Forced Ch. 02


This story has themes of forced sex. Please do not read if you are offended by or dislike such themes.


In the four weeks following the incident at the gas station Damon and Louise began the gradual process of pulling themselves together. Louise gradually began to forgive herself for her slight arousal during her violation and the disappointment in her husband's weakness in the face of the big black aggressor. Her mind still frequently floated back to that night but the memories were becoming less traumatic as her mind settled on the impressive black member she was forced to pleasure rather than the gun pointed at Damon's head or the dead attendant. She did not understand her fascination with her attacker's cock but the memory of it was not entirely unpleasant.

She knew that the incident had hit Damon harder despite the fact that it was her who was assaulted. She could not help being a little annoyed at this but she was outwardly very supportive of him.

They had not made love since the night before the gas station incident. Louise hoped that Damon would try and make a move soon. For the first couple of weeks she could not have faced it, but as the terror subsided her libido began to grow again. She did not want to rush Damon though. She just made sure that she dressed sexily for bed, trying to make it clear that she was ready as soon as he was.

Louise had noticed Damon looking at her a lot with lust in his eyes but he still made no move. She was beginning to get a bit confused; what was he waiting for?

Damon was struggling. He had been completely emasculated during the hold up at the gas station. He felt he was utterly helpless as he watched the monster control his wife and make her suck him until he came in her mouth. He felt worse as he saw a slight but obvious disappointment in Louise's eyes when she looked at him, when he remained silent and did not help her plead for their lives. Damon was finding this really hard to get over.

To make things worse he saw that massive black cock in his wife's mouth every time he closed his eyes or had any kind of sexual thought. He began to notice a couple of weeks after the gas station hell that he had not had an erection. He thought long and hard but could not recall a single one since then. He tried masturbating but despite significant effort he could not coax his member to life; thoughts of Louise with a massive black cock always got in the way. He realised he was impotent.

He began to get stressed about the situation as it became obvious to him that Louise was ready for sex. She was dressing sexier every night and was obviously waiting for him to make a move.

By the end of the first four weeks both were becoming frustrated. They had always had an active sex life, rarely making love less than five times a week. Going an entire month without sex was unheard of. Damon knew he had to try something.

As they got into bed that evening Louise was a vision. She was dressed in a tiny see-through baby-doll nightie. Damon looked her in the eyes and smiled. 'You look stunning.'

'You like?' Louise purred with a wink.

Damon's eyes traced down her body. She really was in unbelievably good shape. Her full boobs were heaving under the thin sheer material. Her nipples were sticking out as far as they could. Louise had truly beautiful boobs, but as Damon gazed at them he was reminded of that night four weeks ago. Her nipples had been just as hard then, although it was fear that time and not arousal. As his mind slipped back to that night his thoughts of impotence hit him hard; could he go through with this and risk disappointed Louise again?

He dragged himself back into the room and continued his visual journey until he reached Louise's perfectly shaved mound. He was truly turned on but his cock had not responded at all yet. He was getting worried.

Louise climbed into bed seductively, leaned into Damon and began to gently kiss him on his lips. He immediately grabbed her close, squeezed her hard and kissed her with passion and release. The kissing was frantic and deep. They rolled all around the bed, their lips locked. Damon's hands grabbed her ass firmly. He marvelled at the two handfuls of perfectly formed soft flesh.

Damon's heart skipped a beat as Louise's hands began to work their way down to his waist. He wanted to push her hand away; give his flaccid piece more time to spring into action. He knew he could not without spoiling the moment. These thoughts were not helping one bit.

Louise was excited. She was already wet and could not wait to have her man inside her once more. However, as her hand finally reached Damon's cock two thoughts immediately ran through her mind. Despite its obvious truth she felt immediately guilty about the first thought; 'Oh my god this is so much smaller than the last cock I held.' The second thought followed in an instant; 'Why the hell is he not hard?' She felt disappointed and annoyed but she continued to try and work it, rubbing as hard and fast as she could.

