tagCelebrities & Fan FictionFun on South Beach Ch. 09

Fun on South Beach Ch. 09


It was the middle of another week and Angel found herself alone. Emi had been hired to shoot for a calendar and she had flown off to Aruba two days earlier. She contented herself by hanging out at the Ocean's Reef condo and hitting the clubs at night. Though she was staying busy, she was on the verge of getting a little bored.

She had just gotten out of bed and was pouring herself a tall OJ when the phone rang. To her delight, it was John, the owner of the condo.

"Hi Johnny, you've been away for too long. I never see you anymore," she said.

"I know baby, I miss you too. But listen, I gotta surprise for you. I scored some tickets from a new client for the biggest concert of the year. It's this weekend down in Puerto Rico. Are you interested? I'm going to fly into Miami on Friday and I'll pick you up," he told her.

"Are you kidding? I'd love to go. When will you be here?"

"My flight is in at noon. Tell you what, I'll send a car for you on Friday morning and we can meet at the airport."

"Fantastic!" Angel exclaimed.

"Oh, and Angel, we're going to be doing the whole backstage and after-party thing so be ready to rub elbows with some VIP's," he told her.

"Ooohhhh, VIP's. I'll bring my tiniest panties," she laughed.

They continued talking for a few more minutes and then said goodbye. Angel was lifted from her small case of boredom and went into her bedroom to pick out some outfits to bring along. She decided to give the diamond outfit a break in favor of several outfits that covered her more, but were exquisitely tight on her incredible body.

Friday came soon enough and as John had promised, a driver showed up to collect her for the ride to the airport. As usual, John had spared no expense and had sent a Rolls Royce limo for her complete with a stuffy British driver.

The limo ride took less than 30 minutes and it dropped her off in a special area that was usually used for visiting dignitaries from other countries to keep them away from the crowds. Angel was duly impressed. An airport agent guided her to a very elegant guest room where she was to wait for John to arrive. It was only several minutes later that he did arrive and greeted her with a big hug.

"Angel, I've missed you more than ever," he whispered to her.

"I've missed you to buddy. Did you bring your new boyfriend along?"

"Nope. Flying solo this weekend. I'm devoting myself to you for the whole weekend."

She smiled at him as they hugged again. While John was a gay man, the two of them had shared a very close friendship ever since they were in high school. John had been a senior when Angel was only a sophomore. He had tutored her through a math class for the entire year before he went off to college to become a lawyer. The year after he graduated, he had used some of his father's money to set himself up in a very, very successful entertainment law firm. He now represented some of the biggest names in Hollywood and in the Latin American film industry.

"Okay, enough hugging for now. We better move if we're going to get on our flight to San Juan."

The airport agent hustled them out onto a small cart and headed for their gate. They made it with minutes to spare and the American Airlines jet left right on time. When they landed, John had another Rolls waiting for them that drove them to the only 5-star hotel in San Juan. The concierge spotted them as soon as they walked in the front door and took them straight onto an elevator to the penthouse suite.

They spent the afternoon relaxing and had a small meal brought up to them so they could eat before the concert. Finally, as the sun started to go down, they each went to their rooms to get dressed. Being the man, John was out and ready first. Several minutes later, Angel appeared in the doorway. Though he was gay, John was still effected by the sight of her sometimes. This was one of those times.

Angel stood in the doorway and had put herself in a pose. She was wearing a very sheer white mini-dress that ended just inches below the sweet curve of her rear end. The contrast of her olive skin against the white of the dress was dazzling. Her hair was pulled back softly on each side and pinned with flowers on each side. As John eyes went down her slender legs, he saw the clear platform heels she was wearing that were at least 4 inches high. She had struck a pose in the doorway with one foot against each side of the bottom and her hands at each side at the top, making sort of an X with her body. With the bright light of the bedroom behind her, Angel's incredible body was outlined perfectly for John to see.

"Angel, why do you tease me like this? You know that men are my thing. You're simply incorrigible."

Angel almost doubled over with laughter as she walked over to him to take his hand.

"Oh John, I try, I try." she said as she led him to the door.

