tagNonHumanForgotten Ch. 08

Forgotten Ch. 08


I would like to thank Jen for editing this for me and giving me the motivation to write more.

I do hope everyone likes this installment.


Chapter 8: Territorial Warfare.

"So what you're telling me," Peter tried to wrap his head around the news that he was not only not human, but third in line for a title as a werewolf Alpha. "My dogs were really my body guards and you, Armand are really a knight to the man who is my father and your name is Amandus?" The young man rubbed his temples trying to make the information stop hurting his head. "And what are you exactly?" He asked Bedella directly.

"Your fairy god mother," she replied dryly. "Trust me everything will make sense when we unlock your memories."

"In a land that is stuck at dawn," he confirmed what he had been told, the Sídhe nodded and Peter groaned. "I need a drink." He staggered over to the liquor cabinet, poured a shot of tequila and downed the bottle. After a brief sway he then downed the shot, "Bats thetter." he slurred out before collapsing face first on the floor.

Bedella looked down at the unconscious young man. "Damn, I never took him for a two shot screamer," She stepped over him and grinned. "It is nice to see that he hasn't changed much."

Amandus sighed. "Gideon, Tane, please pick him up so we can finally go home," he looked to Bedella. "I wish to be with my wife."

With a nonchalant shrug she began the short ritual to open the portal to Dawnlight. "Off you go," she shooed them through. "I'm off to Dubai to find Sir Ethan and his anal retentive ward Dewydd or David as he is known among his peers."

"I thought they were in America." Amandus commented.

"They were but as David is in business and has been in Dubai for the last few years." Bedella replied as Gideon and Tane carried Peter or rather Peredur through the inter-dimensional doorway.

"Are you not going to reverse the memory block?" Amandus asked as he readied the final step home.

Bedella chuckled and traced a small glyph on the unconscious man's forehead. "He will remember everything once he sees his parents."

"Thank you," Sir Amandus shook her hand. "Until the mating ceremony." He stepped through the portal and disappeared.

Bedella chuckled. "Yes and I look forward to it."


Fenrir lounged back in his bed, living at the Patterson compound was like living at a five star hotel. Tala was in the shower cleaning up after another marathon session of lovemaking. Yes, life was perfect here. The large blond reached for the television remote and turned the television on, ever since arriving on earth he found that he liked to see what the world was up to in the comfort of his own home.

Life in the home of William Patterson was wonderful. Fenrir and Tala had been given the position of omegas and in the security sector. They were not expected to start working until Michelle was comfortable enough to return to the compound which meant they had an indefinite holiday. Tala did not wait to familiarise herself with the security system at the compound and scouted the entire property while Fenrir explored the more enjoyable side of the compound. He discovered that the gardens were not only decorative, but functional as it provided shelter for the hundreds of children who lived there.

He took to telling them stories of Dawnlight and the great wars that frequented the land. The one story they all seemed to like was the one where he and his mate, Tala rescued Bleddwen from the evil dhampires. He never told them that Bleddwen was Michelle. He would let them find that detail out when she finally comes to her new home.

His days on the compound were wonderful but they also reminded him of his own desire to become a father. Since they took the assignment, Tala's oestrus was delayed and cannot be activated again until Bedella does her magic and Fenrir will have his mate pregnant in no time.

This morning was practice as he liked to call it, he was so vigorous that he was convinced that Tala would be walking bow legged for the rest of the day. He chuckled at the thought of her being asked why she walked funny by others when something caught his eye and the colour drained from his face. On the television was the image of Peredur and several crying models who said he was last with them before he disappeared.

"TALA!" he called at the top of his lungs, "PEREDUR HAS BEEN CALLED HOME!"

The water of Tala's shower stopped and she dashed out from the bathroom with nothing but a towel and her hair dripping over the carpet. "It's over?"

"Looks like it," he gave her a smile. "We can start a family."

Tala on the other hand was cautious, "Has Bill contacted Bleddyn yet?"

Fenrir shook his head. "We both have tried but could not get through, the parchment remains blank."

"I wish I knew where Gary kept his," she sighed. "It would have made this much easier."

"I know," Fenrir stood up from the bed. "I think I should tell Bill."

