tagNonHumanGarden of Hellish Delights Ch. 09

Garden of Hellish Delights Ch. 09


AUTHOR'S NOTE ---- Ooh-er... Sorry it's taken so long folks. Real-life's been much busier over the past few months.

If it's any consolation, this one's quite long, and there should be another story (though not from the garden) coming very soon...

There's now just one chapter (hmm... maybe two TOPS) left until the end of the Garden series though!


Mandy closed her fists as the light around him faded.

"I see you met Matron. She likes to prey on the vulnerable while keeping them in her own private purgatory.

"She gobbled you up, ripped your body to bits and sent your soul to her own little dimension. She had complete power over you there – you'd have felt or believed whatever she wanted you to.

"You're very lucky – you're the first person ever to return from it. It took me a lot of study to find a spell to bring you back in one piece. You should feel honoured."

John was more preoccupied with fighting the urge to vomit.

"I've been looking forward to meeting you again," she beamed.

"I thought you were just an impotent scrote at first. But when I heard you had been chosen by the Queen Slug, I thought you worth a second look."

John sat up, narrowed his eyes and merely stared. He had had it with these lunatics. Nothing he did no longer made any difference to his plight. He may as well just lie down and let her do her thing.

"Yes, I think I shall enjoy you, warlock," continued Mandy, oblivious to his resignation, as she sauntered towards him, slinking her hips.

A sinister expression formed on her face as she stared down at him.

"I shall make you beg me to use you. You will pay for daring to resist us earlier.

"First, let us put your aptitude for duelling to the test."

John's eyes widened. This was the first time anyone had mentioned duelling. As in actual combat. He froze in panic.

"Get up, warlock," snarled Mandy. John continued to stare, motionless.

"I said, GET UP!"

Narrow bolts of red light flashed from her palms and slapped John's torso. The motion flung him to his feet, where he teetered drunkenly in confusion.

"This will never do. I want you to come at me with all your might!


Another flash of red light coalesced into the shape of a wolf's head, with teeth bared, and lunged for John, before sinking into his body. As it did so, he felt a burning rage seethe through him, as a guttural cry of rage erupted from his tortured psyche.

He was fire, he was anger, he was a living psychosis and he would tear the unholy flesh from the nearby bitch's body.


He charged at Mandy, not caring about protective spells or wards, or preparing his own offensive magicks. He would simply rip her throat out.

"Constrictum Voluptuosus!"

An array of bright pink streamers shot out of her hand before he could get halfway to her. As they hurtled towards him, they seemed to glow and diffuse a pale light, each one not so much a length of rope as a trail of glowing glyphs.

In seconds, they were brushing past his skin. Intangible lengths of strange, alien characters flowed over his body, their form nothing more than glowing light.

As each one glided across his arms and his limbs, they radiated a warmth that lingered, just for a second, before fading away. He tried shaking his arms to free them of the insubstantial bindings, but it made no difference as they wrapped themselves further and further round the limbs.

John tried instead to pull his left arm to his right, in a bid to pull the bizarre and luminous cord off, but his hand simply passed through the bizarre symbols, which carried their relentless motion unhindered, a breezy warmth rolling over every inch of skin they passed.

It was incredibly difficult to escape the attentions of the glowing ribbons, and it was getting harder still to deny that their warm and sensuous strokes were actually feeling really good.

Already his arms were wrapped in the strange restraints, and as more of them flew forward to greet him, his thighs and legs were quickly wrapped in the bizarre lights.

They swam down past his shoulders to coil round his chest and stomach, causing John to shudder at the teasing streams of heat they created.

He had almost forgotten about Mandy, who took the time to mock his predicament.

"Well, I did want to talk, but seeing as how you're all tied up..." the beautiful demon laughed.

"I would say you're a hard man to pin down, but..."

John looked down at his body, which was covered in a sliding mass of pink glyphs, which coiled and curled elegantly round every inch of his flesh. They had no substance or density to speak of, but yet they seemed to hold him tighter than any bonds ever could.

The lengths of the spell at his thighs slithered up his member and wrapped round the aroused organ. They continued to slide round it, creating a constant motion that continued even when it was completely covered.

