tagGroup SexFun in St. Martens

Fun in St. Martens


My wife and I where married in our early twenties and had been on the education tread mill for what seemed a long time. After graduate school and starting our carriers we finally had time for a long vacation.

We were able to arrange for two weeks to be gone and started to look at tropical vacation spots that we could lay in the sun and scuba dive. We decided on a location within the Caribbean. We were at resort called Club Orient, St Marten. The resort was beautiful and allowed for long walks and allowed for nude sun bathing.

At first we where a little shy about going nude but after seeing others we quickly shed our clothes and laid naked enjoying the sun. A few days passed and the relaxation and sun had regenerated out libido and resurrected our sex lives.

We had not socialized with anyone and had not met many people, so when the club announced that they where going to have a wine and cheese social we where anxious to attended.

The social was high energy; while talking to another couple I found myself talking mainly to the lady and my wife carrying on a separate conversation with her husband.

Our topic of conversation was mundane revolving around the sun and diving, until the topic turned to sex. She told me how she and her girl friend had surprised their men with some sexy clothing and a show one night.

She said that they had dressed up in some sexy lingerie and danced for their boy friends and that the guys got so into the show and where obviously turned on by the two ladies dancing together. This led to the woman to act more provocative. She then mentioned that touching the other lady actually was a bit of a turn on.

I replied without even thinking that my wife had mentioned being curious how it would feel to be touched by another woman and to touch another woman.

The woman whose name was Dana asked if my wife would be interested in playing. I hadn't meant my statement to be an invitation and didn't quite know how to reply, so I just said that Dana would have to talk to my wife, Jean.

A few minutes later she and my wife Jean went for a walk. When they got back Jean announced that we were invited to Dana and Steve's apartment for dinner the next night.

The next evening when we where getting ready I told Jean we don't need to go if she didn't want and she said that she was curious and wanted to go if I didn't mind.

Up to this point we had been in one soft swing episode with another couple where we had sex in the same room but without any interaction between couples. I wasn't sure what was going to happen that night and had cold feet.

When we arrived everything was low key. Dana was dressed in Levi skirt and blouse and Steve had gone to the store. The three of us talked and I started to relax.

No real talk of sex or any discussion such as we had had the night before. When Steve returned we had some wine and had a few laughs.

Jean my wife and I where setting on the couch and Steve and Dana where seated on the floor in front of us. Steve was rubbing Dana shoulders and reached over and started to kiss her. As they continued to kiss I started to kiss Jean. When I looked over in a few minutes at Dana and Steve they where starting to undress each other.

I was turned on and felt comfortable in starting to unbutton Jeans dress. Jean didn't object as I opened the front of her dress so I slipped it off her shoulders.

Dana came over and set next to Jean on the couch as Jean and I kissed and explored each other's body. Dana was setting opposite myself as I rubbed Jeans breast and I could clearly see that Dana was now naked.

Dana's body was lovely and I couldn't resist visually feasting on her beautiful breast while Jean and I continued to kiss passionately.

I broke the kiss with Jean then I turned Jeans face toward Dana. Jean looked at Dana and smiled at her and then reached out her hand and caressed Dana's breast. Dana slid the straps off of Jean's shoulders and then removed her bra. Dana and Jean started to kiss as they felt each other's body. Dana pushed Jean back flat on the sofa and began licking her nipples while her hand slid down and under Jeans panties.

I was so turned on and so hard just watching that all my nervousness was gone. I reach over and slid Jeans panties off so I could watch Dana fingers as they played with Jeans pussy. I noticed for the first time that Steve was also naked and so I stood and slipped my shorts off and my shirt.

Jean's eyes where closed and she was making small moaning noises as Dana sucked and bit her nipples and slid two fingers in and out of her pussy and rubbed the juices about and on her clit. Dana then knelt on the floor between Jean's knees and began to lick her pussy and suck her clit into her mouth.

Jean was moaning and rolling her head from side to side as Dana continued to orally pleasure Jean. Steve and I where just watching for a while and then Steve got behind Dana and started to rub her pussy as she licked Jeans pussy and then started to fuck Dana.

Steve pulled out of his girl friend and said "feel how wet she is." I slid my hand over Dana's butt and placed two fingers into a very wet and slick pussy, obviously Dana was as turned on as much as Jean.

Steve then stood up and sat on the couch next to Jean and started to pinch her left nipple as he sucked on her right nipple. This had the effect on Jean to significantly intensify her moaning and state of arousal. Indeed I could tell by the sounds she was making and the look of her face that she was approaching an orgasm.

I continued to stroke my fingers in and out of Dana's pussy and she started to thrust back against my hand. As Jean reached her first orgasm, which was very vocal, Dana started to push two fingers rapidly in and out of Jeans wet pussy. This obviously increased the intensity of Jeans orgasm.

