Flat Tire


I don't know why I took the shortcut on this deserted country road, except it does cut off about 7 miles from the journey and avoids going through the town.

But here I was pulled off to the very side of the road on a hot and humid summer's night with a flat tire, a cellular phone that doesn't work and I'm rapidly losing the light of day.

I dug thru' the trunk for the tire wrench and pulled out the spare tire which also didn't appear too healthy. Thank god my stepdad had taught me years ago to have a length of pipe for the wrench to make life easier getting those nuts off.

I had the jack sat on a nice flat piece of wood and used it just after I had loosened all of the wheel nuts. Things were looking good I thought as I pulled off the wheel and quickly pushed on the spare, but it didn't feel right, I think it was a bit soft too.

Once I let down the jack I could see that it was almost as flat as the other one and that there was a gash in the side of the tire. Damn, I wondered what I should do now as the darkness surrounded me.

I was still bent over the wheel when these headlights speeded towards me and I remember wishing that it would have been nice to have all that light 5 or 10 minutes ago.

The old van stopped and pulled over to the side and the driver emerged.

"Hey Missy, gotta problem." The driver said in what sounded like a Caribbean drawl.

"I have a flat tire, and the spare is flat too." I told him.

"Oh my goodness, and we miles and miles from an open garage, they would all be closed at this time of night anyway. But we could fix it at the farm Missy, we have repair kits and compressors." He said in a very jolly tone of voice.

"That would be fantastic, I would certainly pay you." I told him and he picked up the old wheel and rolled it towards his van.

"You better come with us, it's not safe to be out here alone now that it's dark, there are packs of wild dogs around and goodness knows what else." The driver said so I thought it was a good idea and grabbed my purse then locked up the car.

I was sat between the talkative older driver and his mostly silent younger male passenger. It seemed like we had been driving for about 5 minutes when we drove up this very long laneway, then around the back of this huge metal shed which we entered thru' a big doorway into the brightly lit workshop area.

They both jumped out of the Van and I shuffled out slowly and happened to look in the side mirror at my dirty face, dirty sweaty tanktop and I figured that I was just plain filthy.

"You looks quite a sight, Missy. Glad I didn't see you in the light before, maybe I would have gone right on by, ha ha ha. Maybe you needs to go up to the house and clean yourself up. David here will take you and I will try to fix your tire." He chuckled.

"Well thank you." I said as I followed David, who was also a colored guy, up towards the house.

We entered thru' the kitchen and I said hello to two people sat at the kitchen table then continued following David down the hallway to the bathroom. He smiled for the first time then held the door open and ushered me inside then I silently closed the door and locked it before I heard him go down the hallway.

I looked in the mirror and I was a filthy sight, my skirt and tanktop were very dusty but my face, arms and hands looked like I had been in a coal mine. I whipped off my tanktop and skirt then shook them softly. I picked up the little piece of soap and lathered up my hands. After a quick wash of my face and arms I was beginning to feel much better. I ran a wet hand over my breasts to remove any dust then I turned for the towel. There was no towel.

I looked up and down the walls, under the sink and in the drawers, nope no towel.

I thought that maybe they are around the bathtub so I opened the shower curtain and got the shock of my life.

Oh yes there was a towel, but also a guy taking a bath and snoozing in the tub. I was very startled and so was he when I made a grab for the towel. I pulled the shower curtain closed and stepped back.

I was still in shock as I quickly dried myself and then he started to laugh really loudly before he mumbled in a thick Jamaican accent. "That the first time my dream ever came true."

I jumped into my skirt and was pulling the tanktop over my head when the shower curtain was pulled back swiftly and this naked black guy appeared. He didn't seem at all bothered about showing off himself or his hardware and tapped me on the bum as he sped past me and thru' the door, laughing as he went. It all happened so quickly that I was left just shaking my head and wondering if it did really happen I thought as I quickly combed my hair and applied a little makeup.

Suddenly the bathroom door swung open and the same black bath boy was stood there in his shorts.

"I just wanna tell you lady, you has a fine, fine beautiful body and I was delighted that you chose to wake me in the tub, ha ha. Now what can I do for you?" He said as he proudly lowered the front of his shorts and displayed his big black penis.

