tagNonHumanGarden of Hellish Delights Ch. 03

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 03


****Apologies it's taken so long to get this one online to anyone that's actually following these. Real life meant I didn't have the time unfortunately.

Also, due to God knows what on the last story (probably me though), it ended up being called 'den of Hellish Delights Ch. 02' rather than Garden. So if you were looking by title, you may have missed it.

Apologies for that too, and here is a much longer chapter to make up.***


A pair of arms had scooped under John's shoulders, gripped round his torso and lifted him away.

He was rising higher into the air, nectar dripping off him, and Aura, staring up at him from the pool, was looking very cross indeed.

Looking up into the face of his rescuer, he saw a young witch, dressed in a lush green robe, with a Level 2 Levitation charm casting the ghostly outline of wings behind her.

"You need to be careful," she said. "Aura has an addictive personality."

"Guh?" was all John could mumble.

The witch settled them down on the branch of a tree overlooking Aura and her bath-like plant that swelled with the promise of forbidden pleasure and eternal ecstasy.

"You've taken on an awful lot of nectar. Let me drain you."

The pretty young witch wrapped a slender hand round John's shaft and began pumping. Yellow gunk oozed out of the head, slowly at first, then came out in larger volumes.

Through John's addled mind, he became aware of the stimulation and his face regained its silly little grin.

With the help of firm, strong strokes from the witch, he eventually reached climax and shot a large load of thick, yellow, nectar-tainted semen in several directions. The witch calmly stepped back and projected a force field to deflect any come from hitting her.

"Tell my your name," she offered. "I'm Tara."

"John," he muttered, a little giddily.

"You were in there for two days, you know," she said.

"You're probably still feeling the effects of the nectar. There's nothing we can do about that except wait for it to wear off, but don't go near her again -- there have been men trapped with her for years, until some other garden pest snatched them away.

"The ones that got away from their second set of captors then spent the rest of their waking lives trying to find her."

John's head was clearing as overcame the narcotic effects of Aura's nectar.

"What... the... hell....?" he managed.

"You had a run-in with Aura. She's native to the garden, and she finds it very difficult to resist the allure of a good fuck or several thousand.

"Aura picked you up after that Caressylis drained you dry, used her nectar to pump you up to full health, then had you mainlining her 'special happy juice' like a junkie," sighed the witch.

"What a day, huh? Your dick gets a day-long stiffy after being stung by lust bugs. You stumble right into a Caressylis, and then Aura, who rarely shows her face when she's not screwing a guy indefinitely, finds you. You can't catch a break."

"HER nectar? Was she part of that plant?" John was struggling to get to grips with it.

"Kind of, but not really. Biology in Hell's pretty fucked up," the witch offered.

"Aura likes to get humans comfy in her narcotic flower before pumping them full of her own super-strength form of nectar.

"They're then doped to fuck while she spends eternity screwing them, as all the time her 'lower mouth' gulps down sexual fluids like fizzy pop."

"Uhh, okay... wait. Hell?!"

"...yeah. Your two playmates will have tried not to tell you in case you freak out. They'd much rather you were a happy little cum-puppet.

"You must have messed up a teleportation spell or something. There's a weak point in the dimensional fabric nearby, and your scattered particles will have zipped through there before your body restructured itself."

John's mind was reeling - it was a lot to take in.

"But this can't be Hell.... it's a garden for Chrissakes! Hell's full of fire, brimstone, people getting tortured.

"I don't want to tempt fate and run into them again, but all I've seen is horny plant life."

"Yeah, but you know as well as I do, if I hadn't rescued you, that could well be where you'd be spending eternity.

"Anyway, we're only in a small area of the Lust plane. You do NOT want to have wound up in the plane of Anger.

"Besides, step outside the garden, and you'll soon see where the real trouble is. If ever you find yourself outside this place -- which I WOULDN'T recommend, stay clear of the succubus called Nyte. She's batshit crazy."

"But the others are alright, I suppose?" John chuckled weakly.

"Of course not -- they're all nuts and all dangerous. Here, you've got nothing to worry about being trapped for eternity.

"In their lair, you'll be lucky to escape with your soul in one piece."

"How did you end up here then?" probed John, eager to change subject.

"Same as you -- tear in the fabric of dimensions. I've lost count of how many years I've spent trying to get out...

