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This is a true story (as all of mine are) since life is much more interesting and unbelievable than fiction. It starts as 4 of us have left the British equivalent of high school, 2 couples who have been friends for years. It's 1975 and three of us have watched each other grow up -- that's me, Stan, and Janine. Stan and Janine were a couple since they met in 1st Form - one of those love-at-first sight relationships that you so rarely meet. But they have been together ever since and always planned to marry once they could.

I was lucky to meet them in the 5th Form and we quickly became friends. They were my most common double-date as I worked through adolescence and we learned how to grow up together. They were always incredibly comfortable in their bodies and openly affectionate to the point of distraction for a guy who was still dating. But one of the advantages to being their friend was that Janine could often suggest a willing date for me even if my date and I ended up listening to them in the back seat. As this story starts they are only a few months away from their nuptial bliss and have suddenly run into a problem.

No, not a problem with sex. That was never a problem for them as they eagerly explored each other as soon as the differences started to appear in each other. Their parents quickly realized that very little could be done to keep these two apart and eventually understood they were serious about becoming married.

The problem was that they wanted children and couldn't get pregnant. Apparently they had been trying to get pregnant for over a year after school before seeing a doctor. When he did the tests they found out they were both fertile, just not with each other. Again, this was 1975 so most of the fertility help was still decades away and expensive for what was available. Today things like this can be resolved easily but not with 1975's medical technology. They basically had two choices -- adoption or sperm donor.

After a lot of talking with each other (and their families) they had decided that adoption simply wouldn't work for them but they disliked the idea of the sperm donor just as much. That's where I come into this story, me and my girlfriend Clare. Clare hadn't grown up with them since she went to a different school but we'd been together for a couple of years ourselves when everything came to a head one weekend when we'd gone away with Stan and Janine. The girls had always gotten along well both being the free spirits they were. It wasn't unusual for our school year double-dates to end up in some darkened room as both couples worked on getting some sexual relief. Not swinging or even blatantly showing off but just 2 couples very deeply in love and comfortable enough to not be prudish about things.

This weekend we'd gone over to a family beach house where Stan had access. Nothing really fancy with a couple of bedrooms, large kitchen and sitting room, but comfortable and easy to clean up. We'd been there before as we all enjoyed getting away when possible and this was an old farmhouse within walking distance of the beach. There were some woods that covered 2 sides and no one else lived within shouting distance which was a distinct advantage to us as young partiers.

We'd arrived separately and taken our stuff to our respective rooms when we decided to take an evening walk. Clare and I had noticed that Janine was quieter than normal so she led the way arm in arm with Janine while Stan and I ambled along behind enjoying the view. There was certainly plenty to enjoy with these two. They were almost the same height at 5'5" with closely matching waves of brunette hair cascading down their backs. Clare's hair was very straight with reddish tints but Janine's had lots of curls that would surround her with a halo sometimes. They were both athletic without working at it having long legs topped by youthfully tight backsides usually inside very tight denim. So the view was decidedly pleasant as we watched their asses sashaying ahead of us. The evening was warm enough that we were all in jeans and t-shirts although the girls had sweaters over their shoulders ready for when the chill hit. They strolled ahead of us chatting head-to-head as girls do when sharing secrets and sometimes giggling.

Suddenly they stopped and faced each other when Clare hugged Janine. I could hear Clare saying she was sorry and when we caught up with them Clare asked Stan if he had told me yet. Stan said he hadn't yet but figured now was the time. That was how we found out our friends were infertile together. We made supportive comments and continued the walk heading back to the house for dinner. Things were quieter once we got back. We worked together getting a simple meal together but when we sat down Clare said, "There's something else you're not sharing, isn't there?"

Stan and Janine glanced at each other before Janine answered. She took a drink from the wine we'd poured and said, "Yes, there is, but it isn't anything bad. We've talked about this and decided we don't want an anonymous donor to father our child. But we don't want to adopt either so we're going to ask someone to be the donor for us."

Clare asked her, "Who?" Stan and Janine both took a moment before Stan pointed at me and said, "Him."