I was setting on the right side of Jean and Steve on her left side with Dana kneeling between her legs. Jean was in a continual orgasmic state it seemed to me with the veins in her neck standing out and her face flushed. I took my fingers from Dana's pussy and reached over and pinched Jeans clit, as she likes pressure on her clit when orgasm. As I pinched her clit she gasped and set straight up on the couch and utter "oh my God" as she pushed my hands and Dana's hand away from her pussy.

She then reached over and grabbed my cock with her hand as she sucked it into her mouth. She bent over my cock and was sucking hard and rapidly moving up and down on my cock. Steve stood behind her with his cock poise at her gaping pussy and I thought he was going to fuck her. Instead Dana took Steve by the hand and led him to the couch opposite side of the room where Steve started to eat Dana. I was so horny I pushed Jean back flat on the couch and slammed my cock into her dripping pussy. She gasped and looked me in the eye and said, "I love you, oh God I'm Cumming again."

I continued to pound into her pussy for how long I do not know but as my orgasm sweep over me I blasted cum again and again into her pussy. I don't know if I have ever ejaculated that much fluid at one time in my life.

As I caught my breath I noted that I was still rock hard and so I got up and lead Jean over to where Dana was laying on the couch. I leaned Jean over the top of Dana to rest her arms on the back of the couch while I fucked Jean from the back. I entered Jeans pussy and I felt Dana's finger on my cock and Jeans clit immediately.

Mean while Steve was really going to work on Dana pussy. I reached down and rubbed Dana's clit while Steve was licking her pussy and sinking his tongue into her. All of a sudden I came, Dana Came, and Jean came nearly at the same time. I had to set down. Jean got up and went to the bathroom to clean up. Steve got up and said that he had to go pee and disappeared also into the bathroom.

Dana looked over to me and said that she was completely satisfied and I agreed. We lay there allowing our hearts to slow down for how long I don't know, when we heard some noise in the bathroom like someone had bumped against the wall and then we heard Jean moan and said "OH God."

Dana and I then smiled at each other as quieter moaning came from the bathroom. Dana and I got up and walked to the bathroom where the door was open and as I looked in Jean was seated on the counter top with her pelvis slid forward and Steve was standing between her wide open legs sliding a very shinny wet cock into my petite wife.

I stood there mesmerized watching my wife's face with her eyes closed and a look of complete ecstasy. He was pushing into to her pussy fast and hard and as he did she was thrusting her pussy forward to get his cock as deeper into her pussy.

As I looked over at Dana I noticed her hands rubbing her clit and her eyes watching Jeans cunt stretched wide by Steve's thick cock. This must have continued multiple minutes and finally Steve, who had not cum yet tonight tensed, moaned load and slid forcefully into Jeans pussy and held her hips tight. As Steve exploded inside of Jean, she also came, and leaned forward kissing Steve and shoving her tongue into his mouth.

My fixation on the scene in front of me ended as I was brought back into the present by Dana moaning loudly as she brought herself off watching the scene in front of her. My cock was rock hard again and had recovered in a very short time. Dana took my hand and said directed toward the Jean and Steve, "we are going to take the first bedroom and you can have the second.

With that she pulled me into the bedroom and lay down on the bed spreading her legs and pulling me on top. I entered her hard and slipped all the way in, she started to cum again within a few minutes. I could feel her pussy contract about my cock and within a minute or two I also came. We were both exhausted and fell asleep.

About a hour later I awoke because some creaking springs of the bed next door and as I listened I started to hear my wife moan and heard her say "oh your so big don't stop" and then in a few minutes I heard her Cumming hard. It was so erotic to hear your wife having an orgasm on someone else's cock.

After we got up in the morning we all had a shower and Jean and I left after some fond farewells and went back to our place. We drove in the car quiet for a few minutes not saying anything to each other, then Jean broke the silence and said are you ok with what happened. I said yes that it was fantastic.

Jean mentioned that it had gone beyond what she had expected, especially the part where she fucked Steve in the bathroom. She apologized and said that she was so turned on that when Steve came in the bathroom to freshen up and then started to tell her how sexy she was and kissed her she was just on fire and could not stop.

She said that she just jumped up on the counter and grabbed his cock and slid it in her pussy. She said at that moment I could have fucked 5 guys, I just could' t get enough. I then told her it was one of the most erotic things I had ever seen. After I said that she slid her hands between her legs and told me to get to our apartment fast since she needed me inside of her.

When we got home we had some of the wettest and hottest sex we have had in along time. After we where able to talk again I told her that I had wanted to experiment with sex with other couples but was afraid to approach her about my thoughts. She then confessed that she had similar thoughts but thought that if she mentioned it I would think that she didn't love me. Jean then asked me if the night before had been what I thought it was going to be like. I said that I had under-estimated how turned on I was going to become. She laughed and agreed that the same was true for her.

Well I am hoping to find out if the excitement is as great the second time, I sure hope so!! This was our first lifestyle experience and though it was our first full swap, we could not think of a more erotic evening, then that first time.

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