tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFriendly In The Shower

Friendly In The Shower

byTraci Spencer©

I've always had a fantasy to sleep with my best friend Summer. Summer and I went to high school together. We met our freshman year and since then, I've fantasized about her riding my cock up and down. Summer and I are both twenty one years old. Summer has long blonde hair, blue eyes, about 5'6, and she weighs around 158 with a 32C cup.

Summer and I never hooked up because "we are different people". She's ms. popular and miss party girl and I'm an artist who's quiet and reserved. My former girlfriends have complained to Summer stating I was lame. Summer just laughed at them and shrugged them off and told me I better dump them before I get hurt, which I did. I was still hurt, even though I was the one who initiated the break up. One even told Summer that I was boring in bed! And this is where the story begins.

I was coming home from a long afternoon from work and saw my ex-girlfriend Jacqueline, talking to Summer. I stayed out in the kitchen because they were talking about girl stuff and I didn't want to know. I then heard my name come up into their conversation.

"So you're not satisfied with Shane because you guys don't have kinky sex?" Summer sort of giggled.

"Yes. I mean, I love that he's sweet and romantic in bed, but I have a kinky side that needs to be fulfilled. I want to be blindfolded or tied up or spanked." Jacqueline said.

"Yeah, Shane isn't into that stuff. He's told me that I don't have to worry about any kinky stuff going on in this apartment. "Summer stated.

Then there were some giggles. I decided to just break it off with Jacqueline right then and there.

"Hi girls." I said as I stood in the door way.

"Hi." They both said. They then looked at each other, smiled, and laughed.

"Jacqueline, I need to talk to you privately." I said.

Jacqueline said okay and she got up. I told her that I overheard what she said and that if she felt that I wasn't a good lover, she should just dump me and find someone better. She agreed and she just said bye and walked out. I then kicked the chair that was next to the kitchen table and punched the wall, making a hole in the wall.

"Look, I know you're having trouble with women, but some of us women are very kinky and like bad boys in bed." Summer said trying to calm me down. It didn't work. I was still angry. I was still upset.

"Whatever. I'm sick of girls doing' this shit to me." I said.

"Okay, well, I'm going to go leave you alone to pout and feel sorry for yourself. I'm going to go take a shower. Your problems seem to always stress me out more than they probably stress you out."

"Okay whatever Summer." I mumbled.

I then turned on the TV and was watching a talk show. The topic was "I've been raped by someone who lives with me". I thought this should be interesting. There was a woman on there that lived with her best friend and her boyfriend, and her best friend's boyfriend raped her while she was in the shower. I thought this was intriguing. I started to grow a hard on in my pants.

The woman had soap in her eyes and was bent over washing her hair when someone came in and rubbed their genitals all over her ass. Then he told her to get on all fours and she was screaming for help and he was abusing her. I've never have gotten aroused over a man dominating a woman, but man, this one made me want to cum. I've always wanted to do Summer and I thought I would try this, but be less abusive and don't do anything else once Summer told me not to. I didn't want to ruin our friendship. So I got up, started to take off my shirt and undo my pants. I had on my white briefs and walked and went to the hallway. I took off my briefs and entered in the bathroom as quietly as I could. I could see her body threw the shower curtain. Wow! She was very curvy and her breasts looked so inviting. I waited for her to face the wall so I could hurry and sneak in there.

About five minutes later, Summer faced the wall. I slid the curtain slowly and put one foot in the shower and the other next. I then hunched down and grabbed her by her waist and held her tightly against the wall.

"Shane? Is that you?" she said all confused.

I began rubbing my cock up and down her ass crack and started to spank her ass.

"Shane, stop it!!" she yelled.

I went up and started kissing her back all the way up to her neck. Once I got to her neck I began sucking on it as my hands moved up her waist and begin to feel her breasts.

"Be quiet...I've wanted you since I've met you. I love you Summer, you know I do. But I'm sick of being a good boy. I want you to help me turn into a bad boy that you women love so much."

"Well, I don't know." Summer began to cry.

I then began to push my cock deep inside her ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh god Shane, you have such a big cock!" She groaned as I continued sticking my 8 in a half incher deep inside her ass.

"You like that don't you slut?" I grunted as I was thrusting in and out of her tight ass hard.

"Ohhh yeah Shane. Make me your bitch baby. I'm your skank." Summer moaned.

We then got out of the shower and I pushed her down onto the bathroom floor, spread her legs, and drove my tongue deep inside her wet cunt. I slid my tongue from top to bottom, side to side, fingered her with three fingers, and nibbled on her clit. Her pussy was a little loose, but it tasted sweet like sugar. Summer grabbed my head and wrapped her legs around my neck and rode my tongue.

"Oh Shane I'm going to cum." Summer moaned.

"No you won't bitch. I'm going to make you pee in my mouth first."

"Mmm...You're so dirty...I like that."

I began pressing on her bladder as I stuck my tongue where little pee hole was. We must have waited about 3 minutes for her. She finally pissed in my mouth.

"Mmmm...This is almost as good as cum." I said as I drank her piss.

I then went up to her and kissed her with my tongue.

I then picked her up and threw her on her bed, and tied her up with some shirts that were lying around in her bedroom. I then slapped her in the face and teased her mouth with my cock. Summer licked the tip of it. Every time she opened her mouth wanting to swallow my dick, I'd pull away and bend down and start biting her tits.

"Naughty, Naughty" I smiled.

"Mmm...Don't tease me anymore Shane. Gimme your cock." Summer pleaded.

"Beg for it whore."

"I want your cock in my mouth as much as a kid wants school to be let out of school for summer...no take that back, as much as..."

I then jammed my cock in her mouth and she swallowed it all! I was amazed! No woman has ever swallowed my whole cock before!

"That's right, suck it bitch. I'm going to cum; I want you to swallow my whole load." I grunted.

Summer sucked at my cock as hard as she could. She sucked on it like she was a hungry baby suckling on her mother's breasts for milk. I then exploded a big load inside her mouth. She swallowed most of it, but a lot of it was even leaking out of her mouth.

"Oh gosh Shane, that was such a good fuck. We have to keep doing this!" She smiled.

I lay on top of her kissing her telling her how great she was as well and we fell asleep in each other's arms.

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