Clare and I sat there for a minute with our mouths hanging open before I could even respond. I lifted my glass and replied, "That's the greatest compliment I've ever received and thank you," toasting them. "Honestly I'm startled and need to talk with Clare about this," I continued. Everyone took a moment and smiled around the table although my appetite was gone.

Stan and Janine nodded before Janine said, "We understand .... and we knew we'd all need to talk about this ..... so we decided the best way to tell you was to just get here together and talk it through." She looked at Clare and smiled nervously, "I know this is odd, but if there's anyone we could talk to about this it was you two." Clare smiled back at her, "Don't worry, you're with friends."

Stan and Janine looked relieved and we finished the meal with the usual chatter as I tried to process their request. Children weren't something I had seriously thought about very much before now. Clare and I were both more interested in enjoying our adult lives than starting a family. We both knew we had several lessons to learn before becoming parents ourselves. The meal ended and we cleared things away before settling down in the sitting room with glasses of wine.

There was a sense of anticipation as we sat together -- the obvious topic was avoided as they seemed to wait for me to start talking. My thoughts kept bouncing around the issue -- was I ready to make a new life? If I said yes how would this affect Clare? If I said no would they be offended? Clare and I were on our usual couch where she had pulled her legs up and leaned against me. Stan and Janine were snuggled on an over-sized chair on the other side of the room so we were all mostly aimed at the fireplace. The evening had cooled in a typical English manner and we had a fire ready to light. Clare looked up at me in a quiet way and asked, "So what are you thinking?"

The room was quiet so everyone could hear us, not that I was worried. We'd all made mistakes with each other in the past -- let little things become big but we'd got to a place where there wasn't much we would take offense at. I smiled at her and said, "I think I need to light the fire," getting up. She swatted me as I went past and the other two laughed as I lit the match and started the kindling. As the fire started to catch I turned around and looked at everyone.

"Like I said, it's a great compliment." Looking at Clare I said, "This would affect you as much as me. How comfortable would you be with watching her have my baby?" You could see her thinking before she answered.

Looking at everyone I said, "That goes for Stan too. You've said you two talked about this but are you sure you want this? I value our friendship and really don't want to mess things up."

Stan answered while Janine leaned against him, "We've been over this a lot Mick. We want children and we won't be able to make them together. But we really don't want to chance some random stranger who made money by donating to the sperm bank."

Janine nodded and added, "For me it feels a lot better to know who I make a baby with. But let me add that Stan and I want to be the parents of our children. We're not asking you to have an active father role." She smiled, "All we want is your sperm."

Clare laughed and the tension lightened. "If I knew some girl was carrying Mick's child I think it would be devastating for me," she said. "Not because she was pregnant but because he had been cheating on me. This isn't cheating -- this is friends helping friends -- not the same thing at all." She looked directly at me and said, "Yes, I am okay with her carrying a baby you help make, even if you won't be raising it afterwards." She got up and hugged me then leaned over to hug Janine as well.

"You and Stan will make great parents," she said. Leaning over she kissed Stan on the cheek and hugged them both. They hugged her back before we all settled back into our couples again.

"Looks like the three of you have decided I will become a donor," I said smiling. They smiled back as I continued, "Okay, I'm willing to be the donor since Clare is okay with this too. Thank you again for asking." I offered a wine salute and realized my glass was dry. I got up to refill glasses for us all opening a new bottle.

After we had finished the toast I asked, "So which clinic or doctor do I need to see for you?" I turned to Clare and said, "You get to go to the clinic too and help out, you know." She laughed and hit me on the arm.

Stan and Janine looked at each other nervously again. "Well," said Stan, "the thing is we don't really want to use the clinics at all. They're damned expensive and won't guarantee to use a specific donor even if we request one."

I looked confused and the moment lingered in the room. Clare started asking and then trailed off in mid-sentence, "If you're not using a clinic then how will Michael ......oh ...?" Looking at me I could see her realize what they were saying as it sunk in to me as well. I looked at the two of them and saw them both nodding their heads as they watched us understand what was going on.

