Frustrated Stephanie Ch. 15

byblack saphire©

"Cum Coffee" he said quietly. Steph moaned softly as she finally realised what she had consumed so voraciously. Her pussy tingled again at this lascivious act. Dave picked up her panties and slowly mopped up the juices from her still leaking pussy. Then, he slowly worked the panties into her cunt, stuffing her again. Stephanie grunted and moaned as the panties filled her wanton pussy.

"Adjust your skirt and blouse." Dave said as he picked up his own clothes. "We've got somewhere to go."

As he finished dressing, he picked up his phone and sent a text message. This time just one work.


** **** **

Brenda smiled to herself as her phone beeped and she got the message from Dave. It was her cue to get moving.

** **** **

Dave led Steph and watched as she walked down the stairs and toward his car. Her walk was a bit funny, no doubt due to the panties stuffed into her pussy. As they drove off, Dave's hands caressed her thigh.

"Happy to see me again my dear?" He asked, almost sarcastically.

"Yes!" Steph said softly. "And even happier to get fucked by you."

Dave laughed. "Tony still not figured out what a slut you are?"

"No. He's just a dumb ass." Stephanie said, again softly.

"So who else you been fucking?" Dave asked. Steph was in two minds whether to tell him what had been going on at home. Of how she had been fucked by her father-in-law and brother-in-law and how she had been whored out by her father-in-law, Mathew.

"Come on Steph. There's nothing to hide from me." Dave coaxed.

Steph blurted everything out to him. By the time they had gotten to their destination, his cock was raging hard again.

Dave led Steph into a booth at the back of the restaurant. The booth he selected was in the rear corner of the near empty restaurant, and the seat curved back around the table. It was practically secluded. They both slipped into the booth.

"Quite the family fuck aren't you." Dave laughed. "Take my cock out."

"H-here?" she asked with surprise as she saw a waitress begin to move toward them.

"Now," he said, and he turned his eyes to her.

A mixture of lust and nervousness went through her, and she quickly dropped her hands

into his lap to unzip his pants. The nerves were a mixture of being caught by the waitress as well as the fear of displeasing him. Steph thought the sound of the zipper opening seemed very loud. She pulled his already stiff cock out as the waitress was a couple of booths further up from them. "Hold it tight" he commanded. Just as the waitress appeared at their booth, Dave covered her hand holding his cock with his napkin.

"What can I get you Sir, Maam?"

"Yes, I'd like some sausages, roast potato and orange juice please." he said warmly. Steph's heart was pounding heavily as she feared the waitress could see where her hands were but she realised that even without the napkin, the waitresses view was blocked by the table top.

"And for the lady?" The waitress asked.

"She's not having anything." Dave answered even before Steph could reply.

The waitress nodded and moved away. Steph's hand continued to grip Dave's cock while her heart kept pounding. She wondered if anyone could hear it, as she felt like it was beating like a loud drum.

"Get down on all fours under the table," he commanded. Steph started to protest but thought better of it. She knew better than to argue with Dave and she also knew that she loved being his submissive slut. Trembling with nervousness, she glanced up again toward the rest of the restaurant, and saw that she would not be in anyone's line of vision. It helped that the restaurant was practically empty save for a few tables in the front.

She slipped off the seat and onto her knees. She leaned to the side and moved her head and body beneath the table so that she could place her hands on the floor. She was facing him and she saw his hands reach under the table to her face. He cupped her face and pulled it toward his crotch.

"Lick my balls." She heard him say.

She stuck her tongue out and softly ran them against the sac of his balls. She flicked her tongue against his balls, coating them with saliva.

"Turn around." She heard him say. With a little difficulty, she backed away from him and then shifted herself around so that she was facing away from him. She felt him flip her skirt up over her back. Her legs were now bared. He reached under the table and his fingers curled between her thighs and into her pussy. Grabbing hold of the panties inside her pussy, he pulled it out sharply, causing her to gasp with pleasure. Her panties were soaked and she could smell the pungent aroma of her pussy juices thick on her panties. Dave placed the panties next to him as he slid forward so that his hips were against the edge of the seat.

Dave pulled her hips back toward his engorged tool. Her heart was beating even faster now as she felt a mix of faer that she would be discovered – and she was excited.

He pulled her closer and she angled her feet out farther, trying to get her pussy to the same level as his cock. She inhaled sharply as his knob pressed between her legs and into her cunt. Her hands slid along the floor as he pulled her ass toward him, burying his cock into her belly.

Steph quickly realised that their positions meant that he could not move too much inside her. She began to rock herself on her hands and knees, and then to lean back so that she was actually fucking him. His shaft slid deep into her and then back out again as she worked on a rhythm. She wished that she could see his face so that she would know if he was pleased or not. Her cunt was pulsing wildly and her clit throbbed. She started to gasp as her body started to quake and an orgasm began to blossom within her

Depths. He body shivered and she had to hold her breath as she saw the waitress's feet and legs come into view just in front of her. She bit her lower lip as her pussy trembled and quaked. She knew that the woman could not see her because of the table, but she wondered if the woman could smell the scent of sex from her flowing juices.

"Has the lady left?" the waitress asked.

"No, she'll be back," Dave said calmly as he shifted his hips gently from side

to side.

"Enjoy the meal ." she said.

"Thank you," Dave replied, and Steph watched the legs turn and move

away out of her line of vision.

