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Fucker Deepak


This happened when I had just turned 18. I often keep cruising over the internet but had only once been lucky yet. I got deflowered in the process. Moving on, I kept looking for opportunities to be fucked hard once again and wanted a huge cock to do my honours.

After a bit of a search, I found a hot guy who claimed his dick to be 8 inches. I thought no harm in trying out and went ahead. He lived on the outskirts of Bombay where I lived and had to take a train till his place. On reaching Airoli I rang him and he tells me that he'll be at the station ASAP.

The moment he arrives, I get hard looking at him. He must be around 5ft 5in tall, black hair and an impressive set of muscular hands.

We greet each other and tells me not to 'act' gay in public as he is still in the closet. Then we move towards his house which was a small walk from the station.

Once inside his house he jumps onto the bed which was right in the living room and indicated me to fall over him. We lock our lips and I start to feel his cock with my fingers while he brushes my hair. His cock kept growing through the jeans he wore until the head popped out of the waistline. Fuck! His cock was more than 8 inches and I could barely hold it in my palms! I undo his pants and try my best to give him a head.

He was uncut and I slowly licked his foreskin which was red with lust. Using my lips I lower his foreskin. I guess he got bored by this and forces his entire penis down my throat in one sudden move and held me by my hair. I gag but realise that I'm helpless. Tears start swelling my eyes when he kicks me to a doggy pose while I suck onto his monster and pulls my pants down.

He then started spanking me hard until my buttocks were red till the next few days. He then releases me and starts to get dressed leaving me confused. I was in too much pain to ask (and unconsciously relieved). I too rise to get dressed when he spanks me so hard that I cry out in pain. He then lifts me up like I'm a baby and takes me to the terrace.

His house was a two storey building and so the terrace was one storey higher then the rest. There in the Indian heat he ties me to the door with rough ropes and asks me to wait. I've had a huge hard-on since I met him an hour ago and I pretty much couldn't do anything about it. The heat outside and the heat within me reach unbearable levels when I hear footsteps once again.

Deepak cones with a bag filled with things my privates will soon know. He first takes out a black leather underwear which leaves the asshole exposed while it holds the crotch tight. They were a size or two small for me. While struggling to get them in place he takes out ping pong bat and starts flogging me with it till the jockstrap fit me. With great difficulty he stuffed my penis in which caused me immense pain. But he didn't care that my loud screaming would alert his neighbours.

All this while still being tied to the door he pulls my ass closer to him. He then takes a box full of ice cubes and puts a cube on my hot back. He takes another one and simply shoves it up my ass. I screamt so hard at this point that my voice strained. But he kept on stuffing ice up my ass till no more could enter. He then asked me to shit out all the ice which was water now. While doing this ho opens his fly and stuffs his cock down my throat once again. By now he is oozing such large amounts of precum that it started to leak out of my mouth.

The moment he realizes that all the water is out of me he takes his dick out of my mouth and fucks my hole. Without a lube or anything, my ass was on fire. It burnt like hell. Yet I couldn't scream as I had lost my voice by then. He kept fucking me like that in the hot sun for about 10 minutes until he came in my ass. He spurted so hard that I could feel his cum shoot deep in my bowels.

All this while I myself cum for the first time without touching my penis and beg for more. By the time he is done with me sticky fluids from Deepak's hot rod slither down my legs. He then kisses me with passion that I pass out in the heat.

When I wake up I find strong lights and Deepak's cock up my ass once again. He was filming us in such a was that his face was hidden. I beg him to fuck me harder and harder, not caring that I could be blackmailed or over the internet. I screamt in pleasure and cried in delight as his cock filled my ass in ways I could only imagine till then. This time maybe because it was his second time in the same day he fucked me longer before he came once again up my ass and filmed his cum trickle down my thighs. I instinctively put a finger up my ass and lick it hungrily for the camera.

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