For Mr. Right


Dear Mr. Right,

I don't know you yet, I haven't found you, but I wanted to tell you about some of the things I hope we can experience together. Forgive me if my writing is sporadic and unrealistic. As you will know, by the time and/or if I let you read this, I am limited in my experience, so I may not fully know what is and isn't possible. As you know, you were my first who I went all the way with. Before you I'd had a few encounters where I'd sucked and played with cocks and had my pussy licked and fingered, but I chose to wait until I found you to ever have a cock in my tight pussy. I'm glad I waited. It was getting difficult, but it means a lot to me that you're my first and hopefully it means a lot to you too.

I also said if you ever read this, because I'm sure as you know I can be pretty shy when it comes to sex. It's going to be hard for me to write this 1. because of my shyness and 2. because it turns me on to think about how these ideas would play out.

As you also know, I am not that wild of a person, especially in the bedroom. I give off a pretty innocent front, and though I'm not quite as innocent in the bedroom, I'm also not into outrageous things. I'm pretty standard when it comes to what I like. It's the little things and unexpected things that turn me on. I hope that we can try some of these things and that some will give you ideas of how you could surprise me. Some of these ideas I've thoroughly thought out and others are general plots I hope we can develop together.

First, I guess one of the simple things to get me loosened up about writing, would be to tell you how I love it when you hold me. Any chances you get, please just hold me, or at least hold my hand. I'm not into, and don't ever plan to be into, exhibition but I sure think it'd be fun to sneak touches here and there. If we're out with friends at a restaurant I'd love for you to touch me under the table and vice versa. I'm really only turned on if I know I'm turning you on. Or if we're standing somewhere, again I would love for you to wrap me in your arms, but it'd be even better if my back was facing you and I could press my butt against your crotch. And if your hands were wrapped around me so that your fingers could lightly enough rub the bottom of my breasts, but that no one else would notice. I'd love for us to sneak touches in the car, movies, subway, airplane, wherever possible, but not enough to get caught. Wouldn't it be cool on an airplane to have the tray tables down and be touching underneath them? It seems it would be fairly unnoticeable in most moments. Really, I'm not into tons of PDA. I don't like to watch other people grope each other or make-out in public. So, I don't want to become one of them.

I'd love for us to go to a sex shop together. It'd be fun to look at all the different toys and games. Hopefully we could find some that we could use. And whether or not we bought something, I think it would turn me on just to be in one of those shops with you.

We should definitely figure out some games we could play, and themes. Like why not play doctor?

I'd find it really sweet and sexy if you'd find time while you're at work, on trips, or whatever to text me dirty things, tell me what you wish you could be doing to me right then, or better yet what you wish I was doing to you. Additionally, I'd also find it just as sweet if you would surprise me some days and call me during lunch break just to say hello. If either of us ever has to go on a trip without the other, it might be fun to have phone sex if there was an opportunity to.

I hope we can watch each other masturbate some. I'm not into domination/submissiveness; I prefer a 2-laned road. However I do think it'd be fun to tell each other what to do to ourselves, and not do any more than we're told. Maybe the other party would jump in occasionally to explain what they're asking to be done. And it'd be fun and interesting to find out how you masturbate and give yourself maximum pleasure.

I wish occasionally you would fuck my pussy with a dildo, so you could be real close to my pussy and watch it go in and out. At the same time you could lick and suck on my clit, you know how much I enjoy that.

I've tried it before and it just didn't work well, but I really hope we can find a way to have fun in the shower and/or bathtub. I also hope we can go swimming nude sometime, whether it's a pool or hot tub.

Would you consider letting me watch you pee and/or holding your cock for you as you pee? I can't explain it well but some aspects about pee have always turned me on. I'm not trying to be gross. For instance, in men I think I like hearing and seeing them pee because it's like watching when cum shoots out of the cock. From a woman's perspective, I cannot tell you how or why but sometimes when I have to pee real badly, at the same time it actually feels good to hold it in for a bit. It somehow feels like it's touching my g-spot or something. Medically, I can't explain it but physically it feels good, sometimes.

Like I said, I'm not into exhibition, but it might be as equally fun if late one night when we're pretty sure no one else is around/awake to find some place outside to play. Maybe we have a trampoline we can play on, or in a tree house. Wouldn't it be fun to swing like we did when we were kids, except this time we'd be naked, you know how one sits on the swing normally and the other sits on their lap facing the opposite direction.

It might be fun to spend a weekend nude around the house. If we knew we didn't have anything else to do that weekend, it would be fun to wake up nude together, play, and just never get dressed. That way at any time we could start playing with each other while watching TV, or whatever. Or maybe there will be times you'll surprise me by not having anything on under a robe or not many articles/layers of clothes on period.

Whatever happens sexually or non-sexually, I just want you to always be honest with me. I want to be your one and only. That's why I waited for you to go all the way with. So whatever I need to do to keep you interested, please talk to me. I will always be faithful, so I expect no less from you. You know I'm a worry wart, and I'm always going to be concerned that I'm not turning you on enough. So I hope verbally or otherwise you can let me know every so often that I do turn you on. Like I said before, it really turns me on if I turn you on. I also hope that somehow we can find a way to become one sexually. I dream of knowing how and what you're feeling, and just want to make sure I'm doing what I can to have that feeling reach its highest point.

With love & anticipation,


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