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Fitting Room Encounter


The store was closing in 5 minutes and the woman couldn't make up her mind as to which top went with what pants. It all seemed so confusing to her. Her daughter was returning to college and she wanted to give her some clothes as a going away present. She knew her daughter frequently purchased clothing from the store.

Dory and Lynn were getting anxious as they wanted to close on time. Dory saw the woman's dilemma and asked if she could help. The woman explained her plight and Dory matched the tops with the appropriate pants. Against her better judgment, Dory asked the woman if her daughter was full figured, normal or slim size. The woman seemed more confused than ever and thought she was a slim size. She looked at Dory's body and thought Dory looked to be about the same size as her daughter.

"I know this must seem like a terrible imposition, but could you try them on? My daughter is leaving tomorrow morning and I'll be glad to pay extra."

The woman seemed so helpless and sincere that it appealed to Dory's good nature. Dory agreed. Then she lowered and locked the security gate.

On their way to the fitting rooms, Dory told Lynn to close out the register as she would only be 5 or 10 minutes. Lynn heard the woman express her gratitude to Dory several times.

Dory introduced herself as the woman followed her to the fitting rooms.

"I'm Ellie McCord but please call me Ellie" she replied.

To save time, Dory thought Ellie should sit in the same fitting room and she chose the handicap room for the extra space. Dory had Ellie sit on the bench at the far end facing the mirror. Without feeling self conscious, Dory quickly changed into the first outfit. She turned to Ellie and told her she didn't like the way it fit her.

As Dory was changing, Ellie caught herself admiring Dory's body. Ellie thought she was in her early twenties and very attractive with long brunette hair. She had a slim build like her daughter but with a more mature look. Ellie was surprised that the sight of Dory in her bra and panties had an erotic appeal to her. She was entranced by her youth and attractive physique.

At first, Dory was all business and quickly changed into several different outfits before she noticed that Ellie seemed to be checking out her body, especially her ass and tits. She guessed that Ellie was probably in her mid to late 40's, about her mothers age. She had a pretty face that retained its youthful look and was dressed in a pair of expensive jeans and a sweater that complimented her slim figure.

Since her husbands' death 7 years ago, Ellie's only sexual gratification came via masturbation. She was shocked when her daughter admitted to having a bi-sexual encounter at college and here she was getting sexually stimulated by the sight of someone her daughters' age. Oddly, Dory was getting aroused knowing Ellie was attracted to her. She was no stranger to bi encounters and was positive that Ellie was sexually inexperienced with woman.

Ellie saw that Dory was changing clothes at a much slower pace and lingered in her sheer bra and panties. She was fascinated with Dory's small breasts as the nipples poked against the sheer material of the bra. When her gaze shifted to the youngsters' French cut panty clad ass, Ellie's crotch twitched and dampened.

Turning Ellie on made Dory flush with desire and despite the age difference, she thought Ellie was sexually attractive. She let the bra slip from her shoulders and saw Ellie's jaw drop as her pert stubby nipples came into view. She was going to show how some of the tops looked without a bra and Ellie was practically drooling just staring at her tits.

Ellie was envious of Dory's youth and luscious body but when the aroma of Dory's aroused pussy reached her nose it was like an aphrodisiac and inflamed her libido. Her pussy quivered and bubbled with a craving that took control of her body. Involuntarily and with as little movement as possible, she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled down the zipper. Keeping her eyes glued to Dory's almost naked form, she slowly moved her petite hand into her panties and slid her fingers along her very wet slit.

As Dory was pulling a tight fitting pair of jeans down her legs, her fingers, without intending, got caught in the waistband of the panties and they slid to mid thigh along with jeans.

Ellie gawked at Dory's stubby nipples standing at attention and as her eyes traveled down the sexy body, they spied the groomed landing strip above Dory's slit. She had never groomed that area even when her husband was alive and loved the look.

When Dory saw Ellie's hand moving inside her panties, she quickly stripped the remaining clothes and stood in front of her. Her nipples ached with need and her crotch was dripping wet. She wanted Ellie's mouth on her tits and randy pussy NOW!.

"Like what you see?" Dory said in a sexy voice. All Ellie could do was nod her head, yes.

Any reservations that Ellie had about having sex with Dory were overridden by an overwhelming desire to please the young "hottie". But, she was unsure of how to proceed.

Dory seeing Ellie's hesitation took charge and placed her hands on Ellie shoulders for support. As she leaned down her aching tits were right in front of Ellie's mouth and without any urging from Dory, Ellie's mouth engulfed her right nipple. Dory moaned as Ellie sucked and tongued her stiff tits with abandon. Her pussy throbbed from the stimulation of Ellie's mouth as it worked on her nipples.

Ellie was delirious with need as she sucked, nipped and whipped her tongue across Dory's sensitive nubs. With Dory's hands on her shoulders, she ran her hands up and down the silky soft skin on Dory's back. Nothing of this erotic magnitude had ever happened to her.

"Suck my tits!" Dory yelped, lost in the pleasure.

Dory saw Ellie's open jeans and slid her hand inside the panties. She cupped her wet hairy mound and instinctively drew her finger along the length of the creamy slit. Gently, she stroked Ellie's long neglected sex. As Ellie continued her assault on Dory's tits, Dory withdrew the dripping digit and shoved it into her mouth. She was surprised by the strong but pleasing flavor. A bit more tangy and pungent flavor than usual but tasty. She was under the misguided impression that most middle age woman had festering swamps for crotches and this was nothing like that at all. Repeatedly, her fingers made the journey into Ellie's panties and it aroused her fiery libido.

As Dory's finger stroked her sopping slit, Ellie fed on her tits with animalistic need. Hot new sensations pulsed thru her body with every swipe of Dory's talented fingers. Her hands replaced her mouth on Dory's succulent tits and she reared her head back.

