tagBDSMFreedom and the Widow Ch. 08

Freedom and the Widow Ch. 08


The men were taken back to Cherie's in two taxis; Eric sat obediently by Victoria , still in a sense of shock and with no recollection of actually leaving Club Zero; the natural feminine control was beginning to mesmerise him. Victoria could not quite believe what was happening either, but her sense of superiority ensured that she did not show her 'capture' this. Eric steadily inhaled at her soft feminine scent which seemed to hold him like a drug; he could not keep his eyes from the beautiful camel-toe in the leather, which Victoria did nothing to hide; her womanhood swelling with anticipation as she yearned for her first venture into domination, now so close.

Eric felt dream-like as he rode in the large taxi with the four women; fittingly it had a female driver, and she eyed Eric with a broad smile in the rear view mirror, her pussy nicely aroused with the knowledge that he would be made to know his place by these stern women. Her bright red lips chewed on a cocktail stick; the sight of four obviously dominant women and a male slave-to-be not helping her kick her smoking habit. Cherie noted her interest.

"Do you like to see women in charge of men?" The taxi driver swerved slightly and apologised, slightly taken aback.

"Oh yes, I've had some bad treatment from males in the past, and I've developed a somewhat mean streak on that front; I intend the next one I get involved with will be like that one. I've finished my shift for tonight and I may go looking for one." She sneered at Eric with a look of contempt. Cherie's nipples peaked and her mature cunt oozed as she too looked at Eric.

"Would you like to stop by and witness Eric being dominated for the first time? I'm sure his new Mistress, Victoria, will not mind. After all he already has three women to please as a test before he's allowed to spend his first night alone with his mistress; I'm sure he would be obliged to give you a most novel tip for giving him a lift to paradise." Eric swallowed hard and his cock stiffened to rigidity at the realisation of what had been said; the women all laughed at him and their sneering eyes burned holes in him. He felt like their prey for the first time. The taxi driver gasped, and put her foot down as she spoke.

"Oh, I would love that, thank you so much." She looked at Eric and licked her lips.

When the taxi stopped at Cheri's Victoria stood proud and simply pointed to the front door in a stern manner. Eric walked dutifully on, his manhood bulging, not really knowing what to expect; his stomach a mass of butterflies. Pierre and the other two males left their taxi and were taken to their respective Mistress's rooms and each made to kneel by the bed and await the pleasure of their betters. Eric was taken into a large lounge with soft leather furnishings. Cherie wasted no time; she would not allow this new male time to think or get cold feet.

"Have him strip and kneel before you Victoria; we are eager to see what we've got." Victoria took a deep breath; her pussy slipped within the leather continuously now, such was her excitement. She eyed Eric sternly; she was more than ready to begin her domination of him now.

"Take you clothes off immediately, and kneel here." Eric did not hesitate, he was half naked before Victoria had stopped pointing to the floor; she now observed with the others as her first submissive lay himself bare before five fully clothed, assertive women. He was almost overcome by the electric atmosphere as he felt truly submissive for the first time in his life; he had dreamed of being in such a situation, and the reality of it did not disappoint or faze him in any way, he was willing to do anything for the women, especially Victoria. Cherie strutted over and toyed with his erect cock with her riding crop.

"Such a dear little cock, Victoria will be so pleased to see it spurt its little offering in her honour, but first we must ensure you are worthy of ownership by her." She glanced behind her and smiled as Wanda eagerly wriggled from her leather jodhpurs, pulling them over her stiletto boots and then peeled her panties over them too. She eased her feet to the seat of the chair, exposing her glorious womanhood and asshole. Eric's cock bobbed at the sight and the taxi driver's jaw dropped; this was a new world for her too, three people would receive an enjoyable education this night. Wanda wagged her finger at Eric.

