Garbage Dump Virgin


"What's the matter? Afraid to admit it?" He asked.

"How about we just play with that juicy little cunt?

Then he picked up a beer bottle that he found lying nearby. He placed the bottom of it between her spread open legs. He began twisting it against her juicy cum-filled cunt. Then he shoved hard working it between her legs until it disappeared all the way in. Grace moaned and grunted too weak to stop him. Actually she didn't want to stop him. She simply allowed him to use her cunt and jam that bottle inside. And it hurt. Her cunt was stretched so wide it felt as though he had split her pussy open.

That started the other guys looking for things to use on her too. One guy found a plastic baseball bat, placed the big end on her pussy and rammed it in. "How's that bitch. Bet you've never been had anything like this?" Then he proceeded to fuck her with the bat shoving it hard in and out of her cunt. Every time it bottomed out she made this grunting sound as it impacted deep against her cervix. "Uhhhh,...Uhhhhh,..."

The bat felt huge as it traveled up inside her cunt. When it hit against her cervix it sent a chill throughout her entire body. She had never felt anything like this. This guy was totally abusing her pussy, literally ruining her cunt, yet it was arousing her again and even more than before. And he could tell she liked it too.

"You like getting fucked like this don't you?"

Grace just moaned out.

"C'mon honey, tell us how much you like getting fucked. Tell us you like having your pussy used like this. Say it!!! I want to hear you say you're a slut... and that you love being used like a whore."

"Oh yes...," Grace cried out. "Fuck Yes... Do it more... fuck my pussy hole with that thing. I love it."

It was hard to believe that a conservative young girl like Grace could become so vocal demanding that she be abused more. The garbage man was more than obliged to honor her request even though he had urged her on. So he rammed it in again... and again... savagely stuffing the bat up her cunt until it wouldn't go anymore. "So you like this, huh slut? You like being a filthy little bitch in heat?"

"Yes... Oh fuck Yes... I'm a dirty Chinese whore.... make me cum again... make me cum."


He kept fucking her hard with the long plastic bat while all three of them watched her squirm on the dirty mattress begging to cum. They had turned her into a dirty whore begging like a cheap tramp.

He began stuffing it in and out faster to get her off. Grace was screaming, "Yes... Yesss... Yessssss!!!!!... Oh Fuck Yesssssssssssssss...."

Her orgasm began as she bounced around on the mattress. "Look at her," they all commented. "What a filthy little slut?"

In the meantime the third guy found a big wine bottle and while she was still cumming pulled out the bat and rammed that in. He just wanted to see her squirm in discomfort. Grace was digging her nails into the mattress and groaning as he twisted and pushed until he stretched her cunt enough to force in that huge bottle big end first. Her orgasm seem to start all over again.

Grace was cumming so hard that she didn't see or hear the fat guy, rummaging through the garbage, yell out, "fuck look at this." And he held up a small plastic bag filled with dirty used condoms. "This must be from the porn shop dumpster. He opened the bag and started sprinkling the filthy used cum filled condoms on her pretty face as he commented, "I can see how much you love cum... here's some more slut."

When her orgasm finally subsided Grace realized how she had acted. Maybe these guys were right. Perhaps she did crave being a slut.

One of then men suggested, "you know what?" I'd really like getting into her ass." They all agreed. Grace heard them but didn't really comprehend what they had in mind. She was such a sweet darling girl. The thought of taking a cock in her ass was something never contemplated by her.

The big burly man picked her exhausted limp body up off the mattress and carried her over to the rear of the garbage truck. He pushed Grace face forward into the dirty garbage chute, so from the waist up she was leaning inside the trash with her ass sticking out over the edge. The smell was so overwhelming she began coughing. Her pert little breasts were mashed up against the inside of filthy dump area and she could feel the slimy scum rubbing off on her body. It was then that she realized what they had said about having her ass. She felt one of them move up behind her and press his hard cock between her asscheeks.

"Ohhh..., Noooo... not there," she weakly managed to cry out.

"Awww, what's the matter bitch?" And they all laughed. "Sorry babe, but we just gotta try out that tight little shithole." And then she felt it. He pushed forward shoving his huge cock against her anal orifice until it stretched opened for him. Then he simply lunged forward and buried his hard shaft inside her ass.

"AAAAAUUUUUUUUoOOOooooooooooouuuuuuuu!!!!!...." She screamed and cried and pleaded... "Take it out... Take it out... It hurts....Ohh... please!!!"

Without any concern for Grace, he began fucking her asshole. He rammed it in lodging his cock deep inside her cute rear end. Then he extracted it completely and stuffed it back through her tight puckered hole again and again literally reaming her asshole over and over. Grace was beyond rational behavior. Only moments earlier she had enjoyed having her cunt used. But now she was yelling and crying, begging for him to stop her anal rape. But they made her stay leaned over the garbage truck chute until all three violated her asshole and deposited another load of cum inside her rectum.

Then they let her up. Grace who started the day looking so pretty was now nothing more than a used of piece of fuckmeat. Cum was running from her stretched open cunt. Her asshole was sore. One guy commented, "doesn't her pussy look bigger now? I think we stretched the bitch's cunt." Grace slumped down sitting on the ground in the garbage.

The three men got dressed. Grace slowly managed to get to her feet. She looked around but couldn't find her bra and panties. So she slipped on her skirt and sweater over her naked used body.

"Get in the truck slut," they ordered. "We'll take you home.

She sat between the men quietly listening to them. "We expect you here for us next week too. Do you hear me bitch?" The fat driver ordered. "You're our whore now. Our little garbage whore."

The truck pulled to curb in front of the house. Grace got out. She didn't tell her fiancée about the rape. She wasn't even sure it was rape. It started that way, but she enjoyed what they did to her too much, even what what they did her ass now seemed exciting. And she felt so guilty about it too. She thought about what the garbage men wanted and how they expected her to be their slut. She planned to be there for them just as they asked, or was it demanded? She also was not going to tell them that she liked what they did to her. She wanted to feel raped again. She wanted to be used. She wanted to be their little garbage whore.



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