tagExhibitionist & VoyeurGabrielle and Edward

Gabrielle and Edward


They arrived at the party fashionably late. Edward wore the traditional style but Gabby wanted to show off some flesh and make the other people at the party jealous. She wore a tight red dress showing off her curves beautifully, and it was cut at the thigh of her right leg showing as much of her dark flesh as possible. The reaction that she got was mixed some of the older men drooling over her and some of the younger women whispering that she looked like a whore. She knew she looked fantastic and that was all that mattered. She spent the night on Edward's arm meeting and greeting the dignitaries and other important people she spent a lot of the time teasing him using her elven reflexes to flash him more flesh fast enough for him not to know if he had seen it or not as well as saying suggestive things in her native tongue. Finally when they were dancing she admitted something to him that he couldn't resist finding out if it were true.

"I'm not wearing any underwear." she said

His face was a picture and it was all he could do not to miss a step,

"Did you really forget to put your knickers on?" he replied.

"I didn't say that I forgot to put them on," she continued "and you'll just have to wait until we get back before you find out."

"I can't wait that long, we are leaving now," he said.

He made his goodbyes as quickly as was politely possible and they left.

As they walked back to their townhouse Edward could not stop looking down at his wife's waist trying to see if she was wearing knickers or not but in her tight dress he could not see any lines only the curves of her perfect ass cheeks.

"I can't wait to find out." He says finally.

"You're going to have to" she replied lifting her dress up at the side revealing more flesh.

"No I'm not," he says and grabs her hand and drags her down an alley.

"What are you doing?" she asked

"I'm going to check,"

"No your not, not here."

"Yes I am" he replied pulling the waist of her dress up before she can stop him.

He looked down and was stunned into silence as he found he was looking at her beautiful hairless pussy. It was visibly moist as she was obviously turned on.

"What is this all about?" he asked running his finger along her wet crack.

"I was just....ohhhh..... So turned on.....ahhh...... by the sexiness of what....ohhh........ I was doing." She moaned, "Are you satisfied now?"

"No I'm not?" He replied pointing at his hard cock. "But I soon will be."

"What ...... no......stop....Arrrrhhhh." she said as he opened his codpiece and pulled out his dick. She finally moans as he enters her pussy, it opening easily for him.

Despite her initial protests she was really horney and lifted her legs up and wrapped them around his waist. Spreading her legs and opening herself up even more for him. They started to move their hips trying to get as much out of each other as possible. They were as one as the fucked each other in rhythm their bodies, minds and souls working as one. This was the dirtiest thing either of them had ever done having sex against a wall in a grubby alley. They both lost control and came noisily almost simultaneously.

They stayed against the wall for what seemed like hours with him inside her but was really only seconds as they caught their breath. She finally put her legs down and he let go of her. She smoothed down her dress and he put away his cock. She felt so dirty and she could feel her juices running down her inner thighs, luckily they were no to far from home and she would not have to put up with the discomfort for very long.

They walked back their hands resting on the others backside each sharing in the intimacy of what they had done. When they arrived back at the house there was no question of what they would do they were quickly up the stairs kissing and groping each other as they went up, grabbing at each others clothes. By the time they reached their bed they were naked and just lucky none of the servants had spotted them. She lay back on the bed and he landed on top of her kissing her mouth their tongues fencing in each others mouth. Without a word he made his way down her body kissing all the way.

When he arrived at her chest he took one of her large breasts in his hand and put her hard nipple in his mouth and began to suck. He spent a little time enjoying sucking her nipple and listening to her moan. He put his hand down between her legs and felt her wetness.

He then continued to move down her and kiss her until finally he reached her smooth mound, because of her elven blood she had no body hair and this meant that her pussy was beautiful. Her pink lips puffing out slightly from her dark skin. He started to lick up and down between her lips parting them around his tongue, tasting her over and over again. He opened his eyes looking up at her face, contorted with pleasure. She was biting her lip again, he found this so sexy he found himself becoming more turned on. He carried on licking and slowly slid a finger into her waiting hole. The feeling of something inside her set her off again and she climaxed spectacularly. He carried on licking and wiggling his finger inside her as she rode the wave of pleasure, bucking her hips and screaming out until she was done.

After she had recovered she said "Now it's your turn, lay down."

He lay down and she slid down his body until her breasts were in line with his hard cock. She placed it between her cleavage and pressed her large breasts together around it. He then started to move his hips up and down so that he was shagging her chest. She bent her head down and started to lick the tip of his cock and letting him put it a little way into her mouth on his up strokes. She stopped him fucking her breasts and instead put his dick into her mouth and started to suck. He began to moan and finally he said

"I'm coming"

She took the first jet of warm spunk in her mouth swallowing it down and then took it out of her mouth and let the rest of it spurt onto her black chest his cream contrasting with her skin.

She kept hold of his cock in her hand and wanked it so that it could not become soft again. Once she felt it become properly hard again and then climbed on top of him placing her pussy hole over the tip of his cock and lowering herself onto it until he was inside her again. She began to ride him like a wild woman, expertly moving up and down. Her breasts bouncing up and down she was insatiable climaxing over and over until finally he came again inside her.

She collapsed on top of him not because she was tiered but because her body was racked with pleasure, she was shaking and she looked so dirty with the look it brought to her face. Her hair had become a mess and the brand on her face was visible, but Edward didn't even really notice it.

They cuddled for a little while and then she got up and bent over in front of him.

"Do you like my tight little ass?" she asked,

"Of course I do my darling you're beautiful."

He felt drained and didn't think he could do it anymore but his wife wiggling her beautiful firm smooth backside in his face got a rise out of him again.

"Do you want to touch it?"

"Yes of course I do," he said as he sat up and placed his hands on her backside squeezing her perfect cheeks.

"Ohhh I like that." She moaned

He continued to squeeze it feeling himself becoming properly hard again. He pulled her back so that she was sat on his knee and he could grope her breasts.

"What's that poking into my back?" she asked innocently, looking round at him with her best innocent girl face on.

"It's something good girls get put in their pussies." He replied trying not to laugh.

"Have I been a good girl?" she asked.

"Yes you have my Knicker-less little lover."

"Oh good" she said raising herself of his knee enough to push his cock underneath her and then placing herself back down on his dick. She began riding him again with his hands on her hips and they both rode each other until they came and crawled back into bed together. The cuddled each other until they realised that the sun was coming up. They put their robes on and slowly walked arm in arm out onto the balcony to watch the sun come up.

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