his hands up my leg and back down to the straps and started untying them. I smiled at him as he fumbled with the laces most likely to enjoy the view a bit longer.

It was making me wet knowing he was staring at my pussy from only about a foot or two away and that he obviously wanted to touch me as he felt up my leg further than needed. I decided to give him some more pressure on his crotch and when I did he looked up at me smiling. He slid the shoe off but left my foot on his crotch. Then he slid his hands from my ankle up my calf and up my thing pulling my legs open wide. He looked at me to check my reaction and I just stared into his eyes. He slid his had up my thigh still looking at me as he reached my wet pussy. He rubbed a finger up and down my slit causing me to let out a low moan. I let my head fall back as I felt his finger enter me. Then I felt another finger rubbing circles on my clit. I was now breathing fast and a little loud. He inserted a second finder and started pumping them in and out faster and faster. I gritted my teeth and let out almost like a growl trying not to scream as I had an orgasm. He slowed his fingers and I bought my head back up to look at him. He took out his fingers and I asked if there was someplace I could repay the favor.

He stood up and grabbed my hand bringing me into the storage room in back. I told him to sit down. Then I got on my knees and pulled his pants down. He was already rock hard and about 6 inches. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around his cock. My assignment was that I was only supposed to show off and not let it get this far but after he had fingered me, I felt obligated to return the favor. It didn't take him long to cum in my mouth and as I was looking up into his eyes. I know most guys like to have the girl looking up as they're giving head so I make it a point to always look into their eyes. Plus I enjoy seeing there faces in pleasure. I swallowed his cum and stood up. He pulled his pants back up and thanked me. We went back to into the store. It was still empty.

I said that I would take the lacy heals and he rung them up for me. They weren't what I was planning to get but they would go great with the new black dress I got for the club. I'm sure I will have a great adventure when I wear them together the next time I go out but that will have to be another story.

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