"Yes, hurry."

With a nod Fenrir threw on a robe and dashed off to the Alpha's office.


Bill was playing his clarinet and the children were all trying to play along with recorders, tambourines, triangles and bongo drums. There was no melody just a cacophony of noise that had the Alpha chuckling for what the children lacked in talent they made up for with enthusiasm. "Well done," Bill praised them. "Now why don't we try to keep in time with the metronome this time," he pointed to the ticking device on his desk and the children laughed. "Okay, let's start again."

They all erupted in a burst of music when Fenrir knocked respectfully at the Alpha's door. The music stopped and Bill ordered him in. "Sir I must speak with you," Fenrir announced. The children whined at the news and started to stand. Fenrir felt a twinge of guilt at the disappointed faces. "We can speak in the hall, it won't take long."

Bill nodded, "We won't be too long," he said to the children who sat back down. He stepped out to the hall and closed the door behind him, "What is bothering you Fenrir?"

Fenrir took a deep breath. "Peredur, Bleddwen's brother appears to have been taken home."

"How do you know?" Bill asked, crossing his arms across his chest. "I thought you didn't have contact with the others."

"We don't," Fenrir explained. "His identity here was Peter Baxter."

"The missing photographer?" Fenrir nodded. "Well then, I have some things to take care of," he chuckled. "My son will have to deal with his in-laws soon."

"I am still apprehensive about that," Fenrir cautioned. "Bleddyn does not like not getting his way."

"It is every daughters mission in life to make her father's life a living hell," Bill mused. "I have over twenty of them and each have caused me grief in one way or another." His face split into a mischievous grin. "You will know what I mean when you have children."

"I have to wait until Tala is able to," Fenrir's heart warmed. "I envy you, you know. Not the position of Alpha, but your life as provider for your family. And one day soon I plan to match you."

"Let's see what your mate says about that," Bill chortled. "We may be the symbolic dominant in a relationship, but the truth is very different."

"Don't I know it," Fenrir joined Bill in the chuckle. "I can only imagine what Michael is going through. Bleddwen always liked getting her own way and I dare say Michelle is not that different now she has someone to pamper her. "

"Michael would be revelling in it," Bill added. "Now I must help our toddlers with keeping time." He re-entered the room to find one of the older children playing with his clarinet. "No you don't play it like that, rest the reed on your bottom lip," the Alpha did not get angry at the young pup who was playing with the expensive instrument. "That's it, you got it!"

Fenrir smiled at the young boy who grinned, delighted with his achievement and closed the door to return to Tala.


The morning was cool as winter approached quicker than anyone wanted. Michelle grabbed her jacket just before leaving the house and now in the car park of the university on the outskirts of the town where the fog still clung to the lower topography of the landscape, she was grateful she did. Mike gave her a smile in an attempt to reassure her that he will not let her down after the fiasco the previous day. "I'll get it sorted, sweetheart," he promised her. "No matter what it takes."

"Well if that bitch thinks she can just come in and take over she has another thing coming," Shell growled. "I'll be damned if I let her walk all over me again."

Michael looked at her in curiosity. "What do you mean?"

Shell shook her head, "Don't worry about it." They both entered to find the building had not turned the heater on which meant either it was dirty or broken, both scenarios were likely as most of the funding was siphoned off to research projects and the maintenance of the building was one of the casualties of such practice. "Huh, heaters fucked again."

"Yeah." Mike agreed as they made their way to his office.

"I am so glad my project doesn't rely on stable external temperature," Shell mused dryly. "So happy I took your advice on an independent heating system."

"After suffering through a few winters here you learn a few things," Mike grinned and reached for her hand and gave it a gentle squeeze. "I have a couple of tricks I could teach you," he wriggled his eyebrow suggestively.

"I would love to but I have to go skin a bear." Michelle answered sweetly and with a chaste kiss to Michael's cheek she skipped off down the hall to Rick's office.

Mike smiled after her when her words sunk in. "Oh shit!"


Dr Monahan sat behind his desk reading his email dejectedly, he knew that any moment now he would have to deal with Dr Patterson and his mate for Carol's resumed employment at the university after a decade. He needed to get rid of that scheming woman, but he also needed to find a way to protect himself from any repercussions for his inappropriate actions. Thankfully Dr Evens had not arrived yet and he had no idea if the wolves were there either.

