tagErotic Poetryfuck me to sleep

fuck me to sleep


you're looking into my eyes
you've got your hands on my hips
i love the smell of your cologne
and how you softly kiss my lips
you slowly undress me
starting with my shirt
you put your hands around my waist
and then undo my skirt
my clothes fall to the floor
i'm standing there in my panties and bra
you say you're not finished
you want to remove it all
my undies hit the floor
and you eye me from head to toe
you hold me by the hand
and up to the bedroom we both go
you lay me on the bed
and gently climb on top of me
you brush my hair from my eyes
and then say i'm so sexy
you kiss your way down my body
'til your face reaches my crotch
you're gonna eat my pussy
and i'm gonna watch
you tickle my clit
with a flick of your tongue
i know i'm in for a good fuck
because you're so well hung
your tongue caresses my clit
as you finger my insides
i love the feel of your tongue
and the way it gently glides
you make me cum on your face
then you put your dick in my hole
i give my all to you
mind, body, and soul
you're screwing my pussy
and whispering my name
you're so good at what you do
you put other men to shame
you start with slow strokes
then you suddenly go faster
my vagina is yours
you are its master
my insides are throbbing
my walls are wet
not fucking you sooner
is my only regret
you've got me so horny
'cause your dick feels so good
i'm screaming so loud
i'm heard by the whole neighborhood
fast strokes and slow strokes
you give me your all
when i need to cum
it's you who i call
i cum so hard
that i fall fast to sleep
your telephone number
i definitely will keep

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