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Friends with Benefits


The first time I met B--, I thought he was just a tall, nice looking white guy with a ponytail. He was rugged looking, with dirty blond hair and what seemed like a permanent shaggy unshaved unkempt look, kind of what the stereotype of a gaijin was when I was in Japan and what some of my female co-workers in the office would look for when they went to ex-pat clubs to trawl for American and European white men.

The first time we went out for drinks after we met, he came onto me very strong, touching me with his hands and massaging my shoulders and touching my knee and even running his hand up my thighs! I resisted him that night, having never met someone that bold and cocky and a little bewildered by his almost animal-like desire, but he was persistent and the next time we went out for drinks we ended up back at my place sharing a bottle of wine. I didn't really want a relationship with him, but once I saw his cock, and especially after I felt it in my mouth and inside me, I couldn't say stop. I thought to myself that I would only have one night of sex with him, a "one night stand" without any commitments. But even though I clearly told him that I didn't want to have a regular relationship with him, over the next few months we still would end up occasionally having sex. I could not resist him! Whenever we went out for drinks, I would always get too horny to resist fucking him. I knew that he really wasn't looking for a permanent relationship either, so it worked out well with no delusions on either side.

For about a year B-- was one of my "friends with benefits." We would go out and get a drink, sometimes ending up drunk and horny either at my apartment or in some other place like the back seat of his car having a quickie.

Later on, when I met the man who eventually became my husband, I took a break from fucking B--. When I met my fiancé, at first I didn't tell him about my hook ups with B--, but eventually when I knew i was in love, I told him about B--, expecting that I wouldn't be having sex with B-- anymore and I wanted to tell my fiancé the truth. He seemed very curious about every single detail about what I had done with B--. He asked about the size of his cock, the positions we used when we were fucking, even what his sperm tasted like! I thought at first it was just because he was jealous and was obsessed about the details because of that, which he certainly was.

But then before he asked me to marry him, before our engagement, my fiancé asked one night if I was still seeing B-- as a "FWB"--I told him the truth that I had not, but that occasionally B-- still emailed and asked me to go out for dinner or drinks. I was being honest that I had turned B-- down each time he had asked me out, but I didn't mention that B-- and I had also occasionally exchanged some racy sexting messages with some revealing photos attached. I had kept our exchanges to sexting because I knew that if we actually met for drinks there was no doubt that we were going to have sex, and I didn't want to get into an awkward situation. I was truly in love with my fiancé and was now willing to give up any communication with B-- if that was going to threaten the increasingly serious relationship with my soon-to-be fiancé.

He paused and very carefully said that he didn't mind if I went for drinks with B--, as long as I came home afterward and told him everything that had happened. I thought he might be testing me, and so I told him that I didn't really want to, and would rather not. My fiancé turned and looked me in the eye. "But don't you miss being fucked by him?" I didn't answer. "I know you do, and I know that you loved having sex with him without any strings attached. I don't want you to deprive yourself, and it excites me to think that you will be fucking him and then coming home to me. Will you feel guilty if you fuck him? Do you want me to punish me when you come home?" I still didn't answer, not sure where this conversation was going to lead. But I was only mildly surprised because I had already learned (to my deep sexual satisfaction) how open and supportive my future husband was of my strong sexual drive, but I wasn't completely comfortable with the idea. I just wasn't ready at that time to do anything that might risk our relationship, and so I told him I wasn't interested. I thought I saw a look of disappointment in his eyes, but we moved on to talking about something else.

It was about a year after we got married that we happened to see B-- while we were food shopping. I chatted with B--for just a few seconds after introducing him to my new husband, very aware of how awkward the situation was. It had been almost two years since I had last seen B--, but I was surprised how my body almost instantly responded to his presence, even with my husband next to me. My body flushed and I felt the familiar tingling as my lips swelled and grew wet.

Later that night after dinner, my husband asked casually if I still felt any attraction to B--. I was wary, not wanting to trigger his jealousy, and so I was about to lie and tell him that there was nothing there but before I could say anything my husband said that he wanted me to have drinks with B-- and if there was still any sexual attraction between us he wanted me to fuck him and come home and tell him every detail. I was shocked when I realized that he was serious.