He was pulled out of his misery by the polite knocking at his office door. "Come in" he called without looking up.

"Hello Richard," came an eerily sweet voice after the door clicked shut. He looked up to see Michelle grinning at him, something about her did not look right. "You've been a naughty boy."

Rick felt a shiver race up his spine as he looked at her, Shell's presence was different and in a way that disturbed him. "Are you feeling alright?" He asked, standing to give her aide if she needed it.

"What the fuck do you think?" She snapped back, her expression turning malicious. "I lost my job to a whore!"

He dropped his gaze to the floor. "I am sorry ..."

"Oh just shut up," She continued. "So she manipulated you, you're a fucking bear couldn't you have just ripped her head off and save us from her?" She settled into the chair opposite him like a queen sitting on her throne. "Now how are you going to fix this little problem?" She tapped her finger on the arm of the chair impatiently waiting for him to answer.

Rick wanted to give her a definitive answer but he had no idea how he could. Before he could speak to voice his shame Michael burst in. "Rick please do not punish her!" Mike cried out before analysing the scene in front of him. He stopped in his tracks when he saw Michelle ignoring him and glaring at Dr Monahan. "Ah Shell?" He did not recognise her at that moment, she looked different. Her whole demeanour was alien to him like there was a stranger sitting in the chair that his mate sat in. "Darling, look at me." he pleaded, kneeling at her feet and clasping her hands lovingly.

Michelle blinked. "Michael?" She swayed on the seat, "I don't feel so good."

Mike pulled her into his arms. "Tell me what happened."

She shook her head. "I don't remember," which was not entirely true. The events that occurred since they arrived were like trying to remember a dream with confusing half memories and disorientation.

Rick stood by and watched what unfolded, the whole situation felt surreal. Mike helped Shell to her feet and began to guide her out of Rick's office. "She blackmailed me," Rick said before they left. "She knew my weakness and I couldn't stop myself."

"It's alright" Dr Patterson consoled his friend and left with his distressed mate.

Rick felt bad, Michelle was generally a sweet girl who did not cause any trouble but the way she spoke to him was almost frightening, making him wonder what she was actually capable of.


In Michael's office Shell relaxed into Mike's chair. "I feel so tired" she mumbled as her mate backed away.

"You are prioritising your natural needs over everything else." Mike explained as he walked to the cupboard to retrieve a fold out camp bed.

"Which is?" She asked yawning.

"Eating, sleeping and reproduction," he smiled as he answered her while he setting up the bedding. "Right now you need to rest, when you wake up you will be hungry and then," his grin widened. "You will want me."

She chuckled at his expression. "Will you take care of my embryos today?"

"I do have my own projects you know" he protested playfully.

"I'm calling in one of the favours you owe me," she countered. "Now get goin'. You have my work to do."

Michael laughed and kissed her forehead. "What would you like me to get you for lunch?"

"Yes" she replied and dozed off.

"I love you, sweetheart" he whispered and laid her in the bed he prepared for her, tucking her in. He walked out of the room, closing the door silently and made his way towards the labs.

He had already decided to keep an eye on her devil embryos before she asked, she had placed twenty zygotes in two of the artificial wombs she developed a few years back and as they are marsupials they will be 'born' in twenty-one days. Michael loved the carnivorous marsupials of Australia which was one of the reasons he took up the challenge to try to bring back the Thylacine.

He paid no attention to who he walked by until he felt a finger hook in the waist band of his trousers. "Where do you think you're going," came an unwanted voice. "I've missed you, you know."

Mike refused to turn around. "It's been ten years Carol, I've moved on."

"With that weak little Michelle," she acknowledged. "Where is she, I haven't said hello."

He felt the heat of rage begin to rise. "You leave her alone" he yanked her around to face him. "Haven't you done enough to her already?" He did not bother to hide his anger.

"After what she did to me?" Carol retaliated aggressively. "Stealing you from me and breaking my heart, the little whore will get what's coming to her!"