"You're not asking me for a vial of sperm, are you?" I asked. They shook their heads at me. "You're asking for a ...uh .. " my voice trailed off before I finished the obvious question.

Janine looked at Clare as she said, "Yes, this is how we want to do this. Does that change things for you? Stan and I agree it's the only sensible way for us to get pregnant." She watched Clare's face as Clare felt for an answer. I cleared my throat and tried to find a way to talk around a suddenly dry mouth and lump in my throat. I took another sip of wine and wished my nerves would settle down. Clare started smiling and shaking her head as she said, "Oh God, no wonder you've been so nervous today. You're asking to fuck my boyfriend!" She started laughing and sat back in the chair to drink some wine. I still hadn't found my voice but just looked from one to another as thoughts ran around my brain.

Let's be honest here. I've seen Janine naked many times and appreciated her youthful beauty. The four of us regularly took sauna together and had been skinny-dipping, too. Not to mention I'd seen or heard Stan and Janine making love many times before. I won't pretend I hadn't thought about fucking her or what her mouth would feel like on my cock BUT that was as far as it had gone. Even the hugs we had exchanged over the years had been friendly rather than erotic. Now it would seem I was being asked to do a lot more than simply be a friend or even a sperm donor. My face turned red.

Clare pointed at me and laughed harder, "We don't need to ask if he's willing," she said. "I think he just got an instant hardon." To my embarrassment it was true. My cock had jumped to attention at the thought of fucking Janine -- so hard that my pants were very uncomfortable. I hid behind my wine glass as I searched for an answer. Clare moved over to me and patted my crotch, "That's okay, at least we know you won't have to pretend it's me." Loud laughter went around the room as my friends enjoyed my discomfort. Mentally I promised I would pay them back for this in the future. Clare hugged me and said quietly, "Don't worry, luv, it'll be okay."

I gritted my teeth and said to the room at large, "Okay, so how are we doing this? Does Clare get me ready to explode and then what? I stick my cock in Janine for the short strokes? Is this how the donor part will work."

Clare and Janine looked at each other and smiled. "Why don't you let us work out the details," Janine said while Clare nodded. "That sounds a little awkward to me," Clare added. She bounced to her feet and announced it was time for a girls potty break and the two of them giggled their way from the room bouncing off the walls. After a minute Clare's head reappeared around the corner and she said, "We're going to grab a quick shower. Would you please bring down our small bags?"

"Sure," I replied. Stan and I got to our feet and I stopped him with a hand on his arm. "Are you really okay with this?" I asked him. He looked me in the eye and replied, "Yes, this will work and I really am okay with you and her together. You're not a stranger and we trust you -- she trusts you -- and we both trust you not to be a problem when the baby arrives."

We passed the sounds of running water and headed up the stairs to get the bags. The girls' voices could be heard interspersed with giggling and laughter. Coming down Stan passed me Janine's bag and I opened the door to pass them inside the steamy bathroom. Clare was standing at the mirror with a large towel wrapped around her drying body. She was brushing her long hair and smiled at me warmly. The shower was running and Janine's outline could be seen through the glass doors.

"Make sure the fire is up please," Clare suggested. "We don't want to get a chill tonight." I nodded and she blew me a kiss as I closed the door again. Stan was already poking at the fire while adding more coal. I poured wine into the empty glasses as the bathroom noises stopped and the girls came out in a waft of hot damp air still wearing the towels and drying their hair. The towels don't do much to cover their bodies as their breasts stretched them tight and they end barely below their hips.

I picked up the almost empty coal scuttle and headed towards the back door to get a refill. "I'll be back in a minute," I said. Stan replied, "I'll grab a quick shower then," heading towards the bathroom.

Outside I could feel the chill of the evening settle in and the sea breeze moving in with the changing tide. It only took a minute to refill the scuttle and I carried it back into the house. The girls had rescued candles from the pantry and lit those around the room while turning off the lights. The room flickered and danced with firelight and candles.