Damon's stress was growing rapidly. He knew in his heart that he could not do it, he could not get hard. After another five minutes of kissing, fondling and rubbing he could take it no longer. He pushed himself away and turned his face away. 'I can't do it. I'm so sorry. I just can't.'

'What's wrong Damon?'

'I, err, I, err, I just can't, you know? I can't get hard.' He stammered.

'Don't worry my love. It can happen to anyone.' Louise was all sympathy. 'We can try again soon.'

'It's no good. I have not been able to get an erection know?'

'Oh. Well I am sure it will sort itself out soon.' Damon was not convinced. He turned over and went to sleep.

Louise could not sleep. She was incredibly frustrated. She had been horny for two weeks now and when Damon finally made a move he could not get it up. She felt a very unfair resentment that Damon was letting the man from the gas station control him even now in the safety of their own bed.

As soon as she heard sleep noises from Damon she touched herself with her fingers. She bent her knees up and spread her legs a little and began to run her fingers around her moist lips. Louise rarely masturbated; it must have been three or four years since she had last felt the need to; but strong sexual feelings coursed through her body as her fingers played with her increasingly wet lips. She lost herself in her arousal before sinking two fingers inside herself. She moved them in and out rubbing them past her inflamed clitoris every time.

The feelings that filled her body were wonderful; she had missed them over the past month. She was so lost in herself that her fingers almost had a life of their own. They penetrated faster and faster, getting ever wetter and wetter. It took her only five minutes to bring herself to the point of orgasm. She bit her lip and placed her other hand hard over her mouth to stop herself making ecstatic noises as her back arched and her pelvis pumped back against her fingers. She had not felt such intensity for a long time. She felt a massive release of her sexual frustration.

After a few more intense moments of bliss she laid back and relaxed. She even allowed her mind to wander onto thoughts of the big black cock that was the subject of her last sexual encounter. The tingling between her legs got a little bit stronger as she did. Her frustration was obviously warping her mind. That last sexual encounter was assault not love making. She drifted off into sleep.

On the other side of the bed Damon felt like he had a massive hole in his stomach. He had not fallen asleep; he had faked it to avoid any more conversation with Louise about his impotence. However, the last few minutes made it crystal clear to him that she was both frustrated and disappointed in his inability to satisfy it.


The next morning Louise woke to the sound of the shower. She got out of bed and slipped off her nightie and walked into the shower behind Damon. She was not ready to give up. She put her arms around him with her hands on his chest. She gently kissed all over the top of his back.

'Look Lou, I really do not think I can.'

'Shhh. Let's just play. What will happen will happen. Let's just enjoy ourselves.' Louise grabbed the soap and began to wash Damon's body. He marvelled at the suds as they cascaded over her beautiful naked form. She spent a long time washing every part of his body except for between his legs. Eventually she got to this area and she gently rubbed the soapy suds all over them. She was slow and meticulous. It felt amazing but there was still no life down there. Louise did not react at all; she simply said brightly 'My turn.'

Damon did not need asking twice. He washed her hair, her face and her back before starting on her tits. He rubbed the soap all over them. They felt so good in his hands; he squeezed them and pinched her nipples until she let out a moan of pleasure. He moved in and took one in his mouth. He gently sucked on her perfect breast whilst she leaned her head back and let the water flow over them. He moved onto the other boob before going down on his knees and planting a million tiny kisses all over her stomach, thighs and eventually her pussy.

She pushed his head into her body as he began to lick her lips and stick his tongue inside her. He was enthusiastic if a little lacking in talent. It certainly got Louise heavily aroused but he almost entirely missed her clitoris. She kept him down there for over ten minutes but never came anywhere near to orgasm. She eventually let him up and they kissed passionately for a long time.

She reached down to see if shower fun had done the trick. It had not and so with one last loving kiss she got out the shower and Damon followed.

Damon had enjoyed the experience immensely but was still frustrated at his own impotence. Over the next three weeks they tried many more times without success. Louise resigned herself to the fact that her only chance of orgasm was masturbation which, for the first time in her life, had become a daily pleasure.


