tagBDSMFirst Encounter

First Encounter


I go to the restaurant where we had agreed to meet, enter and find a seat in the bar as I had been instructed. Nervously I look around not seeing any single woman. I worry that she's lost interest in me and has abandoned our plans. I sit nursing a vodka tonic hoping she will show up. I feel a light tap on my shoulder and turn to see a waitress standing beside me, she asks, is your name Mobious? I reply yes and she states that my dinner companion is already seated and she will direct me to the table.

I follow the waitress to a booth in the back darker corner of the restaurant, where I find her seated. I gaze into her beauty and my heart almost stops I'm temporarily left breathless by her stunning smile, flowing brown hair and am totally consumed by her beautiful eyes. She is dressed in a very attractive business suit that does it's best to honor her lovely figure. I stand there like a deer caught in headlights hoping I'm not wearing a stupid, moronic grin on my face. She extends her hand to shake mine I take it and gently kiss the back of her hand as she directs me to sit down. We talk, she about what would be expected of me, and I reply to her questions. The waitress returns and takes our orders we both order our steaks rare, they are delivered just that way, pink and tender in the center.

Dinner proceeds well except for the times she catches me gazing into her cleavage, I feel uncomfortable when caught but she makes no attempt to hide it, and even loosens another button to taunt me even more. (She is driving me to distraction with the thought that I may at sometime be chosen to provide her with some sort of sexual pleasure.) As dinner winds down and our wine glasses empty for the last time, I fear that I have done nothing to ingratiate myself to her. If I seem nervous or even foolish at this point it is only because I think I've blown any chance of becoming her loyal sub. The check comes and I pay it fearing that when we part after dinner I may never hear from her again.

As we stand I get my first good look at her legs how shapely they are, and how the 4" heels exploit her calves. I see the taper of her legs as they disappear under her skirt. Once again her beauty leaves me breathless. I escort her to her car she hands me the keys so I may unlock the door for her. I open the door and as she seats herself the slit in her skirt exposes the tops of her stockings (I bite my lip to keep from gasping hoping I'm not gazing so hard as to burn a hole in her leg.). She catches me again, this time she smiles a very wicked smile and says "Alright, Mobious this time you'll have to pay for your indiscretion" and orders me into her car and have me drive her to her hotel. On the way she directs me to keep my mouth shut and obey her instructions.

When we arrive a the hotel while still in the parking lot, she slips off of one of her high heels and stumbles and I reach out and catch her. Placing my hands on her tiny waist for the first time and feeling her within my grasp, I feel as though I've just caught the game-winning ball. She states that her ankle is stressed possibly sprained and orders me to carry her into the hotel and to her room. I eagerly comply placing one arm around her back and the other below and beneath her legs above her knees. I lift her quite easily, for the first time I hold her in my arms; my heart swells with pride with the thought of being of service.

I carry her to the room and take the key to unlock the door. We enter I set her on the bed and leave to get ice for her ankle. When I return with the bucket full of ice she is no longer on the bed but standing her jacket, skirt and blouse removed waiting for me.

Once again she tells me to keep my mouth shut, but this time she also tells me not to move. This is really a good thing for me; while I'm in the presence of such beauty I become tongue tied and speechless anyway.

I look and I notice the way her hair falls around her face, yet cannot articulate my thoughts on what a wonderfully sexy sight it is. I see her large beautiful breasts heaving in her black bustier as she breaths, but could not express how it makes my pulse rise as my heart beats faster. I'm thankful she's told me not to speak. But here I stand with this ice bucket in my hands as she circles me, inspecting and evaluating her prospective play toy. Every once and a while I feel her hands caressing or probing my ass or thighs my back, chest or arms. I don't move not wanting to disobey her. I admire the tone of her muscular legs still encased in nylon or admire the way the French cut panties the garter belt and straps intertwine across her beautiful ass as she passes in front of me, I dare not look her in the eye.

