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Friendly Gathering


One of the reasons for getting married is to be out of the single life. Even once you find someone you want to spend the rest of your life with, there are some things about the single life that are missed. Sexual freedom is one of them. For the most part, my wife and I had gravitated to a group of my friends – all somewhere in their 30s. About 10 of us get together a few times a year – to go bowling, or catch a movie, or throw barbecues, or meet at someone's house for some Bid Whist. Most of this group was married. The one who wasn't had a fairly steady girlfriend.

This gathering is after a Jazz concert. We are all dressed up – the women in dresses of varying lengths and styles, and the men in either suits or shirts and slacks. Mark and Rochelle invited everyone back to their house for a few drinks. Most end up in the kitchen mixing drinks, and messing with the single one about getting married – laying out the pros and cons, and picking on him for being a punk with cold feet.

In the middle of our laughter, Alonzo comes in like he is running from something. "Why y'all leave me in there?" he says pouring himself a drink.

"What's wrong?"

"They're in there talking about sex!"

We laugh at him because we know women talked about sex.

"So what? We talk about it too," Patrick says.

"No, they ain't talking about it like we talk about it. They using all kinds of code words, and getting descriptive." He points at me, "And your wife told me to leave so that they could really talk."

They all look at me like I would know what the women are up to. We hear a roar of laughter from the living room, and quiet down to make out what they are saying. We can't, but a moment later there is another roar. Then, of all people, my wife hollers for us not to be listening to what they are saying. The fellas laugh, then look at me again. I sit my drink down, and walk boldly into the living room, "What are y'all talking about that you don't want us to hear?"

René turns to me, and rubs my ass, "You would let me bend you over my knee and spank you, wouldn't you?"


"Look at him blush," Tasha says. "That's cute."

Denise nods, "I think that's his way of saying yes he would let her spank that booty."

"He would probably poke it out for her too," Tasha gives a hi-five to Denise, and more laughter erupts.

"Y'all have had way too much to drink up in here."

"Up in here," Yolanda pumps her hands above her head.

"You're all cut off!" I joke then turn to go back to the kitchen.

"Damn, he does have a nice ass, René," I hear as I go around the corner. There are some laughs of agreement.

"What happened?" Evan asks.

"They're talking about who they would spank."

"You lyin'?" Mark accuses.

"You want to go in there and find out for yourself?"

"Shit, maybe I should go in there," Troy adjusts his waistband, "let them know who I'd like to spank."

"What?" a couple of guys said at the same time.

"All right fellas, let's just be real. We all got some sexy ass wives, right? Ain't none of us married to ugly women."

We all eventually nod in agreement.

"Even the 'friends' Pete brings around are tight."

Kenny patted Pete's shoulder, "Ol' girl in there is hot."

"It ain't like I'm trying to push up on none of them – but my wife, Drew, and Tina got sexy legs; Janel, René, and Tasha got great asses; and Denise and Rochelle got fantastic titties."

We all looked at him.

He took a drink, "Damn I'm glad that's off my chest."

"You've been thinking about our wives for a while now?"

Troy laughs, "I ain't blind."

"Man, you wrong," Patrick chimed in, "René got nice titties too." We had our own roar of laughter.

"You not the only one to think so," Mark touched his glass to Patrick's.

"Oh, he's not?" René asked from the doorway to the living room, with Rochelle at her side.

"No, he's not," Troy said eying her chest.

René looked right at me with a grin that I recognized on her face, "Well, maybe hubby will let you get a peek sometime."

It's always a 50/50 toss up if René will follow through on a naughty thought she gets. While the thought of exposure must have been appealing for her to bring it up, I wanted to see what she might do next. "Maybe you should just pull one out right now," I sipped my drink, looking at her over the rim of the glass.

Her right eyebrow arched, and she exposed her left titty. Everyone's eyes widened; mostly in admiration, but also in shock I'm sure.

"The ladies would like the presence of their husbands, and boyfriends, in the living room," Rochelle said. Then they both left.

The fellas looked at me, then at each other. Some freshened their drinks, and then went to the living room. René had tucked her titty back in, and the women had made space for their particular man to sit beside them.

"Are breasts the most fascinating part of a woman's body?" Janel asked once everyone was seated.

"Depends on the woman," Evan answered.