It was seven weeks since the gas station incident; Louise and Damon were watching a film in their lounge on Saturday night when there was a loud knock on their front door. Damon immediately looked nervous and twitchy. Ever since the gas station incident every unanticipated knock on the door had elicited the same reaction. His fear was that the criminal and his posse had their address. Of course, up until this point his fear had been unfounded. That was about to change.

Damon grabbed his gun, made sure that the chain was on the door and held the gun behind his back before his cracked open the door and looked out. His heart almost stopped as his fears were realised. Standing before him was the huge black guy from the gas station with a big smile on his face. He was accompanied by another smaller, although still huge, black guy.

'Hello pissy boy.' He grinned at Damon before kicking the front door wide open. The chain provided little resistance as the door smashed into Damon's face knocking him heavily to the floor.

In an instant the two men were inside and the smaller man kicked Damon hard in the balls. Damon creased double in agony; his hands holding onto his swelling testicles. The gun had fallen out of his hand. At that moment Louise came rushing through and let out a little scream as she saw the two men standing over her husband.

'Hello again sweet Louise.' Her former captor smiled at her. She stood motionless.

She could not see guns on the men but she did not doubt that they were hidden on their person somewhere. Despite herself she was impressed by the arrogance of these two alpha males. They were not holding them at gunpoint but they were in complete control and were not in the slightest bit concerned by the loaded gun that was a mere ten inches from Damon. They felt no threat from her husband at all.

The man from the gas station walked over to her and put his arm around her shoulders; her body was shaking with fear. 'Don't worry. I ain't here to hurt you. Me and you are gonna do some breeding.' He laughed at her look of fright.

On hearing this Damon tried to put the pain out of his mind and he went for the gun. He was not fast enough. The other man grabbed him by the neck and dragged him into the lounge.

'Now pissy boy. Have you been giving your hot bitch what she deserves?' The larger man asked. Damon said nothing.

'I asked you a question boy. Have you been hitting this fine white ass?' Damon still said nothing until the other man punched him in the stomach.

'Oh please don't hurt him anymore.' Louise pleaded.

'He will stop getting hurt when he starts talking. Pissy boy? Have you been fucking this bitch?'

'No.' Damon whispered.

'What? I can't hear you.'

Damon lost control and exploded. 'I SAID NO. THANKS TO YOU I CAN'T GET IT UP.' Damon immediately regretted it.

Both men were laughing hard at him. 'Oh man. How can you not get it up for a hot bitch like her? You really are useless pissy boy. Tell me bitch, why don't you have kids? You use protection or is pissy boy here firing blanks.'

Louise was feeling a bit confused. She was really scared but not nearly as much as last time but she did not know why. She was about to get raped and she knew it but something about the way these impressive specimens of man so easily controlled Damon caused a little stirring deep inside her. She realised that the big one was talking to her now so she put her confusion to one side and said 'We don't use contraception, we are Catholic. I do not know why we have not had babies.'

'Well it is your lucky night tonight Damon. We will find out whether it is you or the bitch who is to blame 'cus I know I am not firing blanks. Tell them how I know brother.'

His companion spoke for the first time. 'My brother here uses white ass to breed. He has five kids with five different white bitches. Boy, he is gonna knock your bitch up good.'

'No don't, please don't. I will give you anything. What do you want? Money?' Damon sounded pathetic pleading with these men.

'One more sound out of you boy and my brother here will fuck you up good. Now be a good little boy and sit there quietly. I want you to listen as I fuck your wife in your bed. I want you to hear as I make her cum harder than you have ever been able to make her cum. I want you to hear as I plant my seed deep inside her cunt.' Damon's heart as breaking. Yet again he was rendered helpless by this man.

Meanwhile Louise's body was beginning to shake even more as the moment of rape approached ever closer.

A shiver of fear passed through her body as he forcefully lead her up the stairs and into their bedroom. When they got in there he told her to get naked. She obeyed without a word. He stood admiring her perfect shaking form for a few seconds before stripping his own clothes off. Louise's fear did not stop her noticing how beautiful and sculpted his body was. Large, well formed muscles, perfect smooth brown skin, enormous thick cock and that lovely smell she had noticed last time. She certainly found him sexually attractive; his arrogance and confidence just added to this. For some reason her fear was beginning to wane slightly.

