tagLoving WivesFirst Holiday Ch. 03

First Holiday Ch. 03


Chapter 3: Will she finally go all the way?

All my stories are based loosely on our real life events and revolve around those first time feelings.

If this chapter is well received, then I might write some more.


After Dave and Marie had left our apartment, we sat and talked to each other about the events of the last 24 hours, trying to be as open as possible. Anne also related to me her experience at the beach earlier in the afternoon. She told me how, with Marie's encouragement, she had massaged sun cream onto Dave's cock and how between them they had continued on until he came in Marie's mouth. I wasn't happy about it one bit, but didn't want to argue any more, I accepted her explanation of how she did it partly in anger and frustration at the way I'd behaved and partly because of Marie's plan to catch me out. I also had to accept that Marie had been at least partly correct in her assumptions about me. In a mad moment, I had got carried away and when it came to the decisive moment, I had failed their little test and allowed Marie to perform a similar act on me, even if there was an element of entrapment. We both promised not to do anything like this again behind the others back, we also promised to be more open with each other about how we felt and what we wanted.

There seemed to be little disagreement, even though I had been a little more uncomfortable than Anne, there was no doubt that the experience generally had been extremely erotic. I think I was beginning to get my head round it, accepting that it was only sex and neither of us had any intention of starting an affair, in fact after this holiday it was unlikely that our paths would ever cross again.

Before they'd left that afternoon Anne had arranged with Marie for us all to meet up this evening, this surprised me a little as I thought it was a little too soon and would have preferred only each others company and evidently I had mistakenly believed that she would have felt the same.

"Marie asked me if we fancied meeting for a drink, I wasn't sure what you would say but I didn't want her to think that you and I might be having any problems, we aren't are we?"

I hugged her "Of course not."

She looked at me as we hugged

"She did only mention a drink, I don't think there was any other intentions," she reminded me

"Despite anything that may have happened I enjoy their company, particularly Marie's and to be fair they're going home in a few days, we've got another week to ourselves."

True enough, today was Saturday they where going home on the following Tuesday, I suppose I was probably still feeling a little insecure.

"You're right," I stated, she was right, as usual.

However a couple of hours later as I lay on the bed watching her get ready I was getting the uneasy impression that even if she wasn't actually wishing any sort of sexual contact, she definitely wasn't trying to dissuade any special attention. She put on her flimsiest summer dress, a simple design, either pulled over the head or stepped into, no buttons or zips and ideal for travelling, as it looked great straight out of the case. Plain looking on the hanger but quite sheer and the material was very soft and clingy, not for a woman with any unsightly bulges and back home, she would always wear a slip beneath it. She turned around in front of the full-length mirror, checking herself out. In the half-light it looked fairly modest, bare shoulders but it dropped down to at least mid thigh so not too revealing, however when the light shone onto it was virtually transparent and she knew it. The soft curve of her breasts and the outline of her nipples were clearly visible, I knew she was wearing a pair of tiny string panties because I had watched her put them on and the combination of the fine string nestled between the cheeks of her bottom and the sheer material meant that she appeared naked underneath. In fact, she has a small tattoo of a dolphin on her right cheek and in the light; I could just about make it out.

"Can you see my knickers?"

"You may as well not be wearing any, even if I could see them, which I can't, they're so tiny as to not be noticed."

"Should I take them off?" she teased.

"Up to you, surprise me."

"Ok" she replied with a huge grin she disappeared into the bedroom for a few moments.

"Have you taken them off?" there was no way she would go out for the night in that particular dress without panties, she was just teasing.

"Can you tell?" she asked on her return. I could not but I knew however, even just the thought of it was making me hard again. I tried to lift up the back of her dress for a sneaky look, but slapped my hand away firmly.

"Ah ah, no peeking" she chided "you're going to have to wait and see."

I pulled her onto my cock, which by now was bulging, in the front of my jeans; she pushed against me for a second before pushing me away.

"Come on, or we will end up staying in." I feigned disappointment with a fake moan and followed her out of the villa

Recent events had really made her blossom sexually, I decided to it was best to try to be cool about it, take Marie's advice and endeavour to enjoy it.