Blood rushed to his member as the spell kept up its teasing, the lightest warmth lapping around his entire penis at once. John groaned and tried to shake, in a futile effort to work them off.

Yet more of the seemingly endless ribbons now coiled themselves gently round his head, sliding round his ears.

As they did so, a soft and melodious woman's voice seemed to trickle into his ears, as if from far away. It was almost as if the symbols were being read aloud when they passed his eardrums, and despite not having the first clue what was being said, John felt a strong compulsion to just stop and listen.

It really was the most beautiful voice – soft and melodious, light and feathery and John temporarily forgot his troubles as his eyes lowered shut and he listened.

The teasing at his crotch seemed only to coax him to ever higher levels of arousal, but he started to wonder if the delightful soundtrack might be enough to tip him over the edge.

"Si lua me hoo soo arn yee keem..." the woman sang, in a form that was more a melody than an incantation.

As he listened rapturously, his legs were effortlessly lifted clean off the floor as more and more of the pink, translucent ribbons slithered up his calves and round his thighs, the tantalising warmth lingering as they did so.

John shuddered as the pleasure at his waist mounted, but only succeeded in wiggling his torso round his limbs while the glowing pink trail of symbols vied for an ever greater hold.

When a warm palm wrapped round his member, John gasped and opened his eyes – only to be greeted by a pink haze, as the ribbons slid over his eyes, his entire body now mummified in the insubstantial light show.

The pink haze seemed to grow more and more intense, until it became his entire environment.

He was in freefall, floating through a realm of the colour, that voice filling his mind and pleasure grasping his crotch.

In the distance, a figure was emerging. It was getting closer... closer...

'She' was a woman, a nude woman – a very elegant nude woman who was calling out to him...

He was floating closer and closer as she called to him in that lilting language, the words seeming to send pleasure bubbling up inside his member.

Long hair was flowing over her face, preventing him from truly getting a good look, but as she came closer and closer, so too did his impending orgasm.

She was so close, and he was so close... So close...

She reached out to wrap her arms round him when...

She had gone. He was back in the garden and at his waist was... Ohhhh....

Mandy was bobbing up and down, her mouth sliding along his shaft, sucking at his member. The spell's wrappings now had him suspended in midair, held like a trophy for the succubus to suck at her leisure.

As her head bobbed up and down, her plump lips wrapped round the organs, her face turned into a mischievous smile.

The stimulation finally tipped John over the edge, and he gave himself to the onslaught, unloading inside of the mouth of the pretty young la..- succubus – that was still attached to his crotch.

Mandy lifted her head away, leaving the warlock suspended in mid-air by the glyphs, and brushed her wrist against her lips to mop up John's juices.

She ran her fingers against John's chest, as she gazed lustfully at him.

"You see, warlock, I can be nice too. The spell I used on little Miss Moss over there was really just so I could stun her and get you to myself later on.

"Now that I have you, I just want to make you feel good. That's all I ever wanted, really."

"But you want to drain me dry..." John began feebly.

"Oh come, if I wanted to do that, I wouldn't have let your mind surface just now, would I? I could have kept you trussed up like a turkey until I'd sucked up all your insides, but I didn't.

"You see, it's so much more fun when you boys are willing. We get to have all kinds of fun then. I mean, don't tell me you didn't enjoy that?"

John blushed. He didn't want to admit it, but he really had. It was perhaps the first time he had been able to experience unworldly pleasures and keep his sanity since arriving at the garden.

He also recognised the look in Mandy's face. Succubus or no, he recognised that look – it was one of victory, of confidence.

He was sure he could use that to his advantage.

"Yeah... I guess you're right Mandy," he sighed.

"I am?" her face turned into a delighted grin. Despite being a centuries-old demon, Mandy now looked like a little girl who learned she was finally getting that pony for Christmas.

"Yeah, sure. I mean, I became so focused about getting out of here, you know? I guess it never occurred to me I could actually enjoy myself here."

"We could enjoy each other together..." Mandy cooed, running a finger down the centre of his stomach, while taking care to avoid the glowing strands of her spell.