"Well the first thing you can do is put that away." I said as I tried to remain calm when he got really close to me and put his hand over my bum.

"I can give you what girls dream of and long for." He said softly as his hand rubbed over my bottom cheeks. "Stop it, stop it now." I said as I grabbed my purse but he backed up and stood in the doorway.

"You can have it the easy way or you can have it the hard way, but Missy you are going to have it one of those ways. Why not just relax and enjoy, there is no point in suffering lots of bruises, do you understand?" He said as he lowered the front of his shorts again and stroked his big black cock.

Moments later I heard the familiar voice of the van driver and as I called out for him to help me, my purse was snatched from my hands.

The bathroom door opened slowly and the van driver was stood there. "Ahh I see you met Timothy my eldest son." He said as the purse was handed to him, then he opened it and plucked out my car keys.

"Well Missy, the good news is that your tire is fixed and I am taking David to put the wheel back on and bring your car back over here and then we will fix your spare." He told me as if nothing else had happened.

"I need to go with you, right now, I need to go to my car." I said firmly.

"Well Missy, you don't wanna get dirty again, it is no problem, we just bring car here for you and check it over, make sure nothing else wrong before you continue your journey." He told me but I insisted on leaving with him.

"Now there Missy, you did promise to pay us." He said and I told him that that was no problem and just to give me my handbag.

"But you don't know what we want." He answered. "Just tell me how much and I'll pay it." I told him frantically.

"But we don't want any money Missy, me and my boys just want some personal time with you. That's what we really want and then we see you on your way safely. Nobody want to hurt you at all, Missy. But you must be hungry and thirsty too after your ordeal so come along we feed you too." He said softly.

It seemed like a good opportunity to at least get out of the bathroom so I followed him into the kitchen where a place was set at the table and I was asked to sit down.

"This is ridiculous, you are holding me against my will." I told them as a tear streamed down my face. One of the young men quickly came close and dabbed at my cheek to dry the tear and placed a cup of tea near my hand, the other brought a small plate with what turned out to be a very tasty salad.

"Don't worry Missy, I tell you for sure that we don't want to hurt you, we are very clean and gentlepeople. We want you to go away very happy, we don't want trouble. But I think by now you know what we want, and you are such a pretty young woman." The van driver said.

"You mean you all want to rape me." I yelled and screamed out loudly.

"No, we don't look at it like that Missy. I be back very soon, try to be calm." He said and then he left.

I looked around me and wondered if I dare make a run for it but Timothy was at the door, the other two young men were not far from the table and hadn't said a word. I really didn't fancy my chances of getting very far at all without suffering some kind of physical trauma.

But this brief lull was giving me time to think of my options, which weren't accounting to too much, I had no idea how I could overpower 5 men. If I didn't cooperate I was afraid of the consequences, if I did cooperate then I was afraid what might happen to me afterwards. I had visions of being killed and buried in some field and the car taken apart or destroyed beyond recognition.

Well I thought, I had had a 3 some once and I didn't know the other guy until he had arrived with my ex-boyfriend so what was the difference I thought, well hmm just 3 more guys.

Timothy was now stood behind me and gently rubbing my shoulders. "Relax Missy, everything will be fine, don't think about trying to escape or you may get hurt in the process. I'm sure at your age you have had lots of sex and we are not animals. If you relax you will enjoy and then before you know it, you will be on your way. Maybe this is the fantasy that you always dreamed about, but I promise you Missy that if you cooperate then no one will hurt you. You will walk out of here without a mark and totally satisfied, so just relax and get used to the idea that it is going to happen. But come with me now, I want to talk to you." He said softly as he took my hand and led me down the hall and into a bedroom.

There was just a very sturdy bed in the centre of the room with no headboard. "Come sit on the edge and we will talk." Timothy said as he continued to hold my hand.

"Look Missy, its best if you just give in and participate in what we will be doing otherwise no one will be happy. The others will want to feel that you have done your best and that they have pleased you, or they will be upset and who knows they could get angry. I'm trying to tell you how best to approach this. Now lets have a serious discussion, there must be sexual things that you have dreamed about doing but that is all it was a dream. Now is the time to tell me and I can make sure it happens for you, it is important that we please your every need. Have you ever had a black man?" He asked.