"You-you don't age here..." she said, wiping a tear from her eye.

"But by now, I'm sure I've outlived everyone back home."

"You don't know that," said John. "Time might not be passing outside."

"Even if it isn't, I lost count of how long I've been here at around 50 years; yet every day I searched for a way out, and every day I came up empty."

"I had an Advanced Spells tome with me when I came through, and I've been able to learn everything in it inside out. ...even the forbidden magic.

"But none of them could shed any light on how to escape. The tear is only one-way."

John's heart sank.

"No... no, no no no no no. There HAS to be a way out. Succubi get to our world."

"Succubi are summoned or enter people's dreams. We're not succubi," said Tara, who had begun disrobing.

"I'm sorry, John, I've given this a good deal of thought... and seeing you down there only helped to make up my mind.

"If I'm going to be stuck here forever, I want to at least be so fucking high I won't care..."

"Tara, NO!"

But it was too late. Tara had stripped completely naked, and with eerie precision, jumped off the branch and into Aura's pool of euphoria-inducing nectar.

He could hear the beauty's giggling from below.

"Oh, my. What have we here....?

"Ooh, It's been aaages since I had a girl to play with. Fun!"

The petals drew tight round Tara and Aura, and by watching their bodies bulge through the petals, John could see Aura had taken the lead by grinding her pussy against Tara's thigh, in turn rubbing her own thigh against Tara's crotch.

With one arm draped over Tara, she dipped her spare hand into her pussy and pulled out some glistening yellow nectar.

Before her new best friend could react, Aura slipped her fingers into Tara's mouth and lathered the inside of it with nectar before drawing her into a long, passionate kiss.

If Aura's own, private nectar had been enough to render John completely helpless when pumped into his cock, God only knew what an oral application would do.

Tara pulled her close and frantically ground herself against Aura moaning through her kiss.

Aura withdrew and, quick as lightning, shoved Tara's head beneath the surface, holding it down.

"Don't worry, warlock. I'm just making sure your friend gets an extra-big helping." she said.

Eventually she released Tara and pulled her up by her arms.

"I'm sorry I had to do that, sweetie," she said.

"It's... alright..." sighed Tara with an unmistakeable look of lust in her eyes.

"Good! Now, you just relax sweetie, and lose yourself in my tits. Can you do that?"

"Yes... yes... anything... for you." breathed Tara.

And with that, the witch pulled Aura close again, fastened her lips round the girl's left nipple and suckled at the teat like an infant, while the contractions of the pod helped the girls to effortlessly grind against each other.

Aura threw her head back, taking in deep, rapid breaths as Tara's attentions brought her to orgasm.

"Ohhh! Oh! It's a fair trade, warlock. A woman's nice but no match for a thick hard cock inside me."

John's own cock, which had yet to return to normal size, twitched in response.

"But at least I get to keep this pretty thing. In return, I'll give you a hint.

"You want to get out of here, right? Follow the red plants."

John peered over his shoulder to follow Aura's line of sight and saw a row of phallic, protruding toadstools with a red, near-plastic sheen.

What the hell, he thought, can't be any worse than where I've already been.

And with that he left Tara to drown in her endless orgasm, and her burbling newfound adoration of Aura's tits.


As he made his way past the rows of toadstools, John eventually reached a clearing.

Poking through the overgrowth to peer at what lay beyond, he was surprised to see a deep, crystal blue stream, and yet more lush vegetation with the odd toadstool, but -- more to the point -- women.

Not bound to a plant, or fucking in nectar women -- just three of the most stunning bodies he had ever seen, all of which were stark naked.

On the far left, a fair woman with blonde hair and a slender figure, who looked to be in her 20s, was eyeing him up with what he hoped was curiosity.

In the centre, a younger woman with deep red hair, the colour of satin, who seemed no older than a uni fresher, was idly running a finger over one of the nubs of her shapely breasts.

And to her right, a shapely, statuesque woman, apparently in her late 20s, ran fingers through long brown hair, as she peered at him through the overgrowth.

"Come out, little man," she purred.

John found himself helpless to comply and pushed past the shrubs into the clearing.

Immediately he found the temperature shoot up to a steamy level, in a way that couldn't possibly be real.

"Mmm, practice. And it looks like Aura found him," said Blondie, her eyes fixated on his member, which was still covered in yellow droplets.

