Garden Party



The early afternoon sun shone down on the large garden, blessing it with unseasonable warmth. Rows of tiny green plants smiled up at Lacey, already showing great promise. Straightening up, she dusted off her hands, admiring her work. It will be a good crop again this year, even without my weekly fertilizations, she mused. Which reminded her--it was just about that time again.

Unbuttoning her shorts, she pulled them down and stepped out of them, tossing them aside. She disposed of her shirt with a bit more difficulty, having not yet adapted to her new breasts. She sat down, completely naked, in the dirt, enjoying the warm earth against her already heated pussy. Grasping a nipple in each hand, she began to squeeze and tug on the thick nubs. Presently a thick stream of green liquid began to spray from each nipple, which Lacey directed on to the seedlings in front of her. She was amazed how little her tits deflated now with each feeding--her body must be producing much of the liquid on its own now.

Lacey had made sure to consume enough liquid earlier that day that rousing the garden would not be difficult. She began to piss directly into the soil, turning the dirt into a small puddle of mud that squelched up into between her pussy lips and ass crack. The hot stream of urine continued to flow out, even after the sufficient amount had been expelled--Lacey found she loved pissing out of doors, especially naked and exposed as she was now. She released one nipple momentarily to reach down and play with her hardened clit which now extended almost four inches from her hood and was as wide around as a quarter. She wondered briefly, as she always did, how she would explain it to anyone she brought home, but quickly reminded herself that the garden kept her too occupied to have much time for that kind of thing anyway. Besides, she mused, stroking her clit, it certainly has its benefits. Indeed, the touch almost made her cum, so she reluctantly returned to her swollen, impatient nipple.

Suddenly she felt something press at the the opening of her cunt. She wriggled a bit to impale herself on the vegetable as it rose up out of the soil and into her warm, wet pussy. This new cucumber was longer and fatter than the one that had first used her, but she welcomed the painful intrusion as it burrowed into her hole; it meant her garden was healthier. Something pressed against her anus, too--Lacey glanced behind her and watched as a short, fat carrot plunged into her asshole. She smiled with pleasure and happiness as the two vegetables began to fuck her.

The stream from her nipples was beginning to weaken. She brought each nipple up to her mouth and sucked the remaining liquid out of them, eagerly swallowing the bitter, earthy-tasting substance. Then she got on her hands and knees and braced herself for the viscious fucking she knew she was about to receive, the one that would soon make her pussy squirt its delicious juices all over the soil. Her only function now was to cultivate and fertilize the garden with her body. As the first hot gush of cum spurted out around the pistoning cucumber and splattered into the dirt below, Lacey knew even her amid screams of pleasure that she would never again crave anything else.

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