Game Night


The problem however came when Kelly herself began to win more. She couldn't exactly keep folding to let Gerrie win as that would just be obvious, and after a while, she began thinking that she shouldn't have to anyway. It was just a game after all, he should lighten up and start to enjoy himself. Johnnie seemed to agree at one point as after he had won a hand, Gerrie pulled his usual dissatisfied face, however this time Johnnie spoke out.

"Gerrie man, you gotta stop taking this to heart, it's just a game." The attractive man commented, in a jibing way of course, but still commenting on Gerrie's moods was never the best option.

It proved not to be in this case too as Gerrie seemed to grow even more irritated by his friend's comment, and then more so by Johnnie's amusement at his growing irritation.

Kelly however began to feel her own irritation growing as the game continued. She had flirted a little to help him win, had tried to soothe him, and still he wouldn't give his macho pride a rest. It was beginning to spoil the fun of playing, not only for her, but for the others too, she could tell, which slowly began to wind her up inside, until after a while she began to think that he was just being childish and selfish.

With irritation at her boyfriend growing, Kelly decided that if he wanted to act like an idiot then she wasn't going to let him ruin her fun, and if he wanted to be moody then he would just have to do it on his own, and so after a little while she decided not to bother soothing his mood any longer, and instead focused on winning.

More hands were played and more drink consumed, and gradually she began to win more as she focused on playing rather than distracting the others. Still, her little teases helped sway the game her way too, though they were innocent-seeming. She made sure that when she scooped up her winnings that she was bent over just enough to tease the guys with a swift look down her top as it hung down a little. Oh, and she may have accidentally drank from the bottle a little sensuously, her lips wrapping gently around the top, her tongue licking her lips softly after she had taken a drink...

...small things, innocent in appearance, yet every one disturbed the guys' focus just when she needed them to be distracted. She even noticed Ian put his hand below the table at one point, fidgeting, though she couldn't exactly see what, and she barely kept herself from giggling in amusement. She knew the effect that she could have on men, and she knew how to use everything at her disposal to win, and now she was making sure she did win, despite any of them, and man was she enjoying it!

However, despite all of the little wins she managed to garner with her teasing, Johnnie still seemed to be in front. So much so that at one point in the game, Kelly decided to go for an all or nothing and raised the pot to most of her chips. Johnnie however seemed to intentionally keep his eyes on his cards as Kelly tried to stretch once more to distract him and so he took the hand and left her with just three lone chips.

"All mine baby!" Johnnie chuckled amusedly as he raked in the huge pile before him. "All mine!"

Kelly looked from the pile to the blonde-haired guy.

"That's so not fair leaving me with three chips. You're a meanie Johnnie." She poked at him as she joked and Johnnie tried to defend himself from the prodding finger.

"Aww, I guess that's what you get when you play with the big boys, Kel." Her boyfriend's friend replied with a grin.

Kelly tried to stare at him with her large brown eyes sad and puppy-like, which usually helped her to get her own way as much as her figure did, and surely enough it worked on Johnnie too.

"Oh alright, give me a hug and I'll give you some chips back." Johnnie finally said as he began to count some chips out and Kelly beamed.

Putting her arms around him to give him a hug, she felt her large breasts press against his strong arm lightly as he placed one arm around her, pulling her closer.

"Thank you Johnnie." She said with mocking-innocence as she loosed her arms from around him and sat back in her chair, clapping her hands amusedly as Gerrie's friend gave her back half of the chips she had just lost.

From the other side of her Kelly heard Gerrie mutter irritably about how it was all 'unfair' and so she cast a glance that was far from sympathetic at him.

Unfair was it? He was the one being all self-centred and moody, she should be the one saying how unfair it was.

Ignoring her boyfriend, the stunningly beautiful brunette returned to concentrating on the game.

After another hour or so however, the inevitable finally occurred. The hand was between Gerrie and Johnnie, Both had placed all their chips in the middle and Kelly knew that this hand would determine how the entire game went. She was not aware of course of just how much more this hand would determine that night, yet at that time no one else around the table did either.

