tagGay MaleFirst Time Sucking

First Time Sucking


It's been a warm day and I have been working in the yard all day. The wife and kids are away for the weekend and I figured I'd use the time to get some yard work done. When I have finished for the day, I need a shower. Tonight will be a quiet night, I expect, with a little TV, perhaps a beer or two and, of course, checking out some porn and masturbating.

I have been feeling horny all day. Either it is the heat, the manual labour or the fact that the wife is away and I cannot put my cock somewhere to satisfy it. Regardless, I have been looking forward all afternoon to a good shower and jacking off to relieve the tension.

I remove my sweaty clothes and place them in a pile in the laundry room. I enjoy the feel of being naked. The wind blowing through the house caresses me and causes my cock to swell slightly. Small goose bumps rise on my skin and I realize I cannot wait till later, I need to masturbate now.

Wrapping a towel around my waist, I head to the room in which I keep my laptop, stoking myself as I go. As I sit and log in I hear a car pull up. Nothing strange, at least not in this neighbourhood. I begin to amuse myself and drop the towel as my cock swells and grows into a rock hard state. Then, however, my heart sinks as I hear a knock at the door.

"Shit...why now?" I ask myself as I get up and re-wrap the towel around myself.

I open the door.

"Andrew?" asks the person at the door.

"Yes, I am Andrew."

"Good, my wife asked me to bring this over to you. We are here from out of town, but my wife knows yours."

"Ok, yeah, right. My wife mentioned someone might be by with a lamp. Let me show you where it goes......."


"Ok, Karl, this way."

Karl was like me, average build, dark hair. I suspected the ladies might find him attractive. It never occurred to me to apologize for wearing only a towel, and he never seemed to mind. I also never noticed that my erect cock poked at the towel...forming a nice bump. Karl never seemed to mind that either.

I led the way up the stairs, with Karl close behind. I felt that breeze again and my cock swelled more. I wondered if Karl could see up the towel...and part of me hoped he could...and was trying to look.

"Right over there is where she wants it," I said.

"K, got it."

As Karl bent over to place the lamp on the floor, I caught myself looking at his ass. It was a nice ass, I imagined. It was nothing, though, compared to when he got up and I saw the bulge in his pants. My cock was already stiff, but seeing his bulge and wondering what it looked like made me start to drip.

I wondered if Karl had a hard on too, and imagined he did. I wondered what could have turned him on so much, but then I felt a breeze on my shaft. My cock had poked through the crease in the towel. In my haste, I had taken one of the smaller ones and it barely covered me at all. It must have shifted over completely as I was walking up the stairs.

I looked at Karl sheepishly, but he was looking at my cock. I took the hint and sat on my bed, releasing the towel as I walked. This time, I knew Karl was watching me and it turned me on supremely.

"Do-do you like?" I asked, my throat dry from breathing heavily.

Without speaking, Karl came over and reached out to touch my cock. When his hands reached me I twitched and gasped. Soon, he was stroking me and I began to moan involuntarily.

"Yes, I do like it"

I reached for his pants and undid them, taking care to not interrupt him from stroking me. I was right, Karl had a massive hard on. Seeing his cock made my mouth water and I slipped his pants off quickly and grabbed his rock hard shaft and began stroking.

The thoughts raced through my mind "I am touching another man's cock...another man is touching mine...god this feels so god...I want to suck him so bad".

I slid off the bed and knelt in front of Karl. I stoked him a few more times and held his hot cock against my face. It was beginning to ooze pre-cum and I knew he wanted me to suck him. I grabbed both his ass cheeks and opened my mouth wide and slide his whole monstrous cock inside my mouth. I had for years fantasized about sucking a cock, and I was now finally doing it. I felt Karl's body heave with each breath. I reached up and realized he had removed his shirt and so I rubbed his hard nipples. Moans of pleasure filled the air.

I deep throated Karl for a while before pulling off and holding his cock so I could lick the head and taste all he had to offer. Karl was uncircumcised, like me, so I knew his foreskin was incredibly sensitive and so I gently sucked on it and he groaned in approval. I licked his glans up and down, I gently pushed my tongue into his cock hole, I delighted in the taste and feel of his cock. I stroked him harder, up and down while I licked his head.

Karl then took my head in his hands and pushed me back onto his cock and I gladly obliged. I worked his cock as I am certain he's never been worked before. His breathing then quickened, his grip tightened and his thrusting hips suddenly froze and I realized he was about to cum. This was confirmed when he gasped one last time and said "I'm cumming, I'm cumming, I'm cumming".

Knowing exactly what to do, I paused briefly to allow his orgasm to build. I waited in exquisite anticipation for what I knew was coming. I grabbed Karl's shaft and pulled back on the skin to give it a more forceful push when I felt the first burst of hot cum hit the back of my throat. I let the first couple of jets shoot unimpeded and then slid his cock out of my mouth far enough for me to be able to suck on his head and coax out more. I sucked and licked Karl's head till nothing more came and his convulsing cock was still. I left his cum in my mouth and opened it to show him before swallowing it all in one gulp. I savoured the taste and went back to his cock to clean it with my tongue, squeezing Karl's tight ass and licking him from his balls to the end of his shaft.

Karl then eased me back against the bed and leaned me back. He stopped to suck on my nipples on his way down to my swollen, dripping, red, stiff member. He licked my head first to clean off my pre-cum and I heard him breathily say "tastes so good". Karl's hot, moist mouth then took in all of me and I reached down to caress his head.

When Karl asked me "are you ready to cum?" I could barely speak the word "yes" to him.

He stroked my cock more feverishly and then slid me all the way into his mouth. I began to feel the glow building at the head of my cock and knew I was now about to cum. Karl, like me, waited a couple of seconds and but he held his tongue out and allowed me to shoot my first load there before opening up and allowing me to deposit my full wad in his mouth. I seemed to shoot a hundred times and I wondered if Karl had room in his mouth for it all. He must have because he stood up, mouth open and allowed me to see how I had filled him before he, too swallowed.

He then went back to coaxing out what little remained and cleaned my cock with his tongue, as I collapsed backwards on the bed, more satisfied than I had been in years.

When Karl was done he rose and quietly dressed.

"My wife will be expecting me back soon," he said.

I nodded, but before he left, we agreed to try to connect again soon.

He left, and as he did so, I licked my lips and realized I had developed a taste for cum...and I wanted Karl's cock inside my mouth again..........soon....

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/28/18

First time

Id love to suck my first cock

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by Anonymous03/16/18

Jacking It

Your cock story made me very hot and very horny as my dick became very hard and dripping precum. It swelled to my 9” max length and being very flexible made me able to lick and suck about 4” of it.more...

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by Anonymous02/28/18

my first time

I can remember my first time having my cock sucked. I was 12 and it felt so damn good! I let him suck me for years it was awesome. I can remember my first orgasm I ever had was in his mouth with my legsmore...

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by Anonymous01/31/18

Another Cocksucker

I was fifteen when my best friend and I began experimenting during sleepovers and after school before our parents were home from work. We compared penises, engaged in tentative touching, masturbated togethermore...

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by Anonymous12/27/17

Almost a 5 star

Thanks for a very hot story. I’m a married 59 yr. old bisexual male and I’ve sucked many guys since I was a teenager. I had to give you 3 stars on this one. With just a little work, it could easilymore...

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