tagGroup SexFormal Dinner Delights

Formal Dinner Delights


As they take their seats at the candlelit table, he can see that she is dressed for the occasion. Her simple black skirt is short enough to show her black nylon stocking tops. Her low cut blouse lets him see her very lovely breasts almost to the nipples.

The waiter arrives to take their order. She looked at him and was surprised, here was this tall muscular young man, wearing only white cuffs, bow tie and loincloth.

Her date was a big man about fifty years old who spoke with an English accent. He was not an Adonis, but his full figure has curves in all the right places. His hair was dark with just a hint of gray. When she looked into his face, she saw these beautiful seductive blue eyes, a European nose and strong chin made her quiver right to the center of her womanhood.

She looked at the waiter again then back at her date with a questioning gaze. She leaned over and whispered, "Darling, why is he dressed like this?"

He replied, "He is clothed this way, because the restaurant's theme is, "The English Wild West."

As the waiter stands besides her writing in his notebook, she locked her lower lips seductively as she mischievously slipped her hand under his loincloth. Oh fuck, she felt a massive cock and big balls. She leaned forward and began caressing them. He continues writing and acting as if nothing odd is happening.

At this point, her date reached across the table, placed his hand on her nipples, and gently began stroking her nipples through her blouse until they stand proud against the sheer material.

The waiter turned and looked down at her then pulled back his loincloth and exposed his erect cock to her. He quivered slightly then ran it across her lips.

She guides his cock it into her mouth running her tongue the length of it and then slid her lips clear down until they brushed his pubic hairs. Whilst this was happening, her date opens her blouse, exposes her breasts and begins to feel and play with them.

As the waiter watches all this activity, he becomes so excited that he takes hold of her head and fucked her mouth harder.

She feels her crotch drenched with anticipation and began sucking him in earnest. He free hand raises her skirt just enough to give him a hint of her unclad pussy. She ran her fingers through her slit and brought then to the lips of her date and he sucked them hungrily.

That pushed the waiter over the edge and he climaxed so hard that he nearly passed out.

When finished he leaves and she picks up her napkin to dab his cum from her lips and chin.

Her date continued to roll her nipples between his fingers and thumb feeling her trembling beneath his touch. He knew she was hot and needed to climax soon. It seemed that she did not care where she was and who was watching her.

She moved her chair closer to him and raised he skirt up to her crotch so her date could see what the waiter saw.

Her date uttered, "Oh fuck," as he notices she was not wearing any panties.

She leaned over and kissed him hard on the lips, then nibbled at his ear, and whispered, "Lover, make me cum! I am so fucking horny!"

Well he did not need any further encouragement. He continued playing with her right nipple as his left hand slid between the wetness of her wanting pussy. His hand trembled as he encircled her swollen clit with his index finger. He pinched it then continued caressing her clit and then slid his thumb inside her pulsating vagina.

He tantalized her clit as his thumb fucked her. He still cannot believe she met him and his wildest fantasy was unfolding right before his eyes. He felt the precum ooze across the tip of his cock as if it was telling his, "Let's fuck her soon!"

Oh God, she could not believe was actually doing this, out in the open like this in front of onlookers. Yes, it was true she was a bit of an exhibitionist. However, she usually never saw who was watching her.

She kissed his earlobe and whispered, Ohhhhhh, yessssss, just like that!"

He played with her steaming cunt as she reached over and slid the zipper of his pants down. It was then that she then noticed he was not wearing any underwear.

Oh my God, he was as naughty as she was and she loved it! She slid her fingers around his cock and began stroking it. He stopped her and said, "Can you wait Doll? I want to make you cum first! Then I want to fuck you, but not here somewhere more private."

She nodded her head yes then zipped his pants back up. She unbuttoned another button on her blouse and led his lips to her hardened nipple.

She held back the urge to scream when he bit her nipple and pinched her clit. The fluid gushed from her hole as covered his whole hand in her first earth-shattering climax.

It took her awhile to recover then she lowered her shirt and kissed him passionately. She then told him to follow her and she led him by the hand to the men's room.

When inside, she locked the door then unzipped her skirt, slid off her blouse and stood naked before him. Her firm nipples stood out like bullets and shaved cunt glistened with her cum.

She pulled him close kissed him hard then said, "Is this private enough baby! Ooooooh God, fuck me! FUCK me hard and deep. I want to feel your hard cock deep inside my cunt NOW!"

Her date could not believe how precarious she was tonight. He had only read about this kind of voyeuristic activity in erotic stories, he never dreamed it would be a reality. He felt his cock throbbing in his pants and wondered if she was as good as she looked.

She stood naked before him and when he eyed her up and down, he almost blew his load. He loved big beautiful woman especially those with big tits. He guessed hers were about 44D with quarter sized inch long hard nipples, just begging to be sucked and bitten. Her thin waist gave way to luscious wide hips along with a neatly shaved pussy.

He pulled her closer and kissed her hard then asked her if they should check to see if anyone was in the other stalls.

She froze! She did not even think of that, here they were in the men's room and she did realize there may be someone else their. She kissed his cheek and uttered, "Let me go look okay?"

The last stall she checked was not empty. When she heard someone cough, she grinned. She figured what the hell, it's was her night to get fucked and if someone wants to listen or watch, oooh la la!

