tagNonConsent/ReluctanceFulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 10

Fulfilling the Prerequisites Ch. 10


Readers, it has been a true pleasure writing this story and receiving your feedback. While I am sad to see it come to an end, I am excited to start something new. If you have ideas for a story you would like me to write, please contact me via email. I will take any requests.

Thank you to that certain someone who served as inspiration for so much of this story. It could not have happened without you.

Now, the conclusion:


Riding crop in hand, Jenn sat back in the reclining chair in Mokie's bedroom. Mokie's ankles were still cuffed to the corners of the bed, as was her right hand above her head. Jenn's chair was at the base of the bed, giving her a prime view of Mokie's spread pussy.

"I know you haven't been able to cum yet tonight, honey," Jenn taunted. "Go ahead and get yourself off now."

Mokie was experiencing a swell of emotions. She had just finished talking to her mother on Facetime as Jenn ate her pussy and Jason smacked her tit with the crop. She had been brought to the brink of orgasm, and then left a whimpering, blubbering mess. Her body wanted to experience orgasm, but her mind wanted to rest, to go to sleep and escape this anguish.

"Please, mistress," she sobbed. "I don't need to cum. Please let me rest."

Wordlessly, Jenn sat forward in her chair and raised the crop over her head.

"NO! Please..." Mokie cried as she saw the crop come crashing down. It cut through the air with an audible velocity. The sound echoed in Mokie's ears immediately before impact, but nothing could brace her for the searing pain that coursed through her body. Her hips shot off the mattress and her unshackled left hand covered her throbbing pussy instinctively. Her mouth hung open in a silent scream, not wanting to give Jenn the satisfaction of her cries, but unable to mask her pain entirely.

"That was not an offer, slave. That was a command. Now finger your cunt for me!"

Mokie's clit was pulsating against her palm, and she felt that if she fingered it even slightly, it would be more painful than pleasurable. Instead, she compliantly dipped her middle finger into her hole, still wet with Jenn's saliva.

"Good little pet," said Jenn as she leaned back in her chair and started stroking her own clit. As she did, she let her crop trace the soles of Mokie's feet, causing her to flinch against her restraints.

"Tell me, slut...how does it feel to be exposed to your cousin? Are you ashamed that your whorish tendencies were revealed?"

Mokie sobbed as she continued to finger herself. "Yes, mistress. I am so ashamed."

"Tell me one word you would use to describe yourself right now," Jenn insisted.

Mokie paused, giving this request an honest thought. Tonight, she had been fucked in the ass and given a dousing facial. Her submission to both Jenn and Jason had been displayed to her loving confidant of a cousin. Then she had to lie to her mother about how great her date was while Jenn and Jason abused her off camera. Now, she was rubbing her tortured pussy for her mistress's pleasure. It all made her feel so...

"Ugly," she finally answered.

Juices flowed like grand rapids to Jenn's excited hole when Mokie spoke. She had her slave right where she wanted her: broken down, ashamed, repentant.

"You are ugly, slut. You are worthless; a whore. Before this week, you would walk around campus like the biggest cock tease, then go to clubs and fuck total strangers in bathroom stalls. You would walk around campus like a saint, untouchable, while only I knew your true self. Well, with any luck, I will expose you to the entire university for the slut you truly are."

Mokie listened to the words and knew they were true. She recalled her most recent escapade, with her neighbor in Circuits and Systems class. Though she did not even know his name, she thought of him fondly, having given her the most rousing orgasm of the last week. Of course, it was only so great because of all the orgasm denial that Jason had inflicted on her.

As she remembered her janitor-room fuck, her fingers nimbly played with her responsive clit, further validating Jenn's analysis of her.

"Faster, slut. Get yourself off," ordered Jenn.

Mokie was allowing herself to get into it, pumping her fingers in and out with greater speed. She felt her juices ooze from her gaping hole, spread with three fingertips for Jenn's amusement.

When she started to buck her hips off the mattress in a mounting drive towards her long-awaited climax, Jenn jumped out of her chair and grabbed her wrist.

"Ah! Mistress, pleeeeeease!" she whined without shame. She could not believe she had allowed herself to believe that Jenn would let her cum.

Jenn clasped a fourth cuff around her wrist and yanked it to the top of the bed. As she clicked around the bedpost, she explained. "Me first, slut."