I sat in silence and thought about what he said for several minutes, before asking, "Are you sure? Won't you be jealous?"

He carefully said "Yes, I will be jealous," but he added that he would be excited thinking about what I was doing, and that when I returned home, he would enjoy having me beg for his forgiveness. I was incredibly turned on by the idea of being able to enjoy sex with B-- again, but even more exciting was the prospect of what it would be like when I returned home. We were both so turned on by just the idea of my cheating on my husband with his permission that we immediately tore our clothes off and fucked right there on the kitchen floor. After we were spent, lying in each others arms sweaty and tingling from our fucking, my husband told me that he was serious about my fucking B--, and if I wanted to do it too, there were some conditions. He said that B-- had to know what the situation was, so that B-- knew that he was being "allowed" to fuck me, rather than "stealing" something he wasn't supposed to have. I said yes, and after we showered and cleaned up I sent an email to B-- saying that it had been great running into him that day, and asking if he wanted to have a drink and catch up.

I received an immediate reply "YES!!!!!!" in bold caps and a series of exclamation marks.

We made arrangements to meet that Friday night at one of the bars we used to always go to, and for the rest of the week my husband and I had amazing sex every morning and at night again, talking about what I was about to do. Just the idea of it was enflaming our desire for each other, and I marvelled at how the prospect of me being with another man was having such an effect on our sex life.

Finally, Friday came and I spent all day readying myself. I went through different outfits, trying to imagine which one would be the easiest to get out of quickly (!), and finally decided on a simple black cocktail dress which I knew would turn B-- on but also be easy for me to get out of--in fact I wouldn't even have to take it off, since pulling it down would expose my braless breasts and pulling it up would expose my g-string panties which were so skimpy that i wouldn't even have to pull them off for B-- to fuck me. My husband helped me get ready, even picking out the high heel "fuck me" pumps for me to wear. He drove me to the bar and dropped me off outside. My g-string was already soaked from my wetness, and my lips were so swollen that they were wrapped around the thin material of my wet panties!

One glance at B-- when I walked in and i could tell from the way he was looking at me that he wanted to fuck. I wanted to leave immediately and do just that, but we went through some obligatory small talk catching up, which made me even hornier in anticipation, before I whispered to him that i was feeling horny and ready to get fucked. B-- seemed only a little surprised, and he smiled and asked "What about your husband?"

Right away, in front of B--, I phoned my husband and asked him if he minded if I went home with B-- and fucked him.

He said 'yes, of course,' right away without hesitation, and so while still on the phone I gave B-- the eye signal that I wanted to leave right that moment. He paid the bill and we left and got in his car.

We were so horny that we couldn't even wait to get to his apartment, and so we found a secluded parking space and before he had even stopped the car I had unzipped his pants and pulled his already erect cock out, sucking it right into my mouth and down my throat. He used both of his hands to grab my hair and jam my head up and down on his rock hard shaft.

Just to explain, one of the reasons I had always liked being "friends with benefits" with B--, was that one of those benefits was his just monstrous cock, over 20cm long and thick and hefty like a long sausage. I just loved getting into the back of his car after we had drinks, unzipping his pants, and pulling out his still soft shaft and sucking it until it was hard and heavy. It would grow in my mouth, sliding deeper and deeper down my throat and gaining denser and denser mass until i could barely breathe.

Tonight, he was already so hard that I missed the chance to feel his shaft expand in my throat, but I wasn't complaining! B-- was pumping my head up and down until I was gagging and sputtering, and the choking noises I was making seemed to turn him on even more. The sense of raw animal lust and danger of suffocating made me even hornier, and when I reached between my own legs to rub myself while he was using my throat for a hard face fucking, as soon as I touched myself i came. My convulsions triggered him and he thrust upwards at the same time that he pushed hard with both hands on the back of my head, driving my mouth all the way down to his balls. His spurts of cum came retching back up out of my throat and after he released my head I was coughing and drooling sperm and saliva all over the front of my black dress.