Stan was out quickly also wearing a towel and I went to take my turn rinsing off. I stripped and dropped my clothes with the others in a pile. The shower was still steamy from the others when I let the hot water hit my body. I looked down at the erection I'd had since they suggested I fuck Janine -- if anything it was harder now than then. I grabbed the soap and quickly washed off the nervous stink I'd developed in the last 30 minutes. I heard the bathroom door open and then Clare's shadow was on the glass . "I brought you a dry towel," Clare said. "You probably didn't realize you were missing one, did you." She cracked the shower door and said with a smile, "Did you get distracted?" "Smartass," I replied. She giggled at me as I continued, "Nope, not distracted at all. Someone suddenly asked me to be a sperm donor so she can get pregnant, my girlfriend says go-for-it, and to top it off we're not using a clinic but doing this the old-fashioned way -- I'll just fuck her. Nope, nothing to be distracted about here."

I turned off the water and turned towards Clare who was working hard not to laugh at me while she offered me a towel. My cock still stood at attention between us and bounced around as I dried off. Clare's eyes followed it and she licked her lips suggestively.

I threw the towel over my shoulder and reached out to take her hand. Pulling her forward I put her hand around my cock and asked her, "Are you really okay with watching me put this into another woman?" I asked with all seriousness. She squeezed me gently and stroked me as she replied equally serious, "Yes, I'm fine with watching you with her. These are friends, not strangers, and I know she isn't trying to steal you away. The one I wonder about is Stan. Do you think he's ready for this?"

"I asked him straight out and he said he was," I replied. I put my hand on the shower wall as she continued to stroke my cock. Pre-cum was oozing from the purple tip and my balls were getting heavier. Clare put her head on one side and asked, "What about Stan? I mean with me? Would you be okay if we gave each other some relief while you're busy getting her pregnant?"

I looked at her with half-opened eyes as she waited for my answer. "I'd be a real asshole if I tried to say no about that. Have you talked with Janine about it, too?" She nodded, "Yes, but not Stan. I wanted to check with you first. Think I'll just ambush him," she said with a smile. Her hand pulled my towel down and she suddenly let go of my cock to wrap the towel around my waist. She snuggled close and I could feel her body along mine as she lifted her head to kiss me. Her tongue played with my lips and her fingers caught the hair on the back of my head as she kissed me hard. Pulling back we both caught our breath as we felt my cock throbbing between us.

She looked up at me with a serious look and said, "I know you're doing this to be a friend but don't do this simply as fucking, okay? I know you like her as a friend, maybe even love her a little, so let that love show while you two make her a baby. I know you're not in-love with her so just relax and be yourself."

"Okay," I agreed. "So how are we doing this? Have you two talked about what goes where and when?" I smiled at her and she giggled back.

"Come on," she said, opening the door and taking me by the hand. She reached out to kill the lights and I could see the reflected firelight and candles on the walls. She led me back to the sitting room where a good fire was licking its way around a pile of coal. The room was dim but you could clearly see the large comforter on the floor in front of the fireplace.

Janine was laying on her back with her knees bent so Stan could bury his head between her legs. The towel she had worn was unwrapped and under her body as her hands clutched at Stan's hair. Her back was arched into his caresses and her nipples stood hard and high on her breasts. She was moaning gently and biting at her lips as he continued to lick at her pussy. You could smell her arousal and small beads of sweat were already forming across her body. She opened her eyes and saw us watching her while she gasped with some unseen caress from his tongue. His hands caressed up until his fingers could pinch her nipples and she moaned. Her pale skin was flushed with desire and her firm breasts moved with her need for air.

Yes, I've seen this before but not quite the same way. Before it had been some inadvertent view that was treated as the Japanese do nakedness -- often seen but never noticed. This time would be very different and as I watched her arousal I appreciated details I had been careful not to see before. The freckles across her shoulders continued down the top of her breasts but not underneath where the pale white skin glowed in the soft lights. She wasn't shaved and the soft curls at the top of her thighs stood in stark contrast to her pale skin. Her hips were full and wide with strong muscles joining her legs to her torso. She had a dancers' body that moved gracefully and muscles showed as she succumbed to the caresses of her lover.

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