They rode in great style in yet another Rolls limo to the arena where the concert was to start in less than an hour. The driver went in a heavily guarded tunnel and dropped them at a VIP reception area. As usual, when Angel appeared out of the car, she instantly was the center of attention. A security guard led them to a room that was filled with people, all of them big rollers Angel realized.

"Would you like some champagne?" John asked her.

"Definitely. I'm gonna grab some munchies. You want some?" Angel replied.

"Oh dear god. Munchies. Angel, that is caviar over there, not munchies."

Just then, a small wave of applause started at the far end of the room and swept to the opposite side. Angel and John turned to see what was happening just as Jennifer Lopez appeared at the top of a small stairway. They both were impressed with her radiance and beauty. Jennifer was due out on stage in 5 minutes, but her appearance here was for the benefit of the investors who had put up the money for the concert.

She came down from the stairway and began to circulate through the room, saying hello's and giving hugs as she went. Angel was watching her the whole time, admiring Jennifer's soft latin beauty and her poise. Angel was impressed how totally at ease Jennifer was in the crowd of people.

"Hey, what happened to the champagne?" Angel teased John.

"Oh yes! Sorry, I got distracted."

Angel watched as he walked away towards a bar on the other side of the room. Standing there alone, she was slightly surprised when she felt a hand on her back. She turned and found herself looking into Jennifer's smiling face.

"Hello, I'm Jennifer. Thanks for coming to the party."

"Hi Jennifer, I'm Angel..."

Jennifer took Angel's hand, "I know who you are Angel. It was me that asked John to invite you."

Angel was very surprised since John hadn't told her anything about this.

"Well thank you. I'm very excited to be here for your concert. From what I saw outside, half of Puerto Rico is here to see the show."

Jennifer laughed, "I know, isn't it incredible? Every day I say a prayer of thanks."

"Listen, I made arrangements for the two of you to have some special seats right next to the stage. See that big guy over there? Just give him your name and he'll get you seated."

Angel was now very impressed.

"You're going to be at the party after the show aren't you? I'd really like for you to be there." Jennifer said.

Angel smiled, "Absolutely. I wouldn't miss it for anything."

Jennifer smiled back as she leaned into Angel and kissed her on the cheek.

"Okay, I gotta go. The show starts in a few minutes. I'll see you later."

Jennifer dashed away as John finally returned with the champagne. Angel grabbed his arm and led him to the big security guy that Jennifer had pointed at. She gave him their names and he immediately gave them his full attention. He told them to stick close as he plowed a path through the crowd and into a small corridor. He pulled out a set of keys and unlocked a door and let them in. Angel went in first and was amazed to see that they were in a small theatre box that was directly to the left of the stage and slightly above it. Their view was incredible.

Suddenly, the flash of pyrotechnics lit the stage and music blared as Jennifer appeared at the top of a stairway out on the stage. The arena went nuts as she launched into her opening song, "Lets Get Loud."

Angel and John started dancing right there and then as the security guard closed the door. Angel watched excitedly as Jennifer danced from one side of the stage to the other. She looked absolutely beautiful in a red Spanish-style dress with her hair pulled up. Angel was dancing and clapping as Jennifer danced and sang right below them. The crowd was going nuts. Everyone was on their feet dancing and cheering the Latina superstar.

As the song came to an end, Jennifer moved to the back of the stage where the lights were low. Someone ran out and helped her make a quick change to her outfit, taking off a long skirt to reveal very tight shorts underneath. As she stood waiting for her cue for the next song, she looked up at the box where Angel was sitting. A big smile came to her when she spotted Angel and she waved with just her fingers. Angel waved back before blowing a kiss back to JLo.

The music came up again and Jennifer jumped right into the next song. Her performance throughout the show was just incredible. Angel never sat down as did none of the tens of thousands of fans down on the main floor. Everyone was singing along and dancing for the whole show. The fans were so charged up, that with their cheering, they managed to coax the beautiful star back out for 4 encores. When it was finally over, the whole audience knew that they had been part of a great spectacle.

The security guard that had led Angel and John into their special box came to retrieve them as well.

"Miss Lopez would like you to join her," he said.

John and Angel began to follow him but the big guard stopped suddenly.