I was reluctant to play his game and answer but then I thought the better of it and told him that I had. "Yes, a teacher in college."

"Have you ever had 2 men at the same time?" He asked and I nodded and told him that I had once when a previous boyfriend had talked me into doing that. "Did it go well?" He asked and I told him that it wasn't too bad.

"Have you dreamt about having more than 2 men, or having several black men at the same time?" He asked and I started to softly sob and then I was ashamed as I nodded that I had.

"No need to cry or to be ashamed Missy, many girls have same type of dream. But tonight yours will be fulfilled. What would you like several black men to do to you?" He asked and I was too afraid to answer until he put his arm around me and sat close then whispered things in my ear. He asked if I wanted their black cocks in every orifice I had got and to be covered in lots of cum and I nodded slowly. "Have you had a black cock in your mouth before?" He asked and I nodded that I had. "Did you mind when he cum if it went in your mouth?" He asked and I shook my head.

"Well look Missy, I think we will get along just fine. Just take your panties off and lay back and don't worry I won't do anything right now that you don't want me to do, okay." He said as his hand reached around and softly stroked my breasts until the nipples became fully erect.

I didn't think I really had a great deal of choice, it was either I take them off or they may be torn off later in anger so I complied and eased them off.

I laid back and he kind of lay beside me and ran his hand up and down my leg slowly up to my thigh. Then he slowly parted my legs and ran his hand over my inner thigh.

"You are very beautiful and I want to be very gentle with you." He said as he kissed me softly on the forehead and his hand ran over my pubic area slowly, just very slightly parting my lips.

His thick finger ran down between my lips and picked up some moisture before it ran upwards again and around my clit. He repeated this many times and there is no doubt that I was becoming more and more relaxed.

"Can I remove your skirt and top now please, Missy?" He asked and I willingly undid my skirt while he gently lifted my tanktop over my head. Moments later his shorts fell to the floor and he climbed over me in a 69 position with his thick hard black cock waving in my face. I opened my legs wider and lifted my knees as his mouth went down over my genitals.

I was beginning to forget that this was some weird type of gentle rape as his tongue parted my lips and danced over my clit. My bum was lifting involuntary up and down off the bed as it felt better and better. Don't ask me why but I had to get my hands around this huge black cock that was swinging in my face and then lick the tip. I cupped his cockhead in my mouth and cringed in enjoyment as his tongue worked wonders as it darted in and out of my vagina and then in big sweeps up and down between my lips and over my clit. My bottom was hovering off the bed as I tried to meet his mouth with my clit and then his tongue went faster and faster. It was wonderful and I was so close that I sucked hard on his cockhead and then panted briefly as I had my first orgasm.

"Do you want to feel me inside you now, Missy?" He asked and I told I did, very much so. He quickly turned around and positioned himself with his cockhead between my wet lips and then slowly pushed. I lifted my bum and thrusted towards him and he gave me more and more of his black cock. He leaned forward until his face was over mine and our mouths were mere inches apart then his thick lips came down over mine and he pushed in and out of me faster and faster.

I could hear his sighs as the corners of his lips let out the sighs and little wisps of air blew onto my cheeks. He was very close to cummin I knew and I thrusted upwards and squeezed my vagina as he made the last few final thrusts and then he exploded inside of me which quickly led to my second orgasm. "Oh my goodness Missy, you are truly wonderful." He said softly as his fingers gripped my bottom cheeks and he slowed his thrusts inside of me and then withdrew.

He stood in front of me and his big wet black cock just glistened in the light as it swung from side to side. "Was that so bad, Missy? He asked and I smiled and shook my head. "We will be very gentle with you, Missy, don't worry. But please stay here and lay on your tummy until I return." He said as he pulled a thin sheet over me.

Moments later he returned with some washcloths/towels and the other two black guys that were in the kitchen, Timothy introduced them as Matthew and Luke.