She stops behind me and I feel her right hand cross over my hip and straight to my crotch. Then from between my legs her left hand has me quite literally by the balls. The right hand caresses my hard cock while the left massages and kneads my balls. I am in ecstasy, speechless, immobile and flat out ecstatic. Her left hand replaces the right on my cock as her right releases my belt and opens the top of my pants. I close my eyes breathing slowly as she caress me. I'm thinking how very fortunate I am to have this beautiful sexy goddess running her hands aaaggghhhhh my jockey's have a handful of ice in them! I fall to my knees from shock she has filled my briefs with ice. My once hard cock is now shrinking rapidly, deflating like tires after running backward over one-way spikes in a parking garage.

Mistress tells me to get up, hang up her clothes, and then I can go to the bathroom and stand in the shower and remove my clothes to rid myself of the ice. I hurriedly obey first hanging her jacket, blouse and skirt before attempting to remove the ice. My mind is swimming. She told me she was not a cruel woman, why was I now freezing my nuts off? I stood in the shower and removed my clothes letting the ice spill into the tub. The crotch of my pants and underwear now soaking wet from the melting ice I was truly better off not wearing them. I remove my shirt as per instructions and return to the sitting area.

So here I am now after less than five minutes in her room standing naked before her my once rock hard cock shrunken into no more than a. a weenie. I feel totally vulnerable, naked without even an erection to stand behind.

"Mobious" she begins, "I punished you because you have a wandering eye. I caught you several times in the restaurant peering into my cleavage. Then getting me into my car you could not look me in the face for staring at the tops of my stockings. And just minutes ago you would not look me in the eye for staring at my ass. Well tell me now, do you like what you see?"

"Y..yes Mistress." I manage to stammer.

"Well you jerk, look me in the eye and tell me so. How else am I to know you are being truthful?" That wicked smile returns to her face. I see now because I've cast my gaze higher to catch her eyes.

"I'm so sorry Mistress. How rude of me to act so shameful, it was out of respect I dared not look you in the eye. I thought it would seem impertinent of me to speak directly to you about. How sexy and beautiful I find you to be. I could not tell you of the lust you boil in me, for fear it would turn you away."

"I want your respect, not your fear. You know that is probably the crudest punishment I've ever dealt to one of my subs." She continues. "And you managed to make it happen in less time then most. It looks like you may be more troublesome to work with than I expected. I've never gone so far as to steal away a subs erection before. Do you now understand that you are to look me in the eye when you speak of your devotion to me?"

"Yes, Mistress" as I look I meet her gaze and stare into her beautiful eyes.

"Good then I'll return your erection to you. You'll be needing it soon enough." She knelt in front of me and I feel her steamy breath in my crotch. Then her hot tongue and lips wrap around my shriveled cock. I feel her suck my cock back to life, once again blood returns to my organ, and my head swims in ecstasy.

Even as she kneels before me with my cock in her mouth it's obvious she is still in control, still the Master. Slowly she backs me up to against a wall her lips clamped tightly around my cock her left hand supporting and massaging my balls her index finger caressing the erogenous zone between my scrotum and asshole. I am totally under her control; I begin to fear that I have fallen into the arms of a succubus as my independence seems to be being drained out of me sucked down her throat with my cock. My knees grow weak from the expert attentions, I begin to slide slowly down the wall. At that point she slowly withdraws my cock from her mouth and stands, my cock in her hand she presses her lips to mine. We kiss yet she maintains her total control of me. Her tongue forces my lips apart and then probes my mouth driving for my throat. I yield, submitting to her dominance.

" Now Mobious I have returned what I had taken away, you have your erection back, what do you have to say?"

I respond by looking directly and deeply into her eyes and saying. "Thank you Mistress, I am sorry I'd misbehaved. I was wrong for not speaking of the beauty I saw before me and holding my thoughts of it to myself. I rejoice in your beauty, your lovely breasts are heavenly to my sight. I thank you for the opportunity to gaze upon them. And only hope for the chance to press my lips to your chest and suckle at your breast."