Jenn climbed up on the mattress and straddled Mokie's head, facing her body. "The faster you use that tongue to get me off, the faster I let you cum, slave." She lowered her pussy onto her mouth as a means of encouragement.

Mokie was panting and moaning beneath her, frustrated that her pleading cunt was going unassuaged. She took too long to respond to Jenn's order, and paid for it with another hard smack from the crop on her clit.

"AAAAAaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!" she screamed with her mouth stretched as wide as it would go. Jenn pressed down against it, reveling as Mokie's scream vibrated against her entire pussy.

"Let's go, slut! Get that tongue out!"

Mokie gave it her best shot, but the pain between her legs was too distracting. Her tongue took nimble flicks at the outer folds of Jenn's clam, instead of deep, plunging dives like Jenn was looking for. Despite Jenn's insistent urging, Mokie could not get going to her liking.

"You should have obeyed, slave," Jenn warned as she dismounted and left the room. Mokie could hear her rumbling through the kitchen cabinets, but thought nothing of it as she focused on her screaming clit. Her arms and legs squirmed against their restraints, unable to ease the pain with any movement.

When Jenn returned from the kitchen, she had a pair of chopsticks that were tightly bound together with a pair of rubber bands. Mokie's imagination could only go so far as to assume that this was an implement of pussy abuse. She never could have considered its true purpose.

Jenn showed the chopsticks to Mokie, pulling them apart and allowing them to snap back together as a demonstration of their construction. She climbed back on Mokie's face, sitting further back towards her forehead. Mokie's eyes were level with Jenn's spread, sopping wet pussy.

"I want that tongue, bitch. Stick it out as far as it will go!"

Mokie took a deep breath and extended her tongue, still awaiting the chopstick invasion of her pussy. Jenn pulled on the tip of her tongue until the stud was past her lips and commanded that she hold it there. Mokie waited patiently, her tongue extended to its furthest point.

Jenn spread the chopsticks in both hands and lowered it down both sides of Mokie's tongue. Once it was on the other side of the stud, she let the sticks snap back together, trapping Mokie's tongue between them. The stud prevented Mokie from retracting her tongue into her mouth, locking two inches of pink moistness flickering past her lips. The chopsticks pressed hard against the back of Mokie's mouth.

"Guggugggg," Mokie stuttered as she futilely tried to regain control of her tongue. She quickly relented. She would sooner tear a hole in her tongue by pulling her stud too hard against the chopsticks, so she did her best to relax and get used to the horrible position.

Jenn slid forward and lowered her hole onto Mokie's protruding tongue. It slid nicely into her already gushing pussy.

"Ooooohhh," she moaned. "Much better, slut. Thank you." She chuckled.

As she ground her pussy against Mokie's face, she started to slowly rub Mokie's clit, trying to egg her on towards another near-orgasm. Mokie bucked her hips against her hand as she stared deep between Jenn's spread cheeks towards her asshole. She watched as her puckered sphincter rocked back and forth, touching the tip of her nose before rocking forward again.

The odiferous sex began to overwhelm Mokie. She felt as if she might pass out if the smell grew any stronger. It invaded her nostrils and filled her mouth.

Fortunately for Mokie, Jenn's omnipotence was getting to her head, and more importantly, her pussy. Her slave was immobile beneath her, and her trapped tongue was doing all the wonders she was hoping it would. She clenched her thighs tight around Mokie's head as her orgasm neared.

Before she dismounted, she slid forward and nestled her asshole onto Mokie's protruding tongue. It dipped inside her sphincter and wiggled around as Mokie tried to fight the taste off. It touched Jenn in all the right places. She was on the verge.

It felt as if her climax started at her neck and rolled all the way down her spine before exploding out of her pussy. Her juices squirted all over Mokie's face and down her throat, amply coating her tongue. She grabbed onto Mokie's hips for support, as she lost her balance and thought she might fall of the bed. It was magnificent.

"Ahhhhh, that was so good, slut. Thank you for giving me your tongue to work with." Jenn clenched her ass tight around Mokie's tongue, before relenting and climbing off her.

She took a pair of scissors from Mokie's drawer and snipped one of the rubber bands. The chopsticks snapped apart, releasing Mokie's tongue, which instinctively snapped back into place. Mokie held her jaw open, her tongue still too sore to operate functionally.