B-- then threw me face down on the driver seat with my ass facing out the open door and began fucking me doggy style from outside the car. He was much hornier than usual that night, attacking me like a beast. His cock was still hard even after coming, and he kept fucking me like an crazed animal through another two orgasms that were so strong that I blacked out for a bit after each, before he finally came for a second time deep inside me.

When I got home to my husband, I was a mess. The front of my black dress was covered with crusted dried sperm. When my husband lifted up the bottom of my skirt, he saw rivulets of runny sperm dribbling down the insides of my thighs and my pussy lips were still swollen and red from the hard pounding that B--'s huge cock had given me. I felt guilty and sheepish for having enjoyed sex with another man so much, and so I dropped to my knees and begged for his forgiveness. That seemed to trigger a cruel seething anger in him, and I felt a cold rush of fear as he threw me down on the ground and began ripping the dress from my body. He slapped my ass hard, shocking a loud gasp of pain from my lungs, calling me a slut and a whore. The words melted me, and I grovelled for his mercy, kissing his feet as he spanked and slapped me, each stinging blow purging more of my guilt.

When he unzipped his pants, I could see that he was engorged and harder than I had ever seen him, his cock curving up towards his stomach and leaking clear pre-cum. I begged to suck him but he slapped my face in answer, grabbing me by my hair and ordering me to lick his ass instead. I eagerly began lapping at his brown hole, hoping for even more degrading and humiliating tasks, anything to please him. When he finally was satisfied with my tongue's licking and cleaning of his asshole, he pulled my head over his straining cock and began pumping it up and down, his hands grasping fistfuls of my hair just like B-- had in the car. Although my husband's cock wasn't nearly as big as B--'s, the violence of his anger led to a much harsher face fucking. I could feel my throat burning and the stomach acid and bile coming up as he rammed his hips into my face at the same time that he used both hands to pump my head up and down his shaft. For the first time ever in my life while sucking a cock, I began to vomit, the burning mixture of the drink i had with B-- and my dinner earlier exploding out of my mouth even as my husband continued to pump in and out of my throat. I was choking and gasping for air as my throat contracted involuntarily, clenching again and again to expel the vomit, and my husband plunged his cock as deep as it would go down my throat so he could enjoy the rhythmic milking of my throat muscles as I repeatedly gagged.

With a final yell, he started coming deep inside my throat, the pulsing contractions of his cock discordant with the convulsions of my gagging. Still holding my hair with his left hand like a dog leash, he pulled out of my throat and mouth and gave me a wide swinging full slap with his right hand, sending saliva, sperm, and vomit flying off my face and out of my mouth. I would have fallen over except he held me upright by my hair, jerking me upwards before giving me an even harder backhanded slap that sent me flying the opposite way, my cheeks stinging hot. Again he jerked me upright by my hair and kept me from falling over, slapping me back and forth five or six times until my cheeks were numb and I was blacking out.

My husband derisively called me "B--'s cumslut," telling me I needed to be punished for my inability to resist my sexual desires. He said that I was lucky to have such an understanding and forgiving Master, and I eagerly nodded in agreement, sincerely believing with every bit of my soul exactly that.

"Thank you, Master!" I groveled again and again, so grateful for his absolution and punishment.

The rest of the evening he gave me a bath and washed me, cleansing me of my sins and welcoming me back into his loving and forgiving arms.

From then on, I could not and did not stop myself from fucking B-- whenever I had the chance, each time returning to my husband's harsh and just punishment to absolve me of my sins. My husband even took a series of pictures of me to send--a gift from him to mark the special "friendship" that I was allowed to have with B--.

Since that first time, I have regularly had sex with B-- whenever I feel extra horny and want a big thick cock and hard animal sex with no emotions or feeling involved. I always come home and confess my sins to my husband, begging him to punish and absolve me. We treat my sexual encounters with B-- as a kind of foreplay, and so I get some great fucking from B-- and then come home tingling with anticipation of what my husband will do to punish me. It has led to some incredible, nasty rough sex, which combined with the great sex with B-- beforehand, has led to some amazing days that leave me exhausted and satiated.

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