"Her body shape – height, weight," I added, then I followed my urge to expose both of René's titties, without warning. She gasped, but once they were out she did not try to cover them; in fact, her nipples got rock hard. "Stand up, baby," I said, and she did. Her low-cut dress came to her knees, but the back was fully out – giving a teasing peak at the top of her booty. "René, being 5'8" and a hundred and-ouch!" She smacked my shoulder before I finished; everyone laughed. "Her bra size is 34C, and you see that they are great for her build." Everyone gave her applause as she sat down – leaving her titties out.

"Janel's titties are larger," Alonzo looked at her, "40D, right?" She nodded.

"I'm tripping that you guys know bra sizes," Denise laughed. "Do you know mine?" she nudged Patrick.

"32C," he said without hesitation.

"Very good!" she kissed his cheek.

"Now, you stand up and take your top off."

Denise let out a nervous laugh, sipped her drink then stood up. She took a breath, then untied the strings of the top of her back-out dress from around her neck. The front fell forward, revealing a strapless bra. Patrick reached up and undid the clasps. Both times René's titties were exposed were thrilling, but unceremonious. Denise's build-up added a little tension to the room. Finally she pulled the bra forward and we all saw two perk nipples on the tips of hand-sized titties. The smiles and quiet comments made her smile.

"Take your top off, and stand beside her," Alonzo told Janel.

"Now, why you wanna do that?" René asked.

"Do what?"

"Trying to compare the two. That's not what we're trying to do here."

"I'm not comparing; I'm trying to show there is beauty in both. Women think size is all that matters, and there's a lot more to it than that."

Janel stood up. She wore a pink poncho over a black tank and pant outfit. She lifted her wrap over her head, then lifted off the top. Alonzo stood up and helped her out of her bra, then sat back down. She slipped her arms out, and dropped her bra to the sofa she was sitting on. There were more comments of approval, and a couple of handclaps. Her 40s had broad areolas, and hard nipples. Alonzo and Patrick directed their wives to stand next to each other. Janel, at 5'7" was about five inches taller than Denise, and about three shades lighter.

"Both sizes are fun to play with and suck on," Mark said.

"And they both fit their body shape," I added. "Janel is a fuller woman than Denise, but what they each have works for them." We weren't fooling anybody, trying to be clinical when all the men had growing erections. I realized this when Rene's hand slid up my thigh, and met the tip of my dick.

"How do y'all feel about your girlfriends?" Gary asked Janel and Denise.

"How do they feel about their girlfriends?" René leans forward with a frown.

Tasha stresses, "Girl-friends. Grace," she pushes up her right titty, "and Mercy," she pushes up her left titty.

Laughter erupts in the room.

"And women talk about us for naming our dicks, when y'all name your titties?" Kenny laughs.

"Gary named them, I didn't!" Tasha defends herself.

"And for the record," Rochelle raises her voice above the laughs, "Cows have titties. Women have breasts."

"That ain't what you call them when you tell me to suck on 'em," Mark asserts. "You say, 'suck my titties, little boy'."

Rochelle screams, and covers his mouth with her hand. "I do not!"

"What kinds of freaky games y'all playin' up in here?" Drew looks at her.

"Hey hey, we'll get to that later," Gary slowed his laughter. "Names or not, titties or breasts, do you like what you got?"

Denise shrugs her shoulders, "They didn't get this size until I got pregnant. I was an A cup for the longest time, and always wanted more. They swelled up more than this during the pregnancy, then shrunk a little on me while I was breastfeeding. But I am totally satisfied with this size."

"There are times when I do wish mine were smaller," Janel cups them, "but Alonzo makes me feel sexy just the way I am, so I don't worry about it."

The ladies applaud him, and he pops his colar.

"I'm like you, Janel," Carla stood up from the ottoman she and Pete were sitting on and shed her sleeveless, turtleneck mini, to everyone's shock and amazement. "I think mine should be a little smaller, and have looked into breasts reduction. She stood there in a red, lacey thong and heels – her 36Cs for all to see. She was about 5'8" and didn't have a lot of hips or ass, but her breasts sat firmly on her chest. All eyes slowly ran up and down her body, and more than a few lips were licked.

Denise sits on Patrick's lap, opening a button on his striped, dress shirt, to slip her hand inside his shirt. Janel sits beside Alonzo, and settles back on his arm. My dick stretched another few inches as René squeezes it.