"Oh, she doesn't half know how to give someone a good time," sighed the younger woman, who idly rubbed her clit while speaking with a voice that hinted at firsthand experience.

The brunette simply gave a gentle smile before winking and blowing a kiss his way.

Immediately John felt it like a physical force as his member once more sprang to attention. By now it had lost some of the extraordinary girth bestowed by the nectar, but was still packing more than he was accustomed to.

"Hello there, little warlock," said the younger one.

"I'm Mandy, and this is Minny," she said, indicating the blonde. "And this here is Maxi."

"Mandy, Minny and Maxi. You don't expect me to believe that, do you?" John was struggling to get to grips with the concept as blood rushed to his crotch.

"Not really -- but our real names would be too much for your human tongue."

"I'm sure," said John. "And I suppose you'd happen to be rooted to a plant somewhere nearby and looking for a good screw?"

"Ooh, almost," said Minny. "But no, we're not plants we're succubi."

"Well, lesser sucubi," she hastily added, seeing his look of fear.

"We haven't graduated, so we can't do the whole 'ripping souls out' yet."

"But we certainly enjoy trying," added Maxi sluttily.

"Just forgive Maxi -- we've had lots of time to study, and not much to... practice," said Minny.

"We're still going to fuck you silly... we just don't know what to do afterwards."

"No really, I've had just about enough," John cut in. "I just want to get out and go home."

"We weren't asking your permission," said Maxi, grinning like a cheshire cat..

"Come on girls, let's have some fun," said Mandy, as the girls started moving towards him.

Slowly exploring their bodies with their hands, the trio began swaying their hips in a dance designed to ignite the very primitive nature of man.

The warlock was completely lost in it. His cock standing upright at full size, his eyes were transfixed on the stunning threesome of beauties before him.

The temperature seemed to raise even further as an aura of pure lust ran off the succubi and into him. Sinful heat was infused into his body and his member begged him for attention.

The creatures before him were beautiful, and he was helpless to do anything but stand and watch, dumbstruck.

Mandy beckoned him with her finger, and without a moment's thought, John found himself walking straight to her.

As he reached her, she cupped his face in her hands, and drew him in for a long, passionate kiss.

Her tongue was electric as it gently wrestled with his, and as he stood there, caught in the moment, he became aware of hands sliding down his waist from behind him.

Maxi was right behind him and slipped her hands round to his front as she began fondling his cock and balls.

"Trust me, when we're through with you, you'll be begging our permission to shoot another load inside us," she whispered in his ear.

He knew it was wrong, that an encounter with succubi could kill him. And if he was with those who hadn't yet learnt how to properly drain their prey, their attention could be even worse.

Despite that, he couldn't muster the resistance to escape.

Mandy, who had now slid her arms over his neck, slinked to the side to allow Minny to crouch down, and take his member into her mouth.

"Mmm..." she sighed as her tongue slid over and around his dick.

After just a few seconds of bathing his prick in her delightful steamy cavern, she drew her mouth back.

At this point, Maxi ominously slid her legs round the front of John's, locking them in place.

"Now, if we were really good we'd be able to do this down your jap's eye," said Minny.

"But I don't want to miss and risk hurting such a delicious morsel..."

She lowered her mouth back over his cock a second time, bringing her mouth all the way down and deep-throating him, before closing her lips tight round the base.

She pulled back and came forward once, twice, three times before her jaw locked and she... she sank her teeth into his dick?

At once his cock bubbled and fizzed like it was boiling away. The stimulation sent sparks down his shaft and straight to his brain.

Had he the clarity to look down, he would be seeing his testicles swell to the size of grapefruits.

They had begun to feel uncomfortably full and heavy, and there was an intense sense of pressure to relieve.

"Oh, Minny, he's going to just come and come," cooed Maxi.

"I don't think we've ever given anyone that much venom," added Mandy.

"Vuh?" chipped in John.

Minny lifted her mouth off the swollen organ.

"Come and have a taste girls," she said.

John's head was reeling and as Maxi removed her support by stepping back, he was left with no choice but to collapse onto the floor.

As he did, the three succubi crawled on hands and knees, like predators in the wild, before lowering their heads to his dick with a loving look in their eyes.

