tagIllustratedFirst Day of a New Job

First Day of a New Job


Having just opened the garage door, Vanessa wondered if there was anything she had forgotten. She was nervous about today. It was the first day of a new job as an assistant with a consulting firm.

At the interview she had met the man who would be her boss, should she be the successful applicant. She remembered being quite impressed with him.

Her new employer was very pleased to see her, however, he pointed out that she was fifteen minutes late and that arriving late for work would not be tolerated; under any circumstances.

Vanessa was about to receive a lesson in punctuality. Her boss instructed her to bend over the end of his desk and began to administer a severe spanking on her very round bum. "Fuck it hurts", she thought as her cheeks started to glow a soft pink, but she discovered she was beginning to enjoy the punishment; so much so, that she was getting uncontrollably wet.

Full of confidence and charged up to the hilt she faced her boss with a knowing and somewhat determined look. She could feel with her hand how wet she was. This surprised her given the circumstances. "So, is that it? Can I get to work now?" she said. "Yes, you most certainly can and your first task is to get to work on this".................

Confronted by the biggest cock she had ever seen, she exclaimed, "I don't know how I can possibly get that in my mouth....but I can't wait to find out!" Her bum was still stinging, her inner thighs were wet and her mouth was full of cock...she was in heaven!

She couldn't help thinking what a great job this was.

"I don't just suck cock" she said, as the front of her shoe dug into his knee. "What else can you do with that thing besides sticking it down my throat"?

She felt the cold wood of the desk on her breasts and stomach and she imagined how hard her nipples would be at this point. As her boss pounded her from behind, her nipples rubbed on the desk: and it felt fantastic.

Vanessa had never had such a big cock. She imagined it going 'in and 'out' of her pussy which made her wetter and wetter. She had often fantasized about anal sex and began to imagine what it might be like. She also had fantasies of being gang banged, but they were just fantasies.

"You take quite a bit to satisfy young lady. I've been fucking your brains out for twenty minutes and you're still cuming; I might need some help here". "What do you mean"? she gasped. "Well, when you moaned and screamed about ten minutes ago, I thought you were done but you just keep building up and cuming...I might need some help here."

Vanessa was in another world; her pussy had been pounded and stretched like never before. She even started to imagine what it might be like to be fucked in the arse. All of a sudden she heard the door open; she looked up...........WTF!!!

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/26/18


nice use of recycled photo's. Not much of a story thouigh

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by BigO6602/13/18

Employment Opportunities

Always glad to see the first day of at a new workplace go well....and well it does appear to have gone quite well ....know the boss must have been most pleased!

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