"Actually sir, I was extending the invitation to just the young lady. Miss Lopez would like you to wait in the party room with the other guests."

Angel and John looked at each other for a second before John shrugged and headed back to the party room. The security guard showed Angel the way as he led her to Jennifer's dressing room. He knocked at the door lightly and then opened it with a key, letting Angel inside.

The room was filled with flowers, bottle of champagne, and balloons. Angel walked over to a wardrobe cart and started looking at the various outfits that Jennifer had worn during the show.

"Did you like the show?" Jennifer said from behind her.

Angel spun around to see her standing there wearing a large terrycloth robe. Her light brown hair was draped over her shoulders and she was drinking a glass of orange juice.

"Jennifer, it was fantastic. The dancing and the music were incredible and you were absolutely beautiful," Angel said.

Jennifer looked down and blushed slightly.

"Thanks, it was a lot of fun so I guess it showed," Jennifer replied. She moved over to the rack of clothes next to Angel.

"Help me pick out something for the party," she said as she started shuffling through the outfits. Angel joined in and started to pull some things out, holding them up for Jennifer to see.

Finally, Jennifer pulled out a mini-dress that was very similar to Angel's dress but a darker color.

"This is perfect," Jennifer said. "Come on, you can help me," she said as she took Angel's hand and led her to the dressing area.

Once inside, Jennifer shed her robe, letting it slide over her shoulders and down her arms. Angel watched as the superstar stood there wearing only her white t-back panties which almost glowed against her tanned skin. She lowered the dress to the floor and stepped into it, pulling it up to her shoulders. The front of the dress had several small laces which JLo held up as she turned to Angel.

"Angel, could you tie these for me? I'm still a little shaky from running around on stage."

"Sure," Angel said as she walked over.

Jennifer stood there as Angel took up the laces. Angel couldn't help but look at Jennifer's breasts which were still exposed. She almost felt a little nervous as she tried to tie the short laces. In fact, the laces were so short that Angel couldn't help but brush her hands against JLo's chest as she tied them up.

"Angel, are you okay?" JLo asked as she took Angel's hands softly.

Angel giggled a little. "Yeah, just am a little nervous standing here with you."

Jennifer giggled too. "Sweetheart, don't be nervous. I want you to feel totally at ease with me."

Jennifer put a finger under Angel's chin and lifted her head up so they were face to face. They both were quiet as Jennifer moved closer and closer so that their faces were only inches apart. She paused there as she looked at Angel for any sign of reluctance. Seeing none, Jennifer let her lips join with Angel's. Their first kiss was very soft as Jennifer kissed another woman for the first time in her life.

She let go of Angel's hands and let her hands slide down to Angel's waist to pull the younger girl tighter to her. Being almost the same height, the breasts of the 2 Latinas pressed together as Jennifer kissed Angel deeper and harder this time. Jennifer's arms wrapped around Angel as the two girls joined in a beautiful display of passion.

Jennifer felt very aroused and was reveling in this new experience. Her hands moved slowly up and down Angel's back, pressing the girl against her. She could feel Angel's nipples pressing through her own sheer dress and rubbing against Jennifer's own hard nipples. Jennifer moved one hand up through Angel's honey blonde mane until her fingernails lightly teased the back of Angel's neck. Almost immediately, Jennifer felt Angel shiver.

"I'm sorry baby," Jennifer whispered to her as she kissed around Angel's lips.

"It's okay. You're just making me hot."

"Mmmmm, you're making me hot too."

Jennifer kissed her again several times before someone knocked at the door. Jennifer whispered a small curse to herself as she slowly let Angel go and went to open the door. It was her manager.

"Come on Jen, you're overdue at the party!" he scolded her as she looked over her shoulder to see Angel looking very flushed. "Sorry I interrupted, but work comes first, play comes second."

"Yeah yeah, we'll be out in a second Bobby," Jennifer said as she rolled her eyes and shut the door. She walked straight back to Angel, put one hand to the side of her face, and guided the darling girl to her for another kiss.

"He's right I suppose. You better finish these laces for me," Jennifer said as she broke the kiss.