Jenn strode sensuously out of the room. Mokie could see her post-orgasmic sweat glistening in the faint light, shimmering on every square inch of her perfect skin. Despite the torture, Mokie had to admit it was a tempting sight. Jenn disappeared for about thirty seconds, before returning with a few tiny objects.

"OK, slut. Here's the deal. I don't really know what Jason is up to. I don't know if he is bored with you, scared about being discovered, or putting on some kind of an act. Regardless of what he has in mind, I still have enough dirt on you to own you, and I am going to take advantage."

As she talked she removed the hoop earrings that Mokie had been forced to wear this last week and replaced it with a new pair. Dangling off the bottom of these hoops was the word "Slave."

"Tomorrow night, we are going to a frat party around the corner. The theme is lingerie, which means that all the girls will be wearing their sluttiest lingerie, and all the guys will be in boxers. Generally, the evening evolves into an all out orgy, or several smaller orgies. I plan on taking you there and auctioning you off to the highest bidder, be it a guy, girl, or couple."

"Mistress, please. Can I not just serve you privately?"

"Awww. Are you getting shy now, slut?" Jenn mocked. "After seeing you auctioned off at the tattoo parlor, I really want to conduct an auction myself. Besides, this will help cover all of the groceries and utilities you owe me for."

Mokie laid her head against the pillow in resignation. There was no point in fighting it. She knew she would obey.

"But," Jen said as she grabbed a fistful of Mokie's hair, "We don't want you to be able to hide these new hoop earrings. They so perfectly define you."

With that, she picked up the scissors from the night stand and sheared off several inches of hair, so that it came to an end at her ears instead of her shoulders.

"Noooo!!! Mistress, please!!! Just let me wear my hair up!"

Jenn silently shook her head as se continue around to the other side of her head. In a few short moments, Mokie's hairline had been shortened all the way around her head. It was a rough chop cut, and though it was not her look, she still looked hot. This would not diminish her auction value at all, Jenn thought.

"Now," Jenn continued. "Get some rest. If you can get yourself off with this foot free, go for it," she chuckled as she unlocked the cuff around her left ankle. "If not, I will let whomever purchases you tomorrow get you off. A good cum should be on the horizon for you."

She practically skipped out of the room, leaving Mokie alone with her thoughts and apprehensions about what tomorrow might bring. She wanted to inspect her hair, but her hands were still shackled.

Instead, she let her still-pulsing pussy take control. Using her unbound foot, she dragged her sheet into a pile just below her pussy. She held the sheets against her throbbing clit with the heel of her left foot and humped softly against it.

It was sensual when she needed a pounding, but it supplied enough friction to stimulate her. Whimpering in shame, she humped against the white linen mound between her legs. In short time, she was able to reach a climax, though it was the tiniest, most pathetic and unfulfilling orgasm of her life. It was enough only to help her sleep, which she did, soundly, until Jenn woke her up the following morning.


You have been leaning against the wall for the last ten minutes, trying to understand how you allowed your friends to talk you into coming to this ridiculous party. "It's college!" was their irrefutable argument. "Live it up a little!"

But you ended up convincing yourself to come to break out of this funk you were in. You should have been on cloud nine, having hooked up with the girl you had been infatuated with just two days ago. But your post-class, janitor-room quickie was not the way you wanted it to go down. You are a romantic at heart, and would have preferred a proper date followed by passionate, meaningful sex and the potential for a relationship.

But how could you have turned down that opportunity? The two of you barely exchanged words before your dick was buried in her yearning pussy, eliciting an animalistic lust like you had never experienced before.

Your friends mocked you for feeling guilty, claiming that they would have loved to trade places with you. Nothing that hot ever happened to them. One night stands were common, of course, but an afternoon fuck-fest in a campus building with a relative stranger elevated you to deity status amongst your friends. If only you could see it their way.

Now, you are acting the wallflower, standing in only your boxers, while the rest of the room is unfolding like a scene from Eyes Wide Shut. The rest of your lacrosse teammates, also bearing only boxers or briefs, were paired off with lingerie-clad girls from several sororities. The intentions of this party were obvious: meet someone new and fuck them.

All that has been witnessed publicly thus far is some teasing, flirting and heavy make-out sessions, but you are certain that some of your pals have split off to private bedrooms with at least one girl each. You are certain that what is about to play out is an all-out orgy, the college rendition of Gomorra.