He walked over to her and gently led her down onto her knees. 'Make me hard, just like you did last time.' She grabbed his flaccid cock in her hand and began to lick and suck the tip. He obviously enjoyed it when she licked around the base of his head, he groaned with pleasure. This feedback caused an unexpected stirring between her own legs and she carried on a little more enthusiastically. It did not take long to get him fully hard and proud. She had to admire his magnificence.

What happened next she did not expect. In one effortless move he lifted he into the air and laid her gently on the bed before burying his head between her legs. She gasped as she felt his tongue tasting her sex, flicking her clitoris, playing with her swollen lips. Yet again her body was betraying her. Despite him forcing himself on her after abusing her Damon he was obviously keen for her to enjoy the experience and she could not stop herself getting very wet. He was so much better at this than Damon, he targeted her clitoris most of all and he was gradually bringing her towards orgasm.

As he brought her closer and closer she actually lost herself in the moment. It was as if she was in autopilot as her pelvis began to grind against his face and as she used her hands to push his head deeper.

He knew he was good and he carried on relentlessly until she finally exploded into orgasm. She let out several loud moans as her body rocked in the involuntary spasms of orgasm. This felt so good; the fear of the sexual assault combined with the obvious talents of this man and his surprisingly tender approach was intoxicating. She could not remember the last time she had cum so hard.

A tear began to fall down Damon's face as he heard his wife in the throes of ecstasy. He felt impotent, helpless and let down. He knew she had no choice but to hear her orgasm like he had not been able to deliver was like a shot through the heart.

'Dude, she must be loving it. He ain't even started fucking her yet.' His babysitter smirked at him.

Upstairs the perfectly formed man was now on top of Louise. Her post orgasmic state had left her a bit looser than usual but she was still a bit apprehensive about that huge girth fitting inside her. She needn't have worried. Yet again he was gentle and tender.

He positioned the tip of his cock on her red hot lips. The heat from her made him harder, if that was possible. He gently eased his cock a little way inside her. She gasped with pleasure at the feeling of fullness and stretching. He slowly moved the end of his rock in and out of her. He was so thick that he was in constant contact with her extremely sensitive clitoris. He kept this up for a long time; letting just a couple of inches inside. She felt herself getting close to orgasm again. He noticed her breathing quicken and so he increased his pace whilst being careful not to go too deep too soon.

Suddenly the fireworks of her orgasm exploded again. She had never experienced sex like this before; this man was so very good. She let out moan after moan as her body pulsed and she pushed herself further onto his throbbing cock. Her entire body tingled as wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure coursed through every fibre of her being. The man inside her was nowhere near finished yet.

All feelings of fear had completely disappeared now. She was lost on a world of unbelievable uncontrollable pleasure.

During her orgasm she had pushed herself onto his cock so that there was about five inches of it inside her. She could not believe how full she felt; there was pain but he had approached her with such tenderness that the pain was manageable and only served to enhance the pleasure. He pushed himself as deep as he could go. She gasped with pain as he bottomed out once he had nine inches inside her. He pulled back and began to fill her completely with every stroke. The feeling was amazing; how could she fit so much inside her. She wrapped her legs around his back and pushed her pussy up against his cock every time he pushed in.

He kept up a steady rhythm for another twenty minutes or so during which time he made her cum another two times. Damon had been crying all the time; he was soaked in his own tears as his babysitter smiled at him.

Eventually the man inside Louise was getting close to cumming. As he did he finally started to pick up speed; pumping his massive cock in and out of her with incredible speed. The extra pace was having a big affect on Louise; she could feel the biggest orgasm yet approaching.

A short time later they both started to cum hard. He let out long loud moans of pleasure as he pumped stream after stream of thick sticky cum deep inside her; straight inside her receptive womb. Louise could not control herself; she let out scream upon scream. Without thinking she threw her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply and passionately. Their bodies convulsed in harmony as they kissed and came for the longest time.

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