Fresh Off The Bus 3 Ch. 1


Kim was running out of time and she quickly brought her hands up to the shaft. She began stroking her hands along his shaft while bobbing her mouth rapidly over the tip. After several minutes, she started getting a reaction from Solomon. He grunted and grabbed the sides of her head between his strong hands. Solomon began thrusting his hips forward, shoving his cock in and out of her mouth.

Come on, come on, she thought as his cock began to swell in her mouth. It had to be close and she increased her pace trying desperately to make him cum before the time was up.

His orgasm caught her by surprise. Sperm was sliding down her throat before she knew it. She closed her throat and her mouth immediately filled with sperm. Solomon was still holding her head forcing her to swallow more. As soon as the first wad was gone, the next filled her mouth, and then another. After it was done shooting, sperm continued to flow out of the tip in a steady stream. She could actually feel it pumping in her hands and mouth.

Finally, he was done and Solomon pulled his cock out of her mouth. Kim just laid back, caught her breath and worked her sore jaw around. "Did I make it?" she asked.

"Time was up twenty minutes ago," said Solomon sitting back down in the water.

"Impossible," she said, shaking her head in denial when he tossed his watch over at her. "Your watch must be wrong."

"It's never wrong. It gets a signal from the national atomic clock. It'll lose a second in the next billion years. That means your body is mine for the rest of the night," said Solomon.

Kim nodded, but thought, 'so what?' She wanted to fuck him. Her pussy was screaming for a dick as big as his, but he had just cum. 'Maybe he will get hard again in the morning and I can fuck him then, thought KIm.'

"Stand up. I want to see your body."

Kim stood up in the center of the hot tub with the water up to her thighs. Solomon King was different then anyone she had ever met. All those others had been putty in her hands, leaping at a chance to please her. The black man on the other hand was the one giving orders. He couldn't be manipulated by her or anyone else. She shivered in the cold night air as the water cascaded off her body. Kim was surprised to find that she liked being the one following orders. Something about him made her want to obey him.

"Very nice," said Solomon. "Now turn around so I can see you ass."

Kim did as she was told, slowly turning around for him. When she was facing him again she got the shock of her life. The head of his cock was sticking up out of the water, fully erect again.

"Bend over the edge bitch."

Kim turned again and bent over the rim of the hot tub. She heard the water falling from his body as he stood up. He waded over to her and rested his cock between her ass cheeks reminding her of how big it really was. 'That monster is going to split me in two,' she thought, but she couldn't wait for him to start.

KIm could feel Solomon's cock slowly slide down her ass crack and then the head began running all over her pussy lips teasing her. Her juices were leaking out coating the head of the black man's incredible cock. Solomon pushed forward and she could feel her lips stretching wide and then slowly closing around the head of his cock. Her pussy clamped down tightly around the invader as Solomon worked the head around in her.

Kim moaned with pleasure as Solomon worked his cock in deeper a centimeter at a time, taking it nice and slow, letting her get used to his size. He paused at six inches, already more cock then she had ever had, and then he proceeded forward again. Her eyes flew open as his meaty rod pushed into virgin territory. She felt a pressure building in her womb as an orgasm approached. The pressure just kept building and building, her hands squeezed tightly on the rim of the hot tub until her knuckles turned white. Kim started mewling as the pressure continued to build. The sound coming from deep in her throat was a combination of pleasure and frustration. She loved his cock but the friction wasn't enough to put her over the top. Her mewling became sporadic as his cock hit the ten inch mark and she began breathing heavily. At eleven inches she knew she belonged to him. No man had ever treated her like this and she felt more satisfied now, more like a woman then she ever had in her life. Solomon's balls gently slapped against her thighs and she knew she had taken it all. The pressure was unbearable now, sweat covered her brow and she felt her pussy muscles expanding and contracting as it tried to both push him out and pull him in. He held still though until finally she cried, "Please fuck me, please."

His reaction wasn't what she expected. One minute her pussy was stuffed with a thick foot-long cock and then it was gone as Solomon jerked it out with a loud slurping sound. "Nooo," she cried in horror as the impending orgasm started fading.

She sighed in relief as he pushed the head in again, but he just held the head still. Kim wanted more and started struggling to push back, but he restrained her with one of his strong hands until tears rolled down her eyes from frustration.

Solomon's other hand grabbed her left ass cheek and the tip of his thumb began circling around her anus until it opened up as he pushed his thumb in. Kim started to protest, no one had ever played with her ass before, but he fed her another inch of cock and she shut up. He began slowly working his thumb in her ass in time to the frustratingly slow pace of his cock. When his cock was halfway in, his thumb was buried up to the knuckle. Then he buried his cock along with his thumb and held it there not moving. Kim's ass squeezed his thumb as her pussy clamped down over his cock. It felt like she was being double fucked and she decided she might have to try it some time. Solomon's thumb was almost as big as her boyfriend's penis.

Finally, Kim couldn't take it any more. "Oh god I need to cum," she moaned. "Quit teasing me." Once again Solomon yanked his cock out and she sobbed. This time however, he slammed his cock in, her pussy expanded around it, every nerve tingling, until it was all in and then her orgasm exploded from her body. She had cum before but never like this.