He tapped Steph's ass as if in signal for her to start her rocking again. She began to fuck her ass back at him again and her body started to flame in passion once again. The angle of their fucking caused his cock to piston against her aching clit and she gasped for breath. She wanted to cry out her passion. Her vision became blurred and her thighs and cunt were trembling in pleasure. As if through clouds, she heard sounds, and forced her head up to look. She saw another pair of legs approach the table and slip into the booth. Steph froze as the feet swung just in front of her.

Steph looked up into the sat and saw a short black skirt covering a pair of shapely legs. The legs parted to give her a view of a pair of white lacy panties covering a neatly trimmed bush.

"And how are we doing?" Steph heard the woman say.

"Pretty good. Seems like someone has been doing the whole family while we were away!" Dave said as he laughed. "Have a look underneath."

Steph's heart almost popped into her mouth as she saw the woman start to bend forward.

"Say, she looks familiar," Brenda said as she saw Steph under that table, working her ass on her husbands cock. "Oh, of course, it's... oh, what's the name of our slutty Sister-in-law?"

"You forgotten Stephanie my dear? Surely he haven't forgotten her tongue." Dave laughed. "She sure knew how to lick you nicely."

"Hmmm...," Brenda mused. "I wonder if that's on the menu."

"What? What's on the menu?" Dave was almost bursting with laughter.

Brenda laughed as she looked at Dave. "Tongue. I wonder if tongue is on the menu" Brenda lifted her ass off the seat and worked her panties down over her ass and down to her ankles.

"Is it Steph? Is tongue on the menu?"

To answer, Steph burrowed her face into Brenda's mound. She licked up into the hot softness as her hands reached out to hold on to Brenda's shapely legs. She licked Brenda's hot snatch with deep strokes.

"Poor dear does seem to be hungry," Brenda said with mock concern as Steph's tongue continued to lick at her pussy. "Perhaps... a little butter, Dave?"

Steph almost jumped as she felt a butter knife press a nob of butter into her ass.

"And maybe some sausages," Brenda said. "Surely you cant eat all that Dave."

Brenda eased herself forward to give Steph better access to her steaming cunt. Steph likced with earnest as she felt Dave press a sausage into her anus. He worked the sausage deep into her as she continued to fuck back at him and at the same time lick on Brenda's pussy. The sausage caused her pussy to tighten around Dave's cock and he sighed and grunted.

"I think I'm going to cum," he groaned as Steph felt him tense inside her.

Steph's mouth opened wide and she buried it against Brenda's pussy. She started to suck hard on Brendas clit as she she felt Dave's massive penis buck and throb within her. Brenda's taste flooded Stephs mouth and her scent filled her lungs as she buried her nose and mouth into her seething pussy. Dave's hot cum spurted deep into her and her groans of ecstacy were only muffled by Brenda's pussy. Steph's body spasmed and trembled as she bucked in orgasm. . Brenda thrust her crotch against Stephs face and her thighs gripped Steph's head. Dave's cock was spurting out the last if his cum as Brenda moved her foot under Steph's belly toward her cunt. Brenda's toe curled against Steph's clit and Steph came again just as Brenda herself stiffened on Steph's mouth and let an orgasm wash over her.

All three of them became still as they caught their breaths. After a short while they shifted around, allowing Steph to slide back up and sit down.

"Can you pass me a roll darling." Brenda asked Dave. Dave picked up a long roll and passed it to Brenda who looked down at Steph's leaking pussy. Dave watched as Brenda took the roll and pressed it between Steph's pussy lips. She inserted in a little and then turned it

within her wet box. Steph's breath caught at the movement. Brenda lifted the roll out and offered it to Stephanie. She licked tentatively at the roll, tasting a mixture of her own juices as well as Dave's serum.

"Good hard rolls," Brenda remarked as she placed the roll back against Stephanie's pussy. "Great for sopping up gravy," she laughed.

Steph's hands gripped the seat and her legs spread wider as Brenda

worked the roll up into her. Right into her until her pussy lips closed over the bread roll.

Dave and Brenda started to talk and Stephanie wasn;t paying much attention to what they were saying. She caught glimpses of their conversation and it was clear that Dave was filling in Brenda about what Steph had told him in the car. Brenda peppered Dave's narration with comments like:

"Why that little slut!";

"Looks like she fucked the whole family";

"When is she gonna do Mom then!"

And all other manner of derogatory statements. Steph wasn't quite sure but she was kind of enjoying what was happening. It was exciting albeit debasing to be hearing Dave narrate her sexual exploits and in a way she felt good that the truth was out. She really had no secrets from these two. She knew she was a slut and she liked that Dave and Brenda knew abaout it. After all, they were partly to blame for what she had become. She stopped listening and instead she concentrated on the hard

roll she held in her cunt.

The waitress came back to see if they wanted anything else before she

totaled their bill. Steph noticed that the waitress's eyes opened wide at her wet panties lying on the chair beside Dave. Her eyes went from one woman to the next, wondering whose panties they were. Dave gave paid the bill and the waitress moved away.

Brenda pulled up her panties and adjusted her skirt while Dave tucked his cock back into his pants. Stephanie reached for her panties but Brenda slapped her hand before she picked them up and tucked them into her handbag. "That's for later, my dear. You didn't think we had finished with you?"

Without another word, Dave and Brenda got up to leave. Steph stared at absently for a moment and then she quickly got up to follow.

She realised at that moment, that for her, the evening had just begun...

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