"You'll come here now and show me if your tongue is worthy." Eric panted, and looked at Victoria for permission; he was already in acceptance that she owned him, and he could not have known she was a novice herself. Victoria needed not ask what her dominant friends were doing, she knew she was being shown the way, and she also knew they were aware she yearned to dominate Eric herself. She played the game perfectly, and simply nodded her accession at Eric with sublime authority; even this small act of control made her pussy bulge with pleasure, she could not wait to have him to herself.

Eric meekly crawled on all fours to Wanda's hot and needy cunt and asshole; just her scent had him close to orgasm and he had not yet put his face near her womanhood. He was aware he was the focal point of an audience of dominant women and the aching in his tingling balls was unbearable. Wanda smiled, almost softly; she was conscious that this was a newly enslaved male, and she would ease his look of almost terror, though she would ensure he knew his place, albeit gently.

"Don't be afraid, I shan't whip you tonight; you are here for Victoria but you must share your submission before you are allowed to worship your new mistress. I'll have my pussy licked now; my slave upstairs awaits a thrashing, you shall put me in the mood." Wanda pointed to her shaven and juicy slit and Eric did not hesitate; he was close to coming as he took in her delicious feminine scent, and Wanda giggled with delight s his tongue caressed her sticky folds for the first time. The other Cherie and Lola looked at each-other approvingly as Wanda simply enjoyed Eric's attentions; he had made no comment whatsoever and his body language was perfect, he was undoubtedly truly submissive but they would make sure he would be OK alone with Victoria. Wanda was eager to come, but reluctantly pulled his head from her crotch; none of the women would use him too much, they wanted Victoria to have that pleasure. Wanda looked up at Cherie who stood smiling behind Eric, she pointed to her. Eric turned with messy face to see the dominant woman towering over him; she too waged her finger. Eric shuffled submissively toward her and took in her scent too; she had no panties on and her short skirt revealed little. She smiled down on Eric with a look of menace and toyed with her crop, before tossing it to a chair. She lifted her skirt and pulled Eric's face to her crotch. He sniffed at the wonderful musty tang of the mature dominant's womanhood, his cock dribbling.

"Well, you have sampled pussy, now you'll worship asshole." She turned and bent, keeping her legs straight, and pulled her magnificent globular cheeks apart. Eric was ready to explode as he whiffed the spicy tang of a dominant woman's asshole for the first time; he eyed the juicy brown pucker and was close to whining a plea as he waited for the command.

"Lick my asshole you cur!" Eric's face warmed as the heat of her beautiful cheeks engulfed him; the taste was as erotically delicious as the smell as he licked and then probed her succulent puckers with gusto. Cherie was most pleased at this confirmation of his submissiveness, she sighed as he eagerly worked his tongue lovingly around her sweaty anus.

"Oh you are ready to be dominated aren't you? I think Victoria is in for a real treat tonight." Cherie noted the taxi driver her tongue, hanging out and her hand eagerly rubbing her crotch as she watched Eric submit to her asshole. Cherie smiled at Lola with her eye's half closed as she enjoyed the eager rhythm of Eric's tongue.

"Time to bring LeClerc to show our new guest to her room and be of service to her, I think." As Lola went smiling to fetch LeClerc for the taxi driver, Cherie reluctantly eased her ass away from Eric and gestured to Victoria. She stood over Eric now, her pussy buzzing anxiously in her tight leathers having witnessed his submission; she would enjoy being serviced by him alone now. As Lola returned and had LeClerc kneel at the feet of the taxi driver, Cherie moved to a drawer in a cabinet.

"We ladies have a little symbolic gift for you." Victoria smiled as Cherie handed her a collar and leash. Eric looked submissively up at her as she buckled the collar about his neck with her delicate fingers. She then stood proud and gave the leash a little tug; she felt she could have enjoyed an orgasm there and then; such was the intensity of the moment. The women clapped as she rubber-stamped her authority over Eric; he had shown his submission, she would now show him her dominance in earnest. LeClerc was also leashed for the taxi driver, and the women followed Victoria in procession up the stairs as she led him by the leash on all fours. Both would shortly know orgasms they could only have dreamed of previously.

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