Shockwaves of pleasure traveled out from her womb enveloping her body. Her scream of joy echoed off the surrounding building bouncing back at her. The orgasm seemed to last forever and Solomon was merciless as he continued to pound his cock into her with a speed that would of had her previous lover's cumming in minutes. "Like it slut?" he asked after she had come back down to earth.

"I love it," she replied. "I love your cock. I love you." Kim gritted her teeth as she came again and then again.

Solomon continued to relentlessly pound his cock into her pussy and his thumb into her ass. She lost track of time and the number of orgasms he had given her. She felt like a virgin experiencing sex for the first time. Finally when she didn't think she could take anymore with a loud grunt he came.

His sperm struck the depths of her pussy triggering another orgasm almost as powerful as the first. Wad after wad struck the insides of her pussy churning with her juices as he continued to slam his cock in and out. 'How could those big balls produce this much sperm?' she wondered, especially after cumming once already. Her belly still felt full of sperm. He pulled his cock out and she felt more of his cum dripping onto her ass.

"Do not move," said Solomon. "Remain as you are now."

Kim didn't think she could move if she wanted to. She was so exhausted from the fucking of her life. She was a little stiff, but the edge of the hot tub was actually quite comfortable. The whole thing was actually perfect for fucking and sucking. It was almost as if it had been designed with Solomon in mind.


Solomon grabbed his glass of wine and relit his cigar as he laid back against the edge and caught his breath. Breaking her had been most rewarding. She had thought he could be manipulated, but instead she would find herself used and cast aside to other men. She would learn that it was in her nature to serve and obey. He liked them young, dumb, and full of his cum.

Solomon smiled as he stared at her crotch. Her thighs were red from getting slapped by his balls, her pussy was splayed open, and his sperm was oozing out of her pussy in waves. He set his glass down and began tugging on his cock to make it hard again. It quickly began fattening up. He closed his eyes in pleasure as he stroked his cock, even after all these years, his stamina still amazed him.


Kim awoke to an intense pain shooting through her rectum. Solomon was playing with her ass again only this time more roughly. She expected the pain to fade, but instead it increased as her ass stretched open impossibly wide. Just when she thought her ass would rip open, it closed around what could only be the head of Solomon's cock.

Kim shuddered in fear at the thought of having that monster shoved where no man has ever gone before. She didn't have a choice though, according to the bet he had full use of her body and to tell the truth Kim wanted him to fuck her ass. She wouldn't belong to him completely until she had given him access to every hole in her body. Kim winced as the pain shot through her body again as he resumed pushing forward.

Kim just laid there, grabbed the edge of the tub, and closed her eyes. Luckily, Solomon was merciful. He paused every two inches or so to let her get used to his anal invader. The whole process probably took a half hour, but Kim eventually felt his balls gently slap against her ass and she knew he had gotten the whole thing in.

"I'm impressed slut," he said between breaths. He was panting as much as she was. "Few women take it all on the first try and many never can."

Just how many women had let him fuck their asses before? The way he talked made her think that it had been more then a few. If she was going to have a relationship with Solomon King, she'd have to make this worth his while and perform better then those other women. Kim felt like a turkey on Thanksgiving she was so stuffed, but the pain was fading. She flexed her ass, squeezing his cock between her cheeks and cried, "Fuck my ass baby. Fuck me hard. Fill me with your sperm."

"You got it bitch," said Solomon beginning to pump.

Solomon fucked her hard with about three-quarters of his cock. It was a strange sensation, but she liked it. Sucking him off required skill and concentration. When fucking him, she was too busy cumming. Getting her butt fucked made her feel helpless, used and she liked the feeling. She liked making him happy.

Pain shot up Kim's back and she winced. His cock felt bigger and she realized it was swelling as he approached orgasm. Friction increased as it grew thicker, slowing him down. With difficulty, he pushed it all the way in and held it there. For a second, Kim though that he wasn't going to cum and that his cock would remain wedged n her ass forever, but with a jerk, his cock spurted one of his impossibly large loads deep into her bowels.

He held it there until the swelling went down enough for him to slowly pull it out. Kim's ass closed a little behind it, his sperm rising into the space recently vacated by his cock until it poured out her ass.

"Did you like it baby?"

"Yeah bitch," replied Solomon. "You fuck like a slut twice your age." Kim beamed at the compliment.

"Why don't you go get cleaned up in the restroom," said Solomon.

Kim smiled at him and climbed out of the tub. She grabbed the towel and returned to the restroom where her clothes were. She looked at herself in the mirror and couldn't believe her reflection. Dried sperm covered her chin and thighs. There was a large red indentation just under her breasts from the edge of the hot tub. Her hair was half-wet and unkempt. She looked like she felt, well fucked.

Kim grabbed a towel and wiped her chin off. she bent down to clean her thighs and was embarrassed as a large fart escaped her ass forcing some sperm out. She stood and quickly ran to the toilet.

It took a while for Kim to feel presentable enough to go see her lover. She left her clothes in the bathroom, put on her best pageant smile, and naked walked back out to the living room. Solomon was there wearing a robe and Kim thought it should be a crime to cover up that magnificent cock. "I wasn't ready to get dressed yet," she said.

