tagIncest/TabooForbidden Eroticism: Younger Girl

Forbidden Eroticism: Younger Girl


Kaitlin's orgasm broke over her in tremendous waves as she watched her older boyfriend thrust deep into the tender folds of the 18 year-old girl's tight, grasping pussy. The rush within her own 21 year-old body was enormous tapped into the depths of forbidden eroticism as her fingers worked feverishly in and out of her own pussy, slapping at her clit, crying out as her eyes met Mikes' seeing the fire of passion within him. Kaitlin's lips kissed her 36 year-old man's fiery lips feeling him bite gently at her as his cock erupted furiously into the girl's pussy so tightly clenched around his thickness.

"Fuck her daddy!" Kaitlin pleaded through clenched teeth. "make her cum like the little slut she is."

Reaching down to rub in small circles over the girl's hard, little clit as she pinched lightly at her budding, hard nipples, Kaitlin watched intently towards the view of her older, experienced, handsome man dominating the young girl's body. Mike's final, fierce fucking of the girl's pussy combined with Kaitlin's sexual attention brought her off into an intense orgasm that left the girl crying out, clenching, grabbing for the couple, needing the feel of a close body to cling to in her shuddering waves of orgasm. The tears rolled uncontrolled down the girl's cheeks as Kaitlin held her between she and Mike's body knowing what it was to experiencing such intense passion, such ultimate eroticism, that it left you completely emotional and vulnerable.

The girl fell asleep, spent, sexually exhausted between Mike and Kaitlin. The couple gently traced the soft, tanned skin of the girl as they leaned in to kiss one another. The taste of sex was upon their tongues as they savored the moment sharing this younger girl between them. Kaitlin leaned in to gently suck the cum from Mike's softening cock excited by the taste of pussy juices and thick cum mixed in a sort of erotic cocktail dripping from his shaft. The couple's goodnight kiss took place over the young girl's pussy as they gently licked and cleaned the cum from her pussy.

Kaitlin lay awake in the darkness thinking of the bodies sleeping nearby. There was her boyfriend, so much older than her yet she had become attracted to him years ago. Meeting online felt so odd but she had become fascinated with him then when she was merely 16 and over time they had fallen in love, more alike and connected than society would think two people so different in age had any right to be. Kaitlin and Mike had shared everything, a deep passion, their very wishes and dreams and fantasies of life, yet they had had to hold out to actually meet, to share finally the love and passion they so desired. With her father being a policeman, Kaitlin had protected Mike with all she could knowing the consequences of what might occur if they were found out. And so as she listened to Mike breathe softly she thought of the girl, the very representation of what the two lovers had missed out on, the chance to experience forbidden sexuality between them.

Now 21, Kaitlin allowed herself fully to be given to Mike and his desires and fantasies which over time she had come to share as well. He was her tall, dark, handsome man and his ability to make love was seducing to her all on it's own. Kaitlin's young body was on fire with being erotic, dressing in whatever alluring clothes and lingerie to fire Mike's body and mind, learning and allowing him to dominate her body, being the 'babygirl' to his 'daddy'. Recently it had become the exploration of younger females that had attracted her to share with her older man. The very want to see herself in those younger girls for her Mike, led Kaitlin to choose wisely the girls whom she would share with her lover. As she lay curled close to the girl, Kaitlin felt a particular sensuality of dominance of this girl, a toy, a sexual toy to be experienced.

(5 hours earlier)

Kaitlin had dressed up that night for a party. Her light, long brunette hair hung loosely from her shoulders, framing her young, beautiful face and blue eyes. The black, silken dress Kaitlin wore completely displayed her amazingly tight, 5'5" body. 36C breasts tucked neatly into the material just enough to leave plenty of cleavage exposed. The g-string she had slipped into was barely enough to contain the tender, clean-waxed pussy that lay beneath the hem of her dress. Down the perfectly shaped legs to the 6 inch heels, Kaitlin knew how she attracted males, and hopefully tonight she had thought, females.

At the party, having gone to a combined high school/college event without Mike, Kaitlin was certainly not for want of male attention. This though, was not the attention she craved. She had her lover and she felt ever faithful to him. She had had to learn that her Mike was not a jealous man of losing her to another man, he was just so passionate and intently desirous of her that his want to share with her was of the erotic intensity Kaitlin had never known. Tonight Kaitlin was here with her own desire, to find a female around her age to bring home to her bed with Mike. At first the very thought of doing this, of finding a girl, of even finding herself attracted to other girls much less being sexual with them had been quite repulsive to her. Over time though Kaitlin had become fascinated along with Mike about the forbidden fruit they shared, the youth and innocence of a girl to a man to teach her. Kaitlin felt she had missed that earliest opportunity with Mike and here she was living that erotic fascination through other girls.

Across the room, dressed in every attempt to appear as old as she could be, Kaitlin spotted a girl trapped amongst a group of oversexed teen boys. Wading into the group, Kaitlin without asking took the hand of the girl, who a bit bewildered, followed obediently as Kaitlin pulled her clear and into a quiet area. The girl's dress had ridden up a bit in the back showing off some of her tight, young ass as Kaitlin moved softly to adjust the dress, caressing gently the girl's skin as she looked into her face. The girl blushed and smiled shyly.