They were already at the poolside bar when we arrived, perched on two stools; we greeted them and Dave ordered some drinks. Marie looked a knockout, in a light white cotton dress that was shorter than Anne's was. Unlike Anne, she was wearing a bra, the whiteness of the dress showed off her tan and it was low cut, showing a generous amount of cleavage. Dave turned to give us a beer each; he shook my hand then gave Anne a peck on the cheek.

"You look fantastic," he looked down at her "that is a very sexy dress."

"Easy tiger, not too keen you'll scare her off." admonished his wife.

She pecked him back, clearly flattered.

"Leave him alone, obviously a man with taste."

I leant in to kiss Marie.

"So do you, gorgeous tan" she smiled at me, a little twinkle in her eye.

"I know and it's all over too, but you already know that."

This sort of set the tone for the evening, we chatted and drank for a while before moving on and doing the same in a couple of other bars. Apart from the occasional bit of sexual innuendo or the odd saucy story, it was like any other night out with friends, until the drink began to affect us a little more. We decided to return to the pool side bar around two in the morning for a night cap, Anne is not a great drinker, so has to pace herself, tonight she was a little worse for wear, as was Marie. Not drunk, but very cheerful, I was not too bad and neither was Dave, but he used the atmosphere to push the boundaries of the conversation and it was not long before sex was the primary topic. We sat at a table at far corner of the terrace, on the edge of the lit area, there were a few other people there and it was quiet, but I thought it was still best to sit out of the way because of the increasingly sexual content of the conversation

Anne waved her empty glass in front of her. "Come on whose turn is it." I had just been so it was Dave's turn. He shook his head "when do you two get a turn?" He asked.

She laughed.

"I'll tell you what, if you can guess what colour underwear I'm wearing, we'll get the next two rounds in, if not you get them in."

"What's this "we," he gets a look at your knickers and I probably get to buy the drinks." I reminded her.

"Seems fair to me, but I'll need proof" he insisted.

She nodded in agreement.

"It will be worth it for flash, but I expect you to stand up here at the table and give me a good look at the knickers in question." she nodded again.

After much deliberation he said "They can only be white, under that flimsy dress, yes a white thong."

"Wrong" she said.

"Stand up and prove it then." She stood up, teasingly raised her dress a little before reaching in her purse and producing her lacy thong, she held them up for him to see.

"See have a good look, they are white, but I'm not wearing them."

"Get to the bar loser," ordered his wife.

He laughed and shrugged his shoulders.

"But how do I know, they might be a spare pair" he banged his hand on the table "I demand proof."

"It's a fair point," Marie concurred. I was a little intrigued myself, still surprised that she would have spent the evening panty less, unless she had removed them earlier in the evening.

"You can't exactly flash in the bar," I suggested, " The waiter's been watching you two all night as it is."

"Cheaper than giving him a tip though," she replied.

"I'm prepared to accept the results of a physical examination, as long as I do the examining," Dave helpfully suggested.

"Seems fair," agreed Anne to a slightly shocked audience, she moved round the table and stood with her back to Dave and facing towards me, with her arms by her side, Marie moved to sit beside me to block the waiters view and get a better view of her own, I suppose.

Anne was still standing, swaying a little with the alcohol; Dave reached down to the hem of her dress with both hands and very sexily raised it to the top of her thighs. She giggled, grabbing his hands to stop it going any higher.


"Sorry," he pulled it back down smoothing it back down with an exaggerated motion, sliding his hands over her bottom and thighs.

"I can't feel anything, but I'm still not sure."

"Well you have to be sure," she insisted, I couldn't believe the way she was, she had always been pretty open and adventurous but this holiday she was a different woman. She was making me horny and jealous all at the same time, I didn't like the jealous feelings but as Marie squeezed the top of my thigh under the table, I had to agree that there where definite advantages with my wife's new side. Dave's hands slid under the hem of the dress, even in the dim light you could clearly see his hands slide over her bare flesh all the way up to the top of her thighs. His hands then disappeared behind, obviously onto Anne's bare bottom before reappearing at the front of her thighs.