Pete stands up behind her and cups her titties, letting her nipples show through his fingers. He squeezes, then runs his hands in circles. Carla moaned, then told him to cut it out.

"I told you before," Pete pinched her nipples, eliciting another quick moan, "you enjoy them, and I enjoy them – that's all that matters."

"You need to sit down, with your perfect titties," Tasha laughed. "I'll help Pete beat you down if you let somebody start cutting on them."

"She wasn't thinking about surgery," Kenny laughed. "She just wanted to get naked."

"Shut up," Carla laughed, making her titties jiggle.

"Well, she ain't naked, yet." Pete quickly but smoothly pulled her thong down in one motion. She was hairy, but perfectly trimmed, like she had been to a pubic barber. Even a few of the wives sighed at the sight of her naked body. Carla was shocked at first, but then bent down and took them off. She then turned and almost stuffed them in Pete's mouth as he laughed.

"You gonna go after my shoes too?"

"When the conversation turns to feet," Pete sat down and pulled her to sit between his legs. He kept his arms around her waist, and she crossed her legs.

"Who else goes natural?" Troy asked.

"Uh uh," Yolanda interjected. "Y'all got three women topless and one totally naked."

"Right," Janel looked at the fellas. "When we gonna see some male body parts?"

"Yeah, we need some . . . clarification on some thangs," Tasha added.

"Like why y'all always grabbin' it?"

"Does it really get hard for no reason?"

"Why can't y'all pee straight after getting' some?"

Mark raised his hands, "Dang ya'll, one question at a time!"

"Nah ladies, don't ask no questions," Drew settled back in her seat. "I want to see some asses!"

"You got a point, girl," René hi-five'd Drew and Tina.

"Black men's asses are so much juicier than any other man's ass," Tasha said.

"Especially with those dimples on the side," Tina said. "Perfect for grabbing and hangin' on for a nice, long ride!" She slapped hands with Tasha.

I shook my head, "I would bet y'all are 10 times raunchier when ain't no men around."

"Don't you worry about that," Rochelle laughed.

"Who's gonna be first to drop his draws?" René asked. She was still stroking my dick, so if I dropped mine, people were going to see more than my ass.

"You are the host, baby," Rochelle said to Mark, "so you go first?"

Mark stood up, "You're the host too, and you're still fully dressed." He held out his hand to help her up. She laughed, then stood up, "Okay."

"I just got an idea," René said. "Why don't you tell us your favorite part of your spouse's body while showing it to us?"

There was general agreement amongst the group. "And tell us why," Yolanda added.

Mark said he would go first. "Everybody, this is my wife Rochelle," he said unfastening her skirt. "Y'all know we met in college, and she was a track star. My favorite part of her body – not that I don't love all of her – is her legs," he removed her skirt to show she had on a lavender garter and black stockings. "She doesn't run much anymore," he unfastened the garter and rolled the stocking down, "but somehow those legs stay sexy." Once the stockings were off, Rochelle flexed her legs, one at a time."

We applauded her. A few women called out, "Hi Rochelle," as if they were just meeting.

Rochelle said "Hi" back, then bent over from her waist to show off her leg. Then she stood up, and bent her leg at the ankle and knee to show the muscle development, adding "I still workout from time to time. She got more applause and compliments, then took a bow. "Turn around, baby," Rochelle said to Mark. "This is my husband Mark," she giggled as she worked on his snap and zipper, "and my favorite part of his body is his ass." She pulled his pants down, and grabbed his ass through his underwear with both hands as she stood back up. "It's so strong and juicy, and I just love it." She put her thumbs inside his waistband, and pulled his underwear down as well, "On those nights we sleep without clothes, his ass looks so sexy wrapped in the sheets." She stands up, "Sometimes I have to restrain myself from taking advantage of him," she laughed, "sometimes!"

Mark bent to pull his pants up. The ladies cheered at the site of him sticking his ass out, until they saw what he was doing. "Ain't nobody else put their clothes back on!"

"Yeah, but-"

"But nothing," Rochelle helped him step out of his pants and underwear, then led him to their seat – Mark keeping his dick hidden as much as possible. Just as Carla is getting totally naked – except for her shoes – was a milestone for the night, seeing Mark's almost-erect dick was as well. There was a moment of 'oh damn' silence, as it briefly came into full view as he was sitting.

"You shy about something, Mark," Tasha asked.