"Thanks" the young girl spoke.

"You're welcome." Kaitlin responded. "Guys can be such dicks. You ok?"

"Yes, thanks to you. I'm Ashley". The girl responded quietly.

"I'm Kaitlin."

"I know.. I know who you are. I've seen you dance. You're incredible." Ashley spoke starry eyed and attentive to Kaitlin.

"Well thank you but it's just something I do." Kaitlin responded humbly.

"Yes but you're incredible and so "Ashley paused a moment. "sexy onstage."

Kaitlin smiled softly and leaned in to softly kiss Ashley's lips, whom at first seemed hesitant but gave in to the kiss feeling the warmth of the female lips upon hers'. Kaitlin looked Ashley up and down, a petite 5'2" dark brunette, tanned skin girl with bearly b-cup breasts wearing a mini skirt, and haltertop.

"I think you're sexy yourself Ashley." Kaitlin smiled. "How old are you sweetie? I know you're not my age."

"I'm.." Ashley hesitated a moment and then whispered softly. "I'm 18."

"Well, you're a very sexy 18 Ashley." Kaitlin spoke softly. "Your secret is safe with me. Let's leave the party for awhile."

Ashley smiled proudly and took Kaitlin's offered hand. Kaitlin led the girl out to her Mustang and kissed her again against the side of the car her hand gently exploring the tanned young thighs of Ashley as she pulled back from the kiss and smiled. As the two girl's pulled away in the Mustang, Kaitlin thought to herself how much she wished to share this girl with Mike and how she knew already that was exactly what was going to happen. She sent a quick text to Mike that she was on her way home with a prize as Kaitlin gently took Ashley's hand in hers driving back to the couple's house.

It had not taken long once getting into the house before Kaitlin and Ashley were curled on the sofa kissing and caressing one another. Kaitlin was clearly dominant and in control as the younger Ashley's mind swam in wonder and pleasures she had never felt before. Covering Ashley's hard, budding nipples with her mouth, Kaitlin sucked and bit gently, flicking her tongue off of the tips of the young girl's nipples. Gasping in pleasure, Ashley allowed herself to be controlled, lost in her desire for this older girl. Kaitlin's fingers slid down to rub gently against Ashley's already soaked panties intent in driving this young girl insane with pleasure. Slipping Ashley's panties from her, Kaitlin exposed the girl's tight, innocent, little pussy knowing her Mike was watching quietly, most assuredly already stroking his thick, hard cock. The smell of sweet, young girl sex came to Kaitlin's senses as she kissed, licked and sucked at the young girl's pussy gently fingering her. Sucking in Ashley's hardening clit, Kaitlin licked and flicked her tongue from the tip of the girl's clit feeling her stiffen and clench, pushing her pussy back towards Kaitlin's mouth wanting more. Crying out in moans of pleasure, the young girl got lost in the feel of her pussy being sucked and licked, feeling the tongue across her clit and down to delve into the folds of her wet but virgin pussy. She could feel the fingers softly fingerfucking her.

As the young girl cried out in pleasure, Kaitlin felt Mike suddenly join the two girls sliding his thick cock into Kaitlin's dripping wet pussy beginning to fuck her as the young girl's pussy was being furiously sucked. So lost in the feelings of excitement, the girl looked up watching the display of a man fucking Kaitlin's pussy feeling it turn her on even more. Thrusting hard, Kaitlin was being fucked and fucked intensely as she tried to continue sucking Ashley's pussy. Now moaning hard against the young girl's pussy, Kaitlin could feel the thick, hard cock fucking ever harder and deeper into her. The young girl cried out orgasming incredibly hard as Kaitlin curled her into her arms, kissing her deeply as she felt the young girl shivering and shaking in her arms. Kaitlin could feel Mike pounding into her, very much turned on, releasing his passion into every thrust. Ashley is held tightly to Kaitlin feeling the effects of the hard fucking Kaitlin was receiving, leaning in to suck Kaitlin's nipples as she rubbed her own pussy up against Kaitlins'. In a wave of bodies, the two girls held close as Kaitlin's pussy received the intense fucking from Mike. Smacking her ass, holding hard to her hips and driving forward, Kaitlin was pounded furiously by Mike riding a wave of excitement now incredibly soaked and sweating in pleasure.

Kaitlin's mind swirled as she felt Mike turn her onto her back to fuck her. Spread eagle on the carpet, the feel of Mike's thick hard cock pounding thick and hard into her, with a younger girl sucking at her nipples and reaching down to rub her clit, Kaitlin felt the waves of her first orgasm quickly approaching. Suddenly feeling the tongue and lips of Ashley sucking at her clit, Kaitlin's pussy exploded in intense orgasm, releasing a gush of cum around Mike's thick cock as he pulled it from her. Squirting hard in orgasm, Kaitlin cried out in a scream of pleasure. She collapsed back feeling two bodies over her kissing her, feeling the young girl and her older man kiss for the first time passionately. Turned on more than she could have previously felt Kaitlin kissed Mike intently looking into his eyes with a look mixed of love and forbidden eroticism and whispered intently.

"Fuck her little pussy, baby."

(To be continued...)

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