"Very good my dear Mobious you learn quickly. You have pleased me well. I will grant your request to suck at my tits." She takes my hand and leads me to the center of the room, steps into my arms and kisses me again. "Caress my breasts and then remove my bustier and don't be clumsy about it." She instructs me. I run my hands up and down the sides of the bustier feeling her torso through the silky garment. As she turns in my arms her hand reaches back and clears her hair of the fasteners, which exposes the nape of her neck to me. Such a beautiful sight to behold her slender neck as it curves into her shoulders at the base. I can't contain myself. I blow gently at the base of her neck and her skin springs to attention drawing back her shoulders slightly. In fear that I may have disturbed her serenity I quickly cover that area of her skin with my lips to settle the reflex. I notice she is about to object, so I quickly return to caressing her breasts through the bustier, then move to the fasteners to free the objects of my desire.

I unfasten the hooks as smoothly as I can and slowly remove the garment from her torso supporting her breasts with my right arm as I free them from their bindings. What magnificent beauties they are, large hard nipples sticking out from dark dusky rose-colored areolas. Each a perfect hemisphere of feminine grace, the mature bosom of a woman. I look deep into her eyes and say "Thank you Mistress. You are too kind to me to allow me the pleasure of your lovely breast." And with that said I move my lips to taste her nipples. I've barely brushed my moustache across the top of them when she stops me to lead me to the bed. She sits on the edge with her legs spread wide before me and invites me to kneel between them so that her nipples are right at mouth level for my attention. I bury my nose between them inhaling deeply of her perfume that has been intoxicating me since we were at the restaurant. A light kiss at the top of each breast then the areola I allow my moustache to brush the nipple as I draw my tongue forward from beneath her breasts. Cupping her breasts from below and aside I force the nipples close together so I'll hit them both with each stroke of my tongue. And stroke them I do. Ten sets of ten in rapid secession followed by pressing my lips against both of them in a passionate kiss. Once more I look up into her eyes and say "Thank you Mistress. You are too kind to me to allow me the pleasure of your lovely breast."

I suckle first at her left nipple while my left hand caresses twists and teases the right. Clamping my lips around the outside of her areola and creating a minor vacuum, I draw her nipple deeper into my mouth where I can best use my tongue to cup and caress it. I occasionally increase the vacuum to try and tickle my tonsils with her nipple, or just to feel her tit filling my throat , then pulling back my head to draw her nipple back out to my lips in a quick kiss before swallowing it again. I notice her breathing is faster. I switch my attentions from the left to the right lavishing all the devotion within me on her magnificent tits. I alternate breasts giving each as much time and attention as is pleasant. I try to gage her pleasure by the movements of her shoulders as I taunt and tease each nipple with kisses and follow with deep draws of the breast down my throat. I feed at her breast sucking on them as if I were trying to suck water out of a rock. She has wrapped her legs around me and started to grind her pussy into my belly, I'm disappointed that she is still wearing her panties and there is nylon between her pussy lips and me. But I am too busy enjoying her tits in my mouth to ask for her panties. I also know I could not stand the distraction of her exposed clit in front of me without taking it in my mouth for the same treatment I'm giving her nipples now.

As I look up she seems to be in a tranquil state of bliss enjoying the attention that her breasts are receiving. It fulfills me so to see to her pleasure I continue my sucking with renewed pride. It's not much longer before I feel wetness from her nylon panties. I can stand it no longer, I plead to her "Mistress if I have pleased you any at all tonight please remove your panties and let me drink of your sweet juices. My mouth is beginning to dry and I thirst for your nectar."

"Sweet supplicant" she begins. "I'm appalled by my own neglectfulness. You have worked hard for my pleasure and I have enjoyed your attentions. You have earned some consideration. You may remove my panties to quench your dry mouth but don't forget what you are doing and return to that activity once you are able." With that she raises her hips slightly from the bed. My hands caress their way from her breasts to the tops of her panties. I feel her pelvis between my palms and her smooth ass cheeks beneath my fingertips. Gently I hook my thumbs underneath the waistband of her panties and palm her ass cheeks with my hands as I slip them off of her hips. I press my lips to her as I slide the panties to her feet, thankful that she has worn her panties on top of her garter. They slide off her feet as my lips meet her ankles. I'm careful not to catch the fabric on her shoes as the back passes over her high heels. I bring the warm wet panties to my lips and kiss them. They have been so close to her, I'm envious of their intimacy with her. With her panties now in my hand and her feet suspended slightly before me I lift her legs to my shoulders and slide my face along her nylon clad legs to her steamy hot crotch. Her sweet aroma is more intoxicating than the perfume that has been filling my head. I breathe deeply to capture as much of her scent as I can.

