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First Meeting


Isabella met Liv at the going away party of J. Wilbanks. Isabella worked for Wilbanks and had been fighting off his efforts to get her in bed for three years. She had stayed with the company because Molly worked there, and she liked being with her best friend. She liked the job. She didn’t dislike Wilbanks; she just had no interest in sex with him.

Liv showed up with a date, of course. The date was a pretty little blonde waif with a flat chest. She followed Liv around all evening, hanging on to the woman’s every word. Belle certainly understood why. She’d had a hard time not watching every move Liv made herself. Liv was wearing a black one piece dress that hugged her thighs. The globes of her breasts spilled out of the bodice of the strapless dress. The material left little to the imagination.

They met entirely by accident. One moment, Isabella had been hanging near the back of the crowd, watching Liv work the room. The next, Liv had been standing next to her. Belle had turned, her eyes searching for the woman, and stumbled into her. Belle’s drink had dropped, splashing all over Liv and her tight dress.

“I’m so sorry!” Belle exclaimed, immediately dabbing at the moisture with the small cocktail napkin she had been carrying. “It won’t stain. It was just ice water.”

“It’s all right,” Liv had answered. “It serves me right for trying to hide.”

Belle did not look up, still trying to dry the woman’s skin. She was acutely aware of Liv’s smell. “Who are you trying to hide from? You’ve been the life of the party all night. Wilbanks will be jealous.”

“Wilbanks will get over it; he always does. And that’s what I’m hiding from. It takes a lot of work to be witty and charming.” A shiver ran down Liv’s spine. “That water was certainly cold.”

Belle’s eyes dropped farther, noticing the goose bumps on Liv’s exposed flesh and the faint outline of large nipples against the dress. She blushed fiercely and dropped her hand. “I’m sorry,” she repeated, dropping her hand, even though some moisture remained.

“Accidents happen,” Liv answered with a warm smile. “I’m Olivia. I hate the name. My friends call me Liv. So should you.”

“Isabella,” Belle answered. “My friends call me Belle.”

“Then I’ll call you Bella,” Liv answered, her voice husky and filled with promise. Belle lifted her eyes slowly, trying to determine Liv’s intention. Liv’s eyes were cat green. They only met for a moment, and then Liv turned. “I believe I owe you a drink.”

“Oh, no!” Belle exclaimed, following Liv through the people. “It was my fault. I should have your dress cleaned.”

“You already told me it was just water, so there is nothing to be cleaned. My replacing your drink will cost me nothing and give me an excuse to be in your company a little longer.”

Belle faltered at Liv’s words. She didn’t think of herself as particularly pretty or charming, so she was always surprised when someone wanted to spend time with her. Liv’s back was already disappearing into the crowd, so Belle hurried after her new friend. Liv stopped at the bar, and then turned to Belle. “This party is really a drag. All people are going to be doing is getting more drunk and lying to Wilbanks about how much they will miss him. Are you going to miss him?” Liv did not give Belle time to respond, but read the look on the other woman’s face quickly. She laughed. “I didn’t think so. Neither will I. Why don’t we go someplace and order something besides finger foods?”

“What about your date?” Belle answered, searching the crowd for the small girl.

“She’s boring as hell,” Liv answered. “And she laughs at all my jokes. My jokes are not funny at all. Who do you think I was really hiding from? When she notices I’m gone, she’ll latch onto the nearest available person, or animal, and have a wonderful time.” Liv took a step toward Belle, her swollen breasts brushing Belle’s arm. “I’ll go get my coat,” she said in that same husky, promise-filled voice.

Belle gasped as if burned as Liv walked away. She stood dumbfounded for a moment, watching Liv’s butt move in the tight dress. A grin touched her lips. She found Molly in the crowd, looking equally bored. “I’m going,” she said.

“Great,” Molly answered. “Let me get my purse.”

“No,” Belle said, waving Molly away. “I’m not leaving alone.” Molly did a double take. “Her,” she whispered, pointing to Liv waiting near the door. Liv, a cell phone tucked beneath her ear, smiled and waved. Molly knew what Belle’s sexual preferences were, but she had never known Belle to act on an attraction so willingly. Belle kissed Molly’s cheek and weaved through the crowd.

Liv was driving a rental car, but it matched her dress. It was small, sleek, and black. They settled into the Corvette and rode with the windows down. Belle did not ask where they were going. For some reason that she did not understand, she was willing to release control to someone else for awhile. She enjoyed the sound of the motor humming, the wind tossing her hair away from her face, and the closeness of Liv’s hand to her knee as Liv changed gears.

Belle was surprised when Liv pulled into the Plaza Inn. Liv turned and smiled as she smoothly parked the car in front of the door. When she looked at Belle, she winked. “I do have on a wet dress. You don’t care if I change clothes, do you?”

“Oh, of course not,” Belle said, blushing again. “Should I wait out here?”

“No. Come on up. I’d like to freshen up a little, so I’ll be a few minutes.”

Belle followed Liv up the stairs, completely focused on the tight dress moving in front of her. By the time Liv unlocked the door to her room, Belle was certain that her new friend was not wearing underwear. They walked into the room and Liv brushed straight into the bathroom, telling Belle to make herself comfortable as she disappeared. Belle looked around awkwardly, trying to remember how she had ended up in a strange woman’s hotel room. It wasn’t her normal character.