"Oh God, that feels incredible!" Ellie gasped in a breathy voice.

Overcome by Ellie's words and pure lust, Dory withdrew her fingers and pulled Ellie's jeans and panties down her legs. She gazed at the light brown full bush covered pussy and decided it was a lot less hairy than some she'd seen and licked. An overpowering need consumed Dory and she lowered her head between Ellie's thighs.

Without realizing, Ellie spread he legs as wide as she could and was shocked by what she knew would happen next. Except for her husband, no one in over 25 years had seen her aroused pussy and she watched in awe as Dory's mouth covered her slit

Dory's tongue made a few tentative licks along the juicy slit and loved the taste.

"I'd lick a pussy this tasty anytime." Dory thought to herself. She was sure Ellie must have been a real "hottie" when she was younger. Her hands lifted the cute butt, drawing it closer and she lapped the creamy gash with more urgency.

Ellie was mesmerized as Dory ate her pussy with a wild hunger. Intense pleasure surged thru her body. It was like a dream, One minute she was clothes shopping for her daughter and the next minute she's having her first sexual experience since her husband passed away with another woman.

Dory gripped Ellie's butt as her tongue reamed the sopping gash.

Ellie moaned continuosly as her creamy slit rode Dory's twisting tongue. The sensations were downright fantastic as they flooded her body. If she had known it was this good, she would have switched to girls' years ago.

Lynn looked at clock and saw it was 10:30 pm. She couldn't imagine what was going on in the fitting room. Dory should have been finished long ago. As Lynn made her way to the fitting rooms, she heard moaning and panting. She saw the fitting room door ajar and the sight floored her. There was Dory on her knees, feasting on the woman's hairy pussy and enjoying immensely. Overcome by the erotic sight, Lynn sat on the floor facing the door, ripped open her pants and thrust her hand into her panties.

Dory's mouth skillfully worked Ellie's engorged pussy into an orgasmic lather. Contractions seized Ellie's heaving pussy and she bucked wildly from the indescribable feelings. She swore fireworks were exploding above her.

As her orgasm subsided, Ellie had the insatiable need to devour Dory's young pussy. With her body still quaking from its orgasmic high, she changed places and buried her head between Dory's thighs.

As Ellie lifted her ass, Dory threw her legs over her shoulders. She gaped at Ellie as she ate her with a ferocious craving. She was hot for the youngsters' randy flesh and as she sucked her first pussy, it vibrated and pulsed against her ravenous mouth. Ellie found the taste tart but very satisfying and far superior to her husbands' semen. She never understood why she was expected to give him oral pleasure when he wouldn't return the favor.

"Oh Yeah, eat my pussy!" Dory cried out.

Using her hands as leverage on the bench, Dory pushed her pulsating pussy against Ellie's mouth. The feeling of the turgid flesh in her mouth thrilled Ellie. Her tongue vigorously worked the fleshy folds as she sucked Dory's throbbing clit.

"That's it baby, eat me! Suck my pussy real good." Dory squealed with delight.

With her orgasm building to epic proportions, Dory's hips bucked wildly. A mere novice, a first timer was licking her into sheer ecstasy and she shook like tree in a hurricane as orgasmic waves shot thru her body.

"Oh God, Oh God!" she moaned at the top of her lungs.

Ellie held on for dear life as Dory thrashed against her clinging mouth. She kept lapping away at the oozing flesh, refusing to stop. As her fiery orgasm ebbed, Dory could recall only one other time when someone had feasted on her with such complete and total abandon.

As her orgasm slowly receded, Dory's pussy was spent and she rolled on her side away from Ellie.

Her pussy aflame with need from watching the wanton display, Lynn flew into the room. Without saying a word, Ellie was pulling Lynn's pants and top off. When she had Lynn naked, Ellie marveled at her lean physique. Her eyes traveled down to her trimmed blonde bush and it was wet with moisture. As much as Ellie had enjoyed feasting on Dory, the sight of Lynn's incredibly hot body was like pouring gasoline on a fire to her libido.

Once Ellie had her naked, Lynn didn't waste any time. She sat on the bench seat and spread her legs wide apart.

Ellie was in awe of Lynn's body and grabbed Lynn's firm ass pulling her engorged slit onto her hungry mouth.

Dory was sitting on the carpeted floor with her back against the wall when she saw the depraved scene unfold before her eyes.

She knelt on the floor in front of Lynn and sucked a taut nipple into her mouth.

Lynn moaned as Dory's mouth and fingers manipulated her sensitive breasts. Making up for her years of sexual neglect, Ellie feasted on Lynn's creamy slit with rabid ferocity.

As Lynn rotated her heaving gash on Ellie's face, blinding hot sensations seared her body. She was mesmerized watching Ellie's tongue burrow into the turgid flesh with lightning strokes.

With Dory at her tits and Ellie between her legs, Lynn exploded from sensory overload. She rode the waves of her orgasm from peak to peak until they slowly ebbed away.

All three lay in various configurations on the fitting room floor. Dory heard the phone ring at the front counter and ran naked to answer it. As she picked up the receiver, she glanced at the clock on the wall, it was 12:05 AM.

When Dory returned to the fitting room, she said they had 10 minutes to clean up and clear out. Security would escort them to their vehicles.

"Happy 21st Birthday" Dory said to Lynn.

Lynn looked at her with surprise.

"Its past midnight" Dory remarked.

As Ellie paid for her purchases, she told Lynn to have a nice birthday.

"Its already one for the record books" Lynn said with a smirk.

As they were escorted to the parking lot, Lynn and Dory told Ellie that she was welcome for after hours shopping anytime.

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