"I left you because I did not love you," Mike made sure he announced each word clearly so as not to cause any confusion. "I am in love with Michelle and we are m... engaged."

"She will never love you the way I do," She smiled ignoring everything he said. "I came back for you, bought a house for us to live in, complete with garden and enough rooms for a family."

"I have a home with Michelle" he argued. "Now go away, I do not care if you have a high rank in the labs, you will not be here long, so leave me alone." He shoved her away and continued on his way.

Carol watched him leave feeling hurt. "I will get you back Michael Patterson, no matter what it takes."


Michelle woke up after a pleasant dream of her and Michael alone on a beach in winter by a coastal cave. The dream was romantic though the scenario bewildered her, making love on a beach with a gale blowing straight from the Antarctic and a drizzling rain was not her idea of fun. That and the sand would get everywhere.

She rolled onto her back thinking of how much her life had changed in a week, her anger towards Michael was a distant memory, though it is very hard to stay angry at someone who had such a nimble tongue and was very eager to use it. She chuckled quietly, blocking all negativity from her mind. In reality she should be thanking Dr Carol Evens for returning as there was the possibility that she would find herself on maternity leave soon and the lab would need to replace her. That thought alone made her smile, not the jealousy that Carol would hold but the prospect of being a mother. She knew her children would have brown hair as both she and Michael had brown hair, but she hoped they would have their father's mazarine eyes.

"What has you smiling so beautifully this afternoon?" Her mate called from the door.

Shell rolled her head towards him. "Just trying to figure out what our babies will look like." She stretched some of the fatigue out of her body, "Something smells good."

"I have some pies from the cafeteria and decaffeinated espresso." He placed his offerings on the desk and crouched at her side to provide her with assistance if she needed it.

"I was talking about you," Shell tugged on his jacket to pull him closer to capture his lips which he surrendered to instantly.

Climbing onto the bed with her, he was on top of her immediately, letting his hands navigate their way under the covers to find any patch of naked flesh to caress. "I'm glad to hear it" he breathed in her ear before taking her lobe between his teeth and giving it a sharp nip. Shell gasped at the sudden pain, but it was quickly forgotten as his wonderful tongue licked it better. "We will have to be quick, sweetheart, your grad students are plotting a revolt against your department's new head."

Shell laughed. "Trust Carol to be so efficient at alienating her underlings in under a day."

Her laugh was contagious and Mike soon joined her in her mirth, "She wasn't like this before."

"Yes, she was, just like a fucking psychopath," Shell giggled. "Targeting those she feels unworthy and all nice to those she likes or could do something for her." She sobered suddenly, "I nearly killed myself because of her." Mike's laughed died. "I was the focus of her anger which I didn't understand until yesterday. Long story short I tried to OD on Doxylamine, but all I did was have a really good night's sleep."

"Human drugs are not that effective on us thankfully," he pressed his forehead to hers. "How much did you take?"

"Double the advised dose," she answered.

Mike chuckled. "That wouldn't even kill a human unless they had an allergy to it." Shell gave him a quizzical glance. "I studied pharmaceuticals before I changed careers."

"Well I am glad that it didn't work," she finally said. "We better have lunch so I can rescue my crew from the evil witch."

"I know some witches and not one of them are evil," Mike informed her as they moved to the desk to eat. "Now eat up."

"Yes dad," she sarcastically replied and quickly ate her lunch and drank her coffee. "So how are my babies?"

"They are still only a clump of cells, but they are not rejecting the apparatus," Mike answered her. "I have to say you have put a lot of them in only two devices."

"Devils can gestate up to thirty young, but only three or four live as there are not enough nipples for the young to feed from so only the fastest live," she explained factually. "But we have the means to feed all of them so we can expand the genetic diversity and help ensure the survival of the species."

"Have you thought about doing the same for the cheetah?" He asked. "You know they are in trouble genetically speaking."

"Their variation is dangerously limited," Shell sighed. "It is almost like they are clones of one another," She looked up at her mate and smiled. "Maybe you could help me there, can you get your hands on some preserved tissue samples that are viable for DNA extraction?"

"I could look into it," he answered. "I'm guessing you wish to splice extinct genes with living genes to improve the diversity."

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