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First Time Show Off


My husband had always been bit of an exhibitionist. I was happy to help him show off his body, but I never really understood the allure. That is until one night he talked me into showing off in public. Now we're both hooked.

On a Tuesday evening, we went shopping and exploring at the Pleasure Chest, a sex shop in West Hollywood. My husband said he wanted to buy me a new outfit, so we checked out the shop's collection of sexy women's clothes, many of which left nothing to the imagination. We looked at various see-through outfits in differing colors and degrees of opaqueness.

I ultimately picked out a black fishnet body suit. I went into the dressing room to try it on and decided to buy it. It was incredibly revealing. The fishnet pattern was very wide, nearly an inch and a half between each strand. In the mirror I could see that my nipples, breasts, and pussy hair were all visible. I loved it. I couldn't wait to tease my husband with this outfit in the bedroom.

The more I thought about teasing my husband, the more aroused and frisky I got. I decided to leave the body suit on to tease him a bit before we got home. So I put my skirt on over it as well as a jean jacket. I put my top, bra, and thong into my purse. I examined myself in the mirror again. When I opened or removed my jacket, my breasts were covered by only the fishnet, which left nothing to the imagination. Hot.

I came out of the dressing room and flashed open my jacket so my husband could see. He was obviously very happy. He kissed me and told me the outfit looked amazingly hot. Of course he'd say anything to get into my pants. He paid for the body suit. While we were waiting for the clerk to run his credit card, he whispered into my ear for me to leave my jacket open a bit. I surprised myself and put my arms down and let my jacket fall open. I caught the clerk and a male customer stealing glances at my chest. I liked it.

It was around 8 pm and we headed for home. But we ended up making a stop first. My husband made a suggestion that I just couldn't resist. We drove to a nearby Ralph's grocery store where lots of men shopped right around that time. We parked in the store's multi-story parking garage, and headed in. We separated at that point and put our pre-arranged plan in motion.

I went to the magazine aisle and started browsing a Cosmo. He loitered at the other end of the aisle waiting for someone to join me at the magazine stand. After a few minutes, a college-aged guy joined me at the magazine stand. He turned his back to me. And I seized the opportunity and peeled off my jacket (giving him a full view of my breasts when he looked over). It was so hot being essentially topless in a public spot. I was nervous but amazingly turned on.

The guy noticed me as soon as he turned around. He looked surprised, but clearly was trying to play it cool. Hilarious. I moved into different positions as he periodically glanced over at me. He tried talking to me, but couldn't get much of a coherent conversation going. He kept stuttering. I teased with him by putting my magazine down, raising my arms up and stretching, ostensibly to grab another magazine. That gave him a full view of my 34Cs. I love being a tease but didn't want to be too over the top.

Eventually, my husband walked over to me and gave me a big hug and kiss. I guess he got tired of watching. I was a bit bummed to have to leave so soon. I put my jacket back on and we quickly left the store.

By then we were both so turned on that we couldn't wait very long to have sex. We walked up some stairs to a largely empty level of the parking garage, headed for a somewhat secluded corner, and began making out. He massaged my breasts and felt my hard nipples under the jacket, which soon came off again. I leaned back against a railing, spreading my legs apart, and pushed his head down toward my dripping pussy. Fortunately (but not surprisingly) the mesh bodysuit was crotch-less, giving his tongue full access to my naughty bits.

At one point while he was going down on me, I heard a car somewhere behind me. But, I didn't want this to stop. The thought that we were being watched pushed me over the edged and I came soon after that. Then I pulled him up and pushed him back against the same railing. It was my turn to get down on my knees, unbutton his jeans, and pull out his hard cock. I took it in my mouth and I started licking and sucking his cock. I knew it wouldn't be long before he came. This time a car came pretty close to us and definitely saw us. But again I wasn't going to stop or even slow down. He soon reached orgasm. I kept his cum in my mouth, got up, and kissed him deeply. I spit his my own cum back into his mouth. I love doing that. He swallowed it and kissed me again.

I put on my jacket, he pulled up his pants, and we headed back to the car. What fun! I finally understood why he loved to show off: The rush of excitement; the thrill of others watching you; the breaking of a social taboo. Now I was hooked.

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