She leans back on your elbows as I bury my face in her crotch with her thighs supported by my shoulders. I kiss first gently at her clit, then with my tongue I circle it before my lips clamp down and slide furiously across it. I hear her gasp and moan as I continue my attentions to her clit. Flattening my tongue, I give it a few broad licks then point my tongue for more directed stimulation. Her hips start an involuntary movement and I seize the opportunity to start sucking on her clit as I had on her nipples. She takes hold of my wrists and pull me tightly into her crotch. I continue my licking and sucking of her clit making every effort to please her. As her breath becomes more irregular her legs tense and she shudders with a moan I know must be an orgasm. As she relaxes some, I roll my tongue and dip it into her sweet hole to taste the nectar collecting there for me. Oh what a heavenly sweet taste she has. I curl my tongue to the top first to attempt to caress her "g" spot and while it's hooked in her pussy I bob my head back and forth for her pleasure. Then I use my tongue to draw the sweet juice from her pussy. I kneel as low as I can to try to make my tongue the lowest spot in her divine cavern so her sweet juices will drain directly into my mouth. I stretch my mouth wide to engulf her clit below my upper lip and above my teeth. Then shake my head furiously hoping to shake more of her sweet nectar into my mouth. I run my tongue slowly around the walls of her cunt trying to extract all of the moisture contained in it. Her sweet love juice quenches my once dry mouth. I withdraw my tongue from her cunt and start broadly licking at it to clean her remaining juices from between her legs. I let my tongue drop another couple of inches and the tip of my tongue twice circles her anal cavity. Then her legs snap together holding my head in a vise like constriction.

"You Bastard" I hear as she begins to speak. "You impertinent son of a bitch sub. I give you a few inches and you take six. I allow you to drink of the juices from my pussy and you start playing with my asshole. It's not that I don't allow that type of play. I just have not given you permission. You obviously need some instruction in female anatomy." My head still clamped between her legs as she arches her back forcing me to do the same. Her hands reach behind my head and as her feet touch the ground she spreads her legs just slightly. She stands, towering above me. I am on my knees and bent backward my head caught between her legs. I can bend back no farther, her legs are spread just enough for her to manipulate my head with her hands as she wishes. I hold on to the back of her thighs to help keep myself upright. Pulling my head up and into her cunt she says. "This is a pussy! It is what you requested. Stick out your tongue." I comply and she rides my tongue. "It tastes sweet and has a distinctly feminine quality about it because only women have them." She thrusts her hips forward bringing my tongue in contact with her asshole again. "While this on the other hand is an asshole, everyone man and woman alike has one. When you asked to kiss my cunt and I only granted you permission to kiss my cunt. When I tell you to kiss my asshole you kiss my asshole. Understand sub? " With that she steps from my face and allows me to collapse to the floor.

"Oh, and if you ever again lick my ass without my permission, I will simply make sure that you are aroused to the point that you think you can no longer contain yourself...and then I will leave.... Yes, that is cruel.... but I could be much worse... and I wouldn't even use ice cubes... I would leave you with an erection that you wouldn't be able to get rid of for a while.... could be embarrassing even... but would be a just punishment for licking my ass without my permission... I can be a Subs worst nightmare.... "

I lay there in stunned silence trying to collect my thoughts hoping that I've not offended her enough for her to leave. I watch she paces as I catch my breath again. As soon as I am able I get back on my knees and kneel by the bed worried about what she may say next. She takes notice of my uneasiness and speaks again. "Relax sub, I should not have reacted the way I have. I am more at fault for your indiscretion ... I didn't mean to let it go this far the first time and I should have spent more time explaining what I expect of you, so I should not have reacted as strongly as I did when you made your little transgression. However, I did need to let you know that you had made a mistake. So move into the center of the floor, and your instruction will begin."

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