As the last card was dealt face up, the sexy girlfriend knew what was about to happen before it actually played out. It was like slow motion at first, however as Gerrie's eyes fell on the card everything seemed to happen at once as he threw his cards down onto the pile of chips and grumbled angrily to himself.

"Aw, fuck this shit man, someone's been fixing these fucking cards. I've never lost this many times in a row!" Gerrie erupted, scowling at the cards as they lay in the centre of the table with such a force that they should have been consumed right then.

"Calm down Gerrie, man, it's just a game..." Johnnie began again, however Kelly's boyfriend cut him off.

"Just a game? Sure Johnnie, you gave Kelly her chips back, which ain't by the rules..." Gerrie began irritably, however before he could get any further Lee cut him off this time.

"Gerrie, there can only be one winner man, you've won in the past just as much as the rest of us" Lee argued calmly, which only seemed to stoke the other man's ire further.

"Gerrie, there's no need to make a scene, it's just a game." Kelly decided to add, this time trying to sound soothing again after the other two's words. However her own seemed to add more fuel to the fire regardless as Gerrie suddenly turned his irritation on her.

"So you're all in on trying to take me out of the game first then?.." He demanded heatedly, however that sudden accusation sparked Kelly's own irritation. How dare he speak to her like that!

"Gerrie stop acting like a fool will you" Simon spoke up at the same time Kelly almost shouted back, "Gerrie you're such an ass, just sit down and stop being such a self-centred prick."

She knew her words alone would have been like a gas tank to a flame, but both together seemed like a ton of gunpowder to a match, however by that time she was far too irritated to care.

"Ah, fuck this." Her boyfriend suddenly snapped angrily before standing up so rapidly that his chair almost toppled over behind him before he stormed furiously out of the kitchen, with Lee in hot pursuit.

Moments later as they all sat silently around the table Kelly heard the front door slam shut so hard that the vibrations seemed to reach the kitchen before a few seconds later Lee came in shaking his head.

"You just can't reason with him when he's in one of his moods." Her boyfriend's best friend said calmly. That was his usual way. "He'll calm down in a bit and come back happier."

Despite Lee's attempt to soothe the situation, she was in no mood to make excuses for her ass of a boyfriend.

"What an ass." She replied irritably before she took the deck of cards and began to shuffle them, dealing out another hand. "Let him go blow off his steam if he wants to act like a five-year-old, at least it'll be more fun now he's pissed off."

As much as she loved the man, she was much too angry at him right then to care about him, and so as she tossed the cards onto the table, perhaps a little more forcefully than usual, she focused on not letting him ruin the rest of her night. She was going to have fun playing cards, and if he wanted to be an ass, well let him, he wasn't going to ruin her night! And so, within ten minutes of beginning to play again, Kelly had forgotten her idiot boyfriend and now that the atmosphere was one of just relaxed fun, she slowly began to enjoy herself more, as did the others it seemed.

Time began to pass, and now Gerrie wasn't there it gave Kelly the opportunity to tease a little more openly to try to get the guys distracted so she could continue winning. The lager bottle proved to be the biggest success, and the guys made sure she always had one to drink, though Kelly suspected it was more because of how she stroked it 'unconsciously' up and down, or how she wrapped her lips around the top to take a drink, making sure the guys saw, and heard, her swallow the liquid, than anything else.

Before long Lee, Simon, Ian and Davey were all out of the game and it was just down to Kelly and Johnnie.

"Well now Johnnie, you're not going to take a girl's money are you?" She asked in a teasingly-sulky way.

Her boyfriend's boy band type friend smiled at that, seemingly half-amused and half-mocking. So far he had proven the most resistant to her 'distractions'.

"Of course I wouldn't." He added as he placed his entire load of chips in the pot. "If you can beat me then all the money is yours."

Kelly smiled faintly at that as she placed the rest of her chips into the pot also; less than a quarter of what Johnnie had put in.

"Winner takes all then." She said sounding triumphant and was about to place her cards down when Johnnie spoke again.

"Not so fast Kel, I put in more than three times what you did, you have to even the raise or fold." He said with a smirk of proud triumph, as if he had already won.