"Yeah... I'd like that... I'd like that a lot... Let me down, and we can do anything... everything..."

Mandy beamed as she slowly twirled a finger in mid-air. Gradually she picked up pace, and the more she twirled, the looser and fainter the strands holding John became. Soon he was on the floor and exposed once more.

Now, he could get close to Mandy and this time, catch her off-guard on his own terms.

Only... he didn't like the look on her face... she didn't look excited any more, in fact she looked downright contemptuous.

"How dumb do you think I am, warlock?" she snarled, as he took his first steps towards her.

"Pellax Complectus!" she yelled, as she flung her hand in his direction.

A translucent ball of orange bubbled out of Mandy's palm and sprang through the air towards him, shifting and expanding as it did so. John failed to react in time and by the time it hit him in the stomach it was the size of his torso.

Whatever Mandy had summoned shifted round him with an almost-tangible mass. It was more 'present' than the pink streamers that had wrapped him up, but it still seemed as if the physical solidity of the thing was always just of reach. Wherever it went though, a warm glow left a gentle heat sinking into him, making his flesh feel loose and jelly-like.

John struggled and flung himself round to try and dislodge the glowing lump, but to no avail – it slid effortlessly around him and out of the reach of his efforts to fend it off, its warm signature slowing his movements, as it sapped his energy and slowed his mind.

It had soon positioned itself at his front and sank down into his crotch. John's eyes rolled back in his head as he collapsed to his knees, then backwards onto his rear.

His dick was expanding in what felt like heated liquid gelatine, while his testicles floated in freefall inside the heated sack.

Gentle ripples fluttered up and down the length of his shaft, the heat pumping his member with a delicate touch. His balls bobbed on an undulating current.

Mandy had completely changed expression yet again – now no longer the sinister and aggressive demon, she was a picture of playful schoolgirl.

"Isn't that nice?" she cooed, standing triumphantly over him. She leaned down and stroked his cheek with the back of her fingers.

John lifted a hand to swipe it off, but he could only lift it halfway up before it fell limply down.

His dick twitched once, then twice, then gently pulsed a load inside the orange blob embracing it. A faint orange glow burst from the magical entity's core, before it shuddered... and then expanded.

It slid down his thighs and reached round his waist to wrap round his buttocks.

He was feeding it, he realised. His sperm was food for the spell, and he would shoot into it until, what? He died? It was big enough to kill him?

"It likes your seed," observed Mandy with a wry smile.

"I call it my 'lustful snuggle' – it's a mix of the soothing spells used to anaesthetise warlocks in the overworld and my own sex magicks.

"It will constantly sap the energy from any part of its prey's body it can reach while distracting them by keeping them in a state of complete ...contentment.

"I don't mind admitting I've used it a few times myself on the odd cold and lonely night, but I can detach myself. There will be a piece of my mind that's ever the observer, able to step in and fend it off once it's had enough of me.

"But on a human though.... Oh, I envy you, you'll be so wrapped up in it, you'll let it take you completely!"

Another twitch and he shot another load – the blob spasmed, before a couple of ripples appeared in the surface of it. It expanded sideways and wrapped round his midriff level, reaching out to secure his arms.

Although the spell was insubstantial, any effort John made to move his arms was futile, as they instead fell limp and succumbed to warmth.

Instead, he tried to squirm to lift his arms out, but was distracted by the constant, unrelenting pumping motion at his crotch. It paused for a split second, before reverberating as the amber bubble of energy vibrated strongly against every inch of his cock.

With a sinister giggle, Mandy leant down and cupped his head in one hand, kissing him softly on the lips.

As she did so, he lost control and threw his head back as he shot yet another, this time larger load into the sac, which shifted spasmodically before bloating and expanding exponentially.

It rushed outwards along his torso and legs, and along his back. In seconds, it had him covered from neck to toe, in a glowing sleeping bag of magical energy.

The ripples caressing his cock shifted outwards, and while his member was manipulated, a gentle massaging had spread across his entire body.

The muscles in his legs, which had been taut and stiff at the stimulation along his cock, now felt as if they were unravelling as his feet flopped to the side.