As you have rebuffed all advances to this point in the evening, you are the now the lonely remainder, the last unpaired student. So as everyone else is transfixed by their counterpart, kissing or feeling someone new, you are the first person to see two beautiful girls enter the house.

One of them is your typical southern California blonde: tall, buxom, sultry. But the other is the one catching your interest. Other than her tan, toned calves, all that is visible is her short hair. Her eyes and nose are covered by a tight leather mask, with two thin slits for her to see through. Giant hoop earrings tapped against the sides of her face, the word "Slave" hanging from each of them. Both ladies were covered from their shoulders to their knees by a light rain coat.

You are the only one watching them as the blonde leads the other to the center of the room and directs her to stand on the coffee table. As you are their only observer, you are the only one prepared for the loud whistle as the blonde brings two fingers to her mouth to call everyone's attention.

"Ladies and gentlemen," she soars over the ambiance of the room. "The last thing I want to do is interrupt the fun, but I have a proposition that could make one of you much happier tonight."

Reluctantly, the horny students paused their advances on each other and turned their attention to the two girls in the middle of the room.

"You see," the blonde continued, "My slut roommate here is delinquent for her share of the bills, and she has agreed to allow me to auction her off tonight to help pay her expenses.

Slut," she said, turning towards her slave. "Remove your coat and show the room what they will be be bidding on."

Silently, the girl undoes the belt securing her coat and let it fall to the floor, revealing her fully nude body, except for a collar and leash that hung between her breasts. Amongst the moans of approval, you hear yourself gasp. That body looks incredibly familiar. But it can't be. Monique's hair was longer, for one, and she didn't have these obscene tattoos: 'Slut' above her pussy and 'Whore' above her ass. Monique might have fucked him in the janitor's closet after very little conversation, but she would not go so far as to mark herself like this, would she?

You do your best to convince yourself that it is not her, that too much has changed in two days for it to be the same girl you had been fawning over. But you are confident that the ass on auction is the one you were just gripping.

As she spins for the room to admire her, her eyes make contact with yours, and you both flinch. Those are are what lured you in the coffee shop a week ago, and what you remember most from the quickie on Friday.

It is her.


The auction gets off to a rocky start.

"I hate to burst your bubble, babe," says one of the guys on the couch, a stunning red head massaging his groin through his boxers. "But why would we pay for what we can get for free?"

"Ha!" Jenn laughed at his naivety. She removed a banana from her purse and handed it to Mokie. "Show him what you can do, slave."

Mokie placed the banana on her tongue and slid it straight into her throat. It was something she had learned to do by rote this week, with multiple cocks in multiple positions. But just to be safe, Jenn had spent the afternoon rehearsing this routine, just to boost the bidding.

Jenn looked at the redhead on the couch. "Can you do that?" she asked.

The redhead scoffed, as if throating was beneath her. "I don't do that," she responded, emphasizing 'don't.'

"I'd bet he'd like it if you did," Jenn answered, gesturing to her guy. "And you," Jenn addressed another girl in the room. "Do you do anal?"

"Of course not," she said. "Real girl's don't do anal."

"Slave?" Jenn turned towards Mokie.

As rehearsed, Mokie knelt with her ass towards the majority of the room and brought the banana to her ass. It slid in with ease, as the butt plug had been in place until they got out of the car just outside the house. The banana flowed into her ass with so little resistance that Mokie was both relieved and ashamed.

Jenn put a hand between Mokie's shoulder blades and pushed until she was on her elbows. She then removed a cucumber from her purse and lined it up with Mokie's pussy.

"Uuughh," Mokie groaned as Jenn lodged it in her wet cunt. She hung her head in shame as she was double penetrated by phallic food.

"And how many girls in the room are wiling to do this?" asked Jenn.

"That is disgusting," said the redhead.

"I got news for you, honey," said Jenn. "These guys aren't looking for a wife tonight. They are looking for a slut who will do anything. This slut will do anything, take anything, lick anything, swallow anything...there is absolutely nothing off limits with this whore.

So, shall we start the bidding at $100?"

"I'm in for $100," said the redhead's beau, raising his hand. His girl removed her hand from his cock and crossed her arms over her lace-clad breasts.

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