"Still not sure, need another minute or three," he was not for letting up and she was not for stopping him it seemed. His right hand disappeared onto Anne's bottom again; I could see his hand slide between her thighs up towards her pussy. She gasped as he obviously reached his intended target, I could just make out the back of his hand as he rubbed against her. Marie was now lightly wafting her fingers across my bulging cock, not much relief through jeans, she squeezed me gently. Anne's breathing indicated her increased level of arousal; if he carried on, she would climax right there in the bar. He pulled his hands out probably for the best considering where we were.

"Yep, definitely no knickers."

She smoothed her dress down, composed herself as Marie moved back to her seat and she sat back next to me. She leaned in to kiss me and squeezed my leg.

"Ok?" I smiled and nodded.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked her

"He only had a bit of a feel, you don't mind do you?"

I looked at her with raised brow

"You were so into it, I could tell and I suppose I'm beginning to mind a little less."

She leaned in close, with her hand on my still erect cock she whispered in my ear.

"I can tell," she gave me a little squeeze then she nibbled my ear and said softly "He put his thumb inside me, I nearly came," she squeezed me harder "does that turn you on?"

I suppose it did, I nodded; she pulled away from me still with her hand on my cock.

"I think it's your round," she said to Dave.

"It's a bit dead in here, fancy a drink up at ours? We've loads of stuff," suggested Marie.

Anne looked at me, I shrugged my shoulders, wondering where this was going to lead, she took this as an agreement from me and turned back to them.

"Fine, sounds like a good idea to us."

We nodded in agreement, finished the remnants of our drinks and followed them upstairs. Once inside, Dave put some music on then went to the fridge, both girls danced drunkenly, the alcohol had affected them both, I pulled Anne in towards me, Dave put the drinks down and did the same to Marie. I watched him kiss his wife on the lips; he also reached round to squeeze her ass as they danced, I did the same. Dave went further, he inched up the back of her dress to expose her pantie clad bottom while they danced, he knew I was watching as he slid his hand into the back of her knickers. If she knew how much she was exposing, then she did not seem to mind or more likely past caring. As the music stopped, Marie pulled away to change the CD; we took this opportunity to sit down.

Their place was a little larger than ours, particularly the lounge area, where there were two couches facing each other, separated by a low coffee table. Anne and I sat together on one while Dave sat opposite; to be exact he sat opposite Anne, obviously still aware that she was without underwear, Marie put two bottles of wine on the table and sat beside Dave. She sighed loudly as she sat down.

"I'm too knackered to dance," she told us.

"Too drunk more like," replied her husband.

There was a pack of cards on the table, I reached forward to pick them up, they had pornographic images on the back, I had a quick flit through, and Anne was also keen to look. They were graphic, showing lots of full sex in various positions.

"We bought those in a shop near the beach, couldn't resist," Dave informed us "they're our strip poker cards."

"Oh, play often then?" asked Anne

"Actually, no, but we're prepared to give it a go, just to be sociable."

"I'm game, if everyone else is," offered my increasingly surprising wife.

"You sure, from what I can see, you only need to lose one hand," offered Marie.

"She's got shoes on," said Dave "that's at least three goes, tell you what, what about truth or dare, that should stretch it out a bit."

"I'm game, how do you play?" I turned to her, concerned now that the alcohol might make her do or say something that she may later regret

"Are you sure? You know what your like if someone dares you, particularly when you've had a drink."

"What's the matter, its only a bit of fun, besides, we've all seen each other anyway."

"Both men take your shoes off" Marie ordered us "they don't count, that should even things up a little."

We agreed and removed them, neither of us had socks on.

"You as well," Dave said to Marie "you're wearing underwear, that will leave us all with three items of clothing," she slipped them off.

"Ok," said Dave "we take it in turns to deal single cards, face up, the one with the lowest card either removes an item of clothing or has to do a dare or answer a question from the player with the highest card."

We all agreed and Dave dealt the first hand, Anne lost straight away and removed a shoe. Then me, I removed my shirt, it was all fairly casual and we continued to chat and drink as we played. Dave lost his shirt and Anne lost her other shoe before Marie lost a hand, no one had opted for a truth or dare. I know we had all seen each other and even played around a little, but the atmosphere was beginning to feel a little tenser. I wondered just how far Anne was prepared to go, I was fairly sure about how far Dave wanted to go, I didn't mind a little stripping and touching, but was not sure if I could handle anything else. Anne was behaving very brave due to the drink and I think was trying to shock me a little, probably expecting me to stop it before it went too far. Marie lost the next hand to me; she stood up with her hands on her hips, before reaching inside her dress and removing her bra, I sighed in mock disappointment, she just smiled. Dave and I both lost our jeans in the next two hands; the girls were looking decidedly overdressed now.