Waves caressed his chest and floated beneath his back as his entire being winded down. The motions became gently more insistent along his cock, while the heat now seemed to seep inside his body.

He closed his eyes and sighed. The best masseuse on earth couldn't begin to compete with this thing.

Mandy was right. This was making him feel good... really, really good.

No sooner had the thought crossed his mind than he shot another load into it. This time it lasted longer and longer, and as it went on, he began to feel a bit drowsy.

Another bulge formed in the blob, which was now glowing a pleasant bright orange.

Lumps appeared in the area round his neck, and a thick tube of energy emerged in it.

John was struggling to keep his eyes open as he saw lips press against the edge of the newly-formed branch of energy. As it approached, it dragged more of the sac with it.

It pulled itself up and away, before bringing itself face to face with John. The lips leaned in, as if to kiss him, before exhaling, sending a hot breath down John's throat.

John just gazed, mouth ajar, as they then descended, locking lips to intangible lips in a passionate kiss.

But instead of returning the favour, John could only lie there motionless while the spell did all the work. Like the rest of its mass, the lips had stolen any energy left in his mouth, which lay slack as a heated 'tongue' explored its insides.

It seemed air was still passing through the energy, even as the tongue at its head rooted further and further down his throat, bypassing his gag reflex as it went to explore his insides.

Shivering ripples seemed to tickle his entire body now, as every fibre of his being quivered and sank into the bliss spread by the spell.

John was completely immersed in the bubble, which had not only seated him in its core, but was spreading through every cavity of his body as well.

He was floating in liquid bliss, his entire being coaxed into giving way to complete relaxation.

His dick was slowly pumping into the thing, though John didn't notice that it was doing it constantly as well.

He could hear his heartbeat slowly thumping away, the tempo dropping slightly every time he pumped.



He saw Mandy march towards him...


Her finger was glowing red...




She was leaning in, about to touch the bubble...

An almighty splash filled the air and the bubble exploded in a cascade of similarly-shaped miniature spheroids, leaving John naked on the ground once more.

He lay there, unable to move, and gasped as unfiltered air hit his lungs with the force of a freight train.

"Hrmm..." Mandy frowned. "Why didn't you use a spell of repulsion? I'm beginning to wonder if you have any magical ability in you at all."

John gasped, his entire body ignoring his mental commands to move, to spring into life.

"You know, just a few more seconds there, and my spell would have stopped your heart. You really should be thankful really."

No answer.

"Yes, I know... You're a bit out of breath."

That was an understatement - a few more minutes and John would have expired as his body succumbed to exhaustion.

"Let me help you with that."

Mandy raised her hand to her mouth, pursed her lips and blew the immobile warlock a kiss. A pink, fluffy heart materialised in the air in a kind of bizarrely shaped smoke ring.

If floated daintily through the air, as if the slightest breeze could disintegrate it, before landing close to John's face.

Up close, it smelt of jasmine and as it sank into his skin, he became giddy, as if he'd drunk too much too quickly.

It settled in and seemed to spread across his body. Whereas before his limbs had felt heavy and asleep, they began feeling lighter, as if full of nothing but air.

He found it was no difficulty now to sit up, move his arms and even come to his feet.

In seconds John was on his toes once more, though it seemed tough to keep it that way – his entire body felt like it could float away at any second.

He soon forgot about that when he saw Mandy.

When he raised his head to hers, it was as if he had noticed her for the first time – she looked radiant – like an angel in soft focus.

As she turned to smile at him, he felt butterflies in his stomach. It was as if he was back at school and the hottest girl in the year had just noticed him for the first time.

His face couldn't help but grin back stupidly as all the recent duel she had put him through was forgotten.

"How are you feeling there, mortal?" enquired Mandy. "All better?"

"I... uh..." he grinned again sheepishly and couldn't help but giggle.

"Yes, I thought as much. Basic Joy spell. It's really just meant to make our prey feel a bit more 'comfortable', or to slow down an attacker.

"But for someone like yourself who's had all the energy leeched out from you, well it's completely filled you up. Every step will be a pleasure, carrying out my every whim will be a delight. Isn't that right?"

"Yeah... delight..." murmured John, who was grinning inanely from ear to ear.

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