She finally settled on the edge of one of the full beds, holding the remote control in her hand and flipping through the channels in search of the news. Someone knocked on the door and Liv called for Belle to answer it. Belle opened the door, surprised to see a room service waiter. He rolled his cart inside silently, setting it beside the bed. He popped a cork off the bottle of champagne and turned to Belle. “Will there be anything else, ma’am?”

“Uh, no,” she muttered. She fumbled in her pocket and pulled out several ones. She placed them in his hand and shut the door behind him.

“I didn’t really want to go back out. I hope you don’t mind,” the husky voice said from behind. Belle turned. The blood washed from her face and her breath caught in her throat. Liv had changed the dress in favor of a short, sleeveless silk and lace night gown and a sheer wrap. Belle felt her mouth go dry. She swallowed with difficulty and looked down, shuffling her feet as the blood returned to her face and chest in full force. She felt like even her toes were blushing.

Liv walked over to the cart and uncovered the collection of cold meats and cheeses and fruit. She poured them both a glass of champagne and sat down on the edge of the bed, folding her wrap around her as she crossed her legs. She patted the spot beside her and smiled in invitation. Belle saw no choice but to sit down beside her new friend. She took the glass of champagne, though she did not normally drink. “A toast,” Liv said. “To Wilbanks, may he stay in Ontario a very long time and not have his organ removed by any women he tries to pick up in bars.”

Belle laughed. “To Wilbanks,” she repeated, “For throwing a very boring party for himself, but for inviting a very lovely woman.”

She took a sip of the champagne. Liv lifted her glass, but did not drink, watching Belle carefully. As soon as Belle lowered the glass, Liv leaned across and licked the excess moisture. Belle froze, allowing the touch. When Belle did not pull away, Liv took it as a sign of encouragement. She touched her lips to Belle’s lips, kissing softly. Her head tilted and her tongue traced the fine line parting Belle’s mouth. Belle’s lips parted on a hot breath of air, accepting Liv’s tongue. Liv swirled her tongue around Belle’s mouth, tasting her teeth and tongue. Belle rubbed her tongue against Liv’s, then conducted her own exploration.

When they pulled apart, they were both breathing heavily. Liv’s breasts were rising and falling. Belle could see the dark shadows of Liv’s nipples through the thin material. Liv pulled the cover off of her shoulder, and then pushed the strap down her arm. The material slipped off of Liv’s large breast, revealing the puckered nipple. Her eyes never left Belle’s face. Belle licked her lips. “Touch me, Bella.”

Belle sat the glass of champagne aside and reached out her hand to cup Liv’s heavy breast in her palm. Her fingers curled around it, holding the weight. Liv sighed, arching forward. Bella’s fingers moved across the globe, exploring every inch with the tips of fingers till her hand stretched over it and the nipple pressed against the center of her palm.

Belle surprised them both when she pulled her hand away and bent, licking the hard pink nipple with her tongue. Liv groaned a little now, arching her back and holding her head back. Belle sucked the nipple into her mouth, massaging it with her tongue as she feasted.

She pulled off of Liv’s nipple and kissed her way slowly upward, seeking Liv’s lips again. Liv curled her hand around Belle’s neck, seeking the kiss herself. Her fingers toyed with the collar of Belle’s shirt. “You should take this off.”

Liv’s lips went down Belle’s neck and into the collar of the shirt, her fingers freeing the first button of the blouse. Her mouth followed her fingers down, passed Belle’s breasts, onto her stomach, and dipping against her navel. Belle shrugged out of the blouse as Liv’s fingers went to work freeing the bra. Liv slowly lowered the cups, revealing Belle’s smaller but round and firm breasts. “You are beautiful,” Liv whispered, kissing around the mounds till she finally reached the peaks with her teeth.

Belle turned, inching herself back on the bed. She circled her arms around Liv and lay down, pulled Liv over her as they enjoyed another long, intimate kiss.

The rest of their clothing seemed to melt away. First Liv’s night gown wafted to the floor, then Belle’s chinos and panties, till they were naked on the sheets. They spent time exploring with fingers and lips and tongue, nipping and sucking along each other's skin till Liv arrived at the juncture of Belle’s thighs. She stroked the inside of Belle’s leg, urging the shy woman to part her legs. Liv stroked the dark curls lightly, feeling Belle’s heat and desire.

Belle cried out immediately when Liv’s tongue parted her swollen lips and touched the swollen bud that hungered to be touched. She touched it once and Belle shuddered with a deep groan. Liv smiled, teasing with slow, languid licks, then building with rapid flicks. Belle moaned and squirmed and cried and pleaded for more. Every time she reached a crest, Liv would change the pace, carrying her even higher.

When Isabella peaked, her body jerked stiff and she screamed out, her fingers digging into Liv’s shoulders. She bucked up, grinding herself and covering Liv. She collapsed onto the bed, sobbing violently. Liv kissed her way gently up Belle’s body, her voice soothing.

When Belle had stopped crying and those delicious shivers had ceased to ripple through her body, Liv smiled warmly. “Now that I have had my appetizer, I’m hungry. Let’s eat, and then you can have desert.”

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