Minny held his cock steady while Mandy and Maxi joined her in giving long, loving laps of the tongue to his shaft, before fighting to have sucks of the head.

The attention was too much and in less than a minute, a geyser of spunk had erupted from the cock and sprayed right into the faces of the three beauties that had summoned it.

Usually when this happened, it had led to some shocked reactions from his partner, even those who could hear only the lilting lullaby of a charm spell bouncing off the walls of their brain.

The succubi, by comparison, weren't at all fazed and rushed to lick as much of it off as possible.

The goo that was out of the reach of their tongues was soon lapped up by another, desperate for more.

It wasn't long before their faces were clean

"Mmm, you're going to have to let us repay you for that," said Mandy, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

"Hold him down Maxi."

Maxi, who had first lured him over with a blown kiss had taken a relatively minor role in the proceedings, until the mass blowjob. It seemed now wasn't any different as she lay down on her back, pulled John's back onto her stomach and once more wrapped her legs over his thighs, while holding his arms steady with hers.

He was soon lying immobile on a bed made of a busty brunette beauty.

"My turn," said Mandy, as she placed her legs either side of him and leaned forward.

She raised her arms into the air and sang two lines of a Laitn-esque language, before leaning forward and blowing along the palm of her hand.

Pink mist drifted along and circled John's limbs, before sinking in. A heavy lethargy overtook him while his dick traitorously twitched at the thought of entering Mandy's pussy.

Beneath him, Maxi was no longer a restraint - instead she just caressed him.

Mandy leaned in for a kiss, and as her tongue probed John's mouth, all thoughts of resisting, or escaping, vanished like the mist.

Instead, he sat perfectly still while the young succubus lowered herself onto his crotch.

Inside, her pussy was incredibly smooth and tight, but also possessed the muscles to start pulling his cock in deeper. Before he knew, it Mandy's labia were at the base of his shaft, and still her pussy kept its gentle sucking.

John was still too overcome from Mandy's spell to sit up or thrust back, so instead he lay still as she leaned forward, resting her chest on his.

Staring into his eyes, she rocked her hips up, taking his trapped dick with her, before dropping it down again.

She upped the pace and in less than half a minute was violently bucking her hips up and down John's member.

"Ohhh, incredible," she moaned. "Gotta... love... Aura..."

John couldn't hold it any longer, and his dick exploded as gouts of semen gushed out of him and into her. It was perhaps his most intense orgasm with a woman yet, but his dick didn't seem to notice it and, still hard as ever, wanted more stimulation.

"Ohhh, I'm going to enjoy you, little warlock."

Mandy stopped moving her hips and simply sat down on his cock, before resting all her upper body weight on John.

Cupping his cheeks with her hands, she brought her lips to his and filled his mouth with her hot breath. He tried to slide his tongue into her mouth, but as he did so, she teasingly pulled away, before pulling back to lick his lips with her own tongue.

Her pussy was meanwhile kneading his dick without her even moving, as contractions travelled from bottom to top, ending each time with a tight squeeze of his glans. His penis was in heaven -- John had heard about the legendary sexual ability of the succubi, but this was incredible.

Now no longer caring about the risk, John was beginning to enjoy it, and fought with all of his remaining energy to thrust back.

Mandy's pussy pinned him in place though, and before long another thick blast of semen gushed out of him.

By now, he was beginning to feel dizzy and tired, a feeling he remembered from the Caressylis.

Looking down, he saw he was much leaner, and had lost some of his muscle tone, but unbelievably, was STILL hard.

Out of the corner of his eye he spotted Minny, who he'd forgotten about in his sandwich, and saw her sitting on the ground licking her fingers, which were dripping wet. Her crotch was saturated in juices, and a puddle had formed beneath her.

Minny eye's caught his as she finished licking her fingers, prompting her to smile and give him a sly wink.

Maxi meanwhile was sliding out from under him, letting him fall into the lush grass beneath.

Mandy, still sitting astride him, leaned forward once more to whisper in his ear.

"That was fun, but now I'm going to really tease you."

He'd never find out quite what she meant by that though, as Maxi, fed up with being a succubus cushion, lifted her off.

"Dammit Mandy, don't hog the poor human. I'm sure he wants to enjoy this with as many of us as possible!"

"Bullshit. You're just horny," said a pouting Mandy, who was taking comfort in Minny's arms.

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