At that Kelly thought carefully for a moment. Technically if it was 'all in' then she didn't have to match his bet, but somehow that seemed like sneaking the win, and so she decided that she had to at least make the stakes a little more equal, even if she couldn't exactly match the bet. Thinking on that, Kelly remembered that Lee had said that they couldn't play for IOU's at the beginning, and she didn't have any money to really add to the pot, at least not enough to equal the chips, not on her at least, and so she was about to reluctantly bring up the rules of 'all in' when suddenly an idea hit her and she took a deep, sensual drink from her bottle, finishing it off.

"How about this then..." She said deliberately slowly as she leaned a little towards her boyfriend's friend. She felt a little tipsy now, though more merry than drunk. "...I'll add to the pot a dance." When Johnnie and the others looked at her confusedly, Kelly almost laughed. "I'll dance for you all. Nothing dirty, I'll just dance and you can all watch. Deal?"

Johnnie looked to the others a moment before he turned back to her.

"That's hardly equal Kel." He said after a moment looking slightly confused. Obviously he was after the money for some reason.

An amused smile touched Kelly's soft red-painted lips as she looked at him.

"I will put the effort in." She retorted, and then added what she knew would seal the deal, "Unless you wouldn't want to watch me dance..."

She didn't have chance to finish the sentence as the five men around the table abruptly stated emphatically how that was not the case.

And so fate was sealed as Johnnie accepted the bet and the two of them lay their cards down. Kelly's full house was impressive, and for a moment she had thought she'd won...however Johnnie's royal flush laid it to waste.

"WOOO!!" Johnnie exclaimed as he raked the chips towards himself, whether for the winning of the bet or the money he had apparently wanted Kelly couldn't quite tell. The others, though they had actually lost, seemed equally as happy, not only because it had been a fun game, after Gerrie had left anyway, but because they were all suddenly looking forward to the immanent, and rather unexpected, dance.

Kelly however smiled amusedly as she took another swig from her bottle and watched the men. It was flattering in a way that they got so excited about seeing her dance for them, even if it wasn't dirty. It also made her think about how easily pleased guys actually were.

"Alright boys, calm down, calm down." She began to say, however Johnnie quickly cut her off as he stood up and took her by the hands, and before she could say anything else he was leading her slowly towards the lounge. The others, of course, followed immediately not wanting to miss what was about to happen for the world.

The five guys sat down, Johnnie on the couch in front of where he placed Kelly, Lee to her right on one of the chairs, Davey and Ian to her left on another chair and its arm and Simon leaned against the wall by the fireplace, sipping his lager behind her.

Looking around at all of the guys watching her intently, Kelly couldn't help but smile. It felt good having so many guys watching her so attentively, it made her feel as if she were the hottest woman in the world. Not that she wanted any guy other than her asshole of a boyfriend...but still, with her body feeling relaxed from the drink and the way Gerrie had been, being the centre of so much avid, and appreciative, attention just made her feel good.

"Well boys, if I'm going to dance I could do with a drink." She said, placing her hands on her slender waist as she watched them all for a moment. "There's a bottle of wine in the fridge and some glasses in the cupboard."

Davey was in the kitchen in a second and back out with six glasses just as fast. Kelly had never seen anyone open a bottle of wine, and pour six glasses, so swiftly before in her life. In no time she had a half-filled champagne glass in her hand and was taking a small sip to wet her throat, which suddenly seemed a little dry, before she finally placed the glass down on the table next to Johnnie, whose eyes immediately went straight to the lusciously pliant view down her top, before she once more stood in the centre of the five men, all her boyfriend's friends.

Slowly walking, making sure to gently sway her tight, round ass, after all she had said she would put in all the effort, Kelly went over to the stereo and selected a song on the CD already within the player before swaying over, moving her hips lightly, until she was once more in the centre of the guys.

"Now be good, or Gerrie will be mad." She said finally, thinking of her boyfriend for the first time since she had started playing cards again. The thought of dancing for his friends gave her a tingling sensation in her stomach, that the wine and lager seemed to fuel. The fact that Gerrie had been such an idiot also seemed to make Kelly more determined to give the guys a dance they'd never forget.

The mention of her boyfriend, their friend, seemed to not deter the guys one bit from wanting to see her, his girlfriend of three years, dance, and so, as the music began to play, Kelly began to move.