They stood in the corner and stripped off their few clothes then turned naked towards me as if asking for some kind of approval of their above average hardware. Timothy removed the sheet slowly, then they gathered beside the bed and then both of them gently stroked me all over while Timothy concentrated on my arse. He rubbed some oil into my anus and started to finger my bum slowly while he softly wiped my wet pussy and coaxed my clit to attention.

"Now Missy, can you kneel up across the bed and Matthew will come in behind you and Luke in front." Tim asked and I willingly complied.

Timothy lay on the bed underneath me but he was laying full length and I was kneeling on all fours across the bed. I could feel Timothy's hands on my clit and breasts, Matthew's cockhead was rubbing around my anus and Luke's cockhead was rubbing around the lips of my mouth. Suddenly I could feel my anus being expanded outward as Matthew's cock started to slowly push inside me and Luke's cock was already deep in my mouth. It seemed like they both started to push at the same time, one up my arse and the other into my mouth and I was panting and sighing loudly because Tim's fingers were working wonders on my genitals, then they all seemed to slow down.

"Move around very slowly and come overtop of me Missy and let's fit this hard black cock of mine in your pussy again. Go slow, don't lose the boys cocks from your mouth and arse." He said as we all moved very slowly and I climbed over Timothy as if I was going to ride him. I put my hand underneath me to guide his big cock into my now tight wet pussy and then everyone started to move again.

It was an incredible feeling as I felt 3 black cocks pounding inside me somewhere and I couldn't holdback, I orgasmed and orgasmed and practically lost my mind as I sucked harder and harder on Luke's cock until this great glob of cum shot into my mouth. Then more and more, filling my already full mouth and overflowing thru' my lips. Matthew was cummin in my arse, I could feel the hot lava flow and Timothy was almost ready to cum in my pussy and just mere seconds later he did. Everyone was cummin, pushing, sighing, and moaning, including myself.

Just then the door opened slowly and the Van driver along with David walked into the room.

"It seem like everything going really fine here. Glad to see that you are doing good too Missy, we will go and wash up." The van driver said with a chuckle when he saw me smile.

I was allowed to stand after everyone had removed his cock from my orifices and Matthew went to wash right away. Tim put the thin sheet around my shoulders and turned me towards him. "Is everything okay Missy, nobody hurt you did they?" he asked and I shook my head and smiled. "Well Missy come to the kitchen and rest now a while, and we talk, then you can have the bathroom to yourself."

We sat at the kitchen table as I pulled the sheet around me and Timothy made me a tea.

"I hope you are pleased so far and assured that no one wants to hurt you Missy." He said as he handed me the cup of tea.

"Well yes, I guess so Tim, but this is all rather strange." I said as everyone now appeared together in the kitchen and all wearing shorts.

Matthew, Luke and David were not very talkative but they were sure smiling as the Van driver who introduced himself as the father of all 4 men and called himself Jacob said that the night was still young for young people but not for him.

Jacob led me to the bathroom and then gave me a clean towel and a new bar of soap then told me that I would not be disturbed while I freshened myself up.

I let a tap run and sat on the toilet while I had finished farting and squelching cum from where ever. I reviewed the situation and thought that I was on the right track in staying in one piece and should continue trying to stay calm and cooperate. I figured that if I gained their trust then an opening would probably appear and I maybe able to escape, but it would have to be a solid opportunity because I knew there would only be one chance. I washed and dried and then put the sheet around me and went back to the kitchen.

"I hope you are starting to feel differently about us now Missy. Your car is fixed and it is in the workshop ready for morning if you choose to leave at that time. You will not be harmed in anyway, so best thing is to cooperate and enjoy what we have to offer. Look at this as an opportunity of a lifetime, something you will always remember and cherish. Something that you don't have to tell anyone about if you don't want to and it can stay in your dreams as your secret, but now it is close to my bedtime Missy and I need you to help me sleep." Jacob said as he stroked my hair and shoulders then took my hand and led me to the second room down the hall.

It was an exceptionally clean full sized bedroom with a double bed; he stood by a dresser then removed his shorts. He stood naked in front of me then eased the sheet from my shoulders and let it fall to the floor.

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