Solomon walked behind her, grabbed her clothes from the restroom and handed them to her. "It's just as well, Bull prefers his women naked. He'll take you home when he's done with you."

Kim eyes opened in disbelief and she felt like crying as he hustled her over towards the door. He was going to make her go through with sucking off his fat bodyguard. "But Solomon, she begged. "what about us? Can I see you tomorrow?" She paused then added, "What about a contract?"

"Don't worry, you were as good as hired when you got off the bus," he said. "As for tomorrow, find yourself another black man." He slammed the door in her face just as another loud fart echoed in the hall.


Kim turned and walked towards the door to Bull's room. She felt used, embarrassed and humiliated. She raised her hand up to knock and then said, "Fuck this." Kim turned around and walked over to the elevator.

She dressed then pressed the down button and waited. The feelings of love and submission she had felt for Solomon were rapidly fading though if he opened his door now and asked her in, she would go running. Anyway, he had guaranteed her a contract and she brightened up. She pressed the down button again and then noticed a key hole by the buttons. 'Damn,' she thought.

Kim wore her most charming pageant smile when she knocked on the door. The smile wavered when he answered the door and she saw that he was shirtless. She kept her eyes on his face and away from his body as she asked, "Mr Bull, Mr King said you would take me back to the apartment?"

"As soon as you blows me bitch," said Bull and she felt something poking her in the stomach.


Kim looked down and gasped. A cock head the size of a small orange was sticking out from under Bull's immense belly. Bull grabbed her arm and pulled her inside his room. The entire room stank of sweat and semen. His walls were decorated with pin-ups, many were stained.

Bull led her over to his bed and sat her down on the edge giving her a good view of his cock. It was as big as her forearm, the head as big as her clenched fist. The monster was probably eighteen inches long and it was the first uncircumsized cock she had ever seen. The tip of the head peaking out at her had a pee-slit almost an inch long. The testicles dangling down underneath were the size of cantaloupes. It was a thing of beauty jutting out from the ugliest man she had ever seen.

A strange, musky odor came off of his crotch. Kim's eyes were lidded as she leaned forward and inhaled the scent, her tongue flickering out over the head as she smelled it.

Kim found herself filled with lust, her tongue licking all around the head. She kissed the tip in a gesture of love and submission. Kim brought her hands up and wrapped them around Bull's cock, pulling back the foreskin so that she could lick the flared ridge on the head.

She started stroking the shaft as she brought her mouth back around to the tip. Kim opened wide trying to get the head in her mouth, but it was just too big. She whimpered and looked up at Bull, "It doesn't fit."

"Takes your clothes off."

Kim leaped to obey and began stripping again. "Your not going to fuck me are you?"

"Fuck, I knows you can't take this mutha."

Kim felt sad. She wished she could fuck him. Her already well-fucked pussy was itching for his cock. She finished stripping and stood naked before him. Bull ran his hands over her body. His beefy hands completely covered her large breasts.

Bull pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs. She watched fascinated as he grabbed a jar of vaseline and began coating his cock with generous amounts of the gel. When he finished, his cock glistened in the light and he took another dollop and coated the insides of her thighs.

Bull pushed her legs back so that they didn't have contact with his stomach. He rested his black monster on her labia and squeezed her legs together around his dick. He started sliding his cock between her thighs. It slid along her belly, leaving a slimy trail of pre-cum and vaseline until it poked at the bottoms of her breasts. Bull started thrusting his hips, fucking her thighs.

"Play with them titties bitch," he grunted as he increased his thrusting. "Lets me sees you jerk them long nipples off."

Kim leaped to obey, bringing her hands up to her breasts, squeezing them and tugging on her nipples. She moaned with pleasure staring at the head of his cock striking towards her like a snake. His cock was sliding along her labia and her engorged clit. She was raising her hips as he thrust out with his cock. The friction brought forth a large orgasm and then another.

This went on for some time before she noticed his cock swelling. His cock wasn't siding along her belly any more, it was leaping upwards with each thrust. Sweat was pouring down Bull's forehead and his whole body shined in the light. Kim looked down between her breasts just as he came. His cum fanned out from the tip and it looked like a tidal wave approaching her face. The wave broke on her chin, cum slashing over her mouth and nose, just missing her eyes. The second wad coated her breasts and the third her belly. His load was twice as large as Solomon's and he still wasn't done cumming. Sperm continued to ooze from the tip as he ran it over her labia. Bull jerked the remaining sperm out on her belly and then stepped back.

"I'll go get dressed and take you back to the apartment," he said.

Kim writhed in pleasure on the bed as his sperm liquified. She couldn't help herself and she licked around her mouth tasting his cum. It wasn't enough so she scooped up some more off her breasts.

Kim cleaned herself off in Bull's dirty bathroom and then met him in the foyer. He put the key in the lock and they rode the elevator down to the ground.

Kim felt a deep feeling of euphoria and satisfaction as he drove her back to the apartment. She even kissed him on the cheek when he dropped her off. Kim waddled up to her room, her body sore, and climbed into bed.

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