"She showed y'all my ass, so that's what y'all got to see," he laughed.

"For now," Rochelle smirked.

"Whose next?" Mark asked.

"We'll go," René took my hand and stood up. She had stopped rubbing, and my dick was calming down. She stands with her back to everyone, and undoes my pants. She helps me out of them, and then unbuttons my shirt. Once that is off, she strolls behind me, "This, ladies and gentlemen, is Deron, my husband," she pulls my shirt off my shoulders, "and my lover." I scanned the faces of the people scanning me. The fellas were checking out the reactions of their wife or the other women in the room – or still checking out Carla – and the ladies were observing me intently. "I don't just have one favorite part of him," René continued talking, seductively. "I love his chest," she ran her hands over my abs, and pinched my nipples before running her hands down, "and I love his dick." She reached inside my boxer briefs and wrapped her fingers around my swelling erection. All kinds of sensations were going through my body – from the excitement of her touch to the thrill of the different eyes on me. She kissed my neck a few times, then pulled my waistband out and over my dick. Some of the ladies licked their lips, some shifted in their seats, and a few did double-takes.

I've always thought I was endowed enough to handle my business; though René – and a few girlfriends before her – liked the fact that my dick is pretty. She explained to me that a pretty dick has the right combination of length, width, not a whole bunch of veins, and even coloration – no spots or blotches. She stroked me a few times, making contact with the ridge of my tip and causing my body to flinch. I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment.

"I like his body, because it responds to me. His nipples get hard when I show them some attention, and his dick rises at my slightest touch."

There were a few low giggles, then I heard a "damn," just before I felt her wipe her finger across my slit – no doubt retrieving some leakage. "Your turn, baby," she said. I looked at her just in time to see her lick the pre-cum from her finger.

I gathered my thoughts while I was applauded. "This is the lovely René," I spun her around. "She is already exposing to you one of my favorite parts of her body." I came around the left side of her and bent over, "Her sexy," I kissed her left nipple, then moved behind her to the right, "tasty nipples." I sucked on her nipple some more, until I heard her moan.

"Hey, stop that," she tapped my head.

"But," I turned her around and lifted her dress off, "She has an ass to die for as well," I slowly pulled her panties down to tease everyone, including her. There was lots of encouragement and approval of what was being shown so far. Whereas folks were somewhat reserved at the start, they were getting into this game of show and tell now. As I helped her step out of her panties, I noticed her scent and her wet spot. I stood up, looked right at her, and licked it. A huge smile slid across her face. I kept her panties in one hand, reached around her with the other, and spanked her cheeks. There was an audible gasp as her booty jiggled. Even some progressively louder-than-expected moans from René, so I gave her another. After she moaned real loud at my 6th slap, she pulled me around the corner into their empty dining room.

"What the hell?" she panted.

"Too much?" I grinned.

She lifted her right leg to the side, and showed me the thick glaze coating her pussy, "Look what you did by spanking me like that!"

Before she even thought to drop her leg back down, I knelt and started licking her upper thighs clean. Her back hit the wall behind her with a bit of a thud. When I worked my way to the outskirts of her pussy, she grabbed my head and fought her desire to pull it in closer. "You've gotta stop," she growled as quietly as she could.

"Just cleaning up the mess I made," I stood up wiping my mouth.

She cut her eyes at me, "You're gonna get it when we get home."

"I was trying to get it now!"

We went back in the room, and got questioned for disappearing. "René got something in her eye she needed me to get out," I smiled.

"Right, right," Alonzo laughed.

René and I each gave a final turn, then took our seat. The introductions continued with Carla and Pete. Most of us would agree they were a sexy couple. Pete wasn't the biggest of us men, but he was the most in shape. Carla – well, what more could be said about her body?

"Well, this is Pete," Carla began. "And he and I are waiting until we are married before we introduce sex into our relationship, so I really can't say what I like best about his body." She couldn't even make it through the sentence without laughing. Those of us watching were laughing by the end as well. "Okay guys," she said after composing herself. "My favorite part of Pete's body is his abs," she said untucking and opening his shirt, but leaving it on. "To get the full effect, I need to remove his pants as well," she said helping him step out of them, revealing his powder blue athletic briefs. "Y'all remember that D'Angelo video, right? Pete has him beat, hands down," she said running her fingers through Pete's short ab hair.

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