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First Taste


“Hey John, Come down here a minute.”

“What the hell’s she want now?” I mumbled to myself.

“Just a sec, the games almost over.”

My wife has a revolving group of friends that get together once a month to play cards. Sometimes it’s a young group; sometimes it’s mixed with some older ladies. This week it appears to be pretty mixed. Usually I try to stay as far away as possible, but tonight I was home early so I tried to hide in the upstairs den and watch the Lakers, but my wife’s been getting me downstairs to show them how to make different types of martinis about every half hour. From all the racket it appears that their having a pretty good time.

When I get to the bottom of the stairs Bonnie, Beth, and Jeanie are finishing their goodbyes and walking out the door.

“Better watch those three, their about three sheets to the wind.” Says Bonnie laughing.

“You might have to call them a taxi.”

As the front door shuts and I step into the dinning room I hear one of the women still playing yell “You can’t do that, that’s cheating!”

Still seated at the table are Valerie my wife, her best friend Danny, and another woman from Val’s work Chloe and I can see that all three of them are way past the two drink limit. Poker chips are piled in front of each of them so I assume that their game of choice tonight has been poker.

“You need to play with us; it’s no good trying to play with just three people.”

Patting the seat next to her, Chloe says “Yeah, sit here, maybe you’ll

bring me some luck. These people have been taking my money all night.”

Val starts to get up, bumps the table and they all start giggling. She looks at me and says “Opps, I think we all need another drink.”

There’s nothing worse then being the only sober person at the party so I tell Val to make me one to.

We play for an hour and because I’m the only semi sober there person I win two out of every three hands.

“I think he’s cheating, we should search him and see if he’s hiding cards.”

At that all three of them jump up and surround me, Val starts feeling my left arm and side while Chloe stands in back of me and starts rubbing my shoulders and down my chest, as she does this my head is pressed to the cleavage of her breasts which are quite substantial, and I must say it turned me on more then just a little. Danny who was on the opposite side of the table is laughing so hard I think she’s going to pass out. Finally she gets her breath and says “You look kike you’re wearing giant earmuffs. How big are those things Chloe?”

Chloe steps back and pulls her blouse and bra up over the tops o her tits so we all get a good look, “What do think?”

Val asks “Are they real?’

“Feel them and tell me what you think.”

I chirp up and say “I’ll feel them.” And Val gives me a playful smack on the arm.

“It’s ok, he can feel, heck you all can feel.”

With that she pulls her top over her head and unbuttons her bra. I fill kind of embarrassed but Danny and Val step right up to Chloe and start feeling the white satin skin surrounding the large pink areolas, as they do the nipples which had been rather nondescript all of sudden grow to hard little points that beg to be touched.

Danny, while still rubbing says “I’ve never felt another woman’s breasts.”

I can tell that the alcohol has done its work and I wonder how far this little show might go, so I think maybe I can help it along.

“Val have you ever rubbed another girls tits or vise versa?’

“No, but this is kind of sensual. Chloe have you ever touched another women?”

With a little shutter to her voice Chloe answers “Yes, I’ve had sex both men and women, and will one of you please touch or lick my nipple before I go nuts.”

Val bends over and flicks the tip of her tongue to the tip on one nipple and it seems to grow another quarter of an inch instantly. While Val keeps flicking the end of Chloe’s nipple Danny holds the other breast up to her mouth and starts gently sucking on the other nipple.

Val stops and looks over at me and says “Is this brothering you?”

“Are you kidding? You just keep it up and I’ll let you know when I become offended.”

My wife and I have had sex just about every way to have it, including with another man, but never have I seen or known Val to be intimate with another woman. Seeing her and Danny standing in front of Chloe licking and sucking her tits was a real treat. I figured I’d just keep my mouth shut and let things go where they may.

Chloe is starting to squirm a little; she reaches down and starts to rub between her legs. After a minute she says “We need to get a little more comfortable. Let’s go in the living room.”