We took a moment to charge our glasses while Dave was in the kitchen; Anne leaned in to kiss me "Are you ok? She whispered," I shrugged my shoulders, she smiled and kissed me again, this time she squeezed my semi hard cock through my boxers "Seems all right to me."

"Now, now you two, lets not get carried away," Marie admonished us playfully.

"Why, would you like a go?"

Marie smiled at me sexily.

"I'd love a go, perhaps later."

"Go of what?" asked Dave returning to the table.

"Never you mind," she replied, Dave picked up the cards.

"My deal I think," Anne lost to Dave; she only had one item of clothing left.

"What's it going to be?" he asked, undressing her with his eyes already.

"Truth!" she exclaimed.

"Right," said Dave, obviously disappointed, he thought for a moment then smiled sadistically.

"Have you ever had sexual contact with another woman?"

"Christ!" I exclaimed, "straight in at the deep end there."

"Only if it's true, is it?"

It was something that Anne had only ever discussed with me and I have written about it previously in this forum. I looked at her; she looked at Dave and said.

"Yes, once, when I was eighteen."

"Tell us about it" asked Dave, I jumped in.

"I thought it was only one question at a time."

"I don't mind," said Anne.

She told them briefly about being seduced by an older, attractive woman at a party, about her having her pussy shaved before having oral sex performed on her. This is explained fully in one of our previous stories, it is very sexy and I have heard it many times, it always gets me hard, tonight was no exception.

"Did you do it back to her?" This was Marie now; she was sat on the edge of the couch, obviously very interested.

"No, I used a small vibrator on her."

"Did you like kissing her?" Marie again.

"Yes, it was very sensual, she was very feminine and attractive."

There was a pause in the conversation. Dave filled it.

"Right, your deal Greg." I dealt Marie a losing hand; she stood up again, reached under her dress and slid of her panties, both girls were now naked under their dresses. I looked at Marie, she winked at me whilst crossing her legs giving me a brief glimpse of her pussy, I had seen her naked before, but this was far sexier. Marie dealt the next hand and Dave lost, he stood up and whipped his boxers off without a care, revealing a semi hard cock, both girls cheered as he bowed slightly then sat back down. Dave dealt the next, I lost, so I stood up and played up to the girls as they clapped and cheered, by posing and sliding my boxers up an down before removing them, exposing my own semi stiff cock also to rapturous applause, then sitting back down. Marie lost the next hand; she did a very sexy strip, to the music. With her back to us she lifted the back of her dress to expose the cheeks of her bottom then slid her arms out of the straps to let it fall to the floor. She turned round with one hand across her breasts and one over her pussy, staring at me she finished by raising both of her arms over her head to expose herself fully. Dave picked up the cards to deal again, it was Anne's turn but I think the alcohol had numbed her senses slightly. He winked at me before dealing Anne a two of the bottom of the pack, she obviously lost.

She stood up and swayed slightly, giggling.

"God, I think I might need a bit of help," Dave jumped to his feet in a flash.

"No problem, anything for a friend," he generously offered.

"Go on then, kind sir," she responded with a cheeky smile, she stood with her arms by her side, making no attempt to remove it herself.

I moved to the end of the sofa and turned to watch, trying to look cool and relaxed as Dave stood facing Anne, his cock thick and semi erect.

"Does it go up or down?" Obviously referring to the dress.

"Either, you choose."

"Down, I think," as he reached up to the shoulder straps and lifted them off her shoulders, the dress clung to her breasts and would not fall unaided. Taking his time he pulled it slowly down, gradually exposing more of her breasts until the nipples appeared, I could see they where erect, my mouth was dry watching expose more of her body, taking every opportunity to slide his fingers against the skin. After revealing her midriff, he knelt down in front of her as the dress rested on her hips and bottom.

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