Angel finished the laces and then helped Jennifer brush her hair. Angel plucked a couple purple flowers from some of the arrangements in the room and put them in Jennifer's hair. Jennifer liked it so much that she insisted that Angel let her return the favor. When they were done, the 2 beauties were absolutely dazzling.

"Come on, let's do this thing shall we?" Jennifer said as she grabbed Angel's hand. She stopped at the door, pulling Angel close to her. "Stay close to me tonight okay? It would make me really happy."

Angel smiled at her, "I will, it would make me happy too."

The two girls walked together down the dim hallway until they reached a large set of double doors. Two security guards threw the doors open so that the girls could pass into the large room where the party was being held. The guests were a combination of business people, entertainment people, Jennifer's friends, and some select members of the press.

As the two latin beauties entered the room, applause erupted and everyone shouted congratulations to Jennifer for a wonderful show. But almost immediately, the guests started whispering to each other, asking who this incredible girl with Jennifer was. The press had seized on Jennifer 2 years ago, calling her the most beautiful girl in the world. But here was this girl with her that was even more beautiful. Camera flashes were going off as the photographers seized the moment, especially since Jennifer and Angel were still holding hands.

The girls descended into the crowd. Jennifer handled all the many congratulations she received with great poise and was very gracious to introduce Angel as her new friend. Some of the people from the entertainment world were smart enough to make sure they got Angel's name and the name of her manager.

The party was a typical Hollywood style affair, but with a big dose of Latin-style thrown in. The food was all native Puerto Rican cuisine and even the bartenders were serving up drinks made from the finest liquors of South America and the Carribean. A small band was playing nothing but latin music from a stage in one corner of the room. The two girls stuck together throughout the whole party and now that it was nearly 2am, Jennifer was running out of steam.

"Angel, let's blow this joint. I need some quiet," she whispered into Angel's ear.

"Okay, you lead the way."

Jennifer led them to a big guy who had been hanging at the front door.

"Come on Anthony, time to go," she told him. "Anthony is my bodyguard and a good friend," she said to Angel.

Anthony took the lead as the went quickly down a long hallway and out into and underground parking area. He had been talking into a radio as they were walking, calling for Jennifer's limo to meet them. They only had to wait for about 30 seconds before the limo rolled up in front of them. Anthony opened the door for Angel and Jennifer to climb in. He jumped into the front seat with the driver and they drove off.

Once inside the car, Jennifer kicked off her shoes and stretched out across the long seat as Angel sat across from her.

"I don't know about you, but I'm beat!" JLo said.

Angel laughed, "Jeez girl, I can't imagine why."

Jennifer scoffed at her playfully before tossing a pillow her way. Angel dodged it, still laughing at her joke.

"By the way, where are we going?" Angel asked.

"Well, one of the investors in the show has set me up in his private estate for the week. Wait till you see this place. The house is set next to the side of a cliff that goes right down to the ocean. It's very tropical and very romantic."

The drive took about 45 minutes before the car pulled up to a large brass gate. The driver pressed a clicker he had in the car and the gate opened for them. The driveway was so long that it took nearly five minutes for them to go from the gate to the front of the house. As Angel got out of the car, she could hear the waves crashing from the bottom of the cliff Jennifer had told her about. Palm trees were everywhere and even in the darkness, she could tell that the grounds around the house were filled with plants and flowers. It was truly a tropical paradise.

Jennifer took her hand softly.

"See, I told you this place was fantastic."

She led her new friend into the house through 2 huge carved glass doors. In the foyer, a chandelier hung from the ceiling that was about 60-feet high all the way down to about 12 feet above the floor. From the foyer, there were large doorways that led off to other rooms of the house. Jennifer waved her hand towards them.

"I'll show you all that in the morning. Let's go get comfortable."

Holding Angel's hand, she led the girl up the stairs and down a short hallway into a huge room that was half bedroom and half living room. There were several couches set around a huge television. A huge bookcase was against one wall filled with leather bound books. Jennifer went straight to a huge wooden cabinet and pulled it open to reveal a completely stocked bar. She took two glasses and poured them each a drink. She waved at Angel to come over to a couch as she brought the glasses over.

She handed a glass to Angel as she sat her own down on a small table.

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