She looked back at her date and said, "No one is here, take off your clothes. It's time to fuck!"

She then walked up to her date and whispered, "We are not alone! Don't say anything out loud, but if you are into some hot fucking with an audience nod your head yes!"

He nodded his head yes and then took off his pants. He stood before her naked with his 8-inch cock standing at attention. He winked at her and said, "Well sugar, do you like what you see?"

She licked her lips and said, "Oh my God yes! I feel like a kid in a candy store getting ready to suck on one of those long candy canes!"

They were quiet for a moment and then heard it, the latch to the stall open. She grinned, winked, lowered herself to her knees, and began circling the head of his dick with her tongue.

Since she could not see the stall, her hate watched as an older man opened the door just enough to see them. He gave the man an ok sign and winked.

The older man had not seen such a sight since he rented an x-rated video last weekend. His cock was already beginning to swell and throb as he slowly removes his pants and shorts. His cock was only seven inches long, but almost 3 inches around with a mushroom sized head. It already was oozing precum.

The older man looked at them and felt weak in the knees. When her mouth took in the other man's cock he thought, "Oh fuck! I would love to have my cock sucked like that." He began stroking his cock in unison of her head bobbing then ran his thumb hard across the tender head and trembled.

She stopped sucking to see if whoever was in the stall was watching them. Sure enough, he was and naked from the waist down stroking a delicious looking cock.

She stopped sucking her date long enough to say, "Care to join us daddy? It's a waste to just stand there jacking off."

Her date then said, "Sure, why don't you come over and join us. This hot bitch needs a royal hard fucking."

Oh fuck, she loved it when a man called her "bitch," it made her clit throb. She then heard the other man clap his hands in approval. "Ohhhhh baby she told herself," she could not believe she was in the men's bathroom with two horny men both over the age of 50. It was a fantasy of hers, a threesome, voyeurism, and acting like a total slut.

She turned and got on all fours and then went back to sucking her dates cock. Then she felt the other man's hand on her wanting pussy and she almost passed out from anticipation.

The older man kissed her ear and uttered, "Oh baby, mind if I taste it before I fuck it?"

With her mouth full of cock, she moaned making it clear she would enjoy anything he did to her. When the older man ran his tongue the length of her hot cunt, she totally engulfed her dates cock.

He date closed his eyes and uttered, "Oooooooh fuck doll! I'm gonna blow any second now!"

She just winked, went on sucking him as her free hand fondled his swollen balls. When the older man shoved three fingers in her hole and bit her clit gently, she trembled with her first earth-shattering climax, so hard she nearly lost her balance.

Her own organism triggered her date to empty his balls down her throat. In addition, she swallowed eagerly trying not to miss one delicious drop.

The older man removed his fingers and nursed at her cunt like a newborn pup on its momma's tit. He sure did not want to miss a drop of her sweet nectar.

When she was done, she positioned herself on her back, wiggled her index finger at the older man, and said, "Fuck me daddy! I want you deep in my pussy now...daddy!"

The older man moved and slid his cock into her pussy burying it to the hilt with his first thrust. He then started moving his cock in and out of her pussy like a jackhammer on cement. Oh fuck, this older man really knew how to give a woman a good hard fucking!

Her date stood there watching with a silly grin on his face, like the cat that just ate the canary. He felt his cock stir to life again as he watched the older man fuck her. He loved it! Here was his date, fucking a total stranger!

She leaned up, sucked the older man's nipple, and bit it gently. She then wrapped her long legs around his waste pulling his rod as deep as it would go inside her hot hole.

The older man stopped her for a moment and said, "Let me lay on my back baby. Then you can straddle this ole man's pony. That way your boyfriend can fuck your hot ass, if you're up to it sweety!"

She squealed, "You all must be reading my mind! I'm game; let me ride your pony daddy!"

She quickly straddled him driving her hot cunt hard down onto his member. She told her date to watch her for a moment. She leaned over and began sucking her own hardened nipple.

Both men watched in awe and her date said, "Oh fuck, that's it baby! I love a woman who can suck her own nipples! Suck them... HARD!"

As she tantalized her own nipples, he spit in his hand, lubed up his cock, and teased the entrance to her ass with just the head.

She stopped sucking long enough to say, "Fuck my ass! Oooooooh, God, yesssss, I love my ass and cunt fucked! "

The older man felt her date's cock rub his through the thin membrane that separated her ass and cunt. He could not remember the last time he fucked like this. He pumped her full of cum as he sucked her left nipple into his mouth and bit it.

She squealed yes, and climaxed simultaneously. Her date held onto her hips and drove his cock home, deep in her ass. Then he leaned over and asked, "Want me to cum in your ass baby?"

She replied, "Oh no, I want you to come all over my ass!"

He pulled his cock from her tight ass, blew his second load all over her sweet ass, and spread it around.

She looked at them both and said. "I think I have just been royally fucked!"

Both men helped her clean up and the older man kissed her deep and hard. He reached into pocket and handed her one of his business cards. Then said, "Call daddy, any time you want baby!"

She unlocked the door, looked around and listened carefully for any obscure noises then watched the older man exit the men's room.

Her date pulled her into his arms and uttered, "Honey, you are one Heavenly Dessert!"

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