All eyes watched her as she lifted her hands above her head, entwining her arms as she swayed sexily to the music that seemed to fill her. Slowly with the soft rhythm she began to turn, and flow smoothly, before lowering her hands down the sides of her body, running her fingers along her gentle curves before placing her hands flat on her stomach as she swayed and moved oh so seductively.

Her eyes locked on Simon, and she walked closer to the black man, swaying her hips, before she turned, her ass just inches from his crotch as she continued to move lithely. She could feel his desire from where she stood so close yet oh so far away, and that flame within her seemed to begin to grow into a tingling within her stomach...and still the music played and the sensuous brunette girlfriend swayed...

Breathing a little more heavily from the mix of drink and the feelings she was experiencing, Kelly slowly swayed over to Ian and Davey, dancing slowly in front of both, once more running her hands slowly up the sides of her body and large, perfectly round tits, before holding her hands high above her, arching her back slightly to push her chest out towards them. As she looked back to them they seemed torn between drooling and burning with lust, and so smiling to herself, Kelly swayed over to Lee as the song continued.

When in front of Gerrie's best friend, Kelly placed one hand behind her head and placed a finger of the other in her mouth, touching her red lip as she stared at him, before letting her hand move down over her large swelling breasts down to her flat stomach.

Lee fidgeted on the chair, clearly uncomfortable in some 'specific' place, before Kelly smiled softly at him and moved over to where Johnnie sat on the couch, watching her intently with clear and open lust burning in his eyes...and still the beat and rhythm pounded in time with the blood in her veins and the mix of feelings, alcohol and anger at Gerrie in her mind.

"Now Mr Winner..." She finally said seductively as she bent forwards towards him, placing a hand either side of his head and giving her boyfriend's friend the best possible view down her top as she could without pulling it off...Johnnie seemed torn between staring down her top and at her beautiful face that was only a couple of inches from his own... "Your turn."

Kelly felt that tingling inside her begin to burn in her loins. Her pussy seemed to spark from the drink, the dancing, the fact these men, her boyfriend's friends, were staring at her as if they simply wanted to rip her clothes off right then and there, and the added fact of anger at how stupid Gerrie had been. Right then she did not care where he was, or what he was doing or how pissed off he was, for her all that existed, all that she cared about was the feeling that the music and the dance stirred increasingly within her...and so she began dancing for Johnnie...

Pushing herself back up, Kelly ran both of her hands slowly and caressingly up over her large tits, down to her stomach, and gently pulled her top up a little to expose her flat belly before she seductively let it drop back in place again and moved back to the centre of the guys, dancing a little more.

The song ended then and Kelly looked around with a smile, heat flushing to her cheeks as the fire within her continued to burn with the same intensity she saw in the eyes of the men around her.

"How was that? Worth it?" She asked with a coy tone.

All of the guys answered eagerly that it had most definitely been worth it.

"That was incredible Kel, you could be a professional dancer." Davey exclaimed with excitement.

"Screw that Davey, I've seen dancers with less heat than Kelly here." Simon added and Kelly smiled deeply at him.

"Well thank you boys, I'm glad you enjoyed it." She replied to them all with pride.

"Damn! I'm glad Gerrie wasn't here!" Ian exclaimed with a grin, before looking around at each of them and asking, "Whew, now how do we follow something like that up?"

Kelly took a deep breath, trying to settle the heat that had begun to grow within her, before she walked over to get her drink from the table by Johnnie.

The moment she got there, she gave Johnnie a playful smile, however as she picked up her drink, Johnnie's hands suddenly found her waist and pulled her down. Without having a moment to realize what was happing, Kelly immediately fell onto his lap sideways.

The others' laughed as Johnnie pulled her down to sit on his lap, and Kelly giggled happily after the immediate shock had left her before she placed an arm around Johnnie's neck which just made him grin widely like a Cheshire cat.

"I think jokes or stories or something." Lee spoke up in answer to Ian's question as the laughter died down.

"How about spin the bottle?" Ian asked with a grin, his glance flicking to Kelly with a look that seemed to openly show what he hoped that game would achieve.

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