I follow the three of them into the living room almost feeling like they don’t even know I’m there or at the least they don’t care. Chloe’s telling the other two to take their tops off, she wants to touch and taste their breasts too.

I’ve seen a lot of porn movies where the women are going at it, but seeing these three, especially my wife rubbing and sucking each other is the most exciting thing I’ve ever seen. All three are down to their panties now.

Val looks over to me and says “Honey, What do you think we should do now.”

I ask “Is this turning you on, being with another woman like this?’

“Oh yes, I can’t believe it, but it is. And I can see by the tent in your pants that you’re enjoying it to. Is there any thing you’d like?”

“I’d like to make use of that double ended dildo we have. Should I go get it?”

“Oh yeah, that’d be fun.”

I go up stairs to our bedroom and it takes a few minutes to find our little bag of goodies because Val had put it away the last time we had used the stuff. When I come back down stairs I’m treated to the sight of my wife lying on her back with a pillow under her ass so her hips are up in the air. Her legs are spread and Chloe is between her legs passionately running her tongue up and down Val’s slit, even from here, across the room I can see and hear how wet she is.

Chloe is on her hands and knees with her head between Val’s legs and I tell Danny to get on her hands and knees facing away from Chloe so their buts are facing each other, about a foot apart. I have a dildo in my hand that’s twenty inches long and has a cock looking head on both ends. I first run my fingers up and down one pussy and then the other, both are soaking wet so I have no problem inserting first one end of the dildo into Chloe’s pussy and then the other end into Danny’s dripping snatch.

I hold the dildo by the middle as both women start to ease their asses back toward each other, burying the fake cock deeper and deeper into their eager pusses. I remove my hand and their two ass’s come together completely engulfing the huge dildo. They both start moaning as they rock forward, to the point where the dildo almost slips out of their holes, and then back so their ass cheeks slap together.

I move over to my wife and pull off my pants, she props herself up on her elbows as I hold my cock out to her. Chloe still has her face buried in Val’s pussy. My wife starts sucking on the head and I think I’ve died and gone to heaven, here I am getting a blow job, and two other women slam a giant dildo in and out of their pussies while one of them tries to eat the lips off of Val’s vagina.

“Val, I think you should taste some of this pussy, see if you like it as much as I do.”

“OK, but what should we do with this?” As she says this she gives my saliva covered cock another lick.

“Danny pops her head up and says “You eat this and we’ll eat that.

With that both Chloe and Danny roll over on their backs and spread their legs. Val gets down between Danny’s legs and starts’ eating out her pussy like it’s something she’s been doing her whole life. She spends a minute between Danny’s Leg’s and then slides over and starts munching on Chloe’s soft shaved mound.

I kneel next to Danny’s and Chloe’s heads and start stroking my cock. It’s so hard and throbbing that it almost hurts. Watching Val eat one while shoving her fingers in and out of the other’s pussy is too much.

I start stroking faster and faster. I don’t know who, but one of the girls starts touching my anus with a wet finger. Just as I’m on the edge of erupting the finger slides up my ass as far as it can go. This is the last straw. The first spurt of cum flies at least two feet, falling across both Chloe’s and Danny’s breasts, the second, not quite but almost as strong I direct into Danny’s open mouth. The last couple of drops start to fall from the tip but Chloe uses her tongue to catch them before they fall.

Val has picked her head up, watching me cum.

“Wow, if this kinda stuff is going to cause that kind of a reaction we’ll have to try it again.”

Danny who was still licking the sperm from her chin and lips chimed in with “You can count me in. Maybe next time I’ll bring Bill, I’m sure he’d like a little of this.”

As Val rubbed up next to me, I could smell the aroma and see the juices from the other girls’ pussies on her mouth. With that she gave me a wet open mouth kiss that tasted like pussy.

“I think I may like eating pussy almost as much